20 Surprising Photos Of The Jenners Without Makeup

Kendall Jenner is the highest-paid model in the world right now. She is 24 years old this year and she stands out in any crowd. Kylie Jenner, Kendall’s younger sister, is a cosmetics entrepreneur, business mogul, social media sensation, reality TV star, and billionaire. This year, she is 22 years old. Kris Jenner is their mother and manager... a woman who has the Midas touch. It seems that literally everything she touches turns to gold— especially within their family. She knows how to spin every situation positively and turn any potential money-making idea into serious profit.

It is obvious that these women are successful beyond words! Not many people alive today can even compare to their level of success and wealth. But right now, we are not focused so much on how successful and wealthy these women are… We are more so focused on how great these women look without any makeup on!

20 Kendall Jenner Is A Barefaced Beauty

Judging by the looks of this picture, we can easily conclude that Kendall Jenner is a true beauty without any makeup at all. She doesn’t have any eye makeup on, nor does she have any lipstick on. She doesn’t need either one! She is the definition of a barefaced beauty.

19 Aside From Her Lashes, Kylie's Makeup-Free

Kylie Jenner posted this fresh-faced selfie on Instagram. Her eyes look incredible here! The towel around her hair indicates the fact that she recently took a bath, shower, or washed her face! The sunlight peeking in at her window makes her look even more beautiful without any makeup on her face!

18 Kendall Jenner Backstage At The 2016 Victoria's Secret Show

Kendall Jenner looked gorgeous backstage at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret fashion show. In this picture, she was captured before any makeup was added to her face. Her smile indicates the fact that she is exuding total confidence and comfortability in her skin. She doesn’t need anything extra added in order to feel as though she is at her best.

17 Kylie Jenner Goes Makeup-Free On Instagram

Kylie Jenner posted this super beautiful picture on Instagram showing off her gorgeous makeup-free face. She is resting her cheek in the palm of her hand and facing directly towards the sunlight that is speaking in through the window of her home. This is a popular Instagram post of hers that raked in millions of likes.

16 Kendall Jenner Walking For Michael Kors

Kendall Jenner walked the runway for the Michael Kors fashion show without any makeup on! She has such a serious face as she walks down any modeling runway so it is easy to take her seriously as a model. It’s no wonder that she has the highest-paid model 2019! She deserves her status.

15 Kris Jenner With A Fresh Face

Kris Jenner posted this makeup-free selfie to Instagram in March 2019. Their response was overwhelming! Her fans and followers all poured into the comments giving her compliments and praises. A lot of people were shocked to see just how good Kris Jenner looks, at her age, without any makeup on her face! It is hard to believe that she is in her 60s.

14 Kylie Jenner Campaigning For Kylie Skin

Kylie Jenner posed makeup-free for her Kylie Skin advertisement campaign. She kept her hair tied back in a braid and used different skincare products on her face throughout the different Instagram videos that she posted. The fact that her natural skin is so flawless is really going to come in handy for her with Kylie Skin product sales.

13 Kendall Jenner In The Electronics Section

Kendall Jenner was spotted in a GameStop store without a face full of makeup! This picture of her was probably taken by a friend or a fan. Whoever took this picture obviously noticed the fact that Kendall Jenner is so naturally photogenic and photo-ready at any moment, whether she has her makeup on or not.

12 Kylie Jenner On Mom Duty

Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi, is cropped out of this picture so that we can focus on Kylie Jenner’s beautiful makeup-free face. Kylie is only 22 years old this year, but she is already such a great mom and she knows that when she is spending quality time with her little girl, she does not need a bunch of makeup!

11 Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner Posing For A Selfie

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner posed together for this selfie where Kendall Jenner is completely free of makeup! Kylie Jenner has a little bit of eyeliner on her top eyelid but for the most part, she doesn’t have much makeup on either. Both of these girls are so pretty and it is great to see them take selfies together that showcase how close they are.

10 Kylie Jenner Posted This Cute Selfie To Instagram

Kylie Jenner posted this barefaced selfie to Instagram with a little red heart emoji on her upper right cheekbone. All of her freckles are exposed in this picture! It is pretty crazy that nowadays, people want to have natural freckles so bad that they use makeup to add fake freckles to their face in order to achieve the look that Kylie Jenner naturally has.

9 Kendall Jenner Filming A Video With Dazed Digital

Kendall Jenner has little to no makeup on in this video that she filmed for Dazed Digital, a popular magazine. In the video, she answers questions in a casual and conversational way— interview style. She hangs out in a pink-colored bedroom and acts very natural throughout the question and answer process.

8 Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid Keeping It Makeup-Free For Marc Jacobs

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid posed together here for a picture, completely make up free before walking in a Marc Jacobs fashion show. Even though we are not accustomed to these two models looking this way, both of these beautiful models looked great without full faces of makeup on and with these shortly cut dark-haired wigs.

7 Kylie's Makeup-Free Face And Hourglass Figure

Kylie Jenner knows that she‘s got it going on! Otherwise, she wouldn’t always be posting selfies on social media all the time. She constantly has new content to post because she knows that she looks good. This picture is a perfect example of Kylie knowing that she looks good without any makeup on.

6 Kris Jenner On The Go

Paparazzi captured Kris Jenner on the go, in the middle of getting out of her vehicle! Her hands were totally full and she looked like she was in a hurry but those are not details that we are paying any attention to. We noticed the fact that she looks so good without makeup on as she travels from point A to point B!

5 Kylie Jenner During Her Blonde Phase

For a while there, Kylie Jenner went blonde. She is known to wear different colored wigs all the time, but during this period of time in 2018, she decided to actually dye her natural hair. The results were incredible and she looked so amazing with her blonde hair! Her blonde hair paired with her makeup-free face was definitely a good look!

4 A Gorgeous Close-Up Of Kendall Jenner

This closeup of Kendall Jenner is almost unreal! How can anyone look at this gorgeous and this amazing without makeup on their face? She doesn’t have any lipstick on and the small number of freckles scattered across her nose are visible for us to see. On top of that, her beautiful brown eyes are glowing!

3 Kylie's Freckles Are Visible

In this lovely selfie of Kylie Jenner, we can see her freckles! She has a few freckles on her nose, forehead, and cheeks. She might have filled in her eyebrows a little bit, and she obviously has lashes on, but other than that it is clear to us that she doesn’t have any heavy-duty makeup on! It is impressive that she looks so naturally great.

2 Kendall Jenner Out And About In Calabasas

Kendall Jenner was photographed by paparazzi in the city of Calabasas without makeup on her face. She has a look in her eye that indicates the fact that she might be a little bit annoyed by the paparazzi taking pictures of her... but she shouldn’t be too bothered because she still looks great without a full face of makeup.

1 Kylie Jenner's Makeup-Free Mirror Selfie

Kylie Jenner kept it totally simple and cute in this make-up-free mirror selfie. In this selfie, she is wearing all black and she is leaning on her hand, probably on a bathroom countertop. She knows that she doesn’t have to try too hard or overdo it with makeup in order to still look absolutely stunning!

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