20 Strange Photos People Took In A Hospital

Being admitted to a hospital isn't the most pleasant of all experiences in this world. A hospital is such a serious and sterile environment that if we get there, we usually want to get out as soon as possible. But sometimes we can find some unexpected things there that make our mood at least slightly better and put a smile on our faces. Whether it's some weirdly looking patient, a strange sign, a ridiculous coincidence, or a unique poster hanging in the doctor's office, it helps us realize that people working in hospitals are also humans. They make silly mistakes, they deal with strange situations every day, and they like to laugh.

From doctors who apparently have a Ph.D. in trolling to patients who take their hospital stay to the next level, let's take a look at 20 weirdest photos ever taken in hospitals!

20 This Is What A Cool Dad Looks Like!

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First of all, when we see this photo, we begin wondering if it's a real or a staged one. It looks so hilarious and ridiculous. Why is this dad smiling so peacefully while having an arrow sticking out of his chest? And why is his son holding a bow? Did he think that it'll somehow help treat the father, or did he just take it to the hospital because he panicked? We need answers!

19 Who's The Patient Here?

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Okay, let's try to be logical. This woman is lying in a hospital bed, so she's the one who's been admitted, right? Not until you see that the man sitting next to her is wearing a hospital gown. So is he just such a wonderful hubby who allowed his significant other to have rest in his bed, while he was watching TV? If so, he's definitely partner goals!

18 You Only Had One Job!

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Having a TV in a hospital's waiting room is a good idea because it keeps patients occupied while they're waiting for their turn, but it's only so if it has been taken out of the package and turned on. Could somebody tell this simple truth to the person who hung the TV from the photo above? Let's at least hope that they weren't responsible for more serious things in the hospital...

17 We Wonder What They Gave Him

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Please, can someone explain the look on this guy's face? Is it a strange reaction to anesthetics, a symptom of some withdrawal syndrome, or did he just learn some good news about his health state? Whatever it was, he certainly looks funny with this weird look on his face and, in some way, he makes us feel pretty uncomfortable.

16 Doctor, I'm Seeing Double!

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There's a story behind this photo. It was posted by a Reddit user who captioned it, "I work in an Operating Room and we had a face painter come into work. This is what patients see as they are coming out of anesthesia." Well, let's hope that this doctor wasn't punched in the face for this kind of joke.

15 Leech Jailbreak Witnessed By A Happy Nurse

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Some of the things that happen in the hospital are kinda gross. Ah, let's be honest – most of them are kinda gross. This runaway leech isn't an exception. If only it didn't have this red trail behind, it might have succeeded and left the hospital for good. However, it didn't happen because it was noticed by a nurse who decided to commemorate the moment before cleaning up the mess.

14 They Must Have Great Eggs Though

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Whoever thought that hospital food was always nasty didn't try the "all you can eat" in this "Gynaecology restaurant". I'm sorry, I'm sorry – I just had to make that joke.

Oh, and also, is this restaurant located on the opposite side of the Proctology Bistro? Sorry again...

On a more serious note, what were they thinking when making this sign? They should've expected tons of jokes about it.

13 No One Likes Colonoscopy

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If you want to ask why a doctor had to place this kind of installation in his office, you're not the only one. Patients are already terrified of colonoscopy as it is, so why did they decide to put this despicable apparatus into the skeleton's back door? If they did it to cause nightmares for their patients (even those who didn't need a colonoscopy in the first place), they probably succeeded.

12 What's Going On There, Please?

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The guy who posted this photo on Imgur captioned it, "My doctor made me wear this through the entire physical." Whatever was the idea behind this weird attire, the doctor certainly had a lot of fun while examining his patient. Maybe he does it once in a while just to wind up during a hard working day.

11 Your Finger Is "Running" And The Nurse Still Hasn't Come. What To Do?

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Sometimes, it takes a nurse quite a while to finally see a patient in the emergency room and this patient just has to find something to do to make his wait less miserable. This person decided that it was high time to use his bleeding finger as a pencil to draw a picture on his sheet. So he just drew a guy walking a dog on a sunny day, or whatever else it should have been.

10 Holiday Greetings From A Urologist

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An Imgur poster shared this photo along with the caption, "The fertility clinic I work for received this card from our Urologist." For some reason, these guys depicted on it look so cute. Who could ever think that a Christmas hat and a yarmulke could suit sperm so well? Gosh, never thought I'd make this kind of statement...

9 Being In A Hospital With An Allergic Reaction Is A Happy Time

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Having a severe allergic reaction to something isn't funny unless you have friends with whom you can share this experience. They will make you laugh even if you're facing the hardest of times and they will take a photo of you (like the one above) to show you how silly you look and later let you remember this day with a smile on your face!

8 Nothing Special, Just Pet Ducks Visiting Their Mom In The Hospital

Via: izismile

What the heck is going on there? This is the question we all have looking at these photos. The answer comes from Bored Panda, where the girl from the photo shared, "I didn't want to go to the hospital when I had a life-threatening illness because my elderly pet ducks required daily medication at the time. I'm the only person they allow."

We don't know what illness this girl had, but we do hope that she got better because the world needs people like her!

7 The Best Skeletal System Model Ever!

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Have you ever seen sassy bones? And what about a skeleton so independent that it doesn't even need any muscles? Bet you haven't, so behold this exceptional anatomy poster. I think that if we had similar posters at anatomy classes at school, we'd know the skeleton structure much better. It'd be impossible to forget.

6 Christmas Tree In A Fertility Clinic

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Isn't it the best way to decorate a Christmas tree in a fertility clinic? The only thing that would make it better is placing an ovum on top of it. It's also great how this tree puts a smile on the patients' faces when they come to treat their fertility issues. After all, they've got to be stressed and need a positive attitude!

5 How Long Do I Have To Wait?

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When you want to ask how long you have to wait for your doctor to see you, you just need to see a dressed-up skeleton sitting in the chair and expecting its turn to finally come. It'll mean that you have to sit there for... um... quite a while. And if you wait for less time and don't get to turn into a skeleton, you're actually lucky!

4 Did She Mistake Expanding Foam For Hair Mousse?

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Oh, poor woman. She only wanted a nice hairdo (or, perhaps, she fell victim to some cruel prank) and she certainly didn't expect to get into the hospital that day. We can only guess what measures should have been taken to remove the expanding foam from her hair. After all, this stuff just doesn't come off in a snap.

3 Even Jesus Needs A Doctor

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Someone had an unforgettable day in a hospital when they realized that there was Jesus Christ waiting with them in the line. And when you think about it for a minute, it strikes you – who is this nurse Claire who gets to treat him? For sure, all other patients immediately wanted to see her, too.

2 Not The Best Hospital Room View In The World

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Whatever the reason for a person to be admitted to the hospital, lying down in the room isn't the funniest way to spend time. We at least hope to have nice roommates and a beautiful view from the window that doesn't feature a cemetery. This patient wasn't so lucky and this terrific (or terrible?) view probably got them thinking...

1 Grandma Having Fun

Via: boredpanda

We all need to have the attitude of this elderly lady, don't we? She's lying in a hospital bed, but, despite this fact, she doesn't lose her cheerful and playful self. And she doesn't only have a good mood herself, but she's also doing her best to cheer up whoever is with her in the hospital room. And she certainly succeeds because it's impossible to look at her without a smile.

Sources: Reddit, Imgur, Bored Panda

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