• 20 Situations That All 20-Somethings Can Relate To

    Ours 20s... What an exciting time in life!

    After graduating high school and getting out on our own, some of us choose to attend college and graduate from there. Some of us pack up and head out, in order to see the world before settling down. And others go straight to work, using this time to gain responsibilities and a paycheck.

    There's a lot happening no matter where we're at in our lives, whether it's in an office or on campus. And while no one's into stereotypes, it's true that people our age do have a whole lot in common.

    No matter how we spend ages 20-29, we are bound to experience some real lows and some serious highs. Besides, people say age is just a number, but it can actually tell us a lot about our traits, especially given the generation we are a part of.

    Of course, it's not all positive—there are some negatives to experiencing our second decade on the planet. Still, the commonalities serve to bring us together, whether that's together in misery or celebration!

    Therefore, here are 20 situations that all 20-somethings can relate to and that many of us go through or are going through right now!

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    Missing Our College Sleep Schedules
    The Odyssey Online

    As mentioned, many people are in college during this time of life, and continuing education brings about so many things.

    There are new people to meet, classes in which to learn, and crazy sleep schedules.

    Unlike high school, college students get to (mostly) make their own schedules, and with all the fun and the studying that is going on, there are late nights, numerous naps, and chances to even skip class and a party just to catch up on some more ZZZs. However, those of us who are done with our college days... Man, do we miss all that sleep!

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    Wishing We Had Paid More Attention In Some Classes
    Outward Bound Bermuda

    Work is common to a 20-something since many of us are out in the world, away from our parents and having to provide for ourselves. And when we get to these jobs, we may find ourselves using math skills, interacting with more people, and having to type up professional emails.

    That being said, we may wish we had paid more attention in algebra, speech, and English! At least this gives us a chance to sharpen our skills, pick up some new ones, and truly appreciate all the teachers and professors who tried to prepare us for real life.

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  • 18 / 20
    Wondering Where Our Paychecks Went
    Let's Intern

    We wake up. We go to an office. We stay busy all day. We come home to shower, eat, and sleep... and then we do the whole thing over the next day.

    The good news is that money comes into our account at some point, but then, when we actually make it to the weekend, something strange happens.

    We know we worked, so we know we earned money. Yet after paying rent and bills and buying groceries, there is not much left for actually living! Is it too much to ask to have a good time on Friday night, save up, AND pay all our bills?

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  • 17 / 20
    Wondering If College Was Worth It

    This brings us to our next point... Those of us who can seriously relate to the above point may relate to it due to student loans. We were encouraged to go to college, we enjoyed our time there, we think it looked nice on our resume, but now, we are truly and literally paying the price. And those who did not attend college still have jobs and are still making money.

    So did we make a mistake? Should we have been working longer? Were we supposed to travel the world after high school? Will we ever have all the answers?

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  • 16 / 20
    Perfecting The Online Humble Brag 

    People who are in their 20s are in a strange sort of limbo; they are adults, yet they are still somewhat looked down upon, since they are not always as mature or as settled as, say, a 35 or a 50-year-old.

    So when someone in this age group succeeds, they kind of have the right to brag (but humbly, of course).

    Share that promotion with friends! Post a picture of the flowers that you got! Take that selfie! Promote that original work! Life is about taking chances and seeing how far we can fly, so we have permission to share our success online.

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  • 15 / 20
    Having A Go-To Friend When Fun Is Needed

    Sometimes, though, we just need and want to have a good time, so we can relate to having that go-to friend... that person on speed dial... the one who will drop everything just so he/she can take us out and celebrate. We could be celebrating one of the promotions we previously mentioned, or we may just be glad we survived another Monday.

    Either way, every 20-something needs a fun friend for when it is time to let loose and time to live it up... and we may even be that friend, which is cool, too!

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    Promising To Meet Up For A Coffee Date
    We Heart It

    There are friends of all types during this time period, and there is always that person who we sort of know, who we may have had a class with, someone we used to be close to, a friend of a friend we run into at times.

    When we see this person, we hug and say hi, and then—without exception, every time, a coffee date is suggested.

    It is just the polite thing to do! We bring it up offhandedly, and they may even add us to their calendar. But will it actually happen?

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  • 13 / 20
    Cancelling Said Coffee Date To Stay In Bed

    The coffee date could happen, because who knows—this person could be a good friend or our next roommate or a good contact to have. However, they usually don’t happen, right?! Instead, we find ourselves canceling last minute. We may say something came up or that it’s that time of the month. And they may know that this is code for something else: we stayed in bed all day.

    We never changed out of our PJs. We feel fine. Actually, we feel great! Ooo, and now the pizza is here—even better!

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  • 12 / 20
    Binging An Entire Series In One Sitting

    Now, let’s really focus in on days like the above, days where we don’t move a muscle all day. When days like this occur, a 20-something could all of a sudden find themselves watching a show. It could be a new one that just dropped on Netflix or an oldie-but-goodie that has reruns playing on TV.

    And before we even know what has happened, we may have watched all of it—the entire series—in one sitting.

    This is nothing to be embarrassed by, though, because this time in life is for stuff just like this!

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  • 11 / 20
    Missing The Good Ol’ Days

    While Netflix and pizza make for a great weekend, and while bringing home the bacon certainly makes us feel accomplished, we do find ourselves missing the good ol’ days.

    Remember when we didn’t have to pay bills? Remember when we came home to find a meal waiting for us and our cartoons on the television? Remember when our biggest stress in life came from arguing over who was actually going to marry Aaron Carter? Yes, those days are behind us, and as Ke$ha has said, we wish someone had told us that we had it so great back then.

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  • 10 / 20
    Growing Apart From Friends 

    So, those friends that we enjoyed the playground with... Are we still friends with them? The answer here will vary, as many 20- to 29-year-old people find themselves growing apart from friends. This age group is not in high school any longer. These people finish school and move away.

    Roommates come and go, interests change, time flies by, and we may not be close with our old besties at all any longer!

    We have the memories, though, and we have the opportunity to meet new people, to have new friends, and to cherish new moments together.

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  • 9 / 20
    Truly Learning To Love Ourselves 
    She Knows

    Okay, so during this time in life, a person graduates, moves away and pretty much becomes an entirely new person. It is hard not to! New experiences, new locations, and new surroundings mold and shape people. Therefore, 20-somethings can relate to learning to love ourselves.

    Old mistakes are in the past, new information is gained, and we learn lessons, such as what we want, who we want to be with, how to survive, and why we are amazing. Did you hear that? We. Are. Amazing. All of us! And beautiful and cool and delightful...

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  • 8 / 20
    Dreaming Of Bucket List Vacation Trips
    Wanderlust Chronicles

    Let’s get a headcount for everyone who has dreamed of a luxurious vacation... Oh, everyone has, especially people in this age group! We watch movies like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and see places we would like to visit.

    We pin pins and double-click photos that show influencers soaking up the sun on some beach.

    We hear our parents talk about their recent trip to a rustic cabin. We want that! So we keep on making those bucket lists and planning our outfits for such trips, hoping that it will roll around at some point...

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  • 7 / 20
    Going To Desperate Measures To Save For Such Trips
    Huffington Post

    While making a bucket list and packing suitcases in our minds is great, those dreamy vacations can’t happen without money, which brings us to our next relatable point: have we mentioned that we wonder where our paycheck goes each month?!

    It can sometimes feel impossible to save up for a getaway (much less a house with a picket fence and 2.5 kids). But we buy piggy banks, we set up separate savings accounts, we do our own nails instead of going to a salon... all to try to scrimp and save!

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  • 6 / 20
    Then Spending Too Much Money On Takeout

    For some time, we may do well. We may see acceptable numbers in our accounts... but then the weekend rolls around again. We want a night in on Friday, so we grab takeout. We grab brunch with friends on Saturday, and that’s not free.

    We have a date on Sunday, so we at least have to buy gas, may split the check or could pay for the whole thing.

    And we are back to square one when it comes to planning for and actually going on this dream vacation we so desperately want and need.

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  • 5 / 20
    And Still Not Really Understanding Most Gadgets In Kitchens
    Four Princesses And The Cheese

    Want to know the real reason that many 20-somethings live off food from restaurants? Well, we haven’t really figured out the whole kitchen thing. When we have a friend get married and we look through the wedding registry, we are stumped by all the weird gadgets on there!

    What are they, and why would they be needed? It takes a lot of time and energy to cook, and while some people truly enjoy it, many young adults would rather pay someone to go to all that trouble for them instead.

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  • 4 / 20
    Looking For An Adultier Adult

    It was mentioned earlier that the period between 20 and 29 is like a limbo: not in school but not in a strong work position yet... not living at home but not paying all off bills yet... not a little kid but not sure how to function fully yet.

    That being said, someone in this age group may always or sometimes be searching for an "adultier" adult.

    What's an adultier adult? someone more qualified to cook, someone with more experience at work, and someone older who can change oil, pay the phone bill, and bring comfort when sick!

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  • 3 / 20
    Planning For The Future

    Yes, looking for an adultier adult is certainly something we have all been through and done, but face it... We are legally adults, and if we haven’t taken control of our lives, now is the time!

    The best way to start is by planning: grab a bullet journal in order to stay organized each day. Create a spreadsheet that has goals for the next year, two years, five years, and 10 years. Start a group text so everyone knows where the party is this weekend. It is all planning, and it is all necessary.

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  • 2 / 20
    Meeting Amazing New People
    Time Out

    One of the best parts of being in our 20s is meeting amazing new people. We have classes with people who are then in our weddings. We start working with people we date.

    We join organizations and associations to mingle with like-minded individuals.

    We go on social outings that allow us to meet unique souls who teach us incredible things. Even us introverts have to admit that the people we have met over the past couple of years were all pretty neat (well, most of them at least—the ones that matter anyway).

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    Living Life To The Fullest

    Some of us may relate to every point on this list. Others may have only identified with a few paragraphs. But what is super relatable to every 20-something?

    We know we must live life to the fullest. We can become boss babes and shine a light on our skills in order to reach our goals (and pay the rent). We can travel the world and meet new people. We can spend all weekend on the couch and then wake up on Monday with a hangover. We are old enough to be taking control of our lives yet still young enough to know that we deserve a good time... because being in our 20s is the best.

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