20 Subtle Hints He's Going To Pop The Question And Put A Ring On It

Some have invested years of love and trust into building a solid foundation for a future with their partner, but there's always room to feel the warm fuzzies in anticipation for the milestone of when the BF actually decides to pop the question.

Let's be honest: from the second she realized her partner was the one for her, she's been dreaming of the day she'll walk down the aisle to meet him. She may find herself flipping through wedding magazines and sprucing up her secret wedding-themed Pinterest board with the hope that her board won't be so secret one day, but there's just one crucial aspect standing in the way of the perfect day full of endless amounts of tulle and kitschy mason jars: her groom-to-be has to be on board with popping a certain life-changing question!

Even though she knows she's going to give her man a resounding "YES" when he finally asks the question she's been waiting to hear since her childhood days of gazing at her mother's wedding dress, he knows the proposal has to be absolutely flawless, so he's understandably going to be spending a lot of time in his head planning the perfect moment.

Here's how to tell if he's thinking of asking for her hand.

20 He's Mum On The Holidays

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The holiday season is a crucial time of year for blossoming signs of upcoming wedded bliss. You and your groom will be spending time with your families, and a family gathering comes with plenty of opportunities to drop hints about familial expansion!

You know you and your partner have an established routine for holidays, then all of a sudden he seems reluctant to spill the beans on your upcoming holiday itinerary. There's a chance something will happen which will be impossible to fit on a calendar. He's probably planning a Christmas to remember, with a side of sparkle!

19 He's Paying More Attention To Minute Details

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If you suddenly notice a change in your partner's attitude to the point where the term "sleuth" could be a representation of his job description, bring out your metaphorical magnifying glass and pay attention.

If your partner's ears seem to be much more alert, and he's paying attention to your every word and desire, he could be piecing a proposal puzzle together! He wants your special day to be the most memorable day of your life, so it's a fair assumption he's listening to you extra carefully so he can weave intricate details of your likes, wants and relationship highlights into his proposal.

18 He's Slow To Commit To Vacation Plans

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If you're in the midst of winter weather and you're dreaming of the warm sunlight resting on your face during a summer vacation with your beau, something could be up if his response to your sunny excitement seems to be a little on the frosty side!

If you are one of those couples who are of the habitual vacationer variety and your partner seems to be dialing down his enthusiasm for lounging on the beach, your guy could have proposal plans in the making that he doesn't want to ruin with a run-of-the-mill holiday.

17 His Parents Are Suddenly Curious

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One of the most relatable aspects of relationships is understanding your partner's parents will know all, no matter what!

His parents know him inside and out, and there's a chance Mom and Dad can tell what's going on with your guy with a simple look. If his parents' collective glances seem to shift toward you, and the preferred topic of conversation seems to linger toward the future, they may be looking to put a ring on you, too!

If Mom and Dad are on a questioning rampage, answer them as a daughter-in-law might. They're watching!

16 He's Being Thrifty With Money

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There's no question the idea of marriage can have an impact on the pocketbook! From the serious amount of moolah that can be dropped on the perfect engagement sparkler to the investment made on weddings, there are countless reasons to be frugal with money.

If you and your partner have been talking about taking the big plunge into marriage and you begin to notice a difference in your partner's spending habits, his reasoning can definitely go beyond saving for your engagement ring and your dream wedding. He's proving that he's able to make a wise investment in your lives together!

15 He's Always Doing Research

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When you're on the verge of combining your lives together, there's an endless wealth of knowledge to be uncovered! You might think you're alone in thumbing through your growing collection of wedding magazines or scrolling through Pinterest, but rest assured, your guy is quietly taking stock of his own to-do list.

If you catch your man habitually appearing deep in thought, but he's hesitant to let you in on what's captivating his attention, he may be partaking in his own extensive research pertaining to your big day, and the many days to follow as you two become husband and wife.

14 He's More Thoughtful About Gifts

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The idea of gifts serving as an integral component of a relationship should almost go without mention, but let's face it, some couples are better at giving gifts than others! Many of us have trouble taking a hint, and some of us would rather be confronted with our worst fears than face picking out a gift for our significant other.

But when a significant event is on the horizon, it may be time for you two to recognize the need to amp up on gift giving. Keep your eyes peeled for some high-quality presents leading up to your big day!

13 Your Friends Are Suddenly Nosy

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You've always shared the details of your relationship with your girls, to the point where they know just as much about your partner as you do, so of course your squad is going to keep their eyes and ears peeled for any mumblings surrounding bridal parties and bridesmaids!

Not only will your wedding be the biggest party of your lives, but your ladies also want the best for you, and want to make sure your husband-to-be meets all of their criteria to be a member of the spouse club. If you notice your girls are being extra nosey, take notice! Maybe they know more than they're letting on.

12 He Starts Talking About Future Fantasies

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Some will tell you it's best to approach our lives by taking things with a "one day at a time" mindset. Living in the moment is an effective way to keep your relationship on the ground and prevent your lives from becoming hectic from thinking about too much too soon, but it's important not to ignore your significant other if you notice he's starting to mention you in relation to longterm plans.

If your man usually prefers to keep conversation related to the present, this change in his behaviour is a sign he's thinking of your future!

11 He Seems Nervous

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Since we know tradition has assigned the job of proposing marriage to the groom, popping the million-dollar question may be incredibly nerve-wracking for your man. If you notice he is starting to appear nervous but won't let you in on the reason for his newfound jitters, perhaps he is trying to keep his nerves in check in preparation of asking the most important question of both of your lives.

10 Your Friends Start Mentioning Him

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The bond you share with your squad is one of the tightest. Some friend groups predate the existence of your relationship for years! There's no question you and your besties take your friendship very seriously, and your significant other obviously must prove his worth to your girls! After all, ladies will always be first.

One of the biggest ways you will be able to tell your man will be worth keeping forever is by watching out for how your girls perceive him. When he begins to receive invites along to girls nights, your besties are saying "I do" too!

When they're including him in your squad, you know that your BF is working hard to be a part of your life because he wants to be in your future. 

9 He Willingly Starts Doing Chores

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Moving in together is a gigantic relationship milestone. Sharing a space together can serve as much-needed practice for marriage. You two will be able to see how the other functions during the good times and the gloomy times.

Learning how your partner handles household chores can be an eye-opening experience, but essential for the longevity of your relationship. If you notice your guy begin to willingly tidy up your space, this could be proof he's considering the importance of your future together.

8 His Taste Starts To Get Fancier

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Whether or not you're living together, you have a good idea of your partner's tastes. No matter how laid back of a guy your significant other is, he's aware of how fancy weddings can be.

Whether you've been dreaming of a casual day or an extravagant affair, there are a lot of hints of sophistication that come along with planning a wedding! If your guy starts a process of upgrading his wardrobe or puts a fancier spin on the food he likes, maybe he's hearing wedding bells.

7 He's Suddenly Interested In Sweets

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Wedding ceremonies can be an acquired taste, but one aspect of the big day which holds universal appeal for all in attendance is, you guessed it, the cake! No matter how extravagant the cake's presentation may be, it's nothing but sugary goodness at its core.

Taking note of as many wedding-related details as possible can show in your man's behaviour from the second he makes the decision to tie the knot, so don't be surprised if you notice him deep in thought over the smallest details. Watch how he behaves in the bakery! It could be a clue! Same goes for how he might take a sudden interest in asking about your favourite cake filling.

6 He Willingly Gets A Haircut

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How your guy decides to look on his wedding day is completely up to him, but he may decide to honour all of your girlhood fantasies and clean up his looks a bit.

Your groom-to-be wants all of your dreams to come true on your big day, so he's surely taking a hint if you've made it known you've always dreamed of walking down the aisle to someone who regularly washes his hair. Watch for a potential glow-up!

5 Your Planner Goes Missing

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Planning a proposal has many aspects your groom wants to make sure he meets to make sure it's the most perfect event. He wants to secure a romantic setting, he's making sure he incorporates important aspects of your relationship into your big moment, and most of all, he wants for you to actually be there when it takes place!

If you suspect your partner has a surprise up his sleeve, it's a telling sign if he begins to inquire about your short-term plans. If your planner's gone AWOL, he might've taken it so that he can keep your calendar free for a while. 

4 He Starts Taking You To Jewelry Stores

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One of the boldest and brightest hints that your significant other is about to become much more significant could potentially be shining right in front of your face! Whether the two of you have discussed getting engaged or he's been mum on expressing his desire to put a ring on it, your world could be rocked if your man starts to drop a hint as obvious as gathering all the details surrounding your dream sparkler!

Buying an engagement ring is a nerve-wracking task so he needs all the help he can get before making the big purchase.

3 He's Always In A Good Mood

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The prospect of taking your relationship to a more permanent level could make any future husband seem nothing but excited. While proposing to you can feel stressful for your man, chances are he's also feeling extremely happy and hopeful.

Keep an eye on your man's mood. If he seems like he's in a consistently good mood lately, he could be getting excited about making a bold move in your relationship.

2 His Playlist Is Suddenly Romantic

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If your significant other likes to ride on the subtle side, it can be a little difficult to read his intentions and catch the hint! A small but still incredibly significant sign he's contemplating tying the knot with you has to do with the music he's currently grooving to.  If you notice your guy is gravitating toward songs of the romantic kind, he could secretly be crafting a wedding soundtrack into the playlist of your dreams!

Music is meaningful for many, so different patterns in his listening habits can speak volumes about what's going on in your future husband's head!

1 His Movie Choices Are All Romantic Comedies

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Movie nights are often sacred within a relationship. You and your guy have invested many hours into sharing your favourite films and celebrating the cinematic experience together to the point of knowing each other's preferred movie choices like the back of your hand. If there's even a slight change in your film rotation, it's noticeable!

If you find your partner-in-life and partner-in-film seems to be gravitating toward movies of the romantic variety, his film choices could be a representation of an even larger life choice: he could be preparing for a lifetime of watching movies with you.

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