20 Surprising Things That Make An Unborn Baby Sick

Naturally, there are several things that mom knows are on the no list of things she can do while pregnant. Like bungy jumping, for example, is probably one of those things a mom-to-be should try to avoid. But what about those other, more questionable things that mom may not be quite sure about? What about her friend of a friend who mentioned in passing that it's best to avoid such and such while she's pregnant, but it just sounds too strange to be real and too silly to really ask the doctor about?

Well, mom, doctors have seen and heard it all, so the chances are no question is too silly. But, we've got things covered either way. Here is a doctor approved list of 20 surprising things a mom should avoid as it could make her unborn baby sick.

20 Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty


If you are a cat mom already, this one may be hard for you, but when you are pregnant you should avoid changing your kitty baby's litter as it can cause Toxoplasmosis in pregnant women. It's a very harmful parasitic infection that can be transmitted through your cat's poop, namely in his or her litter, according to the NHS.

19 Big Bro's Milk


Breastfeeding can be dangerous to the fetus if big brother or sister still drinks mom's milk while she's pregnant. Although it may be one of the most natural things in the world, doing it while there is another bun in the oven can cause mom to have contractions, which are dangerous at any point in early pregnancy. When in doubt, ask the doctor.

18 The Dentist


As your pregnancy advances, a lot of things fly out the window. Going to the dentist is one of those things. Dental hygiene is important, especially during pregnancy but any drilling or deep cleaning will have to take a back seat since any infections that can occur can also affect mom's unborn baby.

17 Tanning Salons


Hey, tan momma — want to look your summer best regardless of which month little no name is due? It may be best to avoid fake tans of any kind during pregnancy, however.

The active ingredient in fake tan is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), according to pregnancybirthbaby.org. DHA reacts with skin cells and produces a brown pigment color called melanoidin. And with all those hormones causing some skin shifts, it's probably best to avoid this.

16 X-Ray


Need to see what's happening inside? Not when you're pregnant. According to the Mayo Clinic, radiation exposure during the first eight weeks could put your little one at risk for some fetal developmental disorders or birth defects. Though if the x-rays are called for much later and are not on the abdomen, you should talk to your doctor but it could be okay.

15 Arts And Crafts


Painting can expose the baby to be to some pretty harmful chemicals. Any paint that has some fumes to it is best to avoid. And if avoiding it is absolutely impossible, try to do it in an area with lots of ventilation. Think painting on a roof or at the park instead of inside a studio. You and your little one will be happier you did.

14 Happy Pills


Did you know that more than 13 percent of women take an antidepressant during pregnancy? But doing so may have lasting impacts on the developing fetus. Sure, happy pills may make you feel better, but mood boosters have a link to preterm delivery, miscarriages, and behavioral problems in babies. Talk to your doctor.

13 Lifting


Lifting heavy objects can bring on premature labor, so be careful, mom. Even jumping on trampolines is too dangerous. We know you want to keep up your strength and probably look good while doing it. According to the A Pregnancy Association, lifting can cause pulled muscles, low birth size, and just plain old discomfort. If you simply must get your work out on, do not consider it without talking to your doc or seeking the help of a trained professional.

12 Amusement Parks


Looking for a fun way that will remind you of your childhood that is also an excellent way to blow off some steam? Skip the amusement park, try the beach instead. That's right, amusement parks can actually be bad for your baby, mom. Sorry. Specifically, roller coasters since the jarring motion of these rides can cause placental abruption, says Medical News Today.

11 Sad Thoughts


Your baby can feel what you feel. Sad that things haven't gone exactly as planned? Maybe you aren't exactly where you wanted to be in your life, or maybe you have no idea how to set up the nursery. Take a deep breath and try to remove those thoughts from your mind. Sad thoughts can be harmful to your little one and cause him or her distress.

10 What Mom Eats


Cheese, eggs, meat, oh my! A variety of these foods are unfortunately off limits while pregnant. Well, at least certain varieties anyway. Hear us out. Soft cheeses are a big no-no for growing little boy or girls, food with mercury, like large fish such as tuna, are also off limits, deli meats can give mom listeria (which is basically just a pretty gross infection), and the same goes with sushi, unfortunately.

9 A New Hairdo


Thinking of going purple before baby? Careful; the APA suggests that dying one's hair can be harmful to the baby. If mom dyes her hair some of that dye could seep through her skin and enter the area where the little fetus is growing. So be careful. Natural alternatives like henna for dying are much more advised.

8 Soaking The Day Away


Growing a baby can be pretty tough work, who wouldn't want a nice soak to take the edge off? Unfortunately, the Jacuzzi and sometimes even the tub are ill-advised, especially during those first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Steeping in heat causes more plasma to flow close to your skin, to help cool your body by sweating. This means less plasma flows to the uterus, meaning your little guy or girl isn't getting the supply they need to develop.

7 Hanging Around Contaminated Air Supply


Of course, mom knows to lay off the nicotine and other vices while carrying her bundle of joy. But did you know that even being around the stuff can be harmful to your babe? That's right. According to the National Institutes of Health, even being around people who are entertaining these vices can cause your little one to have a low birth size.

6 Mom's Cough


If you're sick mom, chances are your little one is feeling those effects too. This does not necessarily mean that your little one will be sick because you are, but your body tends to go into overdrive when it's fighting off a cold or virus, so a lot of rest may be required, especially since the standard meds you'd typically take are off limits now.

5 Cup Of Joe


One may think it's just a morning ritual, but it can actually give baby-to-be the shakes. In fact, a recent study found that only about a half a cup a coffee per day was linked to an increased risk for babies having smaller birth size. Though the College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in the US says it really depends on the baby.

4 Pregnancy Viruses


There are a ton of pregnancy-related viruses just like the common cold that can make unborn baby pretty sick. According to the NHS, super common things like the chickenpox can be really dangerous for a pregnant woman and her little baby. The same goes for CMV, which is very common but can be super harmful if not treated immediately.

3 Not Enough Rest


Being overworked can take a toll on your unborn baby. Listen, mom, no one is going to give you a gold star for working until the day you give birth. Take it easy and listen to your body. Sometimes it is okay to slow down, and other times it's mandatory. You need to rest and allow your body to do its thing.

2 Age


Did you know that your age can affect your baby? The older mom is the more doctors really have to monitor her pregnancy. Did you know that older moms have what doctors call a geriatric pregnancy? According to the National Institutes of Health Most older women are at higher risk for certain problems than younger women, including high BP, ectopic pregnancy, and genetic disorders.

1 Couples' Troubles


Fighting, arguing, bickering, etc... can really cause some tension at home, but also inside of mom. Having a quarreling couple can really create a less than ideal environment for a growing baby as it can lead to some developmental lags. Your baby can sense what you can, so take it easy, breathe, and repeat.

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