20 Summer Looks That Make Brown Eyes Stand Out Like Crazy

If you're blessed with natural brown eyes, then you're as lucky as half of the world's population. But don't fret. Even though brown eyes aren't the most uncommon colors in the world, they are still quite versatile because every freaking color of the rainbow will help bring them out. It's true. From corals to bold fuchsias to pastel yellows, brown eyes seriously go with everything. But since summertime is here, we're all in the spirit of trying new things. Plums, rich purples, and dark grays have fallen into oblivion. Suddenly, it's all about shimmery shades, wet shades, glitter, orange, reds, pinks, and ocean-inspired blues.

So if you're in the mood to rock that pool party and summer BBQ with a brand new look that enhances your brown peepers, then try any of these insanely gorgeous 20 summer makeup looks. Add some dimension and depth with any of these color combos that will help you make a splash at that summer party.  Just remember that brown eyes are a neutral color, so they work well with pretty much all kinds of colors. You just need to figure out which colors work well with your shade of brown. Just don't forget that your hair and skin tone also play a role in the type of eyeshadow you pick. You can never go wrong with colors like teal or purple to make your eyes look their best, but there are plenty more colors that will make your eyes pop some more.

20 Soft Rose Gold Halo Summer Vibes

It's summertime, and you want a look that is perfect for hitting the clubs at night or when you're doing a little sunbathing at the beach. Give this look a try, which offers a glowy, but soft and natural palette of rose golds and soft browns, and add a little pop of rose gold foiled eyeshadow on your lids. The soft ombre look can be easily recreated with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, and for the rose gold pop of color, try Makeup Geek's "Cosmopolitan." Slap a bit of mascara and eyeliner, and finish off this romantic look.

19 Winged Eyeliner And Metallic Blue Daze


To make your eyes pop, add some teal to your eyelids as this can provide a contrasting effect. Start off by using a burnt orange transition shade. Blend until your arm hurts. Then, add a richer shade of brown on the outer corners of the eyes, (it has to be a dark but warm, shade) Then, create a halo effect by adding a teal shade in the middle of your lids, like Maybelline's Color Tattoo in "Tenacious Teal." That'll add some splash to the orange and brown ombre effect you just created. Metallic blues add contrast and frame your eyes almost instantly. You could even add a pop of color on your waterline, and you'd be all set.

18 Pastel Peach Monochromatic Marvel


To be honest, natural colored palettes look great on everyone, really! But some prefer a more natural approach because it's a lot easier to recreate, (and it simply goes with their personality!) To get this effortless pastel peach look, make sure your skin is prepped. Add some SPF and a natural coverage BB cream that isn't heavy. Then, add some translucent powder to set it all. Go for a soft pastel rose blush shade on your cheeks and blend some pastel peach and matte rose shades to your lids. Blend, blend, blend and then blend some more. Try Makeup Geek's "Poppy," "Sidekick," and "Roulette" to imitate this super girly look.

17 Summer Mermaid Vibes With Glitter Highlighter


Just because the weather is insanely hot, it does not mean that you have to keep your makeup simple and boring. Sure, wearing heavy foundation is a bust, and layering concealer, primer, some powder, and highlighter is a little bit too much. But you can absolutely skip those steps and simply go for some SPF, a natural shade of rose for the lips, and make your cheeks and eyes the star of the look. If you're looking to stand out, (like, REALLY stand out) at a festival or a pool party, then add some deep blue shades and a pop of mermaid green hues in the inner corner of your eyes. Finish off by adding a pop of glitter, (such as Urban Decay's Heavy Metal glitters) and glue individual Swarovski rhinestones over your brows. WOW!

16 Edgier Pink Summer Delight


If you're feeling adventurous, (and why shouldn't you? It's summer!) then you should go totally extra on your eyes by playing around with some juicy corals and a coral-y red eyeshadow. It's perfect for those hot summer nights, and the hue is so bright that your brown eyes will absolutely stand out. Just make sure to pair the eyeshadow with an understated blush and lip color from the same palette. It'll tie the whole look together. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in "Life's a Beach" is an almost identical dupe to the one this beauty is wearing. Just be prepared to dazzle your crush at that summer festival or pool party, girl!

15 Extra Juicy Corals And Red Eyeshadow


Matte and soft pinks are cute and all, but sometimes, you feel like elevating your look, right? If that's the case, then start off by blending a mix of red, deep orange, and coral shades on the lids. Once you're done filling in your brows, (they're must if you plan on rocking such an intense look) set it all with a makeup setting spray such as Mac's Prep + Prime. Then, (and this is the fun part) turn that ombre peach work of art you just did on your lids into a juicy mix of wet shimmery corals by adding a little translucent lip gloss on top. We're simply living for it!

14 Neon Oranges And Sunny Highlighter Beauty


Using neon oranges and golden shades and mixing them up with a little gold highlighter is so blinding, NASA might need to get some sunshades! This mix of colors works particularly well if you happen to have a hint of hazel in your eyes. But nothing says sunny summer better than strong orange shades, a gorgeous yellow dress, and beach waves. You might also want to at a golden highlighter on your nose and cheeks to give your facial features a bit more dimension. Finish your look with a matte mauve lipstick, and start sparkling.

13 Out-Of-This-World Mix Of Blues, Orange, And Sparkly Yellow

Get the drama out of your life and put it on your lids, sis! If you want to look like an Egyptian goddess who's taking a stroll by the Nile in the middle of a warm summer afternoon, then think about investing in a powerful golden highlighter such as Fenty's "Trophy Wife." Now spend some quality time on those eyes by using a burnt orange shade, (such as the one featured on ABH's "Modern Renaissance" palette), and blend deep blue hues on top. Take it all the way to the outer corners of the eyes. Finish off by adding a fierce wing. You can also create a different ombre effect on your lips by using different shades of browns and adding a bit of a highlighter down the middle.

12 Effortless Pale Eyeshadow, Clean Skin, And A Peachy Blush


Classic will never go out of style. It's as simple as that. You don't have to go over the top to actually look over the top this summer. Sometimes the simplest looks are the ones that make your facial features stand out with just a few products. Focus on prepping the skin first, by going for a BB cream that offers light coverage, but doesn't fell cakey. A subtle shade of pastel rose on the cheeks will instantly give you that fresh glow. Add a sleek, on fleek winged eyeliner on the lids, and some faux lashes to elongate your eyes. Highlight your cheeks and nose with a peachy highlighter.

11 Stroke Of Yellow And White Eyeliner Fantasy


Brown eyes can sparkle on their own if you add a pop of color. But if you add a stroke of white eyeliner in the waterline, you'll instantly look more relaxed, and well-rested, (even if you haven't slept more than 4 hours last night!) Best of all? A liquid golden highlighter such as NYX's Away We Glow in Golden "Hour" will add that dewy, sun-kissed look we're all going for, without actually having to spend hours at the beach.

10 Quirky Golden Lips And A Stroke Of Blue Madness

Other than neutrals, blueish shades are the best colors to wear since it contrasts with the warm color of your brown eyes. Get a little more daring with your look by blending different shades of blues, light blues, and turquoises and give your eyes an ocean vibe. Then use ABH brow pomade to your brows, as edgy, intense looks such as this one really need a little more definition. But just because you went totally extra on your eyes, does not mean that you have to go for a natural shade of lipstick. Add some intensity with a rose gold shade on your lips such as Limecrime's Metallic Velvetines in "Siren." Now you can show off the coolness of the blue in the middle of a warm summer.

9 All Over Golden Goddess

Warm metallic colors make brown eyes glisten like the ocean on a sunny day. Besides, the shimmer of your overall golden look will add texture to your eyes and the angles of your face. You just have to make sure that you're using both liquid and powder highlighters to create this much dimension. Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in "Indianwood" is a great option to make your eyes shine brighter than the sun. You'll also need to use an amber-gold formula like Charlotte Tilbury Eyes That Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow in "Bette" to give your eyelids that illuminating coat. And remember, the key to being a golden goddess is remembering to stick with the gold. Try Revolution Liquid Highlighter in "Euphoric Gold."

8 Boss Babe Deep Ocean Blue Hues


If you have dark brown eyes, then a vibrant blue shadow will give you a contrast that's as beautiful as the deep blue sea. The electric shades of turquoise and light blue shades are stylishly eye-popping. Blue and teal shades are also super easy to dress up, as they go with daytime and nighttime outfits! But don't forget to add a bit of blush and highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes and the center of your lids to really wow the crowd. This turquoise pop is subtle but totally hypnotic all at the same time.

7 Awe-struck Fuchsia And Magnificent Rose Gold Halo Eyes


To recreate this look, make sure to prep the skin first. Add a soft pastel pink as a base, and then blend an intense shade of matte fuchsia on the lids. For the transition shades, you can try using a mix of Isabel and Lula from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario, but any shade that's a strong shade of pink will do. With a bit of rose, gold, pink, and golden hues, you can create a gorgeous halo eyes effect that is out of this world. And while you're at it, add a matte shade of natural rose to those lips that doesn't transfer. You never know who you might end up kissing at that summer event!

6 Surfer Vibes Light Blue Inner Corners


This look is hot-weather approved, and versatile enough to hit the club or go on a date with your crush. If you have hooded eyes, then make sure to blend the eyeshadow you're using as a base a little higher than you think you should. When you open your eyes, this will create the effect that your eyes are bigger and wider. Once you're done blending a black or dark brown shade on the outer corner of your eyes, make sure to add a heavy pop of light blue in the inner corner of the eyes. Take a deep teal or blue shade and blend it under your bottom lashes to really frame your gorgeous rich brown eyes.

5 Stunning Neon Pink And Lilac Hues


Summer is the perfect time to experiment and go crazy, right? Then go for a neon shade of pink that'll look particularly snatch on warm skin tones. Using a soft shimmery pink underneath your brows to add some flow. Add a pop of color in the inner corners of your eye, such as NYX's Loose Pearl Eye Shadow in "True Purple Pearl." There's something so hypnotic and fun about the vibrant lilacs and the summery neon pinks that'll instantly dress your face. Use a natural rose matte lipstick to finish up, or dare to experiment with other juicy summer colors like yellow, metallic greens, or even a trendy shade of pastel light blue.

4 Dreams Of Yellow And Orange Hues


The best types of gold tend to look more copper or bronze tinted, so you might want to start by putting on some gold hues on the inner corner of your eyes to make them stand out. Then experiment with different types of yellow shades in the upper and lower lash line. Make sure you start off by using matte eyeshadows though, as shimmery shades don't usually work in the outer corner of the eyes. Don't be shy about trying different finishes either. Give your entire face a sunset vibe by prepping your skin and adding a touch of golden highlighter, such as Fenty's "Trophy Wife."

3 Soft Pastels And A Stroke Of Turquoise Genius


Basic looks can be too basic, particularly if you're always looking to try something new! You too can get this look that is oh-so-natural and editorial AF. You just need to start off by blending a soft pink pastel shade on the lid to add some coverage. Add an edgy pastel light blue wing, but place it where your lids usually fold. This look might not work if your lids are droopy, or uneven, so keep that in mind. You're ready to rock the runway...even if you're just going to work!

2 Metallic Lilacs And Wine Halo Dreamy Eyes


There are some amazing makeup palettes that will help you create this intense look, such as the Natasha Denona "Lila Palette" that is seriously to die for. Metallic lilacs tend to flatter brown eyes and make them look brighter and open. Plus, you can never go wrong with a plum or lilac color matte eyeshadow, as these hues really bring out every eye color out there. It's a pretty daring look that you might want to rock at a club, but if you plan on making a statement at a pool party, (like telling the entire world that you're anything but basic!) make sure to finish off this look with tons of waterproof setting spray!

1 Metallic Green Badass Babe Vibes


Any metallic color can make your eyes pop, but green shades work particularly snatch with brown eyes. You can start by applying some metallic green eyeliner on the lower waterline of your eyes, (such as Urban Decay's Glide-On Eye Pencil in "Freak." Then add some extra pizzazz with green glitter on your lids to really make them stand out. During the day, you might want to opt for a matte shade and ditch the heavy glitter, but if you're feeling ballsy, or you RSVP'd to that rocking summer party, then go ahead and reach for the shimmer, girl! Just don't forget to pair this look with a great mauve matte lipstick so your eyes get all the attention they deserve.

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