20 Things About 'Full House' That Wouldn't Make Sense In RL

From the first note of the iconic theme song to the much-loved sitcom Full House, the nostalgic vibe for the show immediately brings the feeling of a warm hug or suddenly hearing from a faraway friend. It doesn't matter how many years have passed since watching an episode, Full House's focus on family and happiness propelled the show to be one of the most famous comedies in history!

In one of the most compelling storylines of the last three decades, Full House centers around Danny Tanner, a suddenly single dad who is confronted with raising three young girls alone. The sports broadcaster-turned-talkshow host quickly sought help from his rebellious rock and roller brother-in-law and his hilarious best friend. For eight seasons, Full House captivated the hearts of millions for its legendary feel-good sense of happiness and heart.

The Tanner family gave viewers plenty to love and laugh about but during its near decade-long run, some storylines were a little too 'full' of questions or a bit confusing under layers of sweetness and family values! Full House's theme song opens with the question, "whatever happened to predictability?" and throughout Full House's run, the show became extremely comfortable with providing viewers with a cozy sense of knowing what comes next for the most popular family in San Francisco.

Despite the show's sweetly predictable nature, Full House fans know some plots wouldn't make sense in the real world, no matter how many times Michelle says "You got it, dude!" Read on for more!

20 Steve Urkel's Appearance

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In a galaxy far, far away within the realm of time and space lives a time period known as "the Nineties." The 1990s blessed us with countless pop culture delicacies, including the classic "TGIF" line-up featuring our beloved Tanner family on the bill, along with another popular family who often dealt with their own version of Kimmy Gibbler: Family Matters' Steve Urkel!

Steve Urkel was from Chicago, but in the San Francisco Tanner universe, he was a guest star in a Season Four episode. Not much was revealed about Urkel's time with the Tanners. In Urkel's words, "Did he do that?"

19 Stephanie Driving A Car Into The Kitchen

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You may have heard of the stereotypical "middle child syndrome" which is often featured in sibling-heavy television shows, but Stephanie Tanner was anything but the stereotypical middle child! Full House fans will remember her as being the hilarious middle ground between her sisters D.J. and Michelle. Steph's quirky personality was gifted to us in the form of memorable catchphrases and interesting storylines, such as the second season plot where she found Joey's cool car, and accidentally drove it into the kitchen!

Despite all of the property damage, Steph was given a soft Tanner-friendly talk and all was well! What?

18 Jesse's Countless Women

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In Full House's earlier seasons, Jesse Katsopolis was everyone's dream rock and roll heartthrob! The mullet rocking bachelor was all about his band and his babes. His days as a single stud were numbered when he met Rebecca, who was Danny's co-host on Wake Up San Fransisco. The couple married and had twins while claiming the Tanner attic as their honeymoon suite!

How could Jesse go from a free-wheelin' heartthrob uncle to a committed cutie so quickly? Surely he would've needed some time to transform into the ultimate husband and father, but in TV land, he quickly made the transition!

17 Joey Happily Living In The House

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Joey Gladstone was so much more than Full House's comedic source; he set goals for best friends everywhere when he agreed to help Danny raise his daughters! During the series, we see Joey become much more than a surrogate Tanner family member; he learns valuable lessons in pursuing his comedy dreams and evolves into a well-rounded funnyman with a heart of gold!

Realistically though, we can't help but wonder if Joey was truly happy living with the Tanners, with his Mr. Woodchuck puppet and his backlog of catchphrases? We'll just have to say "cut it out" to our burning questions.

16 Joey Making Rent

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No matter how you roll the dice, pursuing your biggest dreams can be costly! In Full House's world of never-ending hugs and sappy background sounds, it wasn't common for the Tanners to have family discussions surrounding financial matters and rent control.

Real life wouldn't have been kind to Joey in terms of earning enough money as a stand-up comedian or Jesse's sidekick when they briefly teamed up together in the advertising industry! While Reagan-era living costs may have been different, working in the arts and being able to make enough money for rent these days can be quite difficult!

15 The Autograph Incident

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Back in the pre-internet days of being a music fan, you had to do whatever you could in order to get close to your favorite artist! D.J. knew this to be true and she was determined to snag an autographed photo of her favorite singer, Stacey Q!

In the spirit of the hit '80s movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, D.J. pursues the hijinks needed to skip school and she ends up learning some tough lessons in the process. D.J. eventually is caught, but she doesn't experience many consequences. Danny wouldn't let her hear the end of it!

14 Jesse Healing So Fast

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Our beloved Jesse Katsopolis wouldn't be the Jesse we know and love without his motorcycle within reach! The absence of Jesse's motorcycle would be instrumental to Jesse's character development, so the Season Two opener where Jesse experiences the double whammy of a botched haircut courtesy of Stephanie's latest endeavor as a hair stylist and then wrecks his bike in the aftermath is quintessential viewing for Jesse fans!

Jesse experiences two broken arms after his beloved mullet met its demise and the Tanner family helps him with his hijinks. After the episode, we don't hear another word about his lovable limbs!

13 The Beach Boys' Presence

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When The Beach Boys appeared on Full House, the year was 1988, and the thought of The Beach Boys on MTV making music seemed as far gone as Jesse's mullet during the previous season!

John "Jesse" Stamos actually had a connection with The Beach Boys IRL, and he brought the boys to San Francisco to hang out with the Tanners! D.J. wins tickets to see the band, and everyone competes for her affection and good vibrations to accompany her.

It wouldn't be a Full House episode without Danny persuading the band to wipe their feet before coming into the house!

12 The Airport Saga

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It wouldn't be a holiday with the Tanners without some solvable situational conflict which would be a much bigger deal in real life! The Tanners were famous for giving fans the fuzzy feelings and Full House certainly delivered when it was time for a holiday episode.

What's a holiday season without travel? The Tanner family found out in the second season episode, "Our Very First Christmas Show" when the family gets snowed in during a bustling travel experience. As optimistic about holiday cheer as we'd like to be, it's unlikely IRL airport patrons would be on board with Tanner sweetness.

11 Danny's Relationship With DJ's Teacher

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It's a classic case of a parent and teacher conference gone wrong when D.J. struggles with a grade in a class and she asks her dad for help.

Only Danny Tanner could turn a completely normal situation into an unrealistic scene! When he meets D.J.'s teacher, the two of them do a little less problem solving and a little more smooching. Danny meets with her teacher and the duo hit it off, much to D.J.'s chagrin when she finds out about their kiss.

There's little repercussion for Danny's actions and D.J. eventually forgives him. Daughters everywhere would be more upset!

10 The Lack Of Discipline

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One of the most memorable aspects of Full House sort of occurred in the background of every episode. In its eight-year run, there were countless instances where the Tanner sisters would learn a lesson during the climax of the episode, and we'd be serenaded with some often serious-sounding background music. Often, the lesson learned would be centered on a problem the girls had gotten themselves into, but there seemed to be no real or long-lasting effects from their actions!

Sure, the Tanner girls were often remorseful for their shenanigans, but how little is too little for much-needed realism, girls?

9 Michelle Getting Lost At Disney World

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It nearly became a rite of passage for '90s TV shows to feature Disney World as the backdrop for vacation episodes! In 1993, the Tanner family joined the party, and the entire clan found themselves headed for paradise in the "happiest place on Earth!"

Of course, the two-part episode features every member of the Tanner family (even with Kimmy in tow!), making the most out of Disney World. Michelle disrupts everyone's fun when she wins a "princess for a day" contest and disappears when she doesn't get her way. She'd be grounded in real life, but everything's cool in Tanner land!

8 DJ And Kimmy's Teen Shenanigans

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Struggling to fit in at school is a universal experience in the land of the sitcom and in real life. Many of us even looked for solace in these episodes when we felt alone in our experiences! When D.J. started junior high in the third season episode "Back To School Blues," she dealt with mean girls, uncool outfits, and she set the blueprint for eating lunch alone.

D.J. and Kimmy decide to try out a more sophisticated make-up palette which Danny compared to Jessica Rabbit. All is well at the end of the episode, but what about longlasting teen angst?

7 Joey's Star Search Experience

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In the days before multiple reality talent shows were the norm, we had Star Search to thank for exposing us to some legendary talent! Full House was no exception to its star power when Joey was featured in a third season episode for his comedy skills.

There's no question Joey would be talented enough to appear on Star Search, but what's unrealistic is Joey's road to fame. Danny goes behind Joey's back to submit a tape of Joey's routine to the show. Wouldn't a friend be furious if they were suddenly catapulted to fame without their consent? Cut it out!

6 DJ's Greek Marriage

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Full House fans know Greece plays an important role in the show - Jesse's family hails from Greece! Jesse's heritage is mentioned often in the series, but never as goofily as the fourth season episode, "Greek Week."

Jesse and Becky's relationship is threatened when it's revealed that he's secretly married to an old flame because the pair once walked around a table three times, which is a custom of a Greek Orthodox wedding.

Turns out teenager D.J. isn't exempt from "wedded bliss!" She meets a guy accompanying Jesse's grandparents and they walk around the table. Shouldn't this marriage practice be legally binding?

5 Becky And Jesse's Wedding

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Jesse and Becky went through a lot of wedding planning in preparation for their two-part episode nuptials, but nothing could prepare them for the crazy, unrealistic, and downright wacky wedding whimsy!

The ceremony goes off without a hitch, but it's a wonder Mr. and Mrs. Katsopolis made it to the altar. On the morning of their wedding, Jesse handles his jitters in the worst way possible: he goes skydiving! Not only is Joey flying the plane, but Jesse also ends up in jail shortly before he makes it down the aisle. Would Becky even agree to say "I do" IRL?

4 Jesse's Music Career

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If you're looking for an essential Full House episode, look no further than the fifth season episodes, "Captain Video." In its two parts, Jesse finally achieves his dreams of fame and fortune with a record contract and a video on MTV!

By this time in Jesse's career, he had spent years jamming in his bedroom and played countless gigs with the Rippers. By the fifth season, Jesse was married with tiny twins. It would be super unrealistic for Jesse to maintain a career full of touring time away from his wife and children, and have time to comb his hair!

3 Joey's 'Ranger Joe' Experience

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Joey Gladstone spent the majority of the series trying his hand and his humor at stand-up comedy, but his calling came when he began hosting a children's show called "The Ranger Joe Show." The career change gifted fans with the iconic introduction of Joey's sidekick puppet, Mr. Woodchuck, but his new branding as a children's TV show host might be a diss to his entire character if you think about it!

Joey always dreamed of reaching widespread audiences of all ages with the gift of laughter. Wouldn't his chance of success be stifled by an extremely targeted kiddie audience?

2 The Multi-Family Living Experience

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Full House (and its Netflix reboot, Fuller House) happily celebrate the joys of a bustling household with multiple families and a dog around at all times. Without everyone under one roof, the two shows wouldn't be the beloved sitcom we've loved and "aww"ed along to for three decades!

As far as room and realistic expectations go, it's hard to watch an episode of the two shows without wondering if every family member remained happy living in the, ahem, full house.

D.J. lives in the house with her children in Fuller House. Hasn't she realistically had enough Tanner togetherness time?

1 Michelle's Accident

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When Full House came to an end after eight seasons in 1995, fans probably expected a super-sweet storyline only the Tanner family could deliver for its final episode. However, the finale took two episodes to share a rather grim storyline for viewers to say goodbye to the Tanners: Michelle falls off a horse and hits her head!

Michelle's fall leaves her struggling with amnesia! In true storybook Tanner fashion, this serious side effect is solved within a 22-minute running time, and Michelle is healed and happy by the end of the episode. How rude, Full House!

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