20 Things About 90 Day Fiancé That Are Actually Fake (& 5 That Were #TooReal)

One reality show that has seen ratings success for TLC is 90 Day Fiancé. Since its premiere in 2014, the show has given viewers a glimpse into the K-1 visa process. For those who haven’t seen it yet, definitely check it out, as the show delivers on drama… and lots of it. That’s what we want from a reality show, right?

The show follows people in the US who bring over their foreign fiancés and must then get married to them within 90 days. Why? The law states that if they don’t get married within that time period, then their fiancé will need to return to their home country. Now, these relationships started as long distance relationships and that means the couples don’t really know each other that well.

Add to this mix the different cultures, sometimes language barriers, and of course, the family or friends who always seem to think that the foreign national is only after a Green Card, and you have a reality show that is so loved that it even inspired a handful of spin-offs.

Now, as with many reality shows, we definitely know not to trust all that we see and hear. Read below as we take you through the moments on 90 Day Fiancé that were anything but real, as well as the moments that were #TooReal.

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25 When Chris Asked Annie For A Massage

Via AllAboutTheTea

Frankly, this is one moment we wish we could erase from our memories. David Toborowsky and his then-fiancée Annie Suwan were preparing to head to the US from Annie’s home country of Thailand.

Chris then proceeded to say that Annie can do things around the house, like give him a massage.

Say What? Yeah, well, it turns out that this scene was actually staged and Chris felt just as awkward about it as we did. In a YouTube video, he adds that the producers suggested this to him and they made him repeat it a few times as he needed to make it look convincing.

24 When Jenny Told Larry Her Phone Accidentally Logs Onto A Dating App

Via YouTube

We weren’t sure whether we should laugh or cry when we saw this moment on our screens. Larry Passariello from Florida was preparing to make his way to meet Jenny De, his then-girlfriend from the Philippines. Larry found out while they were taping that Jenny’s account was still active on Filipino Cupid, the online platform where they met. Jenny’s excuse? Her phone just stays logged on to the site and she apparently can’t log out. Yeah, of course it does, Jenny.

23 The Female Cast's Interview Position

Via RealityTea

This one on our list is rather odd, especially because we can’t figure out why they do it. Have you noticed that the female cast sits with their knees touching and raised? When asked about this on her Instagram account, Anfisa replied, “Producers make all women on the show sit like this if you haven’t noticed. I hate it. So uncomfortable. Please, somebody, tell @tlc that you don’t like it.”

It’s a rather odd sitting position, especially since we can assume that their feet don’t touch the ground.

But why do the female cast do it and not the men? Well, this is yet to be solved but we definitely know that’s fake.

22 When Mohamed Couldn't Kiss Danielle On Their Wedding Day

Via Yahoo

There are very few relationships that have brought as much drama to the show as Danielle Mullins’ relationship with Mohamed Jbali.

Now, there was a significant age gap between these two, to be sure, but perhaps what raised people’s eyebrows more was how Mohamed didn't show affection to Danielle at all.

And his excuse? He blamed this on his culture and religion. Fair enough. However, when Mohamed refused to kiss Danielle on their wedding day because of his beliefs, fans were definitely perplexed. Who can’t kiss their wife on their wedding day?

21 Real: Mohamed Seeming Closed-Off When Next To Danielle

Via YouTube

Alright, starting off with the #TooReal moments, we had to go with Mohamed and Danielle. When the pair were still together, they would film a lot of their interviews or confessionals together.

One thing that fans couldn’t help but notice is how Mohamed just couldn’t bring himself to touch or even smile at Danielle.

What was even more uncomfortable was how Danielle would always be the one with her hand on his knee, trying to show their connection. Yeah, we’re not body language experts but this is one moment that even the best producers couldn’t stage.

20 When Abby Said Chris Was Just A Friend

Via Monsters and Critics

We were introduced to Abby St. Germain and Sean Hiler on the 90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days spin-off and the pair raised a few eyebrows. Viewers were taken aback by the more than 20 year age gap between the two. But before we could even wrap our minds around it, we then met Chris, Abby’s supposed ex-boyfriend, who was even much older than Sean.

We first realized that the two may still be together when Abby made the mistake of calling Sean “Chris” during an interview. Then as the season progressed, we watched as Abby tried to convince Sean there was nothing going on between her and her ex.

19 Azan's Commitment To Nicole

Via RealityBlurb

The relationship between Nicole Nafziger from the US and her fiancé from Morocco, Azan Tefou, has certainly had a lot of ups and downs. When we were introduced to the pair, it was immediately revealed that Nicole had betrayed him once and this caused Azan to not fully trust her.

Nicole then tried her best to prove to Azan that she had changed her ways. Some may have even felt sorry for the guy. But then, in a surprising twist, voice recordings were revealed of Azan speaking to women. From one of the recordings, he could clearly be heard saying, “Good morning, I’m so sleepy right now, but I want a kiss.”

18 When Jorge Claimed He Was Lying About Anfisa's Job

Via TheInquistr

Jorge and Anfisa’s relationship has certainly been one of the most talked about on the show. The couple has broken up and gotten back together again more than we care to count.

While on one of their breaks, Jorge alluded at their season finale Tell-All that Anfisa’s job is not something he is proud about as a husband.

Now, use your imagination.

As expected, social media went crazy. When the pair got back together again, Jorge tried to backpedal and claimed that he only said that to hurt her feelings. However, a video and some pics appeared online that looked suspiciously like Anfisa.

17 Is Jorge Really "Jorge"?

Via People

Using a stage name is something very common for actors or singers. There are different reasons for this–their real name may be a little difficult to pronounce, their real name may be too common and they want something unique, or they may not be so crazy about their real name, or many other reasons.

Whatever the reason is for Jorge, fans have certainly noticed that he and his loved ones pronounce his name differently. Now, Jorge hasn’t responded to these claims, but why would different family members pronounce your name differently?

16 Real: When Paul Ran Into The Bushes

Via RealityBlurb

After Paul revealed to Karine his troublesome past, he then decided to run off into the bushes. Hands down, one of the most epic moments of Before The 90 Days! This scene had every fan talking about it on social media and there’s no wondering why. What was even more strange is how Paul was contemplating diving into the river, just to get away from Karine. We weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry here but this moment, without a doubt, was #TooReal.

15 Is Chantel Really "Chantel"?

Via InTouchWeekly

Another name that has been put under the spotlight is Chantel’s. No surprise here. It was to be expected, especially since her sister and brother have unique names; Winter and River. This makes “Chantel” seem a little out of place.

It was then revealed that Chantel’s real name is actually "SeaAir."

No word on why she decided to go with “Chantel” for the show. It may be because her real name is a little too unique or maybe the producers suggested a pseudonym for her.

14 Friends That Are Brought On To Advance A Storyline

Via People

As we previously mentioned, Chris revealed that his dialogue was staged in a certain scene. This begs the question–how much is actually staged on the show? Friends or family being brought on to advance the storyline of certain main characters is something quite commonly done on reality shows. Business Insider reveals how producers even stage seating arrangments at times. “A lot of that is prearranged seating. You’ll say, ‘When you walk up, you’re going to sit next to him and sit across from her.’”

13 When Molly Pretended That She Was Not Yet Married To Luis

Via UsWeekly

Molly Hopkins surprised fans when she revealed that she was actually already married to her Dominican Republic partner Luis Mendez. When Luis arrived in the US, fans were taken on a journey of their love affair that quickly turned sour.

Towards the end of their season, Luis left Molly’s house and we thought things were over.

But we were shocked to find out that Molly and Luis had actually already wed a few weeks prior but had kept this information from the show’s producers.

12 When Luis Said He'd File A Lawsuit

Via RealityBlurb

Luis Mendez is one character that has received a lot of hate from the show. Why? Well, when fans saw Molly crying about his behavior, they couldn’t help but feel sorry for her and get mad at him. Luis claimed though, that the producers were portraying him negatively on the show. He expressed his feelings on his Instagram account, posting “Immigrant people only are trash for TLC, I want to meet a lawyer in NYC and sue [them].” Well, it turns out, he didn’t meet a lawyer and he didn’t take legal action.

11 Real: When Evelyn Thought The Best Apples Are From Claremont

Via YouTube

David and Evelyn gave fans much to talk about on their season of 90 Days. Evelyn was from a small town and wanted to stay as close as possible to her family in Claremont, while David was from Spain and wanted to travel and explore as much as possible and he felt that the small and rural town was just not for him.

In an attempt get David to like the place, Evelyn took him to a farm where they had apples and she proclaimed that they are the best in the world.

The priceless moment was when David answered that "if you’ve only had one type of apple your whole life, you’ll believe that it’s the best in the world." Have to agree with David on this one.

10 Mohamed's Court Appearance

Via Instagram

Mohamed is quite a character and while many have always been suspicious of his intentions, we certainly appreciated the fact that he let fans in on a very crucial storyline of his on the show.

Mohamed secretly filmed himself talking to producers of the show and they were discussing how he had to reshoot a number of his divorce court scenes.

He then went on to share that he would be filming retakes the whole day. This confession was a clear indicator of how much you can’t always trust what you see on TV.

9 Myriam Not Telling Patrick She Has A Boyfriend

Via InTouchWeekly

This storyline was just too unrealistic. Patrick met Parisian Myriam online and the two began flirting for quite a while. Patrick then decided to buy a ticket to see his love and was shocked when he arrived in Paris and Myriam told him that she had a boyfriend. Now, the reality show, like many others, does a thorough background check and screening of all potential cast members. So how did they miss this one?

And Myriam’s excuse? She claimed that she didn’t know Patrick was serious. The guy bought a ticket from the US to France. It was his first time traveling overseas. How much more did he need to prove to her that he was serious? Yeah, we didn’t believe this one from the get-go.

8 Jorge And Anfisa's Breakups


Now, we’ve already discussed Jorge and Anfisa’s breakups quite a bit, but this makes its way onto our list because honestly, we’re a little suspicious.

We can’t help but realize how the pair always break up while filming but when cameras are not rolling, they are always on social media professing their love for one another.

As mentioned before, producers do play a role is guiding storylines so perhaps this breakup and makeup situation is there to give viewers something to talk about.

7 Mohamed's Commitment To Danielle

Via YouTube

And now for our “favorite” couple, Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins. The pair has certainly given us much to talk about over the years. From the moment Mohamed arrived in the States, his affection towards his soon to be wife was non-existent. We especially loved how he came up with every excuse possible to justify not showing her affection. His commitment to Danielle was proven to be fake when he left her a couple of months after getting his Green Card.

6 Real: When Paul Asked Karine To Get Tested

Via RealityBlurb

Couples getting tested before any bedroom time isn’t something new in this day and age. However, what certainly raised our eyebrows is how no one asked Paul to get tested while he was adamant that Karine gets tested! Seriously?! To prove her loyalty, Karine accepted the request and of course, Paul was happy about it.

When the request came, however, we couldn’t help but notice the girl’s facial expression towards Paul. She clearly couldn’t believe it, and she unknowingly gave us a #TooReal moment.

5 Nicole Claiming Azan's Pressure Had Nothing To Do With Her Decision To Exercise

Via RadarOnline

We’re all about women loving their bodies and being proud of who they are. We’re at a place where trying to fit one standard of beauty is just unrealistic and honestly boring–why should we all look alike? With Nicole in particular, she spoke about how she wanted Azan to accept her as she was.

Fans were then shocked when on one of her trips to Morocco, Azan took her to the gym to workout.

Yet she claimed that she wanted to exercise for herself and not for Azan.

4 When Azan Didn't Want To Hug Nicole

Via YouTube

Azan and Nicole’s “don’t hug me” scene was definitely awkward! A visibly smitten Nicole tried to hug Azan when they were out and about in the streets of Morocco and he just froze and couldn’t return the affection. Now, we certainly understand that different countries and cultures operate differently, but what we don’t understand is how in the recent seasons of 90 Days, we’ve clearly seen Azan holding Nicole’s hand in public and even hugging her as he meets her at the airport.

3 Paul Claiming To Be The Victim

Via UsWeekly

Paul Staehle and Karine Martins are certainly one of the most talked about couples from the spin-offs. The pair doesn’t even speak the same language–they use a translator app. When we first met Paul, he was preparing to go visit his then-girlfriend Karine in her home country of Brazil.

Paul let us in on how he’s been badly hurt from previous relationships and some fans felt sorry for the guy and hoped that Karine was the one.

Fast forward to a few episodes later and our “victim” Paul is now revealing that he has run into trouble with the law before and his ex-girlfriend even had a restraining order against him.

2 Mohamed Claiming To Be Celibate

Via YouTube

Now, we love our reality shows. They’re a guilty pleasure. They help us forget about our own troubles and maybe they even make us feel better about ourselves after watching them. We certainly are aware that there are a number of things faked on these shows but as fans, all we ask is that the producers and cast keep track of the what they do and don’t tell us. In other words, if they’re going to lie, can they please do it well? Like Mohamed claiming to be celibate. In the season’s reunion, Mohamed admitted that he and Danielle had 'grown up time' once before their marriage.

1 Real: The Tell-Alls

Via TheInquistr

The season finales are what fans mostly look forward to. This is where the big fights, arguments, disagreements, and anything else that’s controversial gets put on the spotlight for the couples to address.

The Tell-Alls revealed a lot to us, though.

We found out Molly and Luis were back together (for a while), we found out that Abby was staying at her “ex’s” place in the Dominican Republic, and we also saw that awkward moment when Jesse walked off stage, leaving Darcy behind. Every season of the Tell-Alls definitely has had moments that have been #TooReal.

Sources: YouTube, Business Insider

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