20 Stars From The ‘90s You Didn’t Know Were Still Rich Today

The 1990s spawned some legendary music, TV shows, and movies, and with great entertainment comes superstardom. While some of today's biggest stars got their careers launched during the '90s, there have been more cases where that superstar status would wear off fairly quickly and they faded into obscurity. It's already been between 20 to 30 years since they got their breakthrough, and several of them will forever be remembered for that one thing, no matter what they do today.

Many 90’s stars are still active, but in some cases, people hardly even recognize them as they're taking on smaller roles or playing in front of smaller crowds. Some have almost completely disappeared, and only return occasionally for an indie passion project. Here are 20 '90s stars who are actually still rich today.

20 Joshua Jackson - $8 Million

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Jackson first gained recognition for playing Charlie in The Mighty Ducks, but the role he'll always be known for is that of Pacey in Dawson's Creek. Since his Dawson's Creek days, Jackson has appeared in several movies and TV shows, and while he might not be the most famous guy in Hollywood, Celebrity Net Worth reports that he's still good for $8 million.

19 Sarah Michelle Gellar - $20 Million

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From 1993 to 1995, Sarah Michelle Gellar played the role of Kendall Hart on All My Children, but her most popular role is undoubtedly that of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She starred in successful '90s movies, like I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream 2, She's All That, and Cruel Intentions, but also ventured outside of Hollywood - co-founding the e-commerce company Foodstirs. CNW says she's worth $20 million now.

18 Freddie Prinze Jr. - $19 Million

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Freddie Prinze Jr. was everywhere during the '90s. He appeared in blockbusters like She's All That and I Know What You Did Last Summer, married the aforementioned Sarah Michelle Gellar, but then he kinda disappeared. He didn't stop working, but it seems the high profile offers just dried up. However, he's far from broke though, seeing as CNW reports that his net worth is a rather decent $19 million.

17 Jennifer Love Hewitt - $18 Million

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Jennifer Love Hewitt was one of the most iconic stars of the '90s. She became a household name by starring in the TV show Party of Five as well as classic teen flicks such as I Know What You Did Last Summer. Jennifer is still acting today, but she's not the star she once was. With a reported net worth of $18 million, she's probably enjoying the quieter lifestyle anyway.

16 Ryan Phillippe - $30 Million

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Most people remember Phillippe from iconic movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Cruel Intentions. Phillippe married his Cruel Intentions co-star, Reese Witherspoon, and they had two kids together before divorcing in 2008. Since the '90s, we haven't heard or seen much of Phillippe, although he has appeared in several small movies and on TV shows. With $30 million, he probably won't be starving anytime soon.

15 The Olsen Twins - $400 Million

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Ok, we admit most people know the Olsen Twins have money - but a combined net worth of $400 million is probably more than most would guess. Sharing the role of Michelle on Full House made the twins the darlings of the '90s. They went on to do other shows and movies, before taking on the world of fashion and becoming the celebrated designers they are today.

14 James Van Der Beek - $10 Million

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James Van Der Beek is still best known for his lead role in Dawson's Creek. He has actually had a career since then, appearing in shows like One Tree Hill and How I Met Your Mother, but he'll always be the Dawson's Creek guy to us. With an estimated net worth of $10 million, he seems to have enough money to provide for his five children.

13 Neve Campbell - $10 Million

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Campbell was literally the scream queen of the '90s, starring as Sidney in the Scream movie franchise. She also received a Golden Globe Award for her role as Julia Salinger on Party of Five from 1994 until 2000. She's had a successful career, appearing shows like House of Cards and Grey's Anatomy, as well as various movies. To be honest, we thought she'd be worth more than the $10 million CNW reports.

12 Alanis Morissette - $45 Million

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Alanis was one of the biggest music artists in the '90s, which of course earned her millions of dollars. Her biggest albums were released prior to free streaming platforms ruining the party for the music industry - she sold roughly 60 million albums during the '90s and 75 million albums during her entire career. Celebrity Net Worth says she's worth about $45 million today.

11 Alicia Silverstone - $20 Million

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With her innocent looks and long blonde hair, Alicia Silverstone was one of the biggest teen idols during the '90s, mainly due to her performance as Cher in Clueless. These days, Silverstone is mostly recognized for her involvement in animal rights and environmental activism - which explains her strict veganism. With a reported worth of $20 million, she should be able to buy all the salads she'll ever want.

10 Julia Louis-Dreyfus - $250 Million

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We bet you didn't see that one coming! Julia Louis-Dreyfus was catapulted to superstardom when she took on the role of Elaine on Seinfeld. While she made good money from that show, the actual reason she's loaded is that her father was the French billionaire Gerard Louis-Dreyfus, ex-chairman of Louis Dreyfus Energy Services. She hasn't stopped working though, between 2012 and 2019 she portrayed fictional vice president Selina Meyer on Veep.

9 John Stamos - $25 Million

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John Stamos has actually had roles in several movies and a bunch of TV shows, but he'll always be remembered as Uncle Jesse from Full House. When he's not acting, Stamos has occasionally appeared on stage with The Beach Boys, playing drums and other percussion instruments. With an estimated $25 million, we guess he can spend his time however he sees fit?!

8 Macaulay Culkin - $16 Million

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While still a child, Macaulay Culkin was one of the best-paid and most powerful actors in the entire movie industry. In the late '90s and early 2000s, Culkin took some time away from acting - which led to some awful stories in the tabloids. On Joe Rogan's podcast, Culkin described himself as a "man of leisure", and seemed like a perfectly normal, down to earth guy... Especially for someone worth $16 million.

7 Rachael Leigh Cook - $5 Million

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Since the '90s, Cook's career has been a bit quiet. She went from starring in some of the biggest hits of the '90s - such as The Baby-Sitters Club, She's All That, and Josie and the Pussycats - to roles in direct-to-DVD movies and minor TV appearances. With $5 million, she's far from broke though, and she also does a lot of voice acting in video games.

6 Keri Russell - $8 Million

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Russell was in Honey, I Blew Up The Kid and Boy Meets World in the early '90s, but her career didn't really gain momentum until the late '90s when she starred in Felicity. Since then, Russell has found roles in a few movies as well as plenty of TV shows - most notably as Elizabeth on the show The Americans. She's worth $8 million today, and reportedly earns $100K per episode.

5 Julia Stiles - $12 Million

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Julia Stiles performed in several popular teen movies in the '90s, including Down To You, Save The Last Dance, and Hamlet. Her career didn't end there though. She's still appearing in movies and TV shows, like Jason Bourne and Dexter - she actually won Golden Globe and Emmy awards for her role in Dexter. Seeing as she's still active, she'll probably have more than $12 million soon.

4 Winona Ryder - $18 Million

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Winona Ryder had her acting debut all the way back in 1986, starring opposite Charlie Sheen and Corey Haim in the comedy Lucas. She went on to roles in Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Black Swan amongst others. Today, she's mostly remembered for a shoplifting incident and starring in the popular Netflix show Stranger Things. We're pretty sure that will help increase her $18 million worth.

3 Claire Danes - $25 Million

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Claire Danes's big break came in 1994 on the TV show My So Called Life, which she received her first Golden Globe Award for. Later on, she was cast alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the Shakespeare movie with a modern twist - Romeo & Juliet. According to Forbes, her role on Homeland has made her one of the highest-paid TV actresses. That helps when you only have $25 million.

2 Mayim Bialik - $25 Million

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Mayim Bialik has achieved superstar status with a whole new generation through her role as Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, but her career started much earlier than that. She starred in NBC's show Blossom from 1990-1995, a role that made her hugely famous and led to various movie appearances. For her work on The Big Bang Theory, she reportedly earns $450,000 per episode. That's probably why she's worth $25 million?!

1 Jaleel White - $10 Million

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White was cast in the role of Steve Urkel on the sitcom Family Matters in 1989. The character turned out to be so popular that White earned a spot as a regular cast member. Since his Urkel days, White has kept busy studying at UCLA, voicing Sonic the Hedgehog, occasionally acting, and appearing on Dancing With The Stars. We're wondering how much of that $10 million comes from Urkel though.

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