20 Things Fans Choose To Ignore About Beyonce and Jay-Z's Marriage

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are goals for many people: They are extremely successful and incredibly talented, and they’ve been together for more than a decade. There is so much to love about these two individuals, so there's double the admiration when they are combined, but when it comes to Bey and Jay, do fans give them a free-pass with a lot of things? For example, they don’t speak about their relationships in the media, yet they are more than happy to air their dirty laundry in their music. Their marriage may seem rock solid now, but there are reports that suggest otherwise, and they’ve been reported to have broken up before.

Also, being a power couple can come with a price! Below are 20 things fans choose to ignore about Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

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20 How Can We Forget The Infamous Elevator Incident?!


Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s problems stay out of the media, mostly, but even they could not ignore the elevator incident involving Solange Knowles (Beyoncé’s sister) and Jay-Z. The drama happened in 2014, and video footage of the altercation was leaked online. The couple responded, releasing a statement to People about how the “family has worked through it.”

19 Relationships Are Built On Trust, And Jay-Z Has Strayed

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been plagued by rumors, which is pretty normal for a celebrity couple, but Bey has seemingly addressed these reports with a song when she sang the lyrics: “He only want me when I'm not there/He better call Becky with the good hair.”

The lyrics sent everyone into a frenzy, as they wondered who Beyoncé was addressing and if the reports about her relationship at the time were true.

18 For Some Reason, Beyoncé And Jay-Z Choose Not To Speak About Their Relationship Publicly…

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Jay-Z and Beyoncé seldom speak about their relationship with the media, and that makes sense if they want to keep their relationship private, without the unwanted attention of others weighing in. However, they seem to have no problem singing about their issues — does that make for great art or just fuel speculation?!

17 ...Well, Unless They’ve Dedicated A Whole Album To Airing Their Dirty Laundry!

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In continuation of the above point, we noted that Beyoncé and Jay-Z seldom speak about their problems, with Beyoncé telling Essence (via NickiSwift): "I never talked about relationships… I only talk about them in my songwriting; otherwise, things get too messy.” And her Lemonade album reveals a lot about her marriage to Jay-Z!

16 They Place A Lot Of Importance On The Number Four

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Many couples have days that are special to them; the birth of their child, their wedding day, or the first time they went out, and in this regard, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are no different. But they have also placed special importance on the number four, with NickiSwift noting “their devotion to the digit.” They even got married on April 4.

15 Overcompensating Or Sweet? They Are Really Into Expensive Gift-Giving

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Most people really like receiving a gift because it means someone was thinking of you or has given you something meaningful. But Jay-Z and Beyoncé go a little overboard when it comes to gift-giving, and some of their previous gifts include one heck of a Father’s Day present! According to Forbes, Beyoncé bought a Bombardier Challenger 850 for Jay-Z (a private jet that’s worth $40 million)!

14 Turns Out Their Relationship Hasn’t Been Rock Solid (They’re Reported To Have Broken Up Many Times)

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z appear to be one of the happiest couples in Hollywood, but many people do not realize that they have broken up many times during their relationship. According to CheatSheet, the pair broke up before their wedding, and Jay-Z addressed this in his song, “Lost Ones.”

TheThings also reports that the couple “broke up briefly more than once.”

13 Bey And Jay Are A Power Couple, But That Comes With A Price

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Jay-Z and Beyoncé are often described as a power couple because they are both extremely successful individuals, but their fame and recognition come with a price. According to TheThings, this price includes not being able to spend as much time with their children as they would like, and the publication states that “Blue Ivy has grown closer to her nannies than her mama.”

12 The Timeline Of Their Relationship Is Unclear, And They’ve Made Conflicting Comments About It


How long have Beyoncé and Jay-Z been together, you ask? Well, it turns out no one really has the answer to that question. According to NickiSwift, the couple has given conflicting reports as to when they met: Beyoncé says she was 18, and they started dating when she was 19, and Jay-Z has suggested they’ve known each other since 1997.

11 There Have Been Questions Regarding Their Decision To Make Music About Their Problems

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Why do Jay-Z and Beyoncé get personal with their lyrics? Well, for starters, it makes for good music and since fans don’t get to know much about them from their public appearances, it offers a glimpse into their lives. But, is it also good business? NickiSwift notes how Bey’s Lemonade lyrics “certainly didn't hurt her subsequent tour sales” — she made an album about her relationship, following speculation that Jay-Z had strayed.

10 They Can’t Stop The Media From Speculating About Whether Or Not Their Marriage Is Just A Business Agreement

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z are both so famous and successful that they are always going to have people speaking about them, and over the years there have been many stories about them in the press, including one by Forbes titled "Jay-Z and Beyoncé: Marriage or Merger?" The article notes (among other things) how their marriage has also opened them up to each other’s fan bases, and that their “union has plenty of financial perks.” They don't say their marriage is all business, it isn’t, but it certainly doesn’t hurt their bank accounts.

9 And Those Pesky Love Child Reports Just Won’t Go Away!

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In an article looking at stories about Jay-Z over the years, NickiSwift noted that there have been reports that he has another child (you know, other than the twins and Blue Ivy). The publication notes that he has been involved in a paternity case with a young man whose mother claims to have had a relationship with Jay-Z in the ‘90s.

8 They Tried To Patent Their Daughter’s Name, Which Caused Some People To Roll Their Eyes

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Blue Ivy is one of the most famous celebrity children, and the media loves her almost as much as it does her parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z. But some people rolled their eyes when it was revealed that Blue’s parents tried to patent her name, which CheatSheet notes they were unsuccessful in doing.

7 Unfortunately, Family Gatherings Are Not A Joyous Occasion Because Their Loved Ones Don’t Get On

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Family gatherings in the Carter-Knowles household may not be a joyous occasion, because according to TheRichest, their families do not get on. Actually, that’s putting it mildly, because the publication reported that Beyoncé’s parents have “voiced their concerns” over her husband, and although they all pretend to get on, there is “a whole lot of resentment and distrust.”

6 They Got Off To A Bad Start Because Their Relationship Wasn’t Completely Built On The Truth

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There’s some confusion regarding the timeline of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s relationship, but now we’re going to make fans even more confused by noting that their relationship wasn’t built on the truth...whatever that means. According to TheRichest, Jay-Z has stated that their relationship "wasn't totally built on 100% of the truth." The rapper didn’t elaborate, but that hasn’t stopped publications from speculating.

5 You Can’t Believe Everything You Read, But Apparently, Bey Is Jealous Of Her Man’s Relationship With Their Daughter


Celebrities often make headlines, and many of the reports about them turn out to be untrue. Fans know that they cannot believe everything they read, but there does seem to be a persistent report regarding Beyoncé and her jealousy issues. According to BabyGaga, Jay-Z spends more time with Blue Ivy and she may be jealous of the father-daughter bond that they share.

4 Bey Is Also Said To Have Major Jealousy And Trust Issues

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In addition to publications claiming that Beyoncé may be jealous over the close bond that her daughter shares with her husband, she is also said to have trust issues when it comes to Jay-Z. Given the reports about him in the media, TheRichest notes that it doesn’t take much to realize why Bey would have “trust issues.”

3 Jay-Z Has Changed His Life And Is Now A Family Man, But He Has A Dark Past

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Everyone has a past, and there are no doubt some things that they regret or are not proud of, and Jay-Z is no exception. The only difference is that his past may be a little bit darker than most. According to BabyGaga, Jay-Z got in trouble with the law back in 1999 after an incident involving him and producer Lance "Un" Rivera, which happened at a club for Q-Tip's release party.

2 Bey’s Relationship Has Made Her Go Through Hell, And Back

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Beyoncé is a strong woman. Her songs are inspiring, her lyrics are empowering, and she’s someone that many people admire and respect, and for good reason. But her relationships (in general) have affected her life in many ways. She discussed this in an essay for Vogue (via HollywoodLife) writing: “I’ve been through hell and back, and I’m grateful for every scar. I have experienced betrayals and heartbreaks in many forms…”

1 Yet Despite It All, They Always Put On A United Front And Appear To Be Happy

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Despite everything that fans read about Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and the telling lyrics in their music that hints they've had their share of problems to deal with, it is hard to find a photo of these two not looking united. It seems that the saying “for better or worse” truly does apply to them!

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