20 Things Found In His Apartment (That Aren't As #Normal As We Thought)

When a man moves out of his parents' place and goes out into the real world, women find that quite attractive. However, as women, we should not be fooled into thinking he is the man of our dreams who is mature and responsible just because on the first date he lets us know that he has his own place.

Some men move out but are still stuck in party mode, while other men move out and live in filth because they cannot keep their place in shape or tidy without their mother's help. Then, we have those men who still have not grown up, and it is made completely evident by the objects that occupy their home space.

Below, we have a list of stuff in his place for which you'll want to keep an eye out the first time he gives you a tour of his man cave. These 20 seemingly normal things are not actually good signs, as they point to other red flags when dating him. Of course, this isn't about judging him unfairly but just noting what his possessions could be saying about him. Hey, we need all the help we can get when trying to discover if someone's right for us!

20 Games, Games Everywhere

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Guys, if you’re over 25 (chances are you're done with university), no woman wants to come visit you if you have a stash full of video games that takes the place of mature decoration.

There is certainly nothing wrong with having video games, and they can be lots of fun to play on dates, but a man should store them out of sight so that they're not just lying around. If there are games stacked all over the place, not only does it look messy and immature, but it also gives off the impression that this man is still living in a virtual world. And is that "normal" for a man nearing his 30s? Not so much.

19 His Untidy Laundry

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You know what will make a woman rush out of a man’s apartment and leave smoke behind? Piles of unwashed clothing. If a woman is completely turned off and ignores a man’s texts the next day, chances are it's because of this.

Men, we want to notify you so that you can be a little more aware: dirty clothes lying around should not be there if a woman you are trying to impress is coming over. It really is not a complicated process to go to the store and purchase a hamper. And no, it's not normal to have clothing hanging from doorknobs either. Instead, it shows a complete lack of maturity.

18 Collectible Toys That Should Be Hidden

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If you recall Steve Carrel in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, you'll vividly remember all the toys he had stored in his place that he was so fond of. We get it, every man has a particular hobby, and some have spent their lives collecting figurines from franchises they are obsessed with, but why have them all on display around the entire house?

We can accept a shelf or two of collectible toys, but if it goes beyond that and there is an entire room, or walls dedicated to Star Wars or Marvel, the guy's a little too devoted and surely stuck in a world that he doesn't want to grow out of. We would much prefer it if men would store them away in boxes so we would not have to be distracted by them.

17 Holiday Lights All Year Round

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Unless he is an actor in Stranger Things, then there is absolutely no need for Christmas lights hanging around his place all year long ― there is no valid excuse!

Just because you live by yourself, guys, it does not excuse you to leave your pad looking like a frat house, especially if you’re over 25. If it is not the holidays, Christmas lights are tacky and no woman will want to cozy up in a living room with unnecessary lights during the summer. Men, your place is not a tiki bar!

Ladies, keep in mind if a man cannot go out and buy himself a real light, he hasn't grown up.

16 A Still-Standing Photo With His Ex

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You get to his place, and you notice a picture of him and another woman, and it turns out to be his ex-flame and not his sister. Is it normal that he still has a picture even if they parted ways on friendly terms? Not at all.

If he still has pictures with an ex in plain sight, he is probably (and strongly) still grieving his breakup. No man would keep pictures of a woman who broke his heart unless he is still into her.

This man has baggage that you most certainly don't want to deal with, so think of heading for the door.

15 He Has Framed Selfies Of Himself

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Our parents proudly put photos of us on display all around the home, but if a man is developing pictures of himself and putting them around the house, we smell a bit too much confidence.

Unless his photos are rad travel photos, like of him on top of a mountain, then it is quite odd to have framed selfies occupying his wall space. He may just love himself as much as Kanye loves Kanye, and only Kim K could put up with that kind of person! If he's a selfie king, it's a clear indication that he's self-centered, and maybe a narcissist too.

14 Photos Of Random Guys

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Unless you have met a bunch of A-listers and you want to show off that fact, then we do not see why your walls should be covered with photos of famous people. If he's got photos of friends he hasn't seen in years, why are they littering his walls? This could point to him not moving on from a certain chapter in his life.

Maybe he's struggling to leave the past behind. In the case of having celebrities on his wall, he could be too focused on status and fame.

13 Posters Galore

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As children we would impatiently wait for the newest issue of J-14 to hit the shelves since we would pick it up just for the 8 x 10 posters of our dreamy boy crushes to tack on our walls. We know some posters make for great wall art, but if a guy has an abundance of posters on his walls, it's a bit strange.

We highly doubt you want to be cuddling with a man while looking at all the female celebrities on his wall. It's just tacky. Posters littering the walls also make you think of a dorm room vibe. He should've moved on from that stage of his life.

12 DJ Equipment When He Ain't One

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If you are not a DJ, it's time to come to terms with the fact that you aren’t and toss out that DJ equipment that is on your bureau collecting dust. Also, if you are planning on settling down, a woman will not be too impressed by your DJ set that is taking the place of a centerpiece on your dining table.

Ladies, though it may seem normal when you take a tour of his apartment and see something as simple as a DJ set, it's not. It may have been a dream career of his, but if he only used it three times in a couple of years, chances are he is unable to let go of things. And no lady wants a man who is still stuck somewhere in the past.

11 A Futon Is His Choice Of Comfort

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A futon has no place in an adult man’s life, so if you find one in his apartment, it's a red flag.

Since he is an adult, the only acceptable reason a man should have a futon is if he needs it to fill up the space in a spare room. If not, and he is using a cheap futon as his bed, it is just not acceptable. The older a man gets, the squishier and comfier his bed should be.

A futon does not look like an adult possession, but rather a piece of furniture we'd see in an American Pie film.

10 A Foosball Table Belongs In A Basement

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No woman wants to date a man with a place that looks like a party pad! And what item seems totally normal but is a clear indication that this man still wants to live it up with his bros? A foosball table. If his place is relatively empty and decorated with a foosball table, it may be difficult to be with him as you won't be able to take priority over his boys.

Now, we are not saying a man cannot have a foosball table around. But, if that is the only piece of furniture in his home, it may indicate that the college lifestyle still plays a large role in his life.

9 An Unnecessary Wall Sticker

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A wall sticker ― who knew those still existed? Well, apparently, they do, and some of them are lingering in men's places.

As children, especially if you were born in the '90s, our rooms looked awesome with a huge wall sticker of the Disney princesses or some other cartoon, which clearly indicates why they are not rad if men in their 20s have one or more.

There are so many unique pieces out there he can buy to decorate his bedroom wall with, so if he tells you it is for decoration, it is not a valid excuse. He is no longer a child, and this sticker just does not belong anywhere in an adult's home.

8 A Pool Table, Because It Isn't A Sports Hangout

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Look, it is as simple as this, anything that looks like it would belong in a bar shouldn't be in his place. Unless the man you’re seeing is Chuck Bass. Then it might be a little more acceptable. A pool table can be cool, but it shouldn't be the focal point of his home.

No woman wants to date a man who is still hung up on the bar scene as a pool table will evidently make a man’s place look like a bar hangout. And unless he lives inside a bar, then it is time for him to flip the switch and do something different with his living space.

7 Food And Beverages Cluttered Everywhere

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When you go over to his place, you shouldn't have to play the role of Cinderella for him and clean his dirty dishes. Some men see no problem with piles of dishes lying around in the sink and on the coffee table while watching a sports game, but there is.

It shows extreme laziness if a man does not take the time to do something as simple as clean a plate or clear out those day-old pizza boxes from under his bed. Yes, you should feel bad for his lack of maturity. Will he expect his girlfriend to pick up after him? Oh no.

6 Piles Of Letters

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Anything disorganized should not be part of the decor of a man’s place, and that includes stacks of letters. We are all guilty at times for having a few letters on our table unopened and lingering, but if you go to his place and you notice he has letters piled up a foot high just about anywhere, take it as a sign of laziness. Why else would this man leave mail on his desk besides neglect?

A man should be mature enough to deal with his adult responsibilities, which includes opening vital mail like utility bills, and taking the time to tidy up. If he can't do that, he might be a hoarder or irresponsible. Both are red flags.

5 That Oversized Leather Single Seat

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Are you thinking of Friends or Two and a Half Men when you think of a large leather single seat? If yes, then you're on the right path. Were the guys in Friends like Joey mature? No, but they loved spending their days lounging on that single comfortable seat.

This is the kind of seat that a man who still has his head stuck in college will go out to procure; it is the perfect seat to spend his days drinking and pigging out while playing video games. Do you picture it yet?

4 He Has More Than One Fake Plant

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Since he is a man and an adult, his place should be decorated like one. And you know what is unflattering for women to find at a man’s place? Fake plants. Men who go for fake plants just want the quickest solution to add some pizzazz and life to their place, but instead, it looks lazy.

To men, fake greenery seems like a great idea because it requires no maintenance, but they are better off getting rid of them because it is so disappointing in women’s eyes. If he can't keep a real plant alive with TLC, it's not a good sign.

3 That Sectional He Probably Loves Too Much

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Sectionals are boring and scream frat house, so we give men until the age of 30 to get rid of them. Any woman will walk into a man’s place and upon seeing a sectional will think it is totally normal and not make much about it, but it is quite the opposite.

This is the couch that men will kickback on during football Sundays to chill out all day. They do not have to constantly get up because this piece of upholstery holds their drinks. It is not a stable piece of furniture for a man to have if he wants to show that he is a real man and not an immature boy.

2 Those Stuffed Animals He Had As A Kid

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Here is a good rule of thumb, guys: do not display anything you purchased at a fair or amusement park ― no lady wants to see that when she walks into your room. We can accept one cute and sentimental teddy bear lying around, but if he has a bunch from exes, it is a definite red flag.

We do not see how they are practical in any man’s place since they are clearly intended for children, yet, some men think it is cool to have a huge teddy bear hanging out in his television room.

1 A Sports Shrine

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The man you are seeing or going on dates with has his own place, and you dig that idea, but when you go over the first time, you notice he has a man cave that is a sports memorabilia room. We know men love their sports, but if you have an entire room dedicated to a sole sports team, we will immediately think of a young boy.

It is attractive if a man is into sports, and that is a touchdown in itself. He doesn't have to go overboard to such a degree that it gives us the idea he's more in love with his favourite team than with us.

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