20 Strict Rules The Pregnant Kardashians Had For The Hospital Staff

Since the first episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired on October 14, 2007, we have seen a lot of what goes down in the Kardashian/Jenner’s lives. From breakups, to new relationships, to pregnancy and delivery even. Fans have truly gotten to see them grow and blossom.

When it comes to bringing their children into the world, fans have gotten to see some of the kids during their delivery, such as Mason, True, and Dream. There is still so much though that happened, that they did not air on the show. Like what rules the hospital staff had to follow.

Let’s just say these kids arrived in style.

Here are 20 demands the Kardashians expected their hospital staff to follow during their stay at the hospital.

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20 Kim Gets A Whole Floor To Herself

Marie Claire

When a mother goes into labor, she is transported to the hospital where she gives birth on a maternity floor where other mothers are also giving birth.

According to firsttoknow.com, when Kim Kardashian gave birth to Saint, rumor was she spent $4,000 per night for her own suite at the hospital.

19 Make Sure To Smile


During Kourtney, Khloe and Blac Chyna’s deliveries, they allowed E! cameras in the room to film their labor and part of their deliveries.

According to babygaga.com, the hospital staff involved in delivering their babies were also filmed and they were able to see themselves on the small screen once the episode aired. Talk about pressure. Any mistakes would have been caught on camera.

18 The Staff Must Respect Their Privacy

NowThis News

If a nurse, or doctor, wanted to, they could probably make thousands, if not millions, selling information about the Kardashians when they come in.

According to firsttoknow.com though, anyone involved with the Kardashians during their stay at the hospitals is forbidden to share any information outside the hospital. Most likely, they are even forced to sign an NDA as well.

17 They Take Priority Over All Other Patients


When a celebrity walks into a hospital, especially one about to deliver a baby, it may leave other patients feeling a bit neglected.

According to babygaga.com, when a celeb gives birth, cameras are covered and there are guards with earpieces roaming the halls. Everyone wants to be able to be there with them and get a glimpse. Most likely, they must keep reminding themselves they have other patients.

16 The Staff Must Make Sure There's Room For Their Security Detail


It’s not shocking to know that when a celebrity mother goes to the hospital, she brings security to make sure unwanted attention doesn’t get in.

According to firsttoknow.com, when Khloe gave birth to her daughter True at the Cleveland Clinic, she had a police escort to protect herself and her family. There were also security guards in the parking garage, at the elevators, and outside her room.

15 The Hospital Has To Have Vegetarian Options For Khloe


During her pregnancy with True, Khloe craved everything from noodles to strawberries to even pancakes. One thing she refused to eat though is meat.

According to etonline.com, Khloe could not stand the site, nor the smell, of any type of meat. She found it all absolutely disgusting and so she switched to different vegetarian meals.

14 The Staff Can't Get In Their Camera Crew's Way

OK! Magazine

When the Kardashians came to the hospital to give birth, the staff not only had to deal with them but also cameramen, producers, and intrusive boom mics.

According to firsttoknow.com, Kourtney, Blac Chyna, and Khloe all gave birth to their children with the camera crews in the room and it was later aired on their show on E!

13 Kyle Required Unlimited Snacks

Spoon University

Kyle is the queen of selfies. She has an amazing body and she knows it.

According to babygaga.com, Kyle also has a bit of a snacking problem. Oreos, Twizzlers, Diet Coke, fried chicken, and Mexican food are all her weakness. In fact, when she gave birth to her daughter, she demanded there be a fully stocked snack bar.

12 Their Sheets Must Not Only Be A High Thread Count, But Also A Certain Color


It’s common practice for a mother in labor to be a little demanding when it comes to giving birth. Either she wants her own pillow from home, or special socks, or maybe her favorite smelling candle.

According to firsttoknow.com though, Khloe and Kylie took it to the next level when they demanded that their hospital beds be garnished with light gray, 1,000 thread count sheets.

11 Be Prepared For Lots Of Guests


The Kardashians come from a big family and they seem to just keep growing.

According to babygaga.com, during the girl’s deliveries, hospital staff had to deal with the entire family showing up, plus famous friends. Typically, there is a limit to how many people can be in a room, but most likely, the hospital staff made an exception for the girls.

10 If They Want To Get Involved With The Birth, They Are Allowed To


One thing that doctors learned when Kourtney gave birth to her son Mason, is that she likes to do things her way and on her own.

According to firsttoknow.com, Mason’s birth aired on the season four finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and during his birth, Kourtney reached down and delivered her own son.

9 Khloe Wanted A Tub There For A Water Birth


When Khloe gave birth to her daughter True, her original plan was to try and deliver her in a birthing tub.

According to babygaga.com though, she never ended up using it. Her original plan came after she watched a water birth with her sister Kourtney. After watching the live birth though, she was not impressed and decided not to do it.

8 Be Prepared For Drama

E! News

One thing that seems to surround the Kardashians is drama.

According to firsttoknow.com, Khloe went into labor shortly after learning that her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, had been unfaithful to her. During her delivery, both Kim and Tristan were in the room and everyone could feel the tension jumping off of Kim. She wanted to say something but bit her tongue as to not upset Khloe.

7 They Must Keep A Cool Head


One thing to remember when delivering a child, remain calm. This goes for not only mom and the family, but also the hospital staff.

According to babygaga.com, before Khloe gave birth, she was dealing with a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety. Because of how sensitive she was, her family wanted to make sure they had staff that could remain calm, cool and collected under pressure.

6 Do Not Interrupt The Hair And Makeup Team

ABC News - Go.com

Typically, when a woman gives birth, she doesn’t put much thought into doing her hair and makeup.

For the Kardashians though, according to firsttoknow.com, they had a whole team on standby to make sure their glam was on point during and after the delivery.

Of course, they are on national television, so it’s understandable why they would want to look their best.

5 All Phones Must Be Kept Out Of Site


When Kyle became pregnant, she hid away from the world. She wanted to make sure to experience everything there was about pregnancy with only the ones she loved.

According to hollywoodlife.com, when it came time to give birth to her daughter, she made sure that all hospital staff involved turned over their phones. She didn’t want any videos or photos getting out of that hospital room.

4 Be Prepared To Do Everything Possible To Make Sure They Get Out Safely And Unseen

Entertainment Tonight

After the Kardashians gave birth, it was up to hospital staff, a driver and two bodyguards to help them sneak out of the hospital.

According to firsttoknow.com, this process would happen at night and they would make sure the carrier was completely covered so no one would see their newborn baby.

3 Mind Their Own Business

International Business Times

When it comes to conflicting issues in the delivery room, they are inevitable and hospital staff is so used to it, that it’s just a normal day to them.

According to babygaga.com, when Khloe went into labor, things between her and Tristan were super tense. Hospital staff had to make sure that they avoided getting involved or even eavesdropped on their drama.

2 Offer Support Whenever Possible


Having a baby is stressful and the labor can sometimes be pretty intense.

According to self.com, one thing the Kardashians expect from the staff is that they are supportive of them. When Khloe went into labor, her sister Kim was there by her side through it all. Afterward, she posted an adorable message to Khloe via Twitter on how happy she was for her.

1 Do Not Judge What-S0-Ever

Pop Culture

Being judged is not a good feeling. Now imagine feeling that while pregnant. It’s the last thing a new mom wants to feel.

According to babygaga.com, Khloe felt during her labor and delivery that the staff was judging her for her issues with her baby daddy, Tristan. It’s uncertain if this was true or not, but either way, they did a great job keeping their opinions to themselves.

Sources: firsttoknow.com, hollywoodlife.com, self.com, etonline.com, babygaga.com

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