20 Strict Rules Celebs Made Their Personal Assistants Follow

With cameras following them everywhere, celebs must make an effort to be at their best. It is almost impossible for most to do this on their own; therefore, they enlist help.

Once hired, personal assistants soon come to the realization that celebs have a particular way of running their busy lives. While some only have a list of rules to act as guidelines, others have handbooks detailing how the PA will carry her duties as well as non-disclosure agreements to ensure secrecy and smooth running of daily operations.

Although some celebs may appear too strict, at the end of the day what matters most to these assistants is the paycheck they take home. This means that most will abide and oblige the demands of their employers however insane they are.

20 They Have To Sign Tons Of NDAs

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Although celebrities’ lives are hardly private, most expect their employees to be discreet with their matters. People usually sell secrets to tabloids for cash so celebs have nipped this behavior by making their employees sign non-disclosure agreements before they start their jobs. Most dismiss and/or sue employees for leaking information. According to eaglesvine, one of the Kardashians fired her employee because she thought that she would reveal information about her pregnancy.

19 Pack And Carry Everything, Prevent And Solve Wardrobe Malfunctions, And Set Up Celebs For Flawless Photo Ops

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Celebrities rarely ever have a lot of luggage with them. They normally carry small purses or nothing when they step out or attend red carpet events. This is because their assistants are expected to pack whatever else the celeb might need while they are out including phones, lint rollers, and sewing kits in case of wardrobe malfunctions. As disclosed to gosstrend Selena Gomez once requested her assistance to hold a cheeseburger so that she could pose for the camera.

18 They Expect Their Assistants To Have No Life 

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Being a personal assistant to a celeb is a 24-hour job. Celebrities’ lives can sometimes be hectic. They can be on set up to wee hours of the night or at times be in different cities or countries for work or a project in a span of short periods. This means that their assistants have to work round the clock and forego any rest time. At some point, most are required to work overtime as revealed by eaglesvine and sometimes travel with their clients.

17 They Must Be Invisible At All Times, Except When They're Putting Out A Fire

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Most PAs accompany their celeb bosses wherever they go but as they do so, they should sort of be invisible and remain behind the scenes. Once in a while, they may come out to fix something then disappear into the background. Gosstrend advises assistants to maintain a professional distance from their employers although this can hard when they have to pick laundry for them and perform other intimate family requests.

16 Must Be Ready With Several Complete Wardrobe Options At Any Given Time

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There have been cases where two celebs wore the same outfits although on separate occasions. To save their employers from any mishaps, some assistants are advised to carry extra outfits together with matching accessories in case their boss needs to have an outfit change. Assistants must ready with a plan B and sometimes C, D, and E in the event of a wardrobe malfunction as explained by gosstrend.

15 Must Be Ready To Pick Up Calls Even When They're In The OR

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An assistant mentioned on independent says that she had to reachable 24 hours a day and sometimes had to carry her boss’s phone with her to take care of incoming calls. At times when a celebrity has business with people who are on different time zones, assistants can receive calls at odd hours of the night. They should attend to these calls otherwise, their phones will keep ringing or the celebs will send someone to wake them up.

14 Listen In On All Calls, Take Notes, And Make The Information Available Even Months Later

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As disclosed by radar, one Hollywood producer requires that his assistant listen in to all calls made to him and take note of everything said. He has a detailed handbook that explains this and a few other rules touching on telephone conversations. The well-known producer does not like being put on hold neither does he like connecting to other assistants.

13 The Boss’ Whereabouts Should Never Be Disclosed

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A number of celebrities including a big shot producer in Hollywood expect their personal assistants to observe this rule as pointed out by radar. PAs are not supposed to disclose their employers’ location to just about anyone neither should they mention what time their boss reports to work nor where he or she frequents the most. Doing this can pose a great security risk to the celebrity or interfere with their quiet time.

12 Must Make Impossible Things Possible

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Erica is a personal assistant. During an interview with E!, she disclosed that personal assistants have to be very resourceful and use whatever means possible including diving deep into their networks to deliver all requests however impossible some may seem. She brags that she always completes a task. However, Erica admits that certain requests can be daunting at first but then she always finds a way of handling them.

11 Must Adhere To A Strict Dress Code At All Times

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Paparazzi and other photographers take pictures of celebrities a lot and since their PAs have to accompany them to most events and public appearances, they must be presentable to avoid embarrassing the celeb. That said, there are some celebs who even have strict dress codes for their right hands. According to thetalkto, Kanye West expects his drivers to wear 100% cotton outfits. We can only imagine what other requests he expects of his other staff especially because he is influential in the fashion industry.

10 Make Sure Meals And Drinks Are Fresh And Taste Exactly The Way The Boss Likes Them

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As indicated on thetalkto Kylie Jenner likes her smoothie and she must take her favorite flavor of the drink every day in the morning. Since money is not a problem, she can afford as many assistants as she likes, to do whatever she wants including ensuring that her favorite drink is served diligently every morning. Throwing fruits in a blender and turning it on is a simple task but why should she do it when someone else can do it for her?

9 Must Wake Up The Boss Because Alarms Are Lame

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Celebrities at times have crazy schedules. They sometimes have to walk up in the crack of dawn to shoot a scene or take a flight. Most will need assistance to manage their busy schedules as well as remind them of upcoming tasks. Thetalkto reveals that Mark Wahlberg’s assistant, for example, has to wake his boss up at whatever time they have agreed as well as remind him to pick up the kids from school.

8 Serve Special Treats Within The Boss' Reach, Regardless Of Where She Is At

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According to thetalkto, Beyoncé loves spicy chicken legs and this fetish follows her wherever she goes including her stage performances. She normally requests her assistants to lay out a plate of this delicious treat in her dressing room so that she can indulge and get her fill right before going on stage. The pieces must be baked and seasoned with fresh garlic, cayenne, salt, and black pepper.

7 Must Remind The Boss She Is Awesome And The World Is Lucky To Have Her At All Times

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American Idol, The X Factor and Dancing With The Stars cast member, Paula Abdul loves herself a bit too much. As confirmed by thetalkto, the former LA Lakers cheerleader craves for attention to the extent that she requests her assistants to record her every time she appears on TV. As if that is not enough, she also requires them to remind her that she is a “warrior, survivor and a gift”.

6 Must Always Be Calm Especially When Dealing With Seriously Tense Situations

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Most celebrities count on their assistants to work silently and remain calm in all situations even the difficult ones as stated by gosstrend. A good example is where a celebrity has a wardrobe malfunction at a red carpet event. The PA must quickly notify their boss of this, pull them aside and fix the issue without attracting too much attention to the celeb. They should also appear composed as they resolve the issue and ensure that their client looks good at all times.

5 Must Know What The Boss Should Know, Who She Should Talk To, And Anticipate Future Needs

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Celebs attend many red carpet events and sometimes take interviews as they tread and take pics on the carpet. Some request their personal assistants to guide them through the interviews as well as show them whom to speak to, what to say and apologize on their behalf when they decline interviews. This means that the PA must keep up with what is happening and anticipate their employer's future needs as is pointed out by Financial Times.

4 Warm The Sheets Up For The Boss, By Any Means Necessary

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Lady Gaga has a reputation of being extra and her craziness extends all the way to her home. Before she goes down for her beauty sleep, her assistants have to warm her bed. Most people would crank up the room temperature or add an extra blanky but this pop star likes sleeping between warm sheets, so her assistants have no option but to fulfill her request. Thetalkto also reveals that sometimes she requests one to stay with her until she falls asleep.

3 Make Sure The Hotel Rooms Meet The Boss' Strange Requirements

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While on the subject of sleep, musician Rod Stewart also has a team that is required to perform crazy bedtime routines. The singer likes to sleep in pitch-black darkness otherwise; he will not get proper sleep. If he does not get enough rest, this can interfere with his ability to give an outstanding performance. Therefore, to prevent this, his people have to arrive at hotels before him so that they can tape any opening where light can penetrate as disclosed by ranker.

2 Wipe The Boss' Sweat And Unwrap His Gum 

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The list of rules that celebrity assistants must follow is endless depending on the celebrity and his needs. Ceelo Green has a sweat wiper according to ranker and we bet that his assistant must accommodate him in the entourage whenever he steps out. There is also another person who is required to unwrap and feed him his chewing gum. We wonder what else his personal assistant has to plan for to make Mr. Green comfortable.

1 Planning Every Single Detail Of The Boss' Life, Including Personal Stuff 

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Celebrities sometimes have so much to do that they have to keep a calendar so that they do not miss a meeting, event or appearance. Therefore, they can request their personal assistants to keep a work calendar and update it on a regular basis. Meetings must be marked in the calendar sometimes with or without the approval of the boss. In addition to this, radar also notes that some assistants must coordinate different calendars and make sure that bosses’ personal calendars are up-to-date no matter where in the world they are.

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