20 Things All Men Do Right Before They Drop You

Chances are, you've had this deep in your gut feeling that something was wrong. You may not have been wanting to admit this to yourself, but the feeling was there. You just knew he was going to drop you as if all you had, and all you could have had meant nothing. While you were hoping things were going to turn around for the better, when you look back you see the signs were all there. He was going drop you.

The truth is, guys, know for awhile that they're no longer into the relationship. However, it takes time before they actually do anything about it. Rather than being upfront with you they are feeling, guys, will slowly begin to pull back. He will go from having his doubts about the relationship to knowing he wants it to end. However, he'll still be unsure how to end it. During that time there are a few things he will start doing before he breaks up with you.

After things have ended, we can usually see the signs that were staring us in the face. We may even wonder how we didn't see them before. When we get over the denial that the relationship is heading toward the end we can see the signs as clear as day. Here are the twenty things men do, right before they drop you.

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20 He Starts Pulling Away

This is perhaps the first thing all men will start doing when they begin questioning the relationship they are in, and when they are preparing to end the said relationship. You go from spending time together to hardly seeing one another. When you try to make plans, there's always an excuse for him being too busy, or already having plans with his friends. He'll no longer have time to see you and stops trying to. Even when you're together, you feel that he is a million miles away. Perhaps this behavior confuses you at first. After all, for you, everything was going great! You'll probably even make up excuses, thinking he really is busy and when things settle down you'll start spending time together again. Whereas you may have been thinking the relationship has been going great, the moment he starts to pull away he's no longer interested in the relationship and is preparing to drop you.

19 When You Do Go Out It's Only As Groups

Another sign he is preparing to drop you is when date night turns into a friends outing. Let's be clear, there's nothing wrong with going on the occasional double date or even spending time out with all of your friends. However, the problem arises when that's the only time you and your man spend together. From going out on dates together, or even having nice quiet evenings at home, to only seeing each other when other people are around is a major red flag. The truth is, whether or not he fully realizes it, he is using the other people around you as a buffer. This goes back to the first sign; him pulling away. The other people out with you guys offer the excuse that you two are still spending time together, but he can use the other people as a distraction from the relationship.

18 He Becomes Emotionally Unavailable

Guys for one, are generally never very open about their emotions - which can drive girls crazy from time to time. However, if he becomes even more emotionally constipated than he usually is, it's a bad sign. When your man becomes emotionally unavailable he will refuse to talk about his feelings at all. He may even brush off your concern saying "he's fine" or that "it's nothing" when you can tell he is acting differently around you. He'll begin putting up his walls and shutting you out. It's not that he intends to hurt you, or that he has a blatant disregard to how you're feeling, it's just natural for him to shut down emotionally when deep down he knows he's both ready to and wants to walk away from this relationship.

17 You're No Longer a Priority

Another big telltale sign he is ready to drop you is when you're no longer a priority for him. Remember the first sign? How he will start pulling away? Well, this sort of goes hand-in-hand with that. First he will start distancing himself from you, and eventually, you won't be his priority anymore. He will place work, friends, family, and any other sort of obligation just to avoid spending time with you. You may even try to work around his schedule but even then, he's just too tired to spend time with you. The little things he used to do for you, that once made you feel special will stop. Even his emotional support for the things you do will feel forced. He will be distant both physically and emotionally making it impossible for him to prioritize you the way he once did.

16 Intimacy Stops

One thing that is near impossible to fake is intimacy. True intimacy, whether it's the physical, emotional, or mental forms of intimacy, requires that both parties have a strong connection to one another. This connection is deep and unlike any other. When one or both parties no longer feel that connection, it stops altogether. Physically, you won't have the same rush of emotions as before, as it becomes obvious your partner just isn't feeling it anymore. Your sex life will come to a halt and even acts such as kissing and cuddling will become nonexistent. Emotionally, your man has already checked out, and the deep conversations you once had, the kind that revealed deep truths about yourselves, will become less personal; until it shifts to nothing more than awkward small talk. You will feel as if you are walking on eggshells just to try to imitate some of the intimacy you once had.

15 Ghosting - He Stops Answering Your Messages

Ghosting - a term many of us know all too well. Perhaps you have ghosted someone in the past that you just weren't that into, or had been ghosted yourself. No matter how you had come to be familiar with the concept, it probably never crossed your mind that your man would be the one to suddenly ghost you. As his feelings change, and as he comes to the realization that he no longer wants to be a part of this relationship he will slowly take longer to answer your messages. Maybe he will stop reaching out to you first, then his response time will increase and eventually, he'll even stop answering your messages completely. Having already withdrawn physically and emotionally, his means of communicating with you will also come to a stop. His intention is not to hurt you by ignoring you, however, he just isn't interested in you enough to hold open that door of communication.

14 He Stops Confiding In You

Communication is key to making any relationship work. However, emotionally closing himself off, and no longer replying to your messages, kind of kills off your ability to communicate as a couple. By this point, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he no longer confides in you. You've probably noticed, communicating with your man isn't what it once was. Still, knowing he is no longer opening up to you, or telling you about his day stings; especially, if you hear about it through a third party. You may wonder why he didn't tell you about his big promotion at work, or that his cousin is in town. The fact is, he didn't care enough to tell you. This may seem harsh but it's the truth. At this point, he doesn't care whether or not you know particular details about his life. The line of communication in the relationship is broken, as he begins to distance himself even more.

13 His Answers Become Vague

Sensing something is off in the relationship, you may begin to ask questions; "Is everything okay?" "Why do we never see each other anymore?" etc. Rather than being direct and honest, saying that he is thinking it's time you both end the relationship, his answers will be vague and ambiguous. He may tell you that everything is fine and that you will see each other soon. If you try to make specific plans, chances are he'll answer with a simple "we'll see." His answers are more of a non-answer, which will leave you feeling confused. He doesn't want to hurt you, which is why he thinks his vague remarks will come across as nicer rather than a direct "no." In all actuality, he's already checked out of the relationship but doesn't quite know how to handle that realization.

12 He Starts Questioning The Relationship

Believe it or not, this is a big step for him in deciding how to go about the relationship. He's already checked out of the relationship, and he knows he doesn't really want to stay in it any longer. He tries imagining a future with you but can't picture it. He considers breaking up with you but is afraid to take the initial step and he doesn't want to hurt you either. Confused, he may come to you with questions about his relationship. He'll want to know if you see a future with him, or if you're having doubts about the relationship. If so, this will serve as the reassurance he needs to end things. However, if you're still secure in the relationship, regardless of the issues the two of you have been having, your man will be just as confused as to what to do as before.

11 He Starts Talking To Other Women

Let's be clear here, we're not talking about outwardly cheating on you. While some men may cheat when they are in an unhappy relationship others will not. However, your man may start talking to other females, perhaps a female friend. Initially, he may go to her to get a girl's perspective on the relationship, dumping all the emotions he refused to share with you on her. While this is a giant slap-in-the-face to his girlfriend, he doesn't intend for it to be so. In his mind, he may be looking for relationship advice, outside of the sphere of advice his guy friends would have to offer. Deep down, he may also be looking to see what other options are out there. If he thinks he'll be happier with someone else, then he'll walk out of his relationship; if not, he may choose to stay in his relationship for fear of the unknown outside of it.

10 He Doesn't Get Jealous

Lack of jealousy, simply means he just doesn't care. That doesn't mean in a relationship, a man should turn into He-Man whenever another guy is around. However, there is a fine line between an unhealthy amount of jealousy and a healthy dosage of jealousy. Your man should always trust and respect you in a healthy relationship. However, if he doesn't even question you meeting new guys, texting them, and hanging out with them, nor is he even interested in meeting said guys his girlfriend is hanging out with, then chances are he doesn't care. He doesn't care you're getting attention from guys, he doesn't care if they're interested in you, or if you're interested in them slightly. All in all your man doesn't care about the relationship. He isn't worried about you staying with him or moving on, and at that point, he's probably hoping for the later.

9 His Social Media Changes

Another big sign that your man is getting ready to drop you, is when he starts changing his social media. He may start by slowly ceasing to post anything that relates to him having a girlfriend. He will also change his profile picture. When men are on the verge of ending the relationship they are in, they will change their profile picture to a photograph where they look attractive and available. This means you won't be featured alongside him in the picture. As a matter of fact, he will be the only one featured in the picture - looking his absolute best. He may also begin to untag himself in any picture you have him tagged in, as well. Eventually, he'll hide his relationship status, removing it completely from his profile. Changes to social media are a telltale that there is something wrong in the relationship and heading towards the end.

8 He Plans To Make A Life Change

When men want out of a relationship, they'll begin looking for any excuse to walk away. Leaving a relationship, they'll want and need to have something to keep them occupied and to keep their mind off it. They may start making plans for a new job move, or perhaps to move to a new place. Men want to feel like they're heading toward their future, and they'll want to see themselves taking strides forward. While doing this, they won't necessarily factor you into their plans, unless they saw a future with you; and if they haven't been consulting with you about their plans, chances are they don't see you in their future. Some men will use this change as an excuse to end the relationship, while others will use it to keep themselves distant from it, as they're just too busy now to spend time with you. Ultimately, this life change will serve as an escape from the relationship.

7 He Becomes Uncomfortable About The Future

This may seem comparable with him planning for a life change; however, there is a difference. That difference is, when your man is planning on dropping you, he'll grow increasingly uncomfortable with the prospect of a future with the two of you together. By now, communication in the relationship is already on a downward spiral, so any mention of the future together is not a topic he would want to broach. The truth is, he doesn't see or even want a future with you; although, that doesn't mean he necessarily knows how to tell you that. He may continue with his vague answers while you talk about the future you envision. If he felt secure in the relationship, he would be actively taking part in this discussion. The fact that he isn't, means there isn't a future for the two of you.

6 He Asks For Space

We're not talking about your man having a major presentation at work to prepare for by the end of the week and needing to have some alone time to complete it. In that instance, the "space" he needs is circumstantial and has a time period for how long he needs it. However, when he flat out asks for space in the relationship, then the relationship isn't going to last much longer. In this case, asking for space means he needs space from you and the relationship. Chances are your man doesn't know how to break off the relationship without hurting you. By asking for space he's hoping the blow would be less upsetting. Asking for space can either be the end of the relationship or signal the major red flag warning of where it's heading. When a man asks for space, he's just not into you anymore and is looking for a way out.

5 He's Always Moody Around You

Has your man been extra cranky around you lately? Has his moodiness been dragging on over an extended period of time? If so, then more likely than not, your man is unhappy being with you. It's not you so much that he doesn't like, as he may think you're a terrific person; it's the relationship he doesn't like. He's unhappy being in a relationship with you, and his frustration for being unhappy manifests into a sour mood directed at you. This doesn't make it your fault, and a part of him is well aware of that. However, he is unhappy and his grumpy mood, whenever you're around, is a sure indication of that. He wants out of the relationship and you being there is a sure reminder that he's still in the said relationship. His own growing frustration turns into moodiness directed at you.

4 The Little Things You Do Start To Annoy Him

Similar to his increasing moody temperament whenever you're around, when your man wants to end the relationship, he will grow irritated in every little thing that you do. The little quirks you have, the traits he used to love and think were adorably cute, suddenly become an annoyance to him. There's a saying about the very thing you once loved about a person when you first got together, becomes the very thing you hate about them in the end. This is exactly what your man will begin to feel. As his frustration for being unhappy in the relationship grows, his irritability towards you will increase. He'll find things that used to make him smile about you, now only annoy him, as he wants something different than this relationship. When the things he once loved only irritate him, it's a sign he's ready to drop you.

3 He Becomes Argumentative

Frustrated, irritated, annoyed, all these negative emotions are bound to come out somehow, and when your man has been feeling this way from his own desire to end your relationship, he will take it out on you. You know there are problems in the relationship and that it's heading towards the end when your man consistently begins picking fights. When you're man starts an argument over the smallest instance, something in the past wouldn't have even fazed him, then he is desperately trying to come up with a reason to end the relationship. He'll even recognize that arguments can stir from the most inconsequential things. These arguments serve as a red flag for the relationship, especially when they occur almost every time you spend any time together. Constant fighting and more bad days than good days is a sign he wants out of the relationship.

2 He Blames Everything On You

At first, maybe your man told you that you were being insecure when you questioned whether or not he still wanted to be in this relationship. In that moment he put some of the relationships doubt on you rather than it falling on him and his lack of interest in keeping the relationship going. However, when men really want to end a relationship they'll play a game known as "The Blame Game." Guys don't want the end of the relationship to be entirely their fault, so they'll try to put the blame on you as well. They may say things like things are your fault or you're not trying hard enough to make it work. The truth is, men, know it's not your fault, and that they're wrong and immature for pointing fingers at you. However, their frustration gets the better of them and they're desperate to have a reason as to why they are going to drop you.

1 He Tries To Make You End It First

Before a guy drops you, the final thing he'll do is try to make you end it first. His arguments with you, the way he keeps blaming you for the way the relationship is going, are all ways he tries to push you into breaking up with him first. If that doesn't work, he may begin doing behaviors he knows you don't like just to push your buttons, so that you'll walk away. Men don't want to be the bad guys, and they definitely don't want to hurt you. For them, it's easier when you share the same desire to end the relationship with them. When a man loses interest in a relationship things slowly progress from bad to worst and right before he drops you, he'll try to make you make the call to end it first.

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