20 Things About Ross And Rachel's Relationship Fans Still Choose To Ignore

Over the course of the ten seasons that Friends was on the air, there were plenty of relationships for the main characters. After all, there were six of them! Some, like Monica and Chandler, ended up finding love within their circle of friends. Others, like Phoebe, found someone new to bring into the group. And then there was the consistently flirtatious Joey, who was single as the show wrapped.

There was one relationship that definitely dominated the series more than any other, though—that of Ross and Rachel. It's a little crazy because, in the larger scheme of the show, they actually weren't together for all that much of it. However, their on-again, off-again dynamic meant that even when they weren't together, they were usually talking about each other.

Many people think of them as soulmates, two people that were totally meant to be together. Many other fans of the show, though, wonder why they were always put on a pedestal as the perfect couple. They had a ton of super problematic things in their relationship and a ton of things that really just didn't make sense when fans thought about them.

Here are 20 things about Ross and Rachel's relationship that made no sense whatsoever.

20 Rachel's Letter Was Somehow 18 Pages — Front And Back

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There's nothing wrong with expressing your thoughts on paper. There's also nothing wrong with wanting someone to read through those thoughts before you take the next step in your relationship. That part of the storyline where Rachel writes a letter to Ross to get him to consider some things before they get back together makes sense.

The issue is with one throwaway line that Ross says—the letter was 18 pages, front and back. Perhaps she could have written a letter that was 36 pages in total once they'd had Emma and been through more together. However, when they really hadn't been together all that long? That's an insane amount of pages to write. What did she even say?

19 Rachel Said Yes To Joey's Proposal In Seconds While In The Hospital Having A Baby

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Okay, obviously you're not going to be operating at full capacity when you've just had a baby. As Rachel says, those hormones were pumping through her body! However, that doesn't quite explain things fully. When Joey looks in Ross' bag and finds the ring he had been planning to propose to Rachel with and ends up pulling it out, Rachel thinks he's proposing.

Given how he was kneeling, even though Joey didn't actually pop the question, it could be understood that she interpreted it that way. What we didn't understand, though, was how quickly she said yes. Marriage isn't exactly a minor commitment, and it's not like she had a long romantic history with Joey!

18 Ross Had Baby Names Picked Out Within A Few Dates — Yet Freaked Out About Emma At First

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Back when Ross and Rachel first get together, they've only gone on a few dates and Ross reveals that he has baby names picked out. He already has a full future planned for them in the suburbs with two kids—which obviously freaks Rachel out. After all, they've only been on a few dates! That's moving way, way too fast.

That scene is why it makes no sense that Ross ends up freaking out the way he does when Rachel tells him she's pregnant. After all, he's shown before that he's thought about them having kids together. He already has a kid, Ben, so fatherhood is nothing new. So, what was with the huge freakout?

17 Ross Did Some Majorly Sketchy Things While They Were "On A Break"

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The phrase 'we were on a break' causes many fans of the show to roll their eyes, because it was used so often. Ross brought it up time and time again—but can we take a moment to talk about the things he did literally a few hours after he thought they were on a break? Now, there's nothing wrong with moving on and starting a new relationship.

However, there's something majorly questionable about the fact that Ross gets together with another girl literally hours after he thinks his relationship with Rachel ended. I mean, he had been pining for her for years—it makes no sense that he'd move on so quickly.

16 Rachel Literally Gave Up Her Dream Job In Paris For Him

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It's pretty obvious throughout the show that Ross always feels his job is more important than Rachel's. Once she got into fashion, though, she definitely found her calling. She worked her way up through the ranks and was eventually offered her dream job in Paris.

However, she ends up giving it all up because she realizes she's in love with Ross. Can we just pause a moment, though, to ask—why on earth did she have to give that job up? Why couldn't Ross move to Paris to be with her? I mean, there are universities and museums there—surely he could have found something!

15 Ross Never Supported Rachel's Work

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Ross always knew what he wanted to do—whether he was working at the museum or teaching at the university, he was all about paleontology. Rachel took a bit longer to figure out what her dream industry was—fashion. It's an incredibly tough industry to succeed in, yet she managed to climb the ranks and get increasingly impressive positions.

You'd think that Ross would be impressed that the woman he loved was making her dreams come true at work. Instead, though, he never really supported what she did. He made jokes about the fashion industry, he fell asleep at a work seminar she attended that he insisted he tag along to, and just overall was not supportive.

14 When Rachel Planned To Move To Paris, Ross Didn't Really Care About Where Emma Was

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Okay, one of the biggest things that makes no sense in the show is Ross's relationship with his children. Now, Ben can somewhat be explained away by the fact that he shares custody with Carol and Susan. So, perhaps in the stretches where we didn't see Ben as much, it was because Ross had limited custody. However, Emma was a different story.

When Rachel is contemplating moving to Paris to accept a dream job, Ross is understandably freaked out at the idea of her moving across the world. What he doesn't seem to consider, though, is the fact that she'll obviously take her daughter with her—leaving him halfway across the world from his daughter.

13 Ross Legit Hid The Fact That He And Rachel Were Still Married From Her — For Weeks!

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When Ross realized that he and Rachel had actually gotten married in Vegas, he was understandably embarrassed. After all, that marked a third marriage for him that he knew would end in disaster. That can't be easy to stomach. The two of them made the decision to get an annulment, and Rachel trusted that Ross would handle it.

And, rather than admitting to her that he was having trouble going through with it because of the idea of being divorced three times, he just hid the fact that he hadn't gotten the annulment. Obviously, when she found out, she was upset—how could he expect any other reaction from her?

12 Ross Tried To Stop Rachel From Dating Anyone — Even When They Weren't Together

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Obviously, there's nothing wrong with expecting that your partner does not date someone else while you're together. That's pretty reasonable. However, the thing that never made sense with Ross was that he seemed to have an issue with Rachel dating anyone—even when he was dating other people, and they were not together!

For example, when a guy that Rachel gave her phone number to at a bar during a girls' night out calls, Ross takes the message and then hides it so Rachel can't call him back. So, it's okay for him to date other people, but she's not allowed to do the same? That's definitely not cool at all.

11 Rachel Travelled To London To Try To Stop Ross' Wedding

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Okay, we get that the grand romantic gesture is more dramatic on television than a practical gesture. However, there was just something about this story line that made no sense. Rachel decides to stay home from Ross's wedding in London because she thinks it would be awkward. Then, she suddenly realizes that she loves Ross, and feels he needs to know.

But the signs! Phoebe told her it was a horrible idea; she could barely afford the plane ticket to London; she forgot her passport at first; and then a total stranger on the plane next to her told her that she definitely shouldn't go through with her plan. And yet, she did. Why?!

10 Ross Literally Made A List About Her Pros And Cons

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When Ross was trying to decide whether he should stay with Julie or end that relationship to be with Rachel, he did something super questionable—he made a list. Now, there's nothing wrong with thinking things through logically. Perhaps he could have envisioned who he had a stronger future with, or whose values aligned more with his on a larger scale.

Instead, he made a petty list that had him insulting Rachel's personality, calling her spoiled and ditzy and vain, minimizing her job, and even slamming her body, saying she had cankles. I mean, who does that? If you truly cared about someone, you would never say those types of things, even in a 'con' column!

9 Rachel Went On Ross And Emily's Honeymoon — After He Said Her Name At The Altar

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You would think that after he said her name accidentally at the altar, Rachel would keep her distance until Ross figured things out. After all, though he said Rachel's name at first, he went through with his marriage to Emily. Sure, she basically ended up leaving the moment the ceremony was done—but he went through with it.

If Rachel spotted him at the airport after that tangled mess, we would have assumed she'd quickly hide and run the other direction to avoid dealing with him. Instead, she comforts him and ends up going on the honeymoon he had planned with Emily. Uh... what?!

8 Ross Considered Cutting Her Out Of His Life Because Of Emily's Request

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We understand that Emily was threatened by Rachel—I mean, who wouldn't be after what happened at the altar? However, the ultimatum that she issued was super harsh, and Ross definitely didn't handle it in the best way. He could have talked to her about the fact that Rachel was a huge part of his friends circle, and even lived with his sister Monica.

It would be pretty unrealistic for him to cut her out of his life completely without also cutting all his friends and even some of his family out of his life. And yet, that's what he agreed to do—at least initially.

7 Ross Was In An 'I Hate Rachel Green' Club In High School

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We absolutely love the episode where Brad Pitt guest stars as a former classmate of Ross, Monica and Rachel's. He does a great job bringing his character to life and is actually surprisingly funny. However, there's one particular plot point that doesn't make sense—the fact that Ross was in a club with a pact that included no one in the club would date Rachel.

We could understand Ross just trying to be a part of any club, because it didn't seem like he had a lot of friends, and he and Will seemed to have some common interests. However, even then, he had a crush on her—so why did he agree to that pact?

6 Ross Dates Rachel's Sister Jill Without Much Thought To How It'll Impact His Relationship With Rachel

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Ross and Rachel both dated a lot of people in their 'off-again' phases. However, there was one relationship that made zero sense—when Ross dated Rachel's sister, Jill. Now, even though Ross and Rachel weren't together at the time, you would assume that Ross would steer clear of dating her literal family members. After all, if the relationship went somewhere serious, how awkward would that be?

And, it could have effectively ended the possibility of any future relationship with Rachel and him (it didn't, although that's just because Rachel got over it). Plus, to top it all off, Ross and Jill didn't seem to have a lot in common.

5 Ross Had A Major Possessive Streak

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Many fans try to write off some of Ross's behaviour as evidence that he really cared deeply for Rachel. However, let's call a spade a spade—he had a major possessive streak! Rachel never did anything while they were together to suggest that she would stray from their relationship, or to suggest that she was untrustworthy in any way.

And yet, he found himself irrationally jealous in a way that made no sense. For example, Rachel was only ever interested in Mark as a co-worker and friend, not romantically—and yet he did crazy things like send huge baskets to her office to stake his claim. Yikes.

4 They Got Married On A Whim In Vegas

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The idea of Ross and Rachel getting married while totally under the influence was obviously something the writers thought up for major dramatic impact. After all, what a crazy twist that these two who had such a long history actually ended up tying the knot! It would make sense for them to grapple with what they had done. However, given their history, you might have thought they'd take the opportunity to see whether or not the relationship was worth pursuing.

After all, obviously something deep in their hearts after they had a few too many drinks led them to the chapel. They didn't just end up there accidentally.

3 Both Of Them Had Crazy Jealous Streaks

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Okay, while Ross's possessive side was majorly not okay, we have to acknowledge that both of them had a pretty crazy jealous streak. Now, most people in relationships have a moment of jealousy every now and then. After all, we're all human! However, Ross and Rachel took things to a whole new level.

For example, Rachel is fine when she thinks Ross is dating Phoebe's strange bald friend but becomes immediately jealous when she realizes Bonnie is gorgeous. I mean, Rachel literally convinces the woman to shave her head again—who does that? These two just had such a toxic relationship.

2 Ross Had A Pattern Of Jumping Into Things Way Too Quickly

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We get that a whirlwind romance can seem exciting on screen, but come on—Ross had a pattern of jumping into things way, way too quickly. I mean, who could ever forget when he went on a first date with Emily and ended up taking a mini vacation to Vermont right after meeting her? He proposed as a way to solve the issue of having a difficult long-distance relationship, which was also totally bonkers.

It seems like he only had two speeds in a relationship—0 or 100. He could never seem to grasp the fact that you could slowly get to know your partner, rather than having to jump into things.

1 Ross Was A Bad Boyfriend To All His Other Partners

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All the male characters on the show struggled with relationships in some way or another. Chandler was wary of commitment for a long time. Joey was also super reluctant to settle down. Ross didn't have that issue at all, as his marriage record demonstrates. He was totally fine about jumping into a major commitment, because he didn't really seem to take relationships seriously—and he wasn't the best partner ever.

For example, when he's dating Mona while Rachel is pregnant, he literally forgets about her at times. When he's dating Bonnie, he dumps her at the beach where she's stranded and has to take a cab back to the city. Not the best husband material!

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