20 Things Denise Richards’ Kids Do (That The Other Housewives Would Cringe At)

Denise Richards brings a whole new vibe to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has introduced her three daughters, Sami, Lola, and Eloise, to a big new audience. People who tune into RHOBH are able to appreciate Denise's parenting style and how it differs from the parenting styles of other "real housewives," including Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley.

Denise has her own way of doing things. Overall, she's strict about certain things, and totally relaxed in other ways.

Denise has been famous for a long time. She has been through the wringer with her ex, Charlie Sheen, but she is newly married to a guy named Aaron, who seems to make her very happy. Denise is in a good place in her life and this may be why she seems less catty than some of the other housewives.

20 They're Not Always Fine Dining Like The Cast


Denise enjoys fine dining sometimes, but she doesn't insist on it. She seems to prefer it when mealtimes are relaxed and less "gourmet." Denise eats pretty clean, but indulges in pretzels and ice cream sometimes, according to Self.com. Her girls are welcome to join in. She also sets the table with red plastic Solo cups sometimes.

19 Her Daughter Sami Wore Sneakers To Denise's Wedding


When Denise's wedding day rolled around, she let her daughter Sami wear sneakers to the ceremony, according to Bustle.com, instead of high heels. Denise definitely wasn't the Bridezilla type. She seemed to be more focused on being married than on wedding outfits. Some of the other housewives are more image-oriented.

18 Sami Is Allowed To Color Her Hair


Sami is 15 (according to Imdb.com) and recently posted pics of a trip to Coachella. In the photos, she had pink hair. She also had festival-style glitter under her eyes. Denise doesn't mind when Sami decides to express herself through hair and makeup, even if the end result is funkier than what other Housewives' kids prefer.

17 Sami And Lola Are Able To Talk About Charlie Sheen's Problems


Sami and Lola have a father who is famous and really controversial. He's Charlie Sheen and he has hit the highs and lows in Hollywood. The girls are allowed to talk about their dad and his problems. They don't have to keep everything inside. Both girls have relationships with their father, according to Dailymail.co.uk.

16 They Get More Free Time Than Other Housewife Kids When Mom Is Learning Scripts Or Filming


Lisa Rinna is a working actress, like Denise, but Lisa's kids are older. Denise's kids aren't on their own yet, so they get to enjoy a little break from maternal supervision when Denise is busy learning lines or filming. Denise appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2019, according to Imdb.com.

15 They're Allowed To Dress In Non-Designer Duds


Denise will eat breakfast with the other "real housewives" while dressed in a tank top and shorts, according to Bravotv.com. The other women wear high-fashion finery. Denise's style is clean and relaxed and not too fussy. She's not wearing Chanel logos every day. Her kids are allowed to dress really casually, too.

14 They Are The Daughters Of A Bond Girl


To be a Bond Girl is a special thing. Denise is the only "real housewife" who is a Bond Girl. Her daughters get to enjoy that sense of their mom standing out. Denise was chosen to be a Bond Girl over countless actresses. Denise appeared in the 007 flick, The World is not Enough, according to Imdb.com. Now, what other Housewife can say that?

13 The Older Daughters Have A Lot Of Freedom Compared To Other Housewife Kids (Within Reason)


Denise was raised in a strict household. Her parents would find her when she snuck out of the house. They would confront her and bring her home. Denise uses video cameras to keep track of her girls, but grants them freedom in other ways. Sami was allowed to go to Coachella, according to Meaww.com. Fans may notice that other Housewives aren't as free with their kids.

12 They Get To Learn From Charlie Sheen's Mistakes


Charlie Sheen has charisma and acting ability which he inherited from his father, Martin Sheen. Charlie is Hollywood royalty, but he's had so many huge problems, including social media rants, according to Cinemablend.com, and illness. Sami and Lola can learn from their father's mistakes. They can try to avoid making the same errors.

11 Denise Allows Her Older Girls To Care For Eloise Instead Of Hiring More Help


Denise puts a lot of energy into caring for her special needs child, Eloise, and this requires tons of patience. Denise's older daughters also care for Eloise and feel very protective of her. The older daughters learn maturity by caring for their younger sister. Sami and Lola are often with their younger sister, according to Yahoo.com. While most Housewives would prefer professionals handling and helping their children, Denise keeps it in the family.

10 Eloise Can Try 'Non-Hollywood' Hairstyles


Sami isn't the only one who gets to enjoy ultra-creative hair. While Sami opted for pink hair, Eloise went for a really unique side ponytail that required five elastic bands, instead of the usual one. The creative ponytail looked amazing. Denise adopted Eloise in 2011, when she was a solo mother, according to Doyouremember.com.

9 They Get To Live In Malibu (Not Beverly Hills)


Lots of celebs live in Malibu. It's got that village vibe. People ride around in golf carts if they want to — Malibu is fantastic if you can afford it. Denise sure can and she rents a home in Malibu, rather than living in Beverly Hills. Denise pays $17,000 in rent per month for her Malibu home, according to Realityblurb.com.

8 They Get Shielded From A Lot Of Drama (While Other Housewives' Kids Sometimes Get Involved)


Some "real housewives" seem to need drama in order to feel alive, and let their kids see drama, but Denise thinks that drama is bad for kids. She had had her share of problems with Charlie Sheen but has shielded her girls from the fighting and drama as much as she can, according to Closerweekly.com.

7 ...But There Are Times When They Get To Stick Up For Mom


Denise is strong, but she's had some tough times. Her girls stick by her. Her older daughters Sami and Lola are very devoted to her. They get to give mom the emotional support that she needs so much. Denise says Charlie "aged her," according to Dailymail.co.uk. The other "housewives" don't need to deal with Charlie Sheen or exes quite as crazy...

6 They're Allowed To Watch Mom's Movies (Except For One)


Denise doesn't mind when her kids watch most of her movies, but she does have an exception. She won't let them watch a certain movie that she co-starred in with Neve Campbell, according to Yahoo.com. Why? Well, there is a racy swimming pool scene. Denise would rather her daughters watch other things.

5 Sami And Lola Got A Cool New 'Bonus Dad' Rather Quickly


Has Denise found her perfect match in new hubby, Aaron Phypers? Maybe. If so, her daughters Sami and Lola now have a cool new "bonus dad" who will be a part of their lives forever. Aaron is currently 46, according to Imdb.com, and he seems to enjoy being with Denise's daughters. And since they got married so quickly, some Housewives may judge their relationship.

4 Denise Is Open About Her Special Needs Child Communicating Non-Verbally


Denise's adopted daughter, Eloise, is a total cutie. After Denise adopted her, she found out that Eloise has a genetic disorder which makes verbal communication difficult for her. The disorder is called Chromosome 8 deletion, according to the Dailymail.co.uk website. Denise finds other ways to communicate with her child, whom she adores.

3 They Were The Last To Know About Mom's Wedding (Since It Was Planned In Two Days)


Denise seems very mellow. She overshares, which may embarrass her daughters, but she doesn't lash out on RHOBH. She isn't having tantrums. Denise is spontaneous and likes to have fun with her children. She's always open to having a laugh. Denise is so spontaneous that she planned her wedding in two days, according to People.com.

2 They Can Hang Out At A Beach Right In Front Of Their House


Being rich and famous has perks. Denise is able to live right on the beach in Malibu, according to Variety.com, with her daughters, although they spend time with dad, too. Denise's rented home is amazing. The beach is steps from the house and Sami, Lola and Eloise get to enjoy the ultimate in California living instead of the rolling hills of Beverley Hills.

1 Denise Allows The Amazing Emotional Support From Strangers For Eloise


Some of the kids of "real housewives" actually get criticized online. Kyle's daughter, Portia, has been characterized as spoiled. Eloise is very young and has special needs, so trolls don't pick on her, which is beautiful. Denise has fans who also have special needs children and these fans offer her young daughter amazing emotional support, according to Closerweekly.com.

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