20 Things Channing Tatum Has Been Up To Since His Split From Jenna Dewan

Relationships in Hollywood are fascinating because it seems the busy schedules, creative differences, and the pressure of living in the public eye takes its toll on celebrity romances. There are often headlines about the entertainment industry’s sweethearts calling it quits, but sometimes there are couples who fans feel will really make it and stay together for the long haul.

And for many, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan were one of those couples. Fans rallied behind the pair who first met on the set of the film Step Up, but after nine years together, the couple made an unexpected announcement; they would be parting ways. The two apparently handled the split well, but fans are most interested in seeing what Channing does next.

In the months that followed, they managed to keep their split extremely amicable and continue to show their support for each other, co-parent, and join forces for the holidays,  but Tatum has been doing some things on his own, too. In addition to enjoying a new romance, he has also been taking time for himself, spending it on some of his favorite hobbies and finding a sanctuary in nature.

Below are 20 things that Channing Tatum has been up to in the months following his divorce from Jenna Dewan.

20 He Has Been Romantically Linked To British Singer Jessie J

Channing Tatum and British singer Jessie J are a couple, and according to an insider at E! News, they have been spending as much time together as they can.

It is believed these two got together in early October of 2018, and The Mirror notes that Tatum has been attending Jessie J’s concerts.

She has also shown her support for his Magic Mike Live event. They are yet to be photographed together, but Tatum has been seen in the crowd at Jessie J’s concerts. The singer has also shown her support for her new actor beau on Instagram.

19 He Hung Out With The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk, Who Thinks He's A Really Cool Guy

The Bachelor’s Arie Luyendyk was excited to meet Channing Tatum at the Honda Indy Grand Prix in Birmingham, Alabama, and took to Instagram to share a photo of the two of them standing side-by-side. Luyendyk also spoke about Tatum in the caption, referring to him as “Such a great dude.”

According to Daily Mail, Tatum was the grand marshall of the event, and he and The Bachelor star drove the official pace car that started the race. It was definitely a change of pace for the actor (pun not intended), but we're glad to see him trying new things.

18 He Brought Magic Mike Live To London (And Excited British Women)

via The Sun

Jessie J and Channing Tatum are dating, as mentioned above, and she has shown her support for Tatum by taking to Instagram to share that she was in attendance for the Magic Mike Live show at the Hippodrome Casino in London, E! News reports.

Jessie J also congratulated Tatum on it being a great show.

Magic Mike Live is based on the hit film of the same name. The performance started onstage in Las Vegas, and Tatum (who conceived and directed the show) then brought a new production to London. We can't say we blame Jessie for taking in the show!

17 Channing Continues To Co-Parent His Daughter With His Ex

There have been a lot of unpleasant breakups in Hollywood, but Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum's breakup doesn't seem to fall into that category. To that end, they have been successfully co-parenting since their split and keeping up on their parental responsibilities.

They were seen publicly at the same event, which according to E! News appeared to be their daughter’s Everly's pre-kindergarten graduation. The publication notes that although the former couple arrived separately, it seems their split statement about their dedication to always parenting their daughter remains true, as they both attended the event and didn't draw attention to themselves.

16 His Split With Jenna Dewan Is So Amicable He Even Wished Her A Happy Mother’s Day

Channing Tatum is a dedicated father, and it appears he has a lot of respect for the woman who he shares his daughter with because on Mother’s Day, he took to social media to praise Jenna Dewan.

His comments, according to People, came just six weeks after their split.

In a video uploaded to his Instagram story, Tatum said, “Happy Mother’s Day everybody, adding, “Jenna, happy Mother’s Day, baby. Mama, happy Mother’s Day — I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful sunset. Love you guys.” If the comments were post-split, what a classy way for Channing to mark the occasion.

15 He Stepped Out In Public For The Warner Bros. Event, CinemaCon

Not long after Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum announced their decision to separate (actually it was the same month), the actor made his first public appearance. All eyes were on him when he stepped onto the red carpet in Las Vegas, where he attended a Warner Bros. event for CinemaCon.

PopSugar notes that he was at the event to promote the animated film Smallfoot and was joined by costars Zendaya and Common. Tatum also took part in a panel discussion during the event. Suffice it to say he's not holed up mourning he and Jenna's split. Rather, he's getting out and taking care of business.

14 Even Channing Tatum Is A Total Fan Boy In The Presence Of Greats

Channing Tatum has also made an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show since his split.

He was on the show to promote his animated film, Smallfoot, but while there he got to meet two great athletes.

Channing greeted tennis player Naomi Osaka, who recently defeated all-time-great Serena Williams at the US Open champion, and NBA star LeBron James, who needs no introduction.

Tatum shared his excitement at meeting these two by taking to Instagram to share a selfie, along with the caption, “got to hang out with two real giants from the courts.”

13 He Has Taken Time To Enjoy His Dirt Bike Hobby

Channing Tatum understands the importance of taking time for himself, and he shared on Instagram an interesting video of himself on his dirt bike. This is a hobby of his that he enjoys, and according to PopCulture, ahead of his split from Jenna Dewan, he also spoke about the “new girl” in his life, referring to a dirt bike.

He shared an image of his bike on Twitter and explained that she was “bananas,” adding that a lot of love went into making the bike. When it comes to healthy hobbies post-breakup, you can't go wrong with something that gets you outside.

12 But He's Also Had To Deal With Personal Issues

Unfortunately, not everything in Channing Tatum’s life has been positive in recent months, and in August of 2018, he took to social media to mourn the loss of his best childhood friend, Corey Vaughn. Tatum shared a photo of the two of them as kids, and then commented on how much his life had been impacted by this great person who “stuck up for and protected me when I first moved to Mississippi…”

Jenna Dewan also showed her support for her ex-husband and his friend’s family with a comment on his post, JustJared reports.

It's nice to see that the two are still supportive of one another, especially considering how hard this loss must have hit Channing.

11 He Totally Rocked Halloween For His Little Girl

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan may no longer be romantically involved, but they are still in each other’s lives for the sake of their daughter. And on Halloween, they got together to take her trick-or-treating, E! News reports. But they clearly decided it was best not to wear matching costumes.

Instead, Tatum dressed up as the Genie from Aladdin and Dewan wore a Cleopatra costume. Tatum documented their adventures on Instagram, and they were very cordial with one another, despite the fact that the outing came just a few days after Dewan officially filed for divorce.

10 He Showed Up To The Premiere Of His Animated Film Smallfoot

As mentioned multiple times, Channing Tatum took it easy this year, and his only film was Smallfoot. Tatum has done his best to promote the animated film (which debuted on September 28, 2018) even if the wake of his split.

And according to JustJared, he stepped out to attend an event at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California.

The outing was several months after he and Jenna Dewan announced they would be parting ways, but Tatum gave no indication of any unhappiness and instead impressed photographers (and fans) in his Arcady suit and RRL shirt.

9 He And Chris Hemsworth Still Have A Bromance (And Share Donuts)

via E! News

Chris Hemsworth is a pretty cool guy, and he and Channing Tatum happen to be friends. They proved it to the world when Tatum designed to take to Instagram to share a video of a massive donut that Hemsworth had sent him.

There is no indication why Tatum received this delicious looking fried confection, but he seemed to be impressed with the gift and featured the box, which had the simple message “To Chan, Enjoy your Chris Hemsworthy," on his video. Might this be a special-order donut, and where can we get a Hemsworthy snack?

8 He's Been A Regular At Jessie J’s Concerts...

Although there are yet to be any photos of Jessie J and Channing Tatum together, there are multiple articles about them being a couple, and Tatum added weight to those articles when he was seen attending the singer’s Texas show at Warehouse Live in Houston.

According to E! News, Tatum joined Jessie J and her team in a private area before she went onstage.

Later that night, they left together on her bus after the show finished. There is further evidence of Tatum’s presence at Warehouse Live because a photo of himself and a concertgoer was shared online.

7 ...And He Even Took His Daughter To Her Los Angeles Show

It was not just Jessie J’s Warehouse Live show in Houston that Channing Tatum went to. He also decided to show his support for her again when he headed to watch a show that was part of the singer’s Los Angeles tour. And this time he was joined by a very special guest: his daughter.

According to People, Tatum was seen carrying his daughter, Everly, into the Wiltern Theatre before the concert. An insider told the publication that Tatum is one of Jessie J’s biggest fans now, which isn't surprising considering her dad is apparently gaga over her, too!

6 Channing's Daughter Is A Budding Dancer And They Have Regular Dance-Offs

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Channing Tatum has had a quiet year because he wanted to focus on spending time with his daughter, Everly, who he shares with his ex. He spoke about their time together with E! News, explaining how there is another budding dancer in the family.

Of course, it's not as if Channing taught his daughter everything she knows.

"She's always had dance moves," he said. "She does her own dance moves. I don't know where she gets them, but she's been doing them since the day she came out.” He also added that they regularly have dance-offs, which sounds like the cutest daddy-daughter activity ever.

5 He Showed Love For Jonah Hill (Again) At A 'WSJ. Magazine' Event

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There is no denying that Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are not just colleagues (they have starred in several films together) as they are also good friends, and Tatum has made it clear he has a whole lot of love for Hill.

The pair hung out again at the WSJ. Magazine Innovator Awards at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art event in New York City, and seemed extremely happy to reunite. The event also saw Hill honored with an award for Film Innovator, which Tatum presented to him, The Blast reports. Nothing like good friends to keep you from feeling bummed about a breakup.

4 The Actor Gave Fans The News They've Been Waiting For: His Hiatus Is Ending

In 2018, fans didn’t get to see much of Channing Tatum onscreen. According to People, that was because he took time from work to focus on spending time with his daughter.

However, in the future, fans can expect to see a lot more of Tatum.

As he told Variety, “I’m sort of ready to go back to work. I don’t know what I’m ready to go do yet, as far as, is it acting, is it directing, is it producing, writing…Maybe I’ll come and start interviewing people, I don’t know. I have no clue what I’m going to do, but I’m having fun though.”

3 He Has Found 'Sanctuary' In Mother Nature

Going through a breakup is not easy, however, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan seem to have remained on good terms. Still, in the wake of the split, Tatum appears to have taken some time to spend in the great outdoors, and he shared this photo on Instagram of a place he referred to as his “sanctuary.”

He chose not to give any more details of the location, but Us Weekly reports that fans were pleased with his decision to enjoy mother nature and commented on the photo about how it was smart to have a place that provides a sanctuary.

2 Turns Out Channing Tatum Is A Seriously Artistic Guy

Most people realize that Channing Tatum has an artistic side because he is a fantastic dancer, but perhaps fewer realize he is also creative and has been focusing on creating artwork in recent months. He even shared one of his sculptures on Instagram, writing how it was his attempt at Picasso’s Guitarist. He is referring to the late artist’s oil painting, which was created late 1903 to early 1904.

If you have previously seen the original, Channing's is actually a pretty close replica.

But the actor stated that although his sculpture started off strong, his daughter ended up destroying it.

1 He Even Spends His Sundays Sketching

It turns out that this is not the only piece of art that Channing Tatum has been working on, as he’s also been sketching. He even recruited his fans to get in on the action, using his Instagram story to request fans feedback on what he should draw next, a sketch of a male or a female. They chose female, and he later shared the drawing online, adding, “If there are any professional sketch artists, I’d love a lesson.”

According to People, Tatum also revealed he was spending his Sunday drawing with his daughter. Clearly, the family remains full of talent, even if it's just Everly and her dad doing artwork together.

Sources: Popsugar, E! News, Daily Mail, People, Us Magazine

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