20 Superfoods That Are Trending And Ways To Actually Eat Them

There are foods... and then there are superfoods. The "super" kind of makes these sound like the superheroes in your favorite Marvel movie, and honestly, that's basically what's going on here. Superfoods are really good for you and really healthy because of their nutrient density. Thankfully, they taste good, too.

Since you eat three meals a day plus maybe one or two snacks, you want to make sure that what you're putting into your body is the best fuel possible, so that's where superfoods come in. It's the best "bang for your buck" when it comes to healthy eating. It also takes some guesswork out since chances are, if you enjoy a superfood as part of your breakfast and lunch and dinner, you just know that you're being healthy.

But even if you read all about the benefits of a certain vegetable or the hottest new drink to enjoy in the morning instead of coffee, it can be kind of overwhelming to figure out how that superfood fits into your life. How can you actually eat them?

These 20 superfoods are super trendy... and here are ways to actually eat them! Some might be your old faves that you already incorporate into your healthy lifestyle, whereas others might be totally new to you (and they'll totally become your favorites as well).

20 Matcha: In A Latte With Your Breakfast/A Snack


Yes, you've seen the beautiful matcha lattes on your Instagram feed, and matcha is definitely a superfood that is trending. Matcha is a green tea that you can buy as a powder and it has caffeine, so people enjoy it instead of coffee. There are a few reasons that it's healthy, the main one being that it has antioxidants.

So how can you enjoy this superfood? You guessed it: in a latte with your breakfast or as an afternoon snack (maybe with some nuts and fruit if you're looking for some food as well). It's super easy to blend it up with the milk of your choice.

19 Mushrooms: Drink Instead Of Coffee


Mushrooms are the kind of vegetable that you eat on pizza (along with pepperoni and green peppers, of course) and maybe you sautee them with some butter and spices if you love them. But did you know that mushroom tea/coffee is a thing, and it's also a superfood at that?

There are a few brands, like Four Sigmatic, that have gotten popular, and whether these types of drinks are called tea or coffee doesn't really matter. Mushrooms are considered so good for you because they can decrease your stress levels and also help build up your immune system.

If you start enjoying this drink instead of coffee, you just might love the taste and the health benefits (and you'll definitely love being able to Instagram it).

18 Avocados: On Toast (Of Course)


Yup, you love avocados, don't even try to deny it (but you wouldn't since they are the greatest things ever). The creamy, bright green fruit (yes, it's a fruit) that you adore so much is actually a superfood.

Why? Avocados are the good type of fat that is really healthful. They also have nutrients like potassium, Vitamins E and C and K, and folate.

It's awesome when something so tasty is also good for you. How should you enjoy this superfood? On toast, of course. Avocado toast is an awesome breakfast, so go ahead and enjoy it with a fried egg on top or alongside some scrambled eggs. (And don't forget to put it on social media. That's a given, though.)

17 Cauliflower: Make This Veggie Into Pizza Crust


Kale and cauliflower seem to be neck in neck in terms of the healthiest and trendiest vegetable. It's amazing how buzzworthy veggies have gotten in the past few years as more and more people care about eating healthy.

Cauliflower is also a superfood and it's so good for you since it's got Vitamins K and C (as in a ton of Vitamin C) and is also said to be an antioxidant. It's also fiber-rich which is good news for your system.

Instead of just roasting it, which you've probably done by now, you can make a healthier version of your fave food by making a cauliflower pizza crust. (Healthy pizza: the ultimate food dream come true).

16 Hemp Seeds: Bread Chicken Or Fish For A Healthy Dinner


According to Popsugar, hemp seeds are a trending superfood, and they may or may not be something that you're already eating. So what's the deal with hemp seeds? They have omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, and amino acids. They're also said to be good for your digestive system

If you eat hemp seeds, you might sprinkle them on avocado toast, smoothie bowls, blend them right into smoothies, or put them on oatmeal. You can also make a healthier breaded chicken or fish for dinner by adding hemp seeds to breadcrumbs (either gluten-free if you need that or not) or panko.

15 Fermented Foods: Eat Kimchi On Salad Or Pasta

The Kitchn

Fermented foods are also trendy and those include kimchi, yogurt, and sauerkraut. These might not be foods that you typically eat, but they're definitely good for you.

What's the point of eating fermented foods? These are good for your digestive system and for gut health. You have good and bad bacteria, and these are for the good ones.

Thankfully, kimchi tastes amazing. It's sour and tangy and tart and you can add it to anything that you want, from sandwiches to salads to pasta. You won't even notice that you're eating something so healthy and this will just become another part of your healthy eating routine.

14 Dates: Make A Healthy Dessert That Tastes Like Caramel


Dates are becoming more popular in vegan cooking since they can honestly taste just like caramel and you can make a healthy caramel for bars or cookies or any other kind of dessert that you desire.

And according to Vogue, dates are also a superfood and are trending in 2018, so that's music to your ears if you're a fan of making your own healthy desserts.

You definitely won't have a problem eating them since they're so sweet and, again, caramel-like. But why are they healthy? They have fibre, iron, magnesium, minerals and vitamins, and calcium and potassium. Sounds pretty, well, sweet.

13 Camu Camu: Put The Powder In Smoothies


You always hear that if you want Vitamin C, go for orange juice or eat an orange. You don't tend to hear about other fruits or vegetables that have this vitamin even though, of course, there are many that do.

Camu Camu should be a fruit that's on your radar right now. According to Popsugar, Camu camu is a fruit that has a lot of Vitamin C. As in a lot. As in higher amounts than any other form of produce. Yup, that's a superfood if we ever heard of one.

How should you eat this? You can buy it in powder form and then put it into a smoothie. So easy.

12 Non-Dairy Milk: Use In Oatmeal, Smoothies, And Drink It Plain


According to Vogue, oat milk is a 2018 superfood, and chances are, you've been seeing non-dairy milks pretty much everywhere for a while now. Almond milk is the MVP milk for smoothies and smoothie bowls, and a lot of people are choosing to cut down on dairy or avoid it altogether, either because of an allergy or just because.

Cow's milk has protein and calcium and you should find a non-dairy milk free of random, sketchy ingredients and it should be fortified with calcium. Blend it into smoothies, smoothie bowls, or drink it plain. You can also cook oatmeal in it or make overnight oats.

11 Collagen: Enjoy This Protein Powder In Smoothie Bowls


According to Harpers Bazaar, collagen is another superfood that should be on your list. What's collagen? As the article says, "Collagen is a protein that is similar to what is present in a gelatinous bone broth (the kind of broth that looks like jello in the refrigerator.)... Of particular note is the amino acid glycine which plays a major role in detoxification."

You can buy collagen protein powder, like the brand Vital Proteins, and honestly won't even taste it. You can use it for any smoothie that you love so you might as well use it for a delicious and gorgeous smoothie bowl.

10 Salmon: Top Your Desk Lunch Salads With This Protein


Salmon also made the 2018 superfoods list and for good reason. It's got good nutrients like protein and fat. It also has Vitamin D and omega-3s, which is what we always hear about.

You might already love salmon and make it all the time for dinner, and you can also make extra and enjoy it as your desk lunch on top of some salad. It's hard to think of a healthier lunch than that. If you're not super big on fish, you can still give it a try. If you try some spices, you just might find your new fave recipe and you won't mind eating something so healthy.

9 Sorghum, Freekah, Millet, And Other Grains: Replace Rice With These For An Easy Side Or Replace Oatmeal With Them


Ancient grains/grains other than rice are also on the 2018 superfoods list, and these include millet, freekah, and sorghum. These are considered a healthy carbohydrate and they have omega-3s as well. They also have potassium, iron, and magnesium, which is what makes them super good for you.

Instead of always making rice as a side for whatever you're making for dinner, you can make one of these grains. You can also make millet porridge for breakfast and use it as an oatmeal replacement. Just add fruit, either fresh or warmed up, and you'll be enjoying a delicious meal for sure.

8 Apple Cider Vinegar: Use It In Salad Dressing


Apple cider vinegar is all the rage in the health world since people love to drink it and claim that it has so many health benefits. It's also considered to be a superfood, although as one website says, "The good news about apple cider vinegar is that there is some evidence that it helps regulate blood glucose levels for those with elevated glucose. Unfortunately this benefit does not extend to the average person, though it is not harmful."

It's one of those things where if you like it and consider it part of your healthy routine, then go for it, although it might not be as healthy as some other things. You can definitely use it in salad dressing, though, and it's better than something with a ton of sugar.

7 Non-Dairy Yogurt: Your New Fave Breakfast Food


Another superfood for 2018? That would be non-dairy yogurt.

Coconut yogurt has been a thing for a while now and a good alternative to people with dairy allergies or who are following a vegan lifestyle. There are now different types like almond yogurt.

It doesn't really seem like non-dairy yogurt is healthier than dairy yogurt since we know that regular yogurt has probiotics and calcium. But non-dairy yogurt should be fortified with probiotics and if you make your own, you can add a capsule as well. Enjoy it as your new favorite breakfast with some berries and granola and you'll love it.

6 Turmeric: Make Curry Or Marinate Chicken In This Spice


Turmeric is another 2018 superfood that is, well, super trendy.

What's the big deal with this spice? According to this site, it's an adaptogen, and that's why it's so great: "The name given to a group of plant foods that are hypothesised to have an anti-stress role in the body, we most commonly consume them in rosemary, turmeric and licorice root. This specific range of plants are hypothesised to have anti-inflammatory benefits and as such can now be found in a range of supplementary products."

Add turmeric to a curry recipe or marinate some chicken in it for a delicious dinner (but be careful if you've got a pretty white kitchen).

5 Weird Fruit: Eat Them As A Snack With Some Nuts


Okay, so "weird fruit" isn't the technical term, but this basically means any fruit that isn't something that you typically see on your supermarket shelves. Think beyond apples and bananas (like, way beyond that) and you'll get the fruit that made the 2018 superfood list.

Fruit like dragon fruit is just as healthy as what you're used to buying and gives you bragging rights since you can tell people that, yes, you eat this stuff. You're so cool. Why not enjoy it as a snack with some nuts? It'll be more exciting than the same old apple and almonds combo.

4 Moringa: Buy The Powder And Use In A Smoothie


Moringa might not be something that you've heard of but, according to Well + Good, it's a 2018 "wellness trend." It might sound like a fruit and yet it's actually a vegetable. Why is it so healthy? It's considered an anti-inflammatory. It also has nutrients like potassium, Vitamin A, and calcium.

You can find moringa powder and blend it into a smoothie along with your typical ingredients, like fruit and almond milk (or whatever milk you like using). It's a nice change from the every day and gives you a bit of a nutrition boost as well. (The whole superfood thing, of course).

3 Legumes: Try Meatless Monday With Warm Lentil Salads Or Pasta Sauces


Lentils are also a superfood and they have some incredible health benefits, like decreasing your heart disease chances, being full of protein and iron, and keeping blood sugar controlled.

If you've never cooked with lentils before, try them for your next Meatless Monday (or just a regular weeknight meal if you're a vegan or vegetarian). You can make a warm lentil salad with the veggies of your choice or make a pasta sauce with lentils instead of ground beef. It'll be hearty and delicious and good for you, too, which is always the best combination for a meal, don't you think?!

2 Coconut: Roast It And Top Salads


Coconut has become trendy since there are so many ways to enjoy it, from oil to chips to shredded. Coconut milk is also a delicious addition to recipes like curry. Coconut is also a superfood and made the 2018 list.

Coconut is considered healthy because of various reasons, like raising the good kind of cholesterol, helping your metabolism, and keeping your blood sugar levels super steady.

How can you eat coconut? You can roast it and put it on any salad that you want. It'll be crispy and crunchy and delicious and your friends will think that you're so impressive in the kitchen (and it's so easy to do).

1 Kale: Make Your Fave Salad Ever


Of course you've heard of kale by now and maybe you've figured out a way to eat and enjoy it. Maybe not, though. It's definitely bitter.

Kale has been a superfood for a while and that's because it has so much going for it: tons of nutrients like Vitamins C, A, and K, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, along with antioxidants.

If you can find a recipe that makes kale taste amazing, you can say hello to your fave salad ever, and enjoy it on a regular basis. You can make a kale Caesar if that's your jam or top it with literally anything. (This will be Instagrammable, too).

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