20 Things Angelina Jolie Doesn't Share About Her Daughter Shiloh

In the midst of the drama between A-listers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie because of their divorce, their daughter Shiloh is shining in the spotlight.

Shiloh is the daughter of the movie stars and humanitarians, but lately, she has been increasingly popular, while being caught in the middle between her parents. After all, no one is more affected by divorce than the children at the center of it, and these two Hollywood stars share six lovely children together.

If you have been paying attention to the news and been scrolling through your Instagram feed, you might have noticed that the divorce has been a difficult one. It has been bitter between the “once-upon-a-time” lovebirds.

We feel terrible for their children who are caught up in the firestorm, but the brave and outspoken 12-year-old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is not just standing there and twiddling her thumbs — she is using the power of her voice.

Evidently, there is a lot about Shiloh that has slipped through the cracks, as Jolie does not want the world to know every detail about her daughter. However, there is not too much Jolie can hide, as Shiloh has not been hiding in the shadows.

Read on to discover 20 things about Shiloh her mom probably doesn't want you to know.

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20 Shiloh’s Born Nickname

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You do not need to be an avid follower of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to know that they started their family through adoption.

After Pitt and Jolie adopted their two children Maddox and Zahara, their first biological child, Shiloh came along.

The young adolescent, who is the splitting image of both her parents, was Jolie's first pregnancy, and Jolie tried to completely conceal that. Until this day, Jolie hardly speaks of her pregnancy, always avoiding discussing the claims brought about concerning conceiving issues.

What most of you do not know is that when Shiloh was born, she was immediately deemed and nicknamed the "rainbow baby." Jolie never encouraged this nickname because she has denied that there were any problems when it came to starting a family.

As The Telegraph reports, Angelina once told Hello, "we have been fortunate never to have had fertility problems.”

19 Jolie Is Avoiding Her Past Choices With Shiloh

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From the day Shiloh was born, her mother tried her best to hide her from the world ― now that is merely impossible as Shiloh is the most talked about Jolie-Pitt child.

It is interesting to note that since Shiloh was a baby, she dressed differently. And do not forget, as babies, we do not choose what we wear or make our #outfitoftheday; it is all our parents' choosing.

In the first publicly released baby picture of Shiloh, Jolie did not dress her daughter in typical girly clothing. Instead, the adorable model baby was wearing a grey shirt with a skull and crossbones and blue pants. It was Jolie's outfit choice, yet she consistently refuses to discuss her clothing choices for Shiloh.

18 Shiloh Is Not Afraid To Speak The Truth


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Since Shiloh was an infant, it was obvious that there was something unique and special about her. Now that her parents are going through a battle on a very public platform, and a lot is being revealed about the two Hollywood stars, there is a lot that is no longer a secret.

In fact, something we did not know, since Jolie is trying to keep whatever her daughter is saying low-key, is that her first biological daughter is going through a really bad time because of the divorce - and feels unnoticed by her mom.

According to The Frisky, a source said, "Shiloh is hoping that by speaking out, it will make her mum realize just how miserable she is."

17 Shiloh’s A Little Runaway

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The messy divorce battle really hit its peak when daughter Shiloh did the unthinkable - she ran away from home. It was clear from the start that Shiloh was daddy's girl. In September, Shiloh decided to run away from home to meet up with Brad Pitt.

NW magazine stated that Brad was quiet surprised, as MSN reports. A source said, “There’s no doubt Ange would have been freaking out – it’s every parent’s worst nightmare come true. Brad didn’t get outwardly mad at Ange, but he couldn’t help but think it was a tad ridiculous that Shiloh managed to get out of a secure estate, especially with Ange’s insane amount of hired muscle and nannie."

16 Jolie Hinted That She Neglected Shiloh In The Past

via International Business Time

Of all the children in the household, it seems Shiloh and Vivienne have been affected the most by the divorce, and did we have the slightest clue? Not one bit. But it's quite telling that many years ago Angelina hinted Shiloh was a bit neglected in the family. As The Daily Mail reports, Angelina said,

"Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. But I'm conscious that I have to make sure I don't ignore [Shiloh's] needs, just because I think the others are more vulnerable."

The split has been crucially grim for Shiloh to handle, and though insiders have revealed Shiloh's inability to cope with the situation, Jolie has not said a peep about her biological daughter’s feelings.

15 Shiloh’s Secret Diary

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Unfortunately in divorces, what often occurs is devastating. Children choose a side, or favour one parent over another.

With six kids who grew up in the posh Jolie-Pitt household, we could only imagine what is going through their minds. However, Jolie's kids hardly have their own voice, as Jolie has made sure to rarely have them in the spotlight. That doesn't mean the kids won't be speaking out in other ways.

Shiloh has been keeping a diary in which she's detailing everything about her family.

"Shiloh started keeping a diary of everything that is going on with Ange since the split," a source told New Idea, as Press Reader reports. "It's also come in handy with talking to her dad so he has insight into their home lives."

We are certain Jolie does not want us to know what is jotted in there!

14 Jolie Refuses To Discuss Gender

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We are starting to question if Jolie truly supports her daughter's decisions or not. If you know anything about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, then you know that when it comes to fashion, she dresses up in suits instead of dresses, and it has been that way since a very young age. Jolie's little girl has a tomboy style and there is nothing wrong with that, but for years now, there were transgender rumours circulating about Shiloh.

Why we believe Jolie does not have her daughter's back is because she does not discuss gender issues with her daughter. She might support her daughter's fashion choices, but Jolie has said that she'll only address gender identity with Shiloh when she's in high school, Inquisitr reports.

13 Shiloh Is Just Like Her Mother Was

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Shiloh's birth was a huge sensation in Hollywood, so it is no surprise that until this day, Jolie tries to hide some details of her daughter's life.

Although we know of Jolie as an incredibly talented actress and humanitarian, she was once rebellious. Sound familiar? Yes, daughter Shiloh who is a preteen, is much like her mother Jolie when she was younger. Shiloh has a similar outlook as the child-Jolie, however, Jolie rarely speaks about it. Who reports, however, that she did say,

“[My kids] all have a good rebellious streak that is wonderful and curious.

I don’t want them to be perfectly behaved little people that just say what’s absolutely appropriate because I say so … they have to find themselves.”

12 Shiloh Is Standing Up For Her Father

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You will not hear this come from the mouth of Jolie herself, but her fashionista biological daughter is the most caring child.

The bitter relationship has caused damage in the family, and past reports suggested that Pitt is "not on good terms" with his children, specifically Maddox and Pax. It doesn't help that Angelina told Pax that Brad never wanted to adopt him, as The Daily Mail reports.

An insider claims that Shiloh, of all the children, is the one who "seemed the most eager and willing [of the four eldest] to work on things with Brad," as The Daily Mail reports.

11 Shiloh Is Close To The Manny

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Ange does not trust many people with her children. But recently, it was revealed that Jolie's main confidant happens to be her manny, Oliver, who happens to be a very close friend of hers. Jolie has been incredibly busy with her court battle, so she relies on Oliver to take care of her little precious angels. This was not the greatest news for Pitt, and what Jolie also failed to mention is how close Shiloh and Olivier are.

Celebrity Insider reports that Olivier has been seen taking Shiloh and Knox to robotics classes, and he's said to be closer to those two kids than the others.

10 Shiloh Has Had Enough

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It has been one of Hollywood's toughest divorces, but Jolie still finds a way to keep her family, and mostly Shiloh, under the radar.

However, Shiloh is not one to conceal her emotions, as we are sure her heart is heavy. Until recently, we did not know how, exactly, Shiloh was feeling about the situation, and then, a source close to the family revealed that “Shiloh's grown tired of her mother's antics and has grown into an extremely strong, well-spoken young girl," International Business Times reports.

Evidently, for her own sake, Jolie does not want her daughter to say such things that could go against her in her battle.

9 Jolie's Hiding Shiloh’s Misbehaviour

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When Shiloh was born, the world raved about how captivating she was. She instantly radiated with both of her parents' dashing looks. With her sweeping golden locks like her father, and her ocean blue eyes like her mother, fans and the media could not get their eyes off the tiny Jolie-Pitt.

Years later, and the preteen has an attitude that Jolie is not too fond of. Shiloh is ready to speak out about her mother, and wants to defend her father, as a source said about Shiloh in the International Business Times, "After Angelina's recent stunt to try to paint her dad in a bad light last week, something snapped in [Shiloh]."

But, it seems Ange's desperately trying to cover up such instances.

8 Shiloh Dislikes All The Moving Around

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While Jolie has been keeping her children to herself, Shiloh has been the least content and amused. We would all assume that living with Hollywood heavyweight Jolie is all glitz and glam, but Shiloh is fed up of being in her mother's household. Jolie, however, tries to portray a rainbow and sunshine image of her household.

Why has Shiloh reached her limit and spoken out? Because, as reported by New Idea, a source told Star that Shiloh "has had enough of being moved city to city and [being] unable to see her dad - she's begging to live with Brad full-time!"

7 Shiloh Feels Abandoned

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Divorces are quite toxic, and it has taken a toll on Shiloh; since the divorce, Shiloh has done quite some outlandish things that not many know of.

Jolie has been moving her children around the world to avoid the press, but when the single mother brought her children to Paris, Shiloh spoke out about her father, and her feeling of abandonment. New Idea reports that psychiatrist Dr. Lieberman had an interview with Star in which she claimed,

"[Shiloh] is hurt and angry at her dad for what she perceives as his abandonment."

Although her dad has not abandoned her, how would Shiloh know better if Jolie has ignored the issue?

6 Shiloh Wants To Be With Brad

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One thing Jolie will not talk about or mention is how much the gorgeous and bighearted Shiloh misses her father. Well, although Jolie tries hard to emulate constant good behavior, Shiloh does not.

In fact, Shiloh has mentioned on more than one occasion how badly she wants to be with her father, even stating that she wants to live with him full-time. Jolie is apparently insulted by the matter and will not discuss it with the public.

5 Shiloh’s Other Name

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We can't imagine how difficult it must be living in the limelight. Children try to find their own identity when growing up, and it did not take long before Shiloh did.

You might have seen Shiloh plastered all over tabloids and front covers, but you might not know that the adorable and fashion-forward Shiloh has a preference when it comes to names. Jolie has spoken a couple times about her daughter's preference for wearing boys' clothing, but Shiloh has also decided to go by the name "John."

Is it more than just the preference for a certain name? While celebrities such as Amber Rose have been throwing the #trans word around, as E! News reports, there's no word from Jolie about the claims.

4 Jen Aniston And Shiloh’s Relationship

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We all know very well that before Pitt got hitched with Jolie, his flame was the one and only Jennifer Aniston. Well, the ex-flames did do some bonding after the split, as Aniston is also a single lady, and since Shiloh decided she wanted to be with her father, she got to spend time with her father's ex ― surprise, they get along!

According to New Idea, at some point Shiloh even asked Brad if she could call Jennifer her mom ― you'd never hear this slip off Jolie's lips.

3 Shiloh’s Birth Place -not enough news in this section

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From the day Shiloh was born, Jolie kept things a secret. In fact, even though Shiloh is their first biological child, she was not even born in the United States. Instead, because Jolie wanted to keep the media and people away, she delivered her baby in Namibia.

Since Jolie has never been a fan of speculation, she made sure she gave birth in a place far far away, and she continues to hide what she did.

2 Jolie Is Afraid Of The Repercussions

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Jolie is terrified of her daughter Shiloh, but you will not hear that coming from her. She knows how honest and open her daughter can be, and this daring tween had a major stance to take amidst her parents' split.

Not many sources were able to confirm the fact, but at New Idea, one source mentioned that "Ange is worried Shiloh will pass on sensitive information that could be harmful to her in their legal battle.”

Leave it to the outspoken Shiloh to speak out on behalf of her brothers and sisters ― Jolie was warned!

1 Shiloh's Not Happy Anymore

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We all have a soft spot in our hearts for Shiloh. The poor 12-year-old is unable to enjoy her youth because she is at the center of a heated divorce battle.

If you adored Brangelina, then you were probably also obsessed with Shiloh because of her awesome fashion moments, radiant smile and zest for life. That is certainly something that Jolie did not hide from the world, but now the situation has changed.

A source told The National Enquirer that “Shiloh’s not the same bubbly kid she was before Brad and Angie split, she doesn’t understand why Brad can’t be there on their family trips to Disneyland.”

Our hearts just crumbled.

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