20 Stories From Women Who Were Pregnant On Their Wedding Day

Imagine this scenario for a hot minute; you've been planning the wedding of your dreams for months, you've invested a lot of time and money into the big day, invited friends and family to join in and celebrate your love, and you even have the perfect dress picked out and paid for. Then you start feeling as though something is not quite right, you take a pregnancy test and the result comes back positive. You're going to be a pregnant bride. So, how would you react to this news?

This is basically a nightmare situation for any bride-to-be, and not just because you have to toast with apple juice instead of champagne. Having a pregnant belly on your wedding day changes everything, and the perfect wedding you planned is no longer so perfect.

Below are 20 confessions from women who are expecting, and their very different feelings about their current situation; while some are ready to cancel the wedding all together and feel as though their pregnancy is the worst thing to have ever happened to them, others are opting for a shotgun wedding at the courthouse. And then there are those women who are embracing the situation they find themselves in.

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20 She Planned A Wedding, Their Baby Had Other Plans

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A wedding day is meant to be a celebration of a couple's love, and their happiness at starting a new life together (legally, at least) but there can't be too much celebrating going on if you're pregnant, and not ready for a baby. And if this woman's confession teaches us anything it's that being a pregnant bride leaves a lot to be desired, especially when there's still a good few months before your wedding day arrives and there's no way of postponing it.

The confession makes it seem as though this couple has spent months planning their big day, but something unexpected happened; she fell pregnant. It turns out that when their wedding arrives the bride is not going have a small little bump either because she'll be six, or possibly even seven months pregnant!

19 How The Heck Is She Going To Rock That Dress With A Bump?


The confession above highlighted how awful it is if you're pregnant when you're not ready, but this confession focuses more on the issue of the dress. The wedding dress is one of the most important parts of the day for the bride, and this is why women spend months looking for the perfect one. And these extravagant gowns don't come cheap, so when picking one, you have to be absolutely sure it's the right one because bridal boutiques don't offer an exchange policy.

So what happens when you fall pregnant in the lead up to your wedding day and then realize there's no way your wedding dress is ever going to fit? You can imagine the outcome of this scenario is a lot of disappointment and tears. So many tears.

18 If Her Wedding Dress Looked Like This, Pregnancy Was The Least Of Her Problems

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This confession is short and sweet, and perhaps that is because the woman behind this confession didn't have to say anything more other than the fact she was a pregnant bride. The reason this confession finds it's way onto this list is not so much about the words, but the image this woman chose to use.

Is this just a random picture of a bride on her wedding day? That's more than likely, but it seems as though the woman behind it may have liked the dress, or something about the image if it's the one she chose to use as the background for her confession. And if her wedding dress even remotely resembled the one in the image, then being pregnant on her wedding day was actually the least of her problems.

17 She May Be Being Selfish, But She Doesn't Want To Be Preggo

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Is it selfish to not want a baby because the timing is wrong? The answer to this question is going to be divided; some may say that you should be happy about an unborn child, especially if you're in a loving and committed relationship, and what this really is is a gift. And others may say that it's completely normal to not want a baby if you don't feel ready, after all, this is a lifelong commitment.

This woman is possibly pregnant, and the thought of having a baby bump on her wedding day is absolutely terrifying her. She is concerned about whether her feelings are selfish, and some may say they are, but unless you are, or have been, in her situation it's not fair to judge her or comment on the way she feels.

16 It's A Real Toss Up Between Two Emotions

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No one dreams of their wedding day and hopes that when they look back on their photos they will see themselves with a gigantic pregnant belly, but things don't always go according to plan. If you really want a baby, and the time has come a little earlier than you were hoping, then this is something to be happy about. Still, the woman behind this confession finds herself torn; on one hand she desperately wants to start a family with her soon-to-be husband, and on the other hand, the wedding of her dreams is about to disappear right before her eyes.

Her wedding date cannot be changed, so that's not an option, so she has to make the decision whether she wants to go through with it anyway or call off the wedding and lose all the money they have already put into it. It's a tough situation to find yourself in, and this woman is desperately trying to weigh up her options and decide what's more important to her.

15 Her Baby Bump Ruined Everything

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What would you do if something unexpected changed the outcome of the wedding you had spent months or possibly even years planning? You had the perfect dress all picked out, you managed to get a reservation at the venue that you've always wanted, and the baker who is usually fully booked had an opening on your wedding day, everything was perfect until you took a pregnancy test and saw the result glaring back at you.

Do you call off the wedding immediately, regardless of the money you will lose, or do you go through with it anyway, gigantic belly and all? The woman behind this confession found herself in this situation, but she and her groom decided to go ahead with their wedding as planned, however, it seems as though she has some regrets about the decision and the fact that she was almost popping when she finally said: "I do."

14 The Timing Couldn't Be Any Worse

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Similar to one of the confessions above, this woman has always wanted a baby and she obviously feels as if the man she is going to marry will be the right person to raise a child with. But it's going to happen a little earlier than they had planned.

According to the confession, she's not sure whether to celebrate or cry after learning she's going to be pregnant on her wedding day. Even though she has always wanted to become a mother and the child will be so loved, you can relate to her dilemma because few women dream of sharing their wedding day with their unborn child. But although this situation is not what the woman wanted and it's definitely going to alter how she celebrates her wedding day, once the initial shock wears off about her pregnancy it seems she's going to be very happy. Especially because this is what she's always wanted.

13 She’s Terrified Of Walking Down The Aisle With A Belly

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That time of the month can be annoying, especially because of the bloating and the mood swings, but if you're not ready for a child it's always a relief when your period arrives. However, this woman is now in a state of stress because she feels it won't be long now before she has a child and she's clearly not prepared for one.

Her wedding is coming up, and although she didn't go into detail about when the big day will be, she is concerned that when it arrives she will be standing at the altar with a pregnant belly. Obviously, no woman wants to be pregnant on their wedding day and it's also going to make some annoying older guests speculate as to whether the marriage only happened because the bride was pregnant.

12 Sometimes Life Works Out Exactly How You Want It To

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This confession is different from all the others on this list; up until this point, women have been terrified and disappointed that they are going to be a pregnant bride, regardless of how much they want a baby. However, for this woman, everything worked out and sometimes things happen for a reason.

According to the woman behind this confession, she met the love of her life when she was four, and when they were teenagers they turned their friendship into something romantic. Fast forward a few years and they are now engaged and it won't be long before they start a family. Although she admits she will be a pregnant bride, she has absolutely no regrets about it because she claims to be so in love with her future husband and their baby, and that's all she needs in this world.

11 She'll Still Be A Beautiful (Pregnant) Bride

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There are many things in life which happen unexpectedly, but that's the beauty of living because you are not able to determine the outcome of every situation. And this is something which the woman behind this confession knows all too well; she wasn't planning on being pregnant on her wedding day, but it happened, and although it came as a shock to her, the idea was a lot easier to get onboard with thanks to her fantastic, supportive fiancé.

According to this woman's confession, her fiancé has reassured her that she is going to look beautiful on their wedding day, and the fact that she's pregnant is not going to affect that in any way. She can't help but feel thankful and happy she has someone so wonderful in her life.

10 She’ll Be Skipping The Champagne Toast

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There's nothing better than a glass of champagne to celebrate a special event, well, unless you're pregnant because then it's water all the way. And this will be the beverage of choice for this woman on her wedding day.

According to her confession, she recently took a pregnancy test and has discovered that she'll be pregnant on her wedding day the next month, but she's more than OK with that. The good news is she's not going to be far along and since it's only her first month of pregnancy people probably won't even notice. This also means she doesn't have to change her dress, and she doesn't have to stress about telling nosy wedding guests. Let's just hope she doesn't feel nauseous or too tired on the big day because otherwise, her wedding is going to go forward without a problem.

9 She’s Kissing The Weddings Of Her Dreams Goodbye

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Some women have dreamt of becoming a bride since childhood. They've planned out all the details from the venue to the dress, and then when they meet their prince charming they are finally able to put these plans into motion. It's a great thing to find someone who loves you enough to want to spend the rest of their life with you (hopefully) and because this day is meant to be perfect in every sense of the word, you can understand why the bride feels disappointed when something doesn't go according to plan. And in this case, that something is an unexpected pregnancy.

The bride really didn't want a pregnant belly on her wedding day and now claims everything is ruined. She's going to look back at her wedding photos and be reminded that this day was not the day she wanted, and now she's filled with an overwhelming sense of disappointment.

8 Karma Always Comes Back To Bite You

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It's far too easy to judge people without even knowing their background story, but this is something we should all strive never to do because nastiness has a way of finding its way back to you. There's something called karma, and it seems as though this woman's bad vibes have come back to bite her.

She claims to have always laughed at pregnant brides and exclaimed how tacky they are, but she did this without realizing how these women were feeling, or how their pregnancy came about. Now, she is able to put herself in their shoes because she finds herself in that exact situation and as her wedding day looms, her belly continues to grow. In a way, maybe this confession has a happy ending because it's taught the bride to have some humility.

7 She’s Not Pregnant Yet, But She Wants To Be

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Most women don't think of their wedding day and exclaim "dang, I hope I'm going to be pregnant." This is not something people generally want to celebrate on the same day as their wedding, but it turns out that's a general assumption because this woman is the exception to the rule and she's actually thinking about falling pregnant just so that her family will be more onboard with her marriage.

It may seem incredibly weird that she needs to prove her husband's dedication to her to anyone else, but in her mind, she feels that if she were pregnant her mom would accept the union. She chose not to give any details about why her mom doesn't support the relationship other than the fact that they have a 15 year age gap. And the way she has worded her confession seems to suggest that perhaps her mother is worried about not having grandchildren because her daughter's husband is already 45.

6 A Baby Definitely Adds New Challenges To Wedding Planning

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Is a pregnancy really the worst thing to ever happen to someone? The answer to this question probably depends on many variables, including age, financial stability, and emotional support, and it seems for this woman it's also a matter of personal preference. For her, despite the fact that she has a man who loves her and they are planning on getting married, she doesn't feel as though this is the right time in her life to be having a child, and could that be because her wedding day is fast approaching?

We don't know her, and we don't know her circumstances, but what we do know is she feels her pregnancy is the worst thing to have ever happened to her, and she can't help but confess this, despite feeling awful for doing so.

5 Reality Is Nowhere Near As Good As Her Dreams

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, there are some women who have dreamt of being a bride from when they were little kids. They've planned out the perfect moment and imagined the scenario over and over in their minds so many times it almost feels as though they've gotten married already. But one thing they didn't imagine in their dreams was being pregnant on their wedding day.

The woman behind this confession is finally about to become a bride, and this is something she's wanted all her life, except the outcome is far from perfect and now she's no longer looking forward to her wedding day but dreading it. She's pregnant, which means everything she wanted has to be changed but is this really the worst thing that could happen to a bride? She's still marrying a man who loves her, and not much has changed apart from the fact that they will now be a family of three.

4 There's A Different Reason For Her Court Wedding

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Weddings are not for everyone; they cost a lot of money, they take a lot of planning, and they put stress on the soon-to-be-married couple. It's a lot easier to just skip out on the celebration entirely and head to the courthouse because you're still married this way, but you also manage to save thousands of dollars. And this is something the woman behind this confession really wants, or at least she wants people to think that's what she wants.

Turns out she's not as excited for the courthouse wedding as she wants others to believe, and the real reason she's opted to not have a big celebration in a puffy white dress is that she's pregnant. Turns out she's willing to forgo the wedding if it means her guests don't start to speculate about whether the groom is only marrying her because she's carrying their baby.

3 The Future's Not Looking As Bright As It Could Have Been

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Not wanting to be pregnant on your wedding day is not only for vanity purposes (because you can't wear that designer dress of your dreams), but also because some people are genuinely not ready to start a family, no matter how much they may love their fiancé. And the woman behind this confession is one of those people.

She claims to be madly in love with her soon-to-be husband, and she's looking forward to marrying him, but the problem she's having is she's going to be four months pregnant on their wedding day and she really doesn't know if she's ready to become a mother. This is a very legitimate concern, and the couple could perhaps not be in the right place for a baby either emotionally or financially.

2 Someone Should Learn Not To Share Their Unwanted Opinions

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If this confession teaches us anything it's that you should really think before you speak, but more than that, you should never judge someone. The woman behind this confession is going to a pregnant bride and it seems it happened quite unexpectedly, but that's not the most interesting part of her confession. What is, is that she got rid of her bridesmaid for having a controversial opinion.

The bride chose not to go into detail, so we don't know how it came about that she and her bridesmaid were speaking about pregnant brides; had she confessed she was expected and her friend shared her opinion? Or did the bridesmaid share her thoughts on how tacky these women look without knowing the bride was going to be one of them?

What we do know is that this comment really offended the bride because she decided to drop her bridesmaid from her wedding party. Is this a fair reaction, or did she take it too far? You decide.

1 She's Not Waiting Until The Baby Bump Disappears

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This woman hasn't been engaged for very long, but when you know it's right, why wait? However, the thing that makes people take notice of this confession is not this future bride's desire to have a very short engagement, but the fact that she claims her friends think she's rushing to get to the altar, and that could be because she is expecting.

The woman behind this confession admits she doesn't care about her friends' concern because she just wants to start off her life right, and while we can't know exactly what she means by that, it does seem to be linked to her pregnancy. Does she think having a baby should come after a marriage? Or does she feel as though becoming a married woman is the right way to live her life?

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