20 Surprising Facts About Glee Stars Lea Michele And The Late Cory Monteith's Relationship

Everyone dreams of an epic love that leads to a fairytale wedding, a lifetime spent together, and the comfortable feeling that this person is yours forever. We often look to Hollywood for these types of love stories since some couples are so vocal and public with their romances.

We all remember the magical romance between Lea Michele and Cory Monteith. The two stars met because they both starred in the popular musical TV show Glee, and for a period of time, it seemed like nothing could ever tear them apart. When Cory tragically passed away in July 2013, it was incredibly sad, and it was tough to see the impact on Lea as she mourned the person that she had loved so much.

Read on to find out 20 surprising facts about Glee stars Lea Michele and the late Cory Monteith's relationship.

20 They Started Seeing Each Other When Glee Began But No One Realized

According to Elle.com, Lea said "no one really caught on" about the fact that she and Cory started seeing each other once Glee started. The publication says that they "briefly dated" then so it seems like 2011 is when their relationship really took off. That's when people realized that they were definitely a couple.

19 Lea Slept At Kate Hudson's House After Cory's Death

Another surprising fact about Lea Michele and Cory Monteith's relationship? After Cory passed away, Lea slept at Kate Hudson's house, according to Elle.com.

That is so sweet to hear. As Lea told the publication, "No one knew I was there, which was so great. She let my family stay there, and any of my friends. She made sure that in the refrigerator there were my favorite juices."

18 When Lea Phoned Cory's Mom, She Had No Idea What Had Happened

According to People.com, Lea was told that her boyfriend had died, and she phoned Cory's mom to ask if what she had heard was actually the truth. Cory's mom had no idea what had happened. It's definitely surprising for us to hear that Lea was told about Cory's passing before his mother.

17 People Say The Couple Was Ready For Marriage

We might look back on Cory's and Lea's relationship and think that they were already engaged, but that wasn't actually the case.

As Yahoo mentioned, people say that they were going to get married and they were totally ready. We can definitely see that happening as they always looked so in love in pictures.

16 Lea Got A Tattoo Of Finn's Name Near Her Behind

While that's incredibly sweet and moving (and enough to bring tears to our eyes), we do think that she got the tattoo in a pretty surprising place. We might have expected her to get it on her wrist or something like that.

15 When They Met, They Were Each Dating Other People

We might think that Lea and Cory were totally head over heels for each other as soon as they met and it was love at first sight. But actually, according to Business Insider, they were each dating other people when they met. The publication wrote "there was always a flirtation between the two."

14 Cory Went To Rehab During Their Relationship

When news broke that Cory had passed away and that it was because of some personal troubles, we might have assumed that Lea wasn't aware of that or that he had kept that secret.

According to People, he went to rehab during their relationship, and he was there in March 2012.

13 The Couple Discussed 'Growing Old' And Having Kids

According to the Daily Mail, Lea said, "We talked about a lot of things. We talked about children and what we would look like when we grew old."

It's so sad to hear that they had such big plans for their relationship. It must have been so tough for Lea to handle the news.

12 Cory Was Going To Live In Vancouver, So Was Lea Going To Join Him?

People says that Cory had been making plans to live in Vancouver, so we're wondering if Lea would have moved there, too.

We know that Cory's Canadian, so it makes sense that he would want to move home. But it's surprising to hear that since we would have assumed that he would stay in L.A. since that's where Lea is.

11 Lea Was Going To Change Her Name After Marriage

Hollywood Life says that Lea was going to change her name after she and Cory had their wedding.

It's surprising to hear that since she was already a household name and famous. But, of course, that's a traditional thing to do, and many people really love carrying on that tradition.

10 They Weren't Actually Living Together Yet

According to Hollywood Life, the Glee couple wasn't actually living together yet, which is really surprising to hear.

They were in such a serious relationship and always looked so happy and lovey-dovey in pictures. It's hard to imagine why they didn't move in together, although maybe that was going to happen and then, of course, tragedy struck.

9 Their Glee Co-Star Naya Rivera Says Cory Stopped Being Friendly With Them Because Of Lea

It sounds like Cory was close with his co-star Naya Rivera on Glee and then, things weren't quite the same between them.

Us Weekly quoted Naya saying, "The more serious they got, the less Cory hung out with us and the more he seemed like a different person." It's surprising that would happen.

8 Naya Says It Was 'A Total Surprise' That They Started A Relationship

According to Teen Vogue, Naya said, "When Cory and Lea started dating, it was a total surprise."

It's a little weird to hear that, right? Didn't people say that they flirted on the Glee set? It seems like people could tell that they wanted to be together and that they had something special.

7 Naya Claims Lea Was A Positive Influence But Sounded Worried About Cory

Teen Vogue also quoted Naya Rivera as saying, "one year he came back from the break between seasons super skinny."

We're pretty confused because on the one hand, Naya says Lea was a great, positive influence for Cory but there are times when she sounded pretty worried about the actor.

6 Lea Has Had Two Major Romances Since Cory's Death

PopSugar notes that Lea has had two big relationships since Cory passed away. The actress and singer was in a relationship with Matthew Paetz from June 2014 until just about two years later. And now Lea is married to Zandy Reich, who she started seeing in 2017. It's surprising that she has had two really serious romances since that does seem like a lot after being so in love with Cory.

5 Lea Actually Dated Matthew Morrison

According to PopSugar, Lea dated Matthew Morrison, aka the actor who played the Glee teacher Will Schuester.

That is definitely awkward to hear. We wonder if that made the TV set feel weird sometimes? Or maybe they were all pros and just ignored it? Okay, so it was probably the latter, but it still must have been a little strange sometimes.

4 She Said She Has 'The Best' Memories Of Her Time With Cory

As Today.com quoted Lea, she said, "We may not have gotten to share a lifetime together. But the memories..they're the best of my life." It's surprising to hear the singer and actress say that... and then see that Lea has seemed to move on completely, as she's recently gotten married.

3 People Say Lea Didn't Want Their Glee Co-Star To Spill So Much

According to Hollywood Life, a source said that Lea didn't want Naya to tell everyone so many things.

The source was quoted, “Lea [Michele] wants to make sure that her memories from Glee are good ones. She doesn’t like that Naya [Rivera] is rehashing old wounds and even though her words about her and Cory [Monteith] are mostly positive, she doesn’t want to hear from Naya on what they did or did not have in their relationship."

2 The Couple Wasn't Afraid Of PDA... Even On Set

Business Insider mentions that Lea and Cory had some PDA on the Glee set, which is surprising to hear.

Everyone is pretty annoyed by couples who are fine with PDA, right? There's definitely a line, especially when you're at work, and especially when you're both famous so the spotlight is going to be on you anyway.

1 It Seems Cory Shared More With Lea Than His Past Girlfriends

According to Us Weekly, Cory's ex-girlfriend, Mallory Matoush, was "in the dark" about his problems.

It sounds like Cory shared a lot more with Lea than he did with his previous girlfriends, and that makes it even more heartbreaking that he isn't here anymore and their love story had to end.

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