20 Strict Rules Beyonce Has For Her Staff When She's On The Road

At least once in our lifetime, most of us had a desire to work for a celebrity. We think that joining their team means a lot of fun (and a lot of money), but we often forget that it also means following quite a few strict rules. Beyonce, among other celebrities, is a very demanding person who wants everything to be done according to her. An insider once shared with Daily Star, "She's extremely regimented and is taking everything extremely seriously, so she expects her list of demands to be adhered to." If we think about it, we can understand that she has come up with the rules only because she wants everything in her career to go smoothly.

From towels in her dressing room to veggies on her plate, let's take a peep inside Queen B's team and see what rules she makes them follow when she's on the road.

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20 Bey Needs Two Towels To Always Be There In Her Dressing Room

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By the time Beyonce comes into her dressing room, two towels need to be there. She's going to use one of them for her face and another one for her body. It's easy to understand why she needs them. After all, her performances are usually super-wild, so it's no wonder that she sweats profusely and wants to clear herself up and relax a bit during her break.

19 Freshly Painted White Walls And A New Toilet Seat

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Whether it's because Queen B is afraid of germs or because she just likes everything to be super-clean, the singer is always trying to make sure that she's going to have a brand new toilet seat and freshly painted walls in her dressing room. Can we blame her for that? And don't we also like to sit on a toilet where no one sat before?

18 Some Other Essentials Should Also Be There

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There are quite a few essentials Beyonce needs in her dressing room. They include two bars of Irish soap from Walgreens and Joe Malone scented grapefruit candles (or, at least, something similar). It's not the most impossible rule to follow because this soap costs only $2.79 at Walgreens and you can find grapefruit scented candles pretty much anywhere.

17 As Well As A Complete Furniture Set

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Looks like Queen B is a fan of white color because not only walls in her dressing room should be white, but all the furniture also has to be all white. According to an article on Business Insider, the required pieces of furniture include a "sofa, loveseat, and chaise lounge" and "2 white area rugs."

16 Queen Bey Needs A Lot To Drink, And Half Of Her Drinks Should Be Chilled

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It's evident that Beyonce knows how important hydration is because she always makes sure that she has a lot to drink. She remains loyal to Pepsi products ever since she was in a Pepsi commercial and never drinks Coke or anything else for that matter. Besides, the singer also needs hot tea, one case of Aquafina water, and lemon wedges. Please note that half of all her water bottles should be chilled.

15 Lots Of Veggies And Greens

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Queen B knows the value of proper nutrition and loves her greens very much. Among other veggies, she expects to see broccoli, spinach, and green beans on her plate on tour and in between performances. The snacks prepared for her backstage must also include glass platters of almonds and oatcakes and her salad bar nibbles should be overflowing with greens.

14 And, Please, Please, No Junk Food For The Queen

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Junk food is a huge no-no for Beyonce. The way she eats doesn't only keep her healthy, but it also helps her maintain her tip-top shape. How else do you think it's possible to look that good after having three kids? Only if you eat plenty of fresh veggies and avoid Big Macs! So follow the lead.

13 She Needs Some Musical Inspiration Before The Show

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The fact that Beyonce loves music shouldn't come as a surprise. The singer's staff knows it and they ensure that she has a working CD player in her dressing room. Before her performances, Bey usually listens to music to find inspiration and get into the zone. Some of the artists she usually adds to her playlist include Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande, Kendrick Lamar, and Prince.

12 When It Comes To Rehearsals, Bey Is Very Strict

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People who have worked with Beyonce say that when she needs to rehearse her performance or prepare a new dance, the singer turns into a machine and will work for hours until everything looks perfect. Those staff members who can't keep up with her energy level should just quit immediately because the Queen doesn't take a break until she gets tired (and she never does).

11 Keep A Secret Really Well

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Showbusiness is all about surprising the audience with something new. For this reason, it's important to know how to keep a secret and avoid dropping spoilers that will ruin the surprise and, probably, cost a lot of money in the long run. For example, no one expected that Lemonade was going to be a visual album until it was out because Bey always makes sure that her staff members can keep a secret.

10 All Crew Members Should Wear Cotton

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Looks like Bey really likes natural fabrics because, according to her rule, all her crew members have to wear 100% cotton. It's unclear why it's important to her, but we can assume that it's done to save the singer from any kind of allergic reactions. She clearly doesn't want to have even the slightest risk of feeling bad during a tour.

9 You Won’t Get Anywhere Complaining

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No one likes the people who complain from morning to evening. Beyonce doesn't like this kind of people so much that she doesn't tolerate them on her team. After all, you won't get anywhere complaining and, besides, no one likes to hear your drama. Just do your work in the best way you can, or don't do it at all!

8 Don’t Get Too Close To Queen Bey

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Even though Beyonce is known to be friendly, she doesn't like people to get too close to her, even if it's her staff members. For example, if she's on a red carpet posing for photos, her crew shouldn't even think about stepping in to fix her dress. If they do it, she'll kindly ask them to move, but in her mind, she'll probably be saying completely different things. #ifyouknowwhatimean

7 Show Lots Of Respect

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Beyonce knows that kindness can go a long way, so it's important for her that her crew members are respectful toward her, as well as each other. On her team, it's never accepted when someone is being rude or unapologetic. Despite all the stress they're going through, the singer wants the relationship within the team to be based on respect and understanding.

6 While The Carters Are Away, Kids Should Be Taken Care Of 24/7

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All good parents want their children to be safe at all times. And since Bey and her hubby Jay-Z are public personalities who are constantly on the spotlight, they do their best to ensure their family's safety. For this reason, when their twins were born, the couple hired several babysitters who worked shifts to make sure that the kids are taken care of at all times.

5 If They Learn That You Work With Kimye, You’re Out

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Ever since the drama ensured between Jay-Z and Kanye West, both Kanye and Kim K are personae non gratae for Beyonce and Jay. Until now, the Carter family doesn't want anything to do with this couple and, what's more, they don't want any of their people to be connected with them. They don't mind their team members to work for other celebs, as long as these "others" are not Kim and Kanye.

4 Queen Bey Needs Personal Space

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Even when both Bey and Jay decide to stay at home to work, they do it from different rooms. This is how much they are concerned about their personal space. So it's safe to assume that Beyonce expects the same from her crew members, who should never step into her bubble unless she asks something from them.

3 Don’t Say No To Jay-Z

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Beyonce and Jay-Z have a large team of managers, producers, and assistants. Despite this huge number of people, everything usually runs smoothly, in case no one wants to overrun Jay-Z or do something he doesn't approve of. Being a smart and successful businessman, he has a clear vision of his future and doesn't let anyone teach him how to handle his business.

2 Beyonce Is Always In Control

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Beyonce is a huge perfectionist, who wants to control everything related to how she looks like when she's performing. She's a very independent woman and she prefers to do everything herself. When she can't do something herself, she does her best to control how someone else is doing it. It concerns everything, from her shows to her clothing designs.

1 And, Despite All The Rules, Their Staff Actually Love Them!

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Reading through all these rules, you might think of Bey and Jay as of some kind of tyrants who want their employees to do what they say and have no voice. But it's not so. In fact, despite all these rules, their team members actually love them because the Carters know that a blooming business needs happy employees. They often throw parties for their crew, shower them with special gifts, and give them advice in case they need any. Sounds awesome!

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