20 Sure Ways To Live The Best Life Before Turning 30

It is safe to say it-- let's not sugarcoat it. The majority of us are terrified to turn thirty... it is the official hump into adulthood. For those of us that are over thirty, we understand why the 20-somethings are so nervous-- because we were, too. However, there are plenty of ways to live your best life before AND after we jump over the hill and descend into official adulthood and the next phase of our exciting, messy, and wonderful lives.

Below, we discuss 20 exciting ways to live your best life before turning thirty. Some of these things may be out of your control, while others are things you need to grab by the horns and do, even if it scares you! Take a leap of faith and take a risk; your 20s is exactly the time to do so! You could do something as bold as moving to a new city where you know very few people (or no one!) or you could do something as simple as try a new sport or new class at your gym.

Either way, enjoy the read and get your wheels turning about what YOU will do to live your best life before that big 3-0.

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20 Move To A New City


This is something that typically people do in their 20s because, by 30, we are, in our own ways, working toward settling down.

According to mydomaine.com, it "was one of the most impactful choices" to make in one's life.

"Everything is new: your address, your friends, your colleagues (and maybe your job), your habits and activities, your favorite restaurants, your commute, your outlook on life, [and] the weather." Maybe a few tips: pick a city where you might know a couple people already, pick a city you've visited a few times, or pick somewhere that is not too far away from where you grew up. Those things might make it a little easier. Remember, too, that you can always move back!

19 Do Something That Scares You

In our opinion, this should be done multiple times throughout your life, but most of us don't get up the courage to do something that really scares us until we are grown adults that have truer confidence and a good sense of adventure. This could be something as small as eating a hot pepper for the first time or as big as skydiving. Doing something that scares you should start happening in your 20s, if it hasn't already by then. Mydomaine.com says: "Do it now because you can and because it will make you stronger. When you’re older and not so limber, simple activities might scare you, but at least then you’ll have these great adrenaline-filled memories to look back on."

18 Learn To Play An Instrument

This is a big task to undertake, but your brains are sharper the younger you are, right? Mydomaine.com says that "playing music taps into underused regions of your brain and lifts your spirits" which means it is a great way to give yourself some "me time" (another important thing to learn to do at a young age!).

Pick an instrument that interests you.

For example, if you like hip-hop music, I would suggest not picking a banjo as your first choice of instrument to learn. Further, if you have a tiny apartment, a cello might not be the best option, either. However, this is a great thing to do before you are 30, as long as it fits your circumstances.

17 Get To Know Your Style: What You Do And Don't Like

There is a chance you have mastered this already in your early to mid-20s and if you have, congratulations! It takes some people decades to figure out what clothes and style they like. Further, it takes people years to understand what clothes look good on their body, what clothes they can comfortably afford, and more. You do not want to be in your 50s realizing that, even though you love tube tops, you never wear the whole drawer of them that you own because you just simply dislike the way your collarbone looks. Figure these things out sooner, so you buy what you love and what you feel comfortable in!

16 Volunteer At A Shelter

Everyone has something they care about. It could be the planet, rescuing dogs and/or cats, or fighting for civilian's rights in political marches. Whatever the case, mydomaine.com says:

"Find your cause and devote yourself to it..."

"...Doing good is always a good thing for others, but devoting yourself to a cause is also good for your soul and your sanity; it’s so inspiring to have an interest and a project outside of work and your social life." This is why we think volunteering is a great idea for something to do before you turn 30. You may even find your calling-- or at least a lifelong hobby!

15 Learn When To Properly Give A Gift

It does not have to be expensive-- and you should know that by 30, right? If you want to splurge on your mother or your best friend, that's okay too, but it is the thought that counts when it comes to giving a good gift at the right time that shows a lot of thought. By now, a gift card and a bottle of alcohol should not be your first choice if your friend is wrapped up in a book every weekend night. Learn what it properly means to give a gift and be the thoughtful friend. You'll be glad you did.

14 Take Yourself On A Date

This is a big one. Similar to traveling solo to a new city or place-- or even similar to moving to a new city altogether, learning to take yourself on a date is an important goal you should have before you turn thirty.

Not only will it help you be confident in being alone and/or being happy with yourself...

But, it will also allow you to grow as a person and understand your role in the bigger picture. This may sound silly, but it definitely won't when you are close to thirty. In fact, it will make total sense.

13 Plant A Garden

Having a green thumb comes naturally to some, however, it certainly does not come naturally to all of us. It is important to learn this for a lot of reasons. It will teach you responsibility in a unique way. It will help you have a structure in your life. Further, it is super fun! Seeing the result in the midst of summer and being able to step back and be impressed with yourself is a confidence booster, something we all can use going into our 30s. Before starting this, learn the difference between a perennial and an annual. You'll thank us later!

12 Buy That Expensive Item You've Been Eyeing

This one may make a few people say 'I don't need to do this before I'm thirty; I should be saving my money!" and, while we understand that, we think you should do it so you know what it feels like.

There have been a few things people have bought that were a little pricey and, in hindsight, they had a different perspective on it.

Maybe they thought it wasn't worth it. Maybe they thought it totally was worth the splurge. Either way, they learned something from it. So go buy that purse or that car and figure it all out!

11 Try A New Sport

This one is more on the list due to its' time budget, as we all know we are more athletic and more active in our young age than our old age. That is why trying a new sport before you hit 30 is a great way to truly live your life. Were you a soccer star in your high school glory days? Try your hand at a basketball game with friends to learn some new skills. Do you love working out, but you're tired of the gym? Another option is to take a new class, like kickboxing or yoga. Lastly, you could try something adrenaline-based, like driving cars or renting jet skis!

10 Learn To Be On Time, For Work And Other Things

According to Buzzfeed, "Chronic lateness can be anxiety-inducing for no good reason. Getting organized can be a form of self-care — because being a hot mess who is always late and can't find her stuff doesn't actually feel good."

This is why learning to be on time for virtually anything in your life will be better for you as you head into your 30s.

Our personal favorite saying to go by is "if you're not early, you're late". Give yourself an extra 10 minutes if you know you need to do your makeup and/or hair. Choose your outfit the night before to save time. There's plenty to do in order to help yourself improve in this area.

9 Take A Break

Buzzfeed also says don't feel guilty for, that's right, relaxing! There is so much going on in our world and our day to day lives that it can be hard to take some time just for you. When you don't take a break for yourself, you actually risk developing anxiety, among other things.

Whether taking a break for you is opening a good book for a few hours or going for a walk or a swim, give yourself time at least once every few weeks to do something for you. In fact, learning to know when you need a break is half the battle!

8 Hang Out With Your Nieces And Nephews

Hanging out with your nieces and nephews is a necessity for a few reasons while you're in your 20s. If you don't have nieces and nephews, spend time with children somewhere, somehow!

Whether you are volunteering or babysitting or grab a summer job at a kids' camp, it is important you do so.

According to mydomaine.com, "They will make you grin from ear to ear, and they’ll remind you that life doesn’t have to be so serious. Their naivety and positivity will make you appreciate the beauty in the little things." Further, it will make you much more comfortable being around children because, one day, you will most likely have some of your own!

7 Learn A New Language

This is a classic idea of something to do before you turn thirty. Learning a new language opens up a lot of opportunity for your life, as well as expands your already well-rounded knowledge. Mydomaine.com says "Learning a new language is not an easy thing to do, but exercising your existing language skills is certainly something you can accomplish." Even if you just buy a plane ticket to a new country and learn the local language that way, it will expand your knowledge and give you memories to last a lifetime. Responsibility knocks on your door when 30 hits, so your 20s is the time to do this!

6 Travel With Your Girlfriends

Mydomaine.com explains this one perfectly: "Not all friendships last forever. Many of them need to be nurtured. And often life and all of our responsibilities and geographic hurdles get in the way of even our most thriving relationships. Make a dedicated effort in your 20s to foster your friendships from the past, be it with high school or college pals..."

"...Plan a weekend getaway. Meet each other halfway, wherever you live..."

"...It might not happen again for another three or five years, but maybe a couple of days on the sand will be just the thing that gets you gabbing again." So, get out there and spend time with those girls that matter most in your life. Once life and responsibility and children happen, there may be less time for girlfriends. You want to be sure that won't change anything in your relationships.

5 Start A Collection

This is something you possibly already have done or started, as we start collections of random and different things at a young age. So, if you already have started one, don't let it go just because you're a grown-up now. If you have not started one, do it now! This is something fun and different that you don't have to stop in your 30s, either! As people say, collections usually get better with age. This is probably because we take pride in them. Some ideas of what to collect: seashells, coffee cups from each state, records, refrigerator magnets, art, books, and more!

4 Learn To Cook


Another classic, timeless, and basic idea of what to learn before you turn 30, learning to cook is something not only fun and worthwhile but definitely important as you grow up and into your 30s! According to mydomaine.com, "...there’s always room for improvement in the kitchen.

"...In your 30s and later, there will undoubtedly come a time when you’re forced to entertain, so start polishing those culinary skills now, and you’ll be a star soon enough."

Not only will you entertain people, but you will have to eventually cook dinner for your future family! It's better to learn now, right?

3 Date... A Lot

Of course, we cannot talk about what to learn and do in your 20s without talking about dating! Your 20s is probably the time that dating will happen the most in your life-- and it will happen a lot, most likely.

There is a really good reason we suggest this and it may not be what you think.

Dating allows you to broaden your horizons. Typically, you'll get your heart broken once or twice... or many times. However, this will give you a big lesson in what you do and do not want in a relationship, especially when it comes time to settle down. Let yourself be who you are and roll with the punches; everything will work out in time!

2 Travel Solo

This may be one of the most important things on our list, as traveling alone gives you empowerment, independence, and lots of life lessons. According to mydomaine.com, "Traveling alone can be daunting at first, but it’s one of the most liberating experiences you can have and should definitely be on your list of things to do before you turn 30. You can do what you want when you want, on your own terms. You’ll challenge yourself in ways that would never be possible with a travel partner. You’ll meet so many inspiring people, and you’ll have more confidence in yourself than ever before."

1 Learn To Be Kind

Let's be honest, this should be something that you do much before your 20s, but your 20s are such a decade of experience and life lessons that maybe this is something you'll learn even more as you head into your 30s. Whether it is a trip gone wrong with your best friend or a significant other that you hurt terribly by breaking up with, we can all learn ways to be kinder and better to all of humankind. Whether that means volunteering at a homeless shelter, giving someone a second chance that you normally do not get along with, or helping someone that can do nothing for you, it is important to be the best version of yourself that you can be!

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