20 Small Signs He's Falling For Your Best Friend

On TV, some of the best stories are love triangles, and they always involve two BFFs. From Kelly and Brenda both falling for bad boy Dylan on Beverly Hills, 90210 to pals Dawson and Pacey both being in love with Joey on Dawson's Creek, these tales make for juicy entertainment.

In real life, you would prefer that you and your closest friend have opposite taste in guys. You would definitely prefer her to not steal your boyfriend... or for your boyfriend to accidentally start crushing on her.

Unfortunately, sometimes this happens despite everyone's best intentions. It's one of the most awkward and toughest situations ever, and it can end the relationship that you have with both of them. Here are 20 small signs that he's falling for your best friend.

20 He Mentions Her Sometimes

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If your boyfriend mentions your best friend sometimes, you can be sure that he's falling for her. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't even bring her up.

After all, do you bring up his friends? Maybe you ask how they're doing every once in a while or you want to check in because one of them just got a new job. But for the most part, you're not super invested in them since you're not close with them.

19 He Comes To Parties When She'll Be There

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You invite your boyfriend to parties that you're excited about and he always says no. But, all of a sudden, he says yes... and it just so happens that your BFF will be attending, too.

This is another small sign that he's falling for your best friend. He thinks that you won't notice since it's a big gathering and there will be a lot of other people there.

18 He Seems Happy About Her Accomplishments

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Of course, it's nice when your BF cares about your BFF... but it's not that common for him to be over the moon thrilled about her landing her dream job or a similar personal accomplishment.

When he's happy for her and it feels a little weird, listen to your gut. He's definitely thinking about your best pal in a romantic way.

17 She Stops Texting You As Much As Usual

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You can also be sure that something is up when your best friend stops texting you all the time. This is most likely because she can sense that your boyfriend has feelings for her and she feels really strange and awkward about it.

Maybe she's not into him so she just wants some space... or maybe she likes him back and feels bad about it. Either way, it's not great.

16 She's Not Dating Right Now

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Your best friend is usually dating a lot, and yet right now, she's taking a break. It could be because she likes your boyfriend and she's trying to figure out her emotions.

It's definitely a weird sign, especially if she doesn't mention the reason behind her dating hiatus and doesn't even seem to want to discuss the topic.

15 She Casually Asks You How He's Doing

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Since she's your best friend, it's safe to say that you're going to talk to her about your boyfriend... a lot. You'll tell her when your first date is magical, when you keep seeing each other, when he says it's DTR time, and when you know that you love him. Sure, you might be annoying sometimes, but you can't help but talk about him.

When she casually asks you how he's doing, it's a small sign that they're falling for each other. Why would she have to even ask?!

14 He Says It's Too Bad She Can't Meet A Nice Guy

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Even if your boyfriend is the kindest and most compassionate guy in the universe, it's highly unlikely that he's going to say that it's sad that your best friend can't meet a nice guy. He doesn't wish her bad dating luck, of course. It's just that this isn't going to be on his radar.

When he says this about her, you can be sure it's a small sign that he's falling for her. It's weird that he's thinking about her love life.

13 He Wants To Plan A Group Trip

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It's not weird if your boyfriend wants to plan a group vacation when you're in the same social circle. When you're not, well, it's definitely going to raise eyebrows.

He could be falling for your BFF and so he wants to spend time with her but in a group setting. He figures a trip is a good thing to suggest.

12 He's Often On His Phone

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Maybe your boyfriend is spending a lot of time on his phone and it's because he's looking at your best friend's social media photos. Or, of course, they could actually be texting each other.

While you're going to want to look through his phone, that's probably not the best idea.

11 He Seems Distracted And Can't Focus When You're Talking To Him

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Even if it's hard to tell what's up with your boyfriend, you can always tell when he's got his mind on something else. Suddenly he's distracted all the time and he can't focus on anything that you're saying to him.

While he's not ready to share with you, this could be a small sign that he's thinking about (and crushing on) your best friend.

10 He Gets Super Chatty When He's With Her

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When we like someone a lot, we might blabber on about random stuff and wonder why we can't seem to stop talking. We just get super chatty around our crushes.

This might be something that our boyfriend is doing around our best friend. We can be sure that he's got romantic feelings for her.

9 He's Wearing His Hair Differently

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Do you ever wear your hair differently? Maybe... maybe not. A lot of people are super attached to their chosen hairstyles and don't really want to stray too far from them.

Your boyfriend is probably the same way, which is why it's a sign of him falling for your BFF when he, out of the blue, is rocking a new 'do. He wants to look good.

8 He's Napping A Lot And Acting Weird

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Sometimes people deal with things by... not dealing with them at all. Your boyfriend could be falling for your best friend and he's not sure what to do so instead, he takes a lot of naps and starts behaving in a super strange way.

There's nothing to do in this situation except ask him to be honest with you.

7 She Keeps Flaking On You

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Of course sometimes people cancel plans. Is your best friend flaking on you all the time, though, and she's not even a flaky person? Chances are high that she likes your boyfriend and he likes her, too.

She's not sure how to look you in the eye and face you.

6 He's Being Romantic (When He's Never That Way)

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Your boyfriend is never romantic and you don't even mind because you're not a hopeless romantic. Things have gotten weird lately, though, because he's been giving you flowers and making other gestures like that.

Maybe he feels bad about his feelings for your best friend and he's not sure what to do.

5 She's Not Telling You Everything Anymore

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If your boyfriend has fallen for your best friend and she returns his feelings, she's probably going to stop spilling everything to you. She's going to feel like she's in the most awkward situation ever. And she might need to take a step back from the friendship and stop being so close with you.

4 He's Nervous Around Her

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Sure, maybe he's having a bad day so he seems kind of nervous when you all hang out in a group setting. That could be true. It could also be true that he's falling for her and fast so he doesn't know what to do with his feelings.

This is an awkward position for everyone to be in, and you might notice that he starts actin even stranger around her.

3 He Gets Her A Birthday Gift

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Did your boyfriend get your best friend a present for her birthday? He could claim that he's just being friendly and nice to one of your friends. And yet... this is really strange.

This is another small sign that he's got a crush on her. Otherwise, he wouldn't think to do this. Even if you were both going to her birthday party, you would just give her a present from you alone, or you would get a joint one.

2 Sometimes They Talk When You're All Hanging Out, Sometimes Not

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It's clear that something's up with your boyfriend and your best friend. It's a small sign, but still an important one: when they're around her each other, the amount of time that they spend talking to each other totally varies.

If you think that this is weird, it probably is. If nothing was up, they would just say hey and how are you and that would be that.

1 Your Boyfriend Is Super Quiet All The Time Now

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When your boyfriend is super quiet 24/7 and you can't figure out why it could be a small sign that he's falling for your best friend.

It's hard to deal with and it's even harder to admit. But sometimes relationships are messy and complex, and getting everything out in the open might be the only way to move forward.

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