20 Surprising Facts About 'Jersey Shore' Star, Mike "The Situation"

If you’ve been a fan of Jersey Shore since its debut back in 2009, then you’ve witnessed first hand, the evolution of its famous stars. From fisting pumping in the clubs to the personal drama that went on at the seaside house, one thing is for sure; Jersey Shore was quite entertaining. There’s no question that the cast of Jersey Shore has gone through some changes over the years. Some of those changes were good, some of those changes seemed to have never really happened. Now that the show has been revived in a reunion style, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, we can catch up with all our favorite shore pals.

Mike, famously known as “The Situation” Sorrentino, has successfully made a name for himself during his time on Jersey Shore. While he might have been responsible for some of the drama that occurred on the show, the fans still love him. Mike has had his fair share of ups and downs while filming the show, but fans were eager to welcome him back on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. After all is it really Jersey Shore without a little situation?

Here are 20 things you may not have known about one of your favorite GTL connoisseurs.

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20 He Was Banned From His Senior Prom

If you’ve watched Jersey Shore, then you already know how much of a prankster “The Situation” can be. While on the reality show, Mike pulled various pranks on his Shore castmates. Well, high school was no different for this prankster. During his senior year of high school, Mike pulled the ultimate senior prank. Mike, along with a few of his closest high school buddies, went to a local pet store and purchased a box of mice.

Mike and his friends waited until lunchtime when the cafeteria was packed with students to release the mice.

The prank resulted in him being banned from his senior prom.

19 He Had Numerous Jobs Before Reality TV

Before landing his gig on Jersey Shore, and becoming a widely recognized reality star, Mike had a variety of jobs lined up in order to make ends meet. After graduating from high school, Mike began working at a fitness club as an assistant manager. At the age of 25, he began working in the real estate industry. Unfortunately, his career in the real estate didn’t last too long. The market crashed and Mike was suddenly out of a job. He lost his house, cars, pretty much everything he worked hard to obtain. Once the industry tanked, Mike had no choice but to move back home with his parents.

18 His Favorite Color Is Blue


Everyone has that one color that they absolutely love and can't get enough of. Mike loves one certain color as much as he loves the gym, tanning, and laundry. His favorite shade of hue is the color blue.

Mike has stated that his love of blue is one reason why he’s such a huge New York Giants fan.

He also made sure that his first big luxury car purchase would be his dream car in, of course, the color blue. As a self-proclaimed car enthusiast, Mike was pretty ecstatic to cross purchasing his favorite car, in his favorite color off his bucket list.

17 He's Getting Married

Mike, “The Situation” is getting married! He recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Pesce. Mike proposed to Lauren on Valentine’s Day while Lauren was visiting Mike at his home in Miami. Mike gave Lauren a 3-carat engagement ring that’s estimated to be worth $65,000.

The couple’s engagement took place while Mike was still filming episodes of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Mike wanted to propose on national television because Jersey Shore holds a special place in his heart. Both Mike and Lauren shared photos of their engagement on their social media pages moments before the Jersey Shore episode featuring their engagement aired on MTV.

16 He Was Born On A National Holiday

Mike gets a two for one deal when it comes to celebrating his birthday.

He was born on the day where most Americans are throwing barbecues, popping fireworks, and just all around having a good time, celebrating America’s birthday.

Michael Sorrentino was born on July 4, 1982. Quite naturally, Mike says the Fourth of July is one of his favorite holidays. It is kind of cool to be born on a national holiday, right? Mike joins a list of other famous people born on Fourth of July such as singer Bill Withers, former talk show host, Geraldo Rivera and the former first daughter, Malia Obama.

15 He Once Sued Abercrombie & Fitch


Once the Jersey Shore cast started becoming popular across the world, many fans started paying attention to the clothing brands they’d wear. Mike would often be seen wearing Abercrombie and Fitch on the show. That didn’t sit too well with the brand. In fact, they offered Mike a sum of money to stop wearing their clothes so that they wouldn’t be associated with anything Jersey Shore related.

In turn, Mike filed a lawsuit against the company stating the clothing ban was a PR move, and Abercrombie & Fitch were just trying to capitalize on his popularity. Abercrombie & Fitch even started selling merchandise with the slogans, “The Fituation” and “GTL…You Know The Deal”, which are similar to Mike’s famous slogans and likeness.

14 He Met His Fiancé In College


Mike first met his now fiancée Lauren Pesce, while the two were still in college back in 2004. Mike and Lauren dated for nearly four years before Mike became known to the world as “The Situation”.

They initially didn’t have a happy ending though. Mike and Lauren broke up right before the first Jersey Shore episode aired on MTV.

Both Mike and Lauren dated other people during Mike’s duration on the reality show.

After Jersey Shore ended in 2013, Mike and Lauren reconnected after seeing each other at their local gym in New Jersey. The two have been back together since.

13 The Truth Behind "The Situation"

Every wondered how Mike “The Situation” became, well, “The Situation”? While hanging out with a group of his friends at the beach in New Jersey, Mike was, of course, walking around showing off the abs he worked so hard to obtained at the gym.

Another beachgoer was walking with her boyfriend, admired and complimented Mike on his abs. The girl’s boyfriend wasn’t too amused with her giving Mike a compliment. Mike’s friend joked that his abs were causing a situation, or in other words, a problem between the couple. Mike thought the phrase was hilarious and he loved it and the rest is history. The name became Mike’s moniker.

12 He Was One Of The Highest Paid Reality Stars


Following the success of the first few seasons of Jersey Shore, Mike became a serious situation across all boards in pop culture. He was in high demand everywhere. Not to mention, he had everyone ready to do some serious gym, tan, and laundry. The success of the show generated major endorsement deals and opportunities outside of the reality tv world for Mike, such as a show deal, a workout DVD, and even a vitamin line.

At the height of his popularity back in 2010, Mike earned nearly $5 million just from endorsements alone.

This made Mike the second highest paid reality star that year, right behind Kim Kardashian.

11 He's Facing Prison Time


It’s a possibility that Mike could be facing some serious jail time. In 2014, Mike was indicted on falsifying records, tax evasion, as well as structuring. Mike allegedly failed to report some of his income from his various business ventures on his tax returns. This resulted in Mike not paying taxes on an estimated amount of 8.9 million income he earned from 2010 to 2012.

Earlier this year, Mike pleaded guilty on tax invasion fraud. If convicted, Sorrentino could face up to five years in prison as well as paying a $250,000 fine. Mike has credited his fiancée for sticking by his side as he deals with this difficult situation.

10 He Has One Regret About 'Jersey Shore'

While Mike is grateful for all the opportunities being on the Jersey Shore has presented to him, there’s still one thing he regrets about being on the reality series. In an interview with E! Online, Mike stated that he regrets the time the cast was filming in Italy, and he head-butted the wall after a dispute with fellow castmate, Ronnie.

Mike sprained his neck and suffered a concussion after the wall fiasco.

Mike blamed being young and in his 20s for acting the way he did. Now that he’s older and more mature, Mike realized how reckless he used to be in his earlier Jersey Shore days.

9 His Celebrity Crush Is Emmanuelle Chriqui


Mike was sort of a ladies man during his single days on Jersey Shore. Back in 2012, Mike told Us Weekly that one of his celebrity crushes was actress Emanuelle Chriqui. We can see why, Emanuelle is gorgeous, and has an infectious smile just like the leading lady in Mike’s life now. Both ladies also seem to have a fashionable sense of style. Now that Mike is officially off the market, he only has eyes for the love of his life, his longtime girlfriend, and now finacée, Lauren Pesce. We know Lauren is ecstatic to officially become Mrs. Sorrentino soon.

8 He Wants A Destination Wedding

Now that he’s a newly engaged man, Mike can't wait to officially tie the knot with Lauren. While there is no official date for the duo’s nuptials just yet, the couple is already in the beginning stages of wedding planning.

Mike and Lauren both implied that they would love to have an intimate destination wedding in Italy with their closest friends and family members.

Then they’d like to have a big wedding reception for everyone who wasn’t able to make the wedding. Mike hopes their wedding would coincide with the upcoming filming of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season 2, for a full circle moment.

7 He Was Once Isolated From The Cast

The cast of Jersey Shore has always had their ups and downs throughout the various seasons of the reality show. It would always seem like the cast would always fight and eventually make up. At one point, that wasn’t the case for Mike. When the series wrapped for good, and everyone went their separate ways many of the cast still kept in touch with one another, except for Mike. During the last seasons, Mike developed a strained relationship with his other housemates, resulting in Mike feeling isolated. As years went on, the Jersey Shore cast eventually made amends and reunited for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

6 His Brother Is Also Facing Jail Time

Mike isn’t the only member of the Sorrentino family that is dealing with their share of legal problems. Mike’s older brother, Marc is currently facing jail time as well. Like Mike, Marc has also pled guilty to tax evasion. Marc was the person who helped Mike create and prepare his fraudulent tax returns. Marc worked alongside and assisted Mike with his two business companies, Situation Nation, and MPS Entertainment.

If found guilty at his upcoming sentencing Marc could face up to three years in jail.

The Sorrentino brothers are both ready to face the outcomes consequences of their legal situations.

5 He Almost Didn't Propose


Mike and Lauren are clearly heads-over in heels in love and are currently in bliss over their recent engagement. However, there was a time when Mike was seriously contemplating or whether or not he should pop the question to Lauren. Mike had second thoughts about proposing due to the upcoming sentencing of his tax evasion case. The couple initially wanted to wait until the case was officially over to decide if they should take the next step in their relationship. In an interview with TooFab, Mike said he didn’t want his upcoming legal case to get in the way of professing his love to Lauren. So, he went ahead in popped the question.

4 He Has An Extensive Car Collection


Who doesn’t love to look at a nice automobile? Well, Mike may have had a slight obsession with exquisite cars. He loved cars so much that he started his own car collection. Thanks to his reality tv success and various endorsement deals, Mike was able to purchase a few of his dream cars.

Those cars ranged from customized Range Rovers, Bentley, a Lamborghini Spyder, a Porsche, and one of his favorites, a blue BMW M5, just to name a few.

Mike’s car collection was even featured in a popular car magazine. Mike said it was a blessing to be able to purchase cars he’d always dreamed of owning.

3 His Castmates Might Be In The Wedding


Will we see some of Mike’s Jersey Shore castmates in his upcoming wedding? It’s a strong possibility. Mike hasn’t officially chosen his best man yet, but one Jersey Shore star would be happy to fill those best man shoes. Vinny has joked that Mike will probably need three best men on his big day, referring to himself, Pauly D, and Ron. Mike hasn’t confirmed or denied if his Jersey Shore buddies would indeed be by his side, but he's grateful they’d be interested in taking on the best man position. Pauly D even joked that he’d give Mike a double treat by being both his best man and DJ.

2 He Wants To Start A Family


Could there be little situations added to the Jersey Shore family?

Now that Mike and Lauren will soon embark on a journey of forever together, there are of course talks about expanding their family in the near future. Mike has always been a family man, so quite naturally he’d wanted to start a family of his own. Both Mike and Lauren are one of four children in their family.

Right now, the couple is finding out the details of their wedding, but children are definitely in the picture.

While discussing family plans with People, Lauren joked that kids are expensive, but they’re hoping to expand in a year or two.

1 He Used To Be A Model

Before he was widely known as Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Mike pursued a career modeling, which ultimately led to a life-changing experience. After his career in the real estate industry ended, Mike had a lot of downtime. He spent a lot of time in the gym, so he figured why not get paid for all the hard work he’s been doing due to his workouts. He signed with a modeling agency and began fitness modeling. During his brief modeling career, he learned about a reality show in the works about guidos from the East Coast. Mike auditioned for the show and got the job. The job turned out to be what we now know as the Jersey Shore.

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