20 Surprising Facts About Bradley Cooper Before He Was Famous

What do we really know about Bradley Cooper? Other than his good looks, humble charm, and recent shot to A-list celebrity, we know almost nothing! So we did a little digging. Bradley Cooper became a household name after starring in the hilarious comedy The Hangover and gave us chills in the gut wrenching film A Star is Born. But Cooper's path that led him to success began years before landing a spot alongside Zach Galifianakis.

While researching who Bradley Cooper was before he was...you know, the Bradley Cooper, we found some interesting and downright shocking things! Let's all take a few minutes and get to know Bradley Cooper a little better. We'll look at interesting tidbits from his childhood and personal life all the way up to adulthood and his pre-fame days. Who's ready to discover 20 different things about the one and only, Bradley Cooper?

20 He Was Born A Capricorn

You might not think this is interesting but we know better! This information gives us some insight to who we see on the red carpet and in interviews. Bradley Cooper is constantly referred to as "a nice guy". And we can see that it all makes sense now! Capricorns are known for being good friends.

19 He Was Diagnosed With Cholesteatoma

When Cooper was a baby, he was diagnosed with Cholesteatoma. It's got a long and confusing name, but it can easily be explained as a skin growth on the inside of the year. It's a non-cancerous growth so don't freak out! Cooper had it treated and all is well in his ear canals.

18 People Assumed He Was Female

Bradley Cooper's mom had a devil of a time with strangers! While Cooper was a young boy, his mom liked to keep his hair long. This led to people mistaking Cooper for a girl! Who knew Bradley Cooper was paving the way for future generations to express themselves before gender expression became less rigid?

17 He Punctured His Eardrum

Cholesteatoma wasn't the only problem Cooper had with his ear. Later in life, he punctured his eardrum while driving. We can only imagine how this would affect his later role in A Star is Born, since he was playing loud music in front of screaming crowds. Our ears hurt just thinking about it.

16 Bradley Cooper Went To Georgetown University

Not only is he handsome but he's smart too! Cooper graduated from Georgetown University after transferring from Villanova University. There, he majored in English (a man after our hearts!) and indulged in his passions for rowing by joining the university's rowing team and acting with the Nomadic Theater.

15 He Has A Passion For Cooking

Cooper said in an interview that his missed career opportunity was to be a chef. "I used to have buddies come over after kindergarten and I’d cook them food. I prided myself in taking whatever was in the fridge and turning it into lasagna." We don't know if we'd want to eat Cooper's makeshift lasagna but picturing a youthful Bradley Cooper making his friends food, we can't think of any other word except adorable.

14 He Studied And Became Fluent In French

During his time at Georgetown University, Cooper spent six months abroad in France. This is where he learned and became fluent in French. We had never heard him speak French but suddenly we were Googling away! We can confirm that his French is better than ours and everyone should check it out.

13 He Almost Became A Diplomat

What if Bradley Cooper had never become an actor? There wouldn't be The Hangover that we love and it's quite possible that the new A Star is Born would have never happened. Before Cooper seriously considered acting, he thought about becoming a diplomat. His mentor said he would have become a great one at that!

12 He Honed His Acting Skills With The Help Of Elizabeth Kemp

While training in an acting school, Elizabeth Kemp helped Cooper grow into the actor we know and love today. After he graduated, Kemp continued to guide Cooper to greatness. He credits her with helping ease his mind during a lot of his roles. "I was never able to relax in my life before her."

11 He Almost Went To A Military Academy

When Cooper was younger, he was very interested in going to a military academy. We can't help but draw parallels to his real life and the roles he chooses to play onscreen. In American Sniper, Cooper plays a man in the military. We wonder if (through this role) he got to experience some of the life he might've had if he continued down a different path.

10 He Wanted To Move To Japan To Become A Ninja

We can probably guess how old Bradley Cooper was when he was taking this career choice seriously. Although it was unlikely to pan out this way, it's interesting to get an inside look at what kind of child Cooper was. We can tell by his career choice that he was a relatively active child and had an outstanding imagination!

9 He Grew Up Near Philadelphia

The Fresh Prince and Cooper share more than their love of basketball! Cooper grew up in towns near Philadelphia (Jenkintown and Rydal). It was here that Cooper developed a deep love for acting. His father would show him movies and Cooper would go on to be entranced by the actors and know deep down that he had to be a part of what they were doing.

8 He Struggled With Addiction

Bradley struggled with addiction before he had his big break in Hollywood. He drank heavily and became an alcoholic. Ever wonder why you never see him with a drink in his hand or having a drink? To this day, Cooper remains sober. We can imagine how his past experiences helped him prepare for his role in A Star is Born.

7 He Struggled With Depression

Before Bradley Cooper was a famous actor, he struggled with depression. Cooper linked his depression with anxieties about making it in Hollywood. After failed attempts to become a successful actor, Cooper became depressed and thought about taking his own life. Thankfully, he didn't but we definitely can't encourage the thought of giving up on life. Even if life doesn't go your way.

6 He Was A Drama Teacher

Cooper has a heart of gold. He taught for a not-for-profit organisation. Cooper taught theater to inner-city children that might not have gotten the chance to have the experience otherwise. Thanks to Cooper and others like him, kids who don't come from privileged backgrounds get to expand their creative horizons.

5 He Carried Leonardo DiCaprio's Bags

Talk about a meet-cute! Cooper used to work as a doorman. While doing his job, he met Leonardo DiCaprio and carried his bags to his room! Imagine Cooper meeting DiCaprio later on the red carpet and saying "Remember me?!". Dicaprio had no idea he was in the presence of someone who would lead a successful career in his industry.

4 He Made His Television Debut In Sex And The City

Bradley Cooper. Sarah Jessica Parker. Need we say more? If the answer is yes, (of course it is) Cooper guest starred alongside Sarah Jessica Parker in one of the earlier episodes of Sex and The City. In season 2, episode 4, the show was still getting its feet of the ground. Cooper was one of the first of many handsome and talented men that would go on to have successful careers in Hollywood.

3 He Climbed The Peruvian Andes

Before Cooper made it big, he stayed active. Between basketball, wanting to join the military and wanting to become a ninja, it's easy to say that he was really into physical activities. It makes sense that he'd climb the icy Peruvian Andes. It's something that not a lot of people have done.

2 He Missed His Graduation Ceremony

What could make someone miss their graduation ceremony? This kind of event is very important to most people so what excuse did Cooper have for ditching his own? He was working. Bradley Cooper was starring in what was to be the future cult classic film Wet Hot American Summer.

1 He Has An MFA From The Actors Studio

Bradley Cooper's background is full of tell-tale signs of a successful actor: a degree in English, a passion for theatre, high marks from an acting school. It's amazing to know that at one point in his life he was ready to give up. Bradley Cooper is an American movie staple that we're proud to have help tell stories that relate to the public.

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