20 Television Pairs We Wanted To See Become A Couple IRL

If there is one thing that pretty much every television viewer would tell you, it is this: the romantic relationships at the core of a series make a huge difference in whether the show succeeds. After all, there are very good reasons why many of the most popular shows of all-time focus on relationships. Additionally, producers have come to realize that viewers tend to passionately care about whether or not TV couples stay together, which is why there have been so many "will they won’t they"-focused shows.

Something that happens very, very rarely, though is when we see TV couples with so much chemistry that fans start to really care about the relationship the actors that portray them share. More than that, as fans see them fall for one another more and more every week, they can begin to wish that the actors are a long-lasting couple for real.

With that in mind, it is time to look at this list of 20 TV pairs we want to see become a couple in real life. There has to be something about the two of them together that made a lot of viewers want to see the involved actors truly fall in love.

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20 Liz Parker And Max Evans – Roswell

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A show that ran for 3 seasons in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, Roswell focused on a trio of alien beings that attend a local high school and become close with some teenage humans.

Literal star-crossed loves Liz Parker and Max Evans fell in love even though they were from completely different species since she is a human being and he is an extraterrestrial.

Portrayed by a pair of attractive young actors, Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr, they looked fantastic together whenever they shared the screen. On top of that, they did such a great job at portraying their character’s love for one another that it made us want to see the actors themselves get together.

19 Daphne Moon And Niles Crane – Frasier

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We’re just going to say it: when you think about it, the relationship that Daphne Moon and Niles Crane shared during Frasier’s early seasons is downright creepy. After all, Niles makes one inappropriate comment after another in relation to her and despite the fact that he is extremely blatant, Daphne fails to pick up on it. That probably is the case because she has totally let her guard down since he is a married man.

Despite all that, in the end, they do get together and build a very loving relationship. In fact, the love between them is so sweet that it makes viewers want to see a little bit of it become a part of the real world.

18 Ted Mosby And Victoria - How I Met Your Mother

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Something that became accepted fact as How I Met Your Mother continued into its later seasons was that Ted Mosby really is the worst. That said, we still got invested in some of his relationship over the run of the series.

While most people think about Ted and Robin most often, there is another relationship he had that really stuck with us: the first time he dated Victoria.

Eventually, it became a pretty toxic relationship, but in the beginning, they seemed so great together that we wanted there to be a twist that revealed her to be the mom. That sadly never happened, but we would still enjoy seeing the actors that played them, Josh Radnor and Ashley Williams, walking down a red carpet hand in hand.

17 Lizzie Exley And Steven Karp – Undeclared

Via povertydialogue.org

Created by a man that would become one of the biggest power brokers in Hollywood, Undeclared is the brainchild of Judd Apatow, the man behind many of the biggest comedy films from recent years. Canceled after only one season, it was an unfortunate fate for a show that was highly entertaining and had loads of potential it had yet to live up to.

Featuring the stories of a group of young adults in their first year of college, one of the biggest stories is the budding relationship shared by Lizzie Exley and Steven Karp. Portrayed by Carla Gallo and Jay Baruchel, our favorite characters were awkward enough together that they made a cute pair.

16 Barry Goldberg And Lainey Lewis – The Goldbergs

Via images.spoilertv.com

About to start its sixth season as of this writing, over the years The Goldbergs has introduced many characters that fans have come to love. One of the weirdest of them all, Barry Goldberg seems to be disconnected from reality a lot of the time and he often appears to be frustrated that everyone else doesn’t see things the way he does.

That said, he is able to find one source of complete happiness in his life: his romance with Lainey Lewis, the love of his life who also seems to have found somewhere to belong in his arms.

An odd couple, there is still is something about them that just works.

15 Ryan Atwood And Taylor Townsend – The O.C.

Via who.com.au

A show that came out of nowhere to become a gigantic hit, The O.C. only lasted 4 seasons despite the fact that fans loved it so much at first that many of them held viewing parties. The show initially largely focused on the relationship shared by the series leads Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper. Even though they looked great together, they always were a bit of a weird fit.

Eventually written out of the show entirely, Marissa’s departure left room for Ryan to get involved with a perfectionist student named Taylor Townsend. Possessing very different personalities, both of them brought out the best in one another in ways we would love to see actors Ben McKenzie and Autumn Reeser to do in real life.

14 Jane Kerkovich-Williams And Brad Williams – Happy Endings

Via YouTube.com

A show we really wish could be brought back, Happy Endings has all the potential in the world for a successful revival. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen since it failed to find a big enough audience during its first run. That is a real shame since it easily could take up New Girl’s place in the TV lineup as both series have a similar feel and lovable characters.

In the case of Happy Endings, one of the highlights of the show is the relationship that Jane Kerkovich-Williams and Brad Williams share.

Intense people that completely support one another, the actors that played them seem very similar to their characters, which makes it seem like they are perfect for one another.

13 Bailey Salinger And Sarah Reeves Merrin – Party Of Five

Via iMDB.com

In some ways a spiritual forbearer to the current hit show This Is Us, Party of Five focused on the often difficult lives of five children whose parents had recently passed away suddenly. Extremely sad more often than not, the show featured many emotional storylines. Thankfully, it also gave the audience relief at times by featuring some happy moments as well.

Included among the most heartwarming storylines, the love shared by Bailey Salinger and Sarah Reeves Merrin was obvious even when drama reared its ugly head. In fact, at the time, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Scott Wolf shared so much chemistry that it seemed hard to believe and very disappointing they weren’t a pair.

12 Carla Espinosa And Christopher Turk – Scrubs

Via scrubs.wikia.com

Like many other sitcoms, Scrubs paired off many of its stars into relationships that were fairly off-kilter, like J.D. and Elliott, Perry and Jordan, as well as The Janitor and Lady. However, there were two pairings that for the most part were quite healthy; J.D. and Turk as well as Turk and Carla.

Since actors Donald Faison and Zach Braff are best friends in real life, that left us hoping that Donald would also make his Scrubs relationship with Judy Reyes transfer over as well. 

After all, they always seemed to be highly comfortable with one another physically and emotionally which far too often isn’t the case with onscreen pairings.

11 Jake Peralta And Amy Santiago - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Via iMDB.com

Canceled in 2018, if you’ve never seen an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine you may have wondered why fans of the series were so upset that the outcry inspired NBC to save it. The fact that the show is totally hilarious played a part in that but there is another element we think is much more responsible for how much the audience loves the show.

All of the main cast members seem to really care about one another and that feel permeates every single Brooklyn Nine-Nine scene. As a result, it is a delight that fans get to see the show’s actors being friends on social media, but we still want Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero to fall for one another just like Jake and Amy did.

10 Leslie Knope And Ben Wyatt - Parks And Recreation

Via usatoday.com

Set in the world of small-town politics, like many workplace comedies, Parks and Recreation introduced several romances. Funnily enough, however, almost every relationship that is included early on fails to work out and the characters seemed to be wrong for one another.

On the other side of things, it features some stellar couples as it goes on, including the simply lovely Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt.

Portrayed by two actors that clearly are very close, Adam Scott has said “I just love, love working with her so much” in reference to Amy Poehler. With that in mind, it seems like they should have dated by now since both share a very similar energy with their characters that meshed so well.

9 Mitchell Pritchett And Cameron Tucker – Modern Family

Via press.wgaw.org

One of the most popular shows on broadcast television today, Modern Family includes several couples that are pretty enjoyable including Jay and Gloria as well as Claire and Phil. However, for our money, it is Cameron and Mitchell that are the best of the bunch. In a lot of ways, a case of opposites attracting, their personalities are very different from one another but they mesh so well that it is marvelous to see.

After all, they have one another’s back, even if one of them seems destined for failure, they make a wonderful team and they confront their issues even when it is uncomfortable. With all that in mind, it seems heartbreaking to think their relationship will end when the show does.

8 Dwayne Wayne And Whitley Gilbert – A Different World

Via hellobeautiful.com

One of the most successful spin-off shows of all-time, A Different World started out telling the story of Denise Huxtable’s time at college but it moved past that before too long. A pair of characters that were introduced in supporting roles during its debut season, at first Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert were incredibly over the top. That never went away fully but over time both characters and their foibles became fully fleshed out.

A pair that was extremely different from one another, their ability to smooth one another’s edges made it so any time their relationship suffered serious strife it was heartbreaking for fans.

For that reason, if the actors ever became a couple it would cause the hearts of millions to leap with joy.

7 Jim Halpert And Pam Beesly – The Office

Via etonline.com

An expertly designed television romance, the way The Office first built up Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly’s relationship was pretty much flawless. Even more impressive given that both characters had to overcome other relationships they had to dissolve.

When Jim asked Pam on their first date, you could practically hear the show’s fan base swoon with delight. Also the best of friends in real life, Jenna Fischer even once said that “John and I have real chemistry” in relation to her well-known co-star. In fact, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer seem so great together that they would have topped this list if we didn’t love his marriage to Emily Blunt so much from afar.

6 Cory And Topanga Matthews – Boy Meets World (& Girl Meets World!)

Via YouTube.com

Wholly unique to the world of television, sometimes truly special shows provide their audience with the opportunity to watch stars grow up. For instance, over Boy Meets World’s 7 seasons, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel went from being kids to young adults. Reunited many years later when they both joined the sequel series Girl Meets World, fans have gotten to see them portray a loving couple over many years.

For that reason, it makes perfect sense to want them to love one another in the same way in real life.

On top of that, we’re not the only ones to feel that way since Ben was asked if he ever had a crush on Danielle and he responded by asking “how could you not?”

5 Nick Miller And Jessica Day – New Girl

Via commons.wikimedia.org

Two actors that have appeared in many shows and films and given oodles of interviews, all of that makes it clear that Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson and very similar to Nick Miller and Jessica Day.  In fact, there is some footage of the two of them being interviewed together and that footage leads us to believe the actors could find themselves in many of the situations their New Girl characters do.

If all of that wasn’t enough of a reason for you to want the actors to end up in a similar romance as their characters, then the obvious vibes they share likely could be. Either way, we would love to see love blossom between Zooey and Jake.

4 Chuck Bartowski And Sarah Walker – Chuck

Via Pinterest.com

A show that was saved from cancellation more than once due to the extreme passion of its dedicated fans, Chuck is the very definition of a cult classic. Focused on an everyday electronics store clerk that is thrust into a world of spies and intrigue, the way he copes with that change is one of the show’s best aspects.

However, many fans came to care most about the romance that built up between the nerd Chuck Bartowski and superspy Sarah Walker.

Portrayed by Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski, they regularly pop up on each other’s social media, have been seen out and about together, and have reunited as actors. If that isn’t a recipe for them to get together, we don’t know what is.

3 Rebecca And Jack Pearson – This Is Us

Via people.com

A show that seemingly came out of nowhere to become one of network television's biggest hits in years, This Is Us has a lot going for it. Extremely emotional to say the least, at pretty much every turn the show figuratively hits you in the stomach with a reason to be overcome with sadness for the show’s characters.

However, there are some bright spots as well, and one of the biggest has to be how much Rebecca and Jack Pearson light up the screen together even in the darkest of times. Portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, they have created a great friendship from what we can tell and speak extremely highly of one another--and we want things to heat up between them.

2 Hanna Marin And Caleb Rivers – Pretty Little Liars

Via j-14.com

It's a show that loves to throw curveballs, and if there is one thing that Pretty Little Liars fans knew for certain, it was that nothing was for sure. However, there was one thing that seemed obvious for most viewers early on: Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers were meant to end up together. For that reason, it was a bit of an outrage when they threw fans off by having Caleb get together with one of Hannah’s best friends.

Thankfully, the show eventually did it right by having Hanna and Caleb tie the knot, even if we missed out on a big ceremony.

If only the show’s producers and the desires of fans could convince actors Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn to end up in the same place.

1 April Ludgate And Andy Dwyer - Parks And Recreation

Via Reddit.com

The only show to have two couples on this list, there is something really special about some of the pairings featured in Parks and Recreation. That partially seems to be the case because from all accounts the show’s cast seems to be very similar to the characters they played, especially in the case of Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza.

On top of that, the two actors got along extremely well, as evidenced by the fact that they have been captured on film hanging out off set, including sitting together at the 2018 MTV Movie Awards. If that weren’t enough to tantalize fans that want them to date, Aubrey has said “I’m like his wife” and “he’s like a real live superhero” in reference to Chris.

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