20 Small Things Most Women Do That Could Surprisingly Have Him Running For The Hills

Dating and relationships can be hard to figure out sometimes. Meeting the right guy and keeping things going can be a challenge. If it wasn’t, though, no one would ever have a broken heart. Unfortunately, relationships end all the time and that means that someone has decided to call it quits.

Some men call it quits for the smallest of reasons and women are left wondering what the heck happened. Are they just being picky or is there a real reason why they give up on a relationship over seemingly little issues? Sometimes it can be as simple as rubbing your man the wrong way, and you find yourself single. And don’t get us wrong- guys can do plenty to irritate us as well- it’s all about what you are willing to live with.

There are times when a girl makes a major relationship faux pas, and we totally get why a guy would flee into the night screaming, while other times we don’t quite get the reasoning.

Believe it or not, there are common things that a lot of women do that will have a guy throwing in the towel. Don’t believe us? Then check out this list of 20 small things most women do that could surprisingly have him run for hills.

20 Not Having Any Friends

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Guys are attracted to girls who are socially awesome. This means that you have people in your life that enjoy spending time with you. If you don’t, he could wonder why that is.

He also doesn’t want to be the center of your universe because that means when he goes out with his friends, you are probably going to be hitting up his phone all night.

On the other hand, if you two spend some time apart from each other with your own friends, you will have more to talk about when you do get together.

19 You Make Fun Of Him In Front Of His Friends

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Guys want to feel like their girl thinks they are a King, especially when they are around their buddies. They want to feel like a million bucks even if they aren’t the most popular guy out there. He doesn’t want his friends to think that his girl thinks he’s a tool unless of course, you are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

If you make fun of your guy, even jokingly, in front of his friends, it’s probably going to make him feel small. You may think that you are just teasing him, but he may not see it that way.

18 You Avalanche Text Him

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It totally sucks when you text your guys and he doesn’t get back to you a minute later. It can be tempting to continue texting him until he feels like he has been hit by a text avalanche, but you also risk turning him off. Sometimes a guy really is just sleeping or working and can’t get back to us right away.

Women have the habit of thinking that if her guy isn’t texting her every minute of the day, then he must not like her anymore.

That’s just not the case. Try not to flip out when he doesn’t get back to you right away.

17 You Drive By His House

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Look: this behavior is still weird even if he is your boyfriend. It’s called stalking, and guys don’t like it. If you don’t trust your man, then you should just end things immediately. After all, if you trust him, you shouldn’t be driving by his house spying on him.

There should be no reason why you have to check to see if he’s at home or doing what he told you he'll be doing. It’s bad behavior and if you get caught, he’s likely going to dump you. Plus, it's a sign that things aren't going well in the relationship to begin with.

16 Getting Extremely Jealous

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We all get jealous at times and for the most part, it’s not a big deal. Sometimes we get afraid of losing something and that just means we care. But if you are someone that gets irrationally jealous on the regular, then it could push him away.

Getting jealous over nothing is usually a sign of insecurities and guys don’t like insecure women, it’s just not attractive.

You should be confident that your man wants to be with you and don’t give in to jealousy unless you actually have a reason to be offended or upset.

15 Not Having Interests Of Your Own

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Men are interested in women that are passionate about things. Whether that is sports, hobbies, goals, or just something you are totally into. For one thing, it gives you something to talk about when you are together, but also, these things help you grow as a person.

It can be tempting to want to spend every waking moment with your guy, but people just aren’t built that way. Even though you start up a relationship, it’s important for you to keep doing the things that you love. And besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

14 Telling Him How To Spend His Money

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Money is going to come up in a relationship, there is no getting around it. But there is a difference between giving your opinion and being bossy. Men want to be in control of their own money and how they spend it.

Women are typically more practical with money, so it can be tempting to caution your man about how he's handling his funds.

But he’s a grown man and at the end of the day, it’s not up to you to do that because you’re not his mother, you’re his girlfriend. As hard as it is, avoid commenting on his finances unless he asks for advice.

13 Don’t Do Baby Talk

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Guys hate this! Nothing is more irritating than to have someone talk to you like you’re a baby. What we are talking about is “baby talk.” You may think that you are being cute or even teasing your man, but guys rarely ever think that it’s as cute as you do.

Guys don’t find that sort of thing endearing- if anything, they get supremely annoyed by it.

Besides, talking like you're addressing a dog or an infant makes you seem immature and even needy, so it’s best to talk like grownups.

12 Pushing The Issue Of Marriage

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Do you really want to force a guy to marry you? Probably not, but women do this all the time. We needle guys constantly about when we are getting that ring.

We could be wrong, but wouldn’t it be better if a guy proposed to you because he was ready and wanted to marry you?

It can be hard to wait, especially if you are in love, but girls mature faster than guys do. If you have been dating for years, he may never be ready to get married, and that’s a deeper issue. Either be patient or make the decision to move on to someone who is more on your time schedule.

11 Being Too Possessive

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A relationship should still have a certain amount of freedom to it in order for it to be healthy. Both you and your man should be able to do the things that made you happy before you were together. You are loving your man by giving him the freedom to do the things that he loves to do.

A relationship is not meant to be a cage. If you make him feel trapped, then that puts pressure on the relationship. It’s likely that he will start to lose interest and eventually leave. The couples that grow are the ones that allow one another to have their own interests.

10 Being On His Phone

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Trust is a big issue in a relationship and you either have it, or you don’t. If you are in a loving and trusting relationship, there should be no reason why you are snooping through your man’s phone. You probably wouldn’t like it either if you found out he was doing it to you.

If you are snooping through his phone, it’s because you might not trust him, and that's just bad for the relationship.

Sure, if he’s cheated on you in the past then you have every reason to check up on him, but you might also consider just letting him go. Is the stress of looking through his phone really worth it?

9 Being An Ice Queen

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There have been times we have wondered how that insanely gorgeous guy is dating an ice queen, but it happens. Most guys, however, aren’t into the ice queen persona, and they will only put up with it for so long.

Relationships are supposed to be loving and nurturing and that includes giving each other affection. If you are being cold to your own guy, do you expect him to stay around forever when he could find a girl that will give him all the affection that he wants? Guys aren’t going to beg you for attention, they’ll just walk away.

8 Trash Talk About Other Women

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Let’s be honest- if you are the kind of woman that is always tearing down other women, it just makes you look catty. Guys aren’t into gossip in the same way that women are, and they hate hearing how you hate that girl and then that other girl. Trashing other women is usually a case of insecurities in your own life.

It’s a classic case of making yourself feel better by taking someone else down.

It’s okay to have an opinion about someone, but when it comes down to criticizing others- especially other women- it’s not attractive at all.

7 Taking Your Friend’s Advice Over His

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Guys like to feel like you respect their opinions overall. So it can be difficult to be in a relationship where your friends don’t like your guy. After all, they are likely to give you advice that is in direct conflict with his. We’re not saying to never take advice from your friends because they generally do have your best interests at heart- just don’t make your guy feel like his opinion means nothing to you.

A good balance between taking your friends' advice and your man's is probably a good way to go. That way he can’t say “You never listen to me.”

6 Having Unrealistic Demands

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We all want equality in a partnership and sometimes when women get into a relationship, they see a bunch of things that they want to change. We don’t mean it in a cruel way, but they want to "fix things" out of the desire to make him happier. But this can rub your guy the wrong way and then he will start tuning you out.

You wouldn’t like someone giving you orders, so chances are, a guy isn’t going to like it either.

If you make unrealistic demands, he is unlikely to go for it and is more likely to just exit the situation if it becomes too much for him to handle.

5 Pushing For Commitment Too Soon

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It can be hard to wait for a guy to consider you to be his girlfriend, we’ve all been there. But rushing into a relationship can be a bad idea for many reasons. It’s okay to take the time to get to know someone before being official. The key is to let it happen naturally. If you get too pushy with demanding to be official right away, you might scare him off completely.

Don’t force a guy to commit to you- if it's really meant to be, giving him some breathing room will only increase the odds that you'll stick together long-term.

4 Cleaning Up After Him

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You know, some guys like it, but most guys don’t like feeling as if they are dating their mothers, especially if you like to nag to him about how you just cleaned up his mess. He might even like a little disorganization in his life because he knows where everything is.

It’s worse if you clean up a guy’s apartment and you didn’t even ask him if he wanted it done.

He doesn’t need a maid- unless he explicitly asks for help- and some guys will drop you for touching their stuff and messing with their lives to begin with.

3 Not Respecting Him

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It’s been said that men need respect more than they need love. They aren’t built the same way that women are. A man needs to feel like he’s important to you. He’s not always going to make the best decisions, but he doesn’t need your criticism, he just wants to know that you are going to stand by him.

That can be a hard thing to do especially if you don’t agree with the decisions that he made. It’s totally up to you how to handle your relationship, but if you’re not showing your man respect, he may just bail.

2 Oversharing Too Quickly

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When you are in the early stages of dating and falling in love, it can be easy to want to share everything with your man. But there is certainly a time and a place for the skeletons to come out of the closet.

Sharing your personal life and thoughts can be a great way to form a deeper connection with your partner, but if you are doing these things on your first date, it can totally freak him out.

There is such a thing as divulging too much too soon. When you are getting to know each other, you should keep things light-hearted and fun.

1 Telling Him Who He Can Hang Out With

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Seriously, don’t be this girl. We’re not saying that you should let him hang out with that “girl who is a friend” who is massively flirting with him all the time, but you can’t tell him who he can and can’t hang out with.

You might not like who he spends time with, but those are his friends and he may have had some of them since he was a kid. Telling him to get rid of his friends is a good way to find yourself single. He’s an individual and should have the freedom to be friends with whomever he wants.

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