20 Things About Britney Spears' Boyfriends (KFed Doesn't Want Us To Know)

During her 20-year reign as Princess of Pop, Britney Spears has been romantically connected to some high-profile figures. Unfortunately, she’s also had to kiss her share of frogs (haven’t we all!).

But it looks like the pop star might have found her Happily Ever After with current beau Sam Asghari.

Since making their relationship public through social media in late 2017, Asghari and Spears have been inseparable. They’ve been spotted sharing romantic dates more than once and aren’t afraid to flatter each other on social media.

But there’s still so much most fans don’t know about Spears’s mysterious man. Keep reading to find out these 11 little-known details about Sam Asghari, and take a stroll down the memory lane that is Britney Spears’ iconic love life.

20 Sam Asghari Was Born In Iran


The youngest of four siblings, Sam was born Hesam Asghari in Tehran, Iran in March of 1994. So how did his path cross with the pop princess of his generation, Britney Spears?

In 2006, he moved to Los Angeles with his family to live with his dad, who worked there as a tow truck driver.

19 He Works As A Model And Fitness Trainer


Having been settled in the U.S. for more than ten years now, Asghari works as a model and fitness trainer. You can catch him working out in the exercise videos he and Spears share on social media.

Asghari told Men’s Health that he comes up with the exercises in the videos, but Spears is the director!

18 He’s A Hard Worker In General


Asghari’s work ethic extends beyond the gym and the set. After high school, he enrolled in Los Angeles Pierce College where he studied criminal justice and worked three jobs simultaneously to support himself.

Boston 25 News reports that following this, he fell into fitness training and set the goal to become a personal trainer.

17 He Lost A Lot Of Weight Before Meeting Spears


Today Asghari’s famous on IG for his iconic abs, so few fans know that his body has changed a lot from the start of his journey.

After he was cut from the football team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he was pretty unhealthy thanks to a daily menu of fast food, candy, and sugary soda. Six months after getting cut, he turned his habits around.

16 Asghari And Spears Met On Set


In typical L.A. fashion, Asghari first met Spears on the set of her music video for the song "Slumber Party" in 2016, where he was working as a model.

Naturally, Asghari had “butterflies” when he talked to Spears for the first time, according to his interview with Men’s Health. By New Year’s Eve 2017, Asghari and Sam were IG official.

15 She Almost Didn’t Call Him After They Met


It took the romance between Asghari and Spears a while to blossom after they first met, mostly because the pop star forgot about him after filming for her music video wrapped.

According to US Weekly, Spears revealed that she did keep Asghari’s number from the set, but didn’t call him until around five months later!

14 Asghari Also Appeared In Another Famous Music Video


If you’re a pop music fan, then Spears’ music videos aren’t the only place you would have seen Asghari. He also appeared in the "Work from Home" video by Fifth Harmony.

In case you missed him, he was one of the handymen who made us all want to head out to a construction site immediately.

13 He Supports Spears No Matter What She Goes Through


Asghari hasn’t been shy about voicing his support for his girlfriend online when she needs it.

When news broke that Spears had decided to seek treatment, Asghari took to IG to praise Spears for taking care of her mind, body, and spirit, which he is inspired by and sees as “a sign of absolute strength.”

12 And Inspires Her To Be A Better Person


Spears isn’t afraid to do the gushing once in a while, either!

She likes to dedicate the odd post to Asghari on IG, once writing, “I’ve been with this man for over a year… everyday [sic] he inspires me to be a better person and that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!!”

11 Kids Are His Favorite


We’re guessing that Asghari gets along famously with Spears’ two sons Preston and Jayden since he loves kids so much.

In the past, he’s been known to post about babies on social media, and according to Your Tango, he spends time skateboarding with Preston and Jayden in their gated community and swimming in the pool with them.

10 He Also Loves Kittens


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! If his social media is anything to go by, Asghari also has a soft spot for kittens.

He once posted a photo of his two gorgeous kittens asking for name suggestions from his followers. No word yet on what names he went with for the new additions!

Now let's look at some of Britney's most iconic exes...

9 Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake was Spears’s first high-profile relationship. The power couple of the early noughties dated from 1999 to 2002 and were even known to wear matching outfits upon occasion.

Their split was widely reported on, and Timberlake implied in his song "Cry Me a River" that it came down to Spears’s actions, not his. Today, Timberlake is married to actress Jessica Biel.

8 Colin Farrell


Colin Farrell was only with Spears for a short time in 2003, but he still makes the list as one of her exes nonetheless. They appeared on a red carpet together, so he counts!

In an interview with W magazine, Spears admitted that she thought Farrell was “the cutest thing in the world” but ultimately, “it was nothing serious.”

7 Jason Alexander


Spears had been friends with Jason Alexander since childhood when she married him at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas after a big night out in early January 2004.

Even though Alexander later told the press that he was in love with the pop star, she had the marriage annulled just 55 hours later.

6 Wade Robson


Between 2001 and 2002, Spears was linked to choreographer Wade Robson, with several media sources claiming that they shared a romance after meeting through work.

Today, Wade Robson is still working as a choreographer on TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance, animated films, stage shows, and world tours for various artists.

5 Criss Angel


Criss Angel was the man behind Spears’s infamous VMA performance in 2007, and the two first became linked after she hired him to help her put together the piece.

Angel told the press that he never dated Spears, but the media speculation was further fueled by photos of Angel and Spears together. As of 2019, Angel is in a relationship with Shaunyl Benson.

4 Adnan Ghalib


The paparazzi made Spears’ life impossible in 2007, so it came as a surprise when she started dating celebrity photographer Adnan Ghalib.

According to Wonderwall, after a year of dating, Spears and Ghalib ended their relationship over the phone, and Spears went on to file a restraining order against him, which lasted for three years.

3 Jason Trawick

The Daily Beast

In the summer of 2009, Spears became romantically involved with her agent, Jason Trawick. The pair became engaged in December 2011, and Trawick was named co-conservator of Spears’s personal handling.

In 2013, the couple called off their engagement, with a source telling People that the reason behind the split was their differing stances on having children.

2 David Lucado


After meeting David Lucado at a party in 2013, Spears publicly announced him as her love. By the summer of 2014, however, photos had surfaced connecting Lucado to another woman.

Soon after, Spears addressed the photos on stage in Las Vegas, certifying that the relationship was officially over. Lucado is active on LinkedIn and, according to Wonderwall, now works as a legal investigator.

1 Charlie Ebersol


For eight months between 2014 and 2015, Spears was involved with writer and producer Charlie Ebersol, the son of NBC Sports chief Dick Ebersol. He was often spotted at her Las Vegas show, and she took the relationship public by bringing him to the Billboard Music Awards.

A source told People that the pair naturally moved apart, resulting in their June 2015 split.

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