20 Surprisingly Cute Outfits That Lindsay Lohan Has Worn Recently

When it comes to actress and early 2000s teen star Lindsay Lohan, most of us don't immediately think of her as a fashion icon. We rather think of her public meltdowns, party nights with fellow starlets Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and an attempt to become the president of Mykonos. Okay, that last one was a joke, but you get the point — Lindsay was a teen icon whose career slowly degraded and nowadays most of us have no clue what she's up to. However, we came across some more recent pics of the 33-year-old and, boy, were we surprised! Lindsay looks hella good, and some of the looks she rocked are definitely brave and unique. We concluded that actress can pretty much pull off any style, from boho chic, over sophisticated and preppy, to edgy and sultry!

Alright, enough of the chit-chat, here are 20 pics of LiLo that prove she's actually a fashion icon!

20 Let's Kick It Off With Lindsay's Sophisticated Good Morning America Look

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Back in January the Mean Girls star has been spotted leaving ABC's Good Morning America looking like a true diva. She combined a very sparkly dress shirt with some simple white jeans and sky-high heels. To top things off, she opted for a dramatic black winter coat and some "diva's don't do eye-contact" sunnies!

19 But Beside Sophisticated, Lindsay Is Also Really Good At Serving Beach Looks

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Besides giving us glam diva vibes, Lindsay is also really good at serving very stylish beach party girl looks. In the pic above she was spotted in Mykonos, Greece this past June, and we have to stay the actress and beach resort owner looks absolutely fab! Personally, we prefer the boho-chic Lindsay to the sophisticated-diva one!

18 Here She Is Stealing Everyone's Show During Paris Fashion Week 

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Okay, we might have to actually take that last statement back, because this look that Lindsay rocked at the Saint Laurent show during Paris Fashion Week in February suits the 33-year-old so well. It's sophisticated yet edgy and not everyone can pull that combo off — but LiLo certainly did it perfectly!

17 Honestly, Lindsay Is The Fashion Icon Of Mykonos Island

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Seriously, if you didn't think of "on Wednesday's we wear pink" after seeing this photo of LiLo going all out and wearing pink at the beach — then do yourself a favor and watch Mean Girls, Lindsay's best performance since The Parent Trap. This look is definitely giving us total Plastics vibes!

16 But She Can Also Do Big Girl In The Big Apple

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Lindsay rocking a monochromatic beige look in Soho, New York makes us want to throw out all of our colorful florals from our closet. Seriously, we love a good monochromatic outfit, and with this one, Lindsay managed to mix sophisticated with sporty by combining a blazer pantsuit with a tee and sneakers!

15 Here She Is Looking Gorgeous For Dinner With Her Fam

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If there's one thing we love seeing on a redhead it's some killer red lips. And Lindsay can pull those off like no one else. In the pics above you can see the stylish star going out for dinner with her mother Dina Lohan and a friend back in March.

14 Isn't LiLo Nowadays Just A Lovely Little Ray Of Sunshine

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This lime-yellow maxi dress is definitely something not everyone can pull off, but Lindsay has managed to. She wore it to the official opening of the Philipp Plein store in Mykonos, and we bet she stole everyone's show there. With a dress like this, you're bound to become the center of attention.

13 Even Her Relaxed, Sightseeing-Around-Paris Look Is Pretty Cool

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Lindsay was photographed with friends strolling around Paris while rocking this very laid-back look and we are totally obsessed! The star spiced things up with a cute cross-body bag, a long necklace, and some very edgy shoulder cut-outs. We can all learn a thing or two from LiLo on how to stay comfortable while still looking cute.

12 But Don't Be Fooled, Lindsay Can Pull Off A Full-On Lace Look

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Okay, how gorgeous is this look? Back in March Lindsay wore what seems to be a black lace onesie on a night out in New York, and honestly making that look classy and not trashy is certainly not the easiest task — but the star has definitely succeeded. This might just be our favorite LiLo look!

11 We Love Seeing The Star Mix Preppy Clothing Items With Casual Ones

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It seems like if Lindsay has a thing for long winter coats, as we've already seen a couple of pics where she wore them. This time she combined a black one with a gorgeous polka-dotted blouse and some cool, black sneakers. Who would have thought that those three clothing items work so well together?

10 Someone Call The '70s Back Because Lindsay Stole Their Fashion

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Just kidding, no one call the '70s because LiLo needs to rock this look more often. The star was spotted roaming around the streets of New York in a very intricate off-the-shoulders top and ripped flare denim jeans. Seeing the actress wear relaxed and boho looks certainly makes us want to go shopping immediately!

9 She Can Do Flower Power Just As Well As She Can Do Leather Dominatrix

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One thing we love about Lindsay's fashion is that it's so versatile. One day we'll see her rocking flower patterns giving us innocent boho queen vibes, and the next day she will show up in a leather jacket and heeled boots looking like a true rockstar. Seriously, how is this the same girl?

8 Here's A Classy All Red Look — Hair Included

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As we already said, we're suckers for a good ol' red lip, and this time Lindsay matched the lip with an eye-catching red coat — yes, you've guessed it, it's long. Feeling brave enough to wear a coat like this is most likely something we will never experience, but we sure do love seeing others pull it off!

7 LiLo Knows That When In Doubt You Can't Go Wrong With Black

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While the star loves to occasionally wow us with a dramatic red coat or bright yellow maxi dress, Lindsay does usually stick to more muted colors, and black is her go-to favorite. We certainly see why, pairing it with some lipstick definitely brings out Lindsay's gorgeous hair, and she's pretty much ready for any occasion!

6 But Back To Her Vacation Looks, We Love Seeing Her Beach Diva Come Out

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It seems as if Lindsay Lohan has used Mykonos as her personal little beach catwalk — and we are so here for it. Seeing celebs get creative with their beach looks is definitely inspiring, and we love this see-through, longsleeved maxi dress Lindsay threw over her simple black one-piece bathing suit. Instant diva vibes!

5 Judging From This Look You Certainly Don't Want To Mess With This Boss Lady

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A little black dress with shoulder pads can certainly be only worn by a true boss, right? Lindsay wore this little number to a Saint Laurent fashion show during the last Paris Fashion Week, and we bet no one messed with her! Isn't it amazing how the star can take such a simple piece and make it look majestic?

4 Just Kidding, LiLo Is Totally Relaxed And Fun, Just Look At Her Wishing Peace To The Paparazzi

Via: justjared.com

Fashion Week Lindsay and Mykonos Lindsay seem to be two completely different personas because one seems very posh and sophisticated, while the other is a relaxed beach queen. Personally, we love both of them, but judging from the photos, Mykonos Lindsay just seems to be slightly more fun to be around!

3 In Case You Couldn't Tell By Now, Lindsay Rarely Leaves The House Without A Pair Of Fashionable Sunnies

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Just as much as the star loves her long winter coats — the longer the better, right LiLo? — she also loves wearing sunglasses. We get it, when you're a celeb and have your photo taken pretty much every day, sunnies give you a bit of protection and privacy. Besides, every single pair we've seen so far looks amazing on the actress!

2 And Even Though Her Looks Are Often Super Simple, She Definitely Finds Some Details To Spice Them Up

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A lot of Lindsay's looks are super easy to recreate and chances are we already have a lot of this stuff in our closet. Take a look at this outfit for example: most likely there's a pair of jeans and black turtle neck already in your closet, all you need is to find a body chain to wear over it and voila — you've almost recreated the look!

1 Lastly, Here's LiLo Rocking A Barbie Hoodie At JFK Airport In New York And We Are So Here For It

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If we already said one of the previous outfits was our favorite — scratch that, we've changed our mind. This Barbie sweater is pretty much everything that dreams are made of, and we just want to get our hands on one! If we didn't convince you by now that Lindsay is a true fashion icon, this outfit must have done it!

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