20 Super Strict Rules Flight Attendants Must Follow

Being a flight attendant sounds awesome. They get to travel everywhere, and they can basically live wherever they want since there are airports in many different locations around the world.

But this kind of job is not an easy one to handle. Those who are in this line of work seem to have very unpredictable schedules according to businessinsider.com. This can make it very hard for them to make plans with their friends and family members.

Though, there are some things they can try to do in order to get a schedule that better fits their lifestyle. Flight attendants can “bid,” which means they can try to have certain hours or days off. But, they do have to follow some odd rules. Here are just a few of them.

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20 They Can’t Eat In Front Of Customers


According to express.co.uk, passengers are not likely to see a flight attendant eating in front of them. That is because they are not allowed to roam around the plane while they are eating or drinking. However, flight attendants can enjoy a snack or a beverage in the galley, where passengers typically can’t see what they are up to.

19 Flight Attendants Can't Help Passengers Lift Bags


Airlines generally do not want their flight attendants lifting a customer’s bag into the small space that is located above that person’s seat since that can cause lots of injuries, according to pointmetotheplane.boardingarea.com. But, once the customer has lifted their bag up their themselves, flight attendants are allowed to help them push it further back.

18 Passengers Should Never See Them Out Of Their Uniform


It seems very unlikely that a passenger will ever see a flight attendant out of their uniform. That is because they are not allowed to wear anything other than their uniform when they are in front of customers, according to bestlifeonline.com. Sometimes flight attendants wait until they are on the plane to change into their uniform, but they always have to make sure that no customers spot them beforehand.

17 Their Hair Should Not Look Very Full


Some airlines are incredibly strict about hair when it comes to their flight attendants. According to cheatsheet.com, lots of flight attendants have to avoid excess volume when they are styling their hair. In addition, some places frown upon a flight attendant dying their hair, or having dreadlocks. Big curls that turn outward are usually not allowed, either.

16 They Have A Serious Lack Of Sleep Due To The Odd Hours They Have To Work


Flight attendants usually have to be available to work at all hours of the day and night, according to maryhop.com. This kind of unpredictable schedule can really mess up their sleep schedules, and cause them to experience something called “crew fatigue,” which is basically jet lag. This can cause them to do some unhealthy things in order to stay awake.

15 They’re Not Supposed To Refresh Their Makeup In Front Of Customers


Airlines want their flight attendants to appear to be as perfect as possible in front of their customers. That is why many airlines prefer their female flight attendants to wear makeup that they approve of.

A flight attendant’s makeup must look great at all times, which means that it needs to be refreshed every now and then. But according to telegraph.co.uk, this must never be done in front of customers.

14 Flight Attendants Can’t Wear More Than Four Rings


Some jewelry might look awesome, but many airlines want their flight attendants to keep the jewelry they wear to a minimum. According to telegraph.co.uk, United Airlines only permits their flight attendants to wear a total of four rings. To be more specific, they allow them to wear two rings on each hand. Some airlines also have strict rules on hoop earrings as well.

13 They Can’t Have Visible Tattoos


Many airlines allow their flight attendants to have tattoos. The catch is that they cannot be visible when that person is wearing their uniform, which means that flight attendants are not allowed to have tattoos on their arms, head, or neck. Female flight attendants are also not allowed to have them on their legs, according to paddleyourownkanoo.com.

12 They Have To Follow Strict Rules Before Speaking To A Pilot During A Flight


Flight attendants have to go through a certain process in order to communicate with pilots while they are working. According to thetravel.com, flight attendants must call them first to let them know that they are about to enter the cockpit. Then, someone will hold the curtain when the flight attendant enters so that other people may not get in as well.

11 They Can't Provide Free Flights For Their Friends


There are some benefits to working in this field, but giving others free flights is not usually one of them, unfortunately. According to bestlifeonline.com, those who are friends with flight attendants should not ask them for free trips, since they are unable to provide anything like that. Flight attendants are also not allowed to send any item overseas for free, either.

10 Airlines Are Strict When It Comes To Size


Staying slim is a big deal in this line of work. According to thetravel.com, flight attendants are weighed once each year, and their BMI (Body Mass Index) has to be very healthy.

Flight attendants often have to grab a meal whenever they can, which can make managing their weight pretty hard. But if they want to keep their jobs, it must be done.

9 Being In Shape Is A Big Deal


Flight attendants need to be slim, but they also have to have some strength. Working out can be hard for them since they have little time for exercise. Fortunately, there are some apps that they might find useful, according to wearskypro.com. These apps allow them to create a custom workout schedule that works best for them.

8 Some Of Them Are Not Allowed To Be Married


There are some cases in which flight attendants must fly solo, which means that they cannot be married. But on the bright side, that is not the case for everyone. According to cosmopolitan.com, those who have held that kind of job for a long time are allowed to have a spouse. This rule only applies to people who are new to being a flight attendant.

7 Taking Tips Is Frowned Upon


Typically, airlines do not want to make their customers feel as though tipping is necessary. That means that passengers should not give tips to their flight attendants, even if they do provide them with awesome service. According to bestlifeonline.com, everything is included in the airfare, so tips are not needed.

6 Flight Attendants Can’t Use All The Medical Equipment On The Plane


Flight attendants are usually trained to do CPR, and they can also use defibrillators, according to bestlifeonline.com. But there are actually some medical items on the plane that they are not permitted (and usually are not trained) to use. Some airplanes have a doctor’s kit just in case it is needed, but the only people who are allowed to use it are the ones who have the credentials to do so.

5 They Aren't Allowed To Spend Time With Passengers In The Galley


Flight attendants have to spend a lot of time in the galley. That is the place where they prepare the snacks and beverages for the passengers on the plane. Customers who think it is a great place to chat with flight attendants are wrong since they are actually not allowed to hang out there, according to thethings.com.

4 Some Airlines Don’t Allow Them To Drink In Uniform


Flight attendants are expected to stay sober while they are on the clock, which is great. But there are some airlines that do not allow them to drink at all until they take their uniform off, whether they are working at that time or not, according to rd.com. JetBlue is one of the airlines that makes employees follow this rule.

3 Flight Attendants Cannot Leave The Plane Until Every Passenger Is Off Of It


According to yahoo.com, every single passenger must leave an airplane before a flight attendant. If one person is still hanging out somewhere on the plane after it has landed, that means that the flight attendants have to stay on it as well. In addition, flight attendants are not allowed to escort people off of airplanes. But if someone needs to be escorted, they can ensure that someone will be waiting to help that passenger when the plane lands.

2 They Need To Be Able To Swim


Part of being a flight attendant is being able to help passengers when they need it. That means that they must be able to swim in the event that an emergency happens, according to cheatsheet.com. Some airlines require their flight attendants to be able to tread through water for approximately three minutes and swim up to fifty-five yards, all while assisting passengers.

1 Airlines Have A Strict Rule About Oral Hygiene


According to cosmopolitan.com, airlines are very strict when it comes to the dental health of their flight attendants. They do allow them to wear things like retainers and braces, but they have lots of rules about what they can look like. For example, dental retainers must be clear, or the same color as the person’s gums. Braces have to be silver or clear.

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