20 Selfies These Celebs Definitely Regret Posting

Back in the golden age of Hollywood's star-making, celebs used to keep their names in the paper by starring in about ten films a year and then being caught having affairs with costars (who also appeared in about ten films a year). These days, though, the biggest names in the world aren't even movie stars, they're more like celebrity selfie-influencers who got famous for posting ridiculous selfies on social media.

But even legit mega-celebs who have reached the highest heights thanks to true talent and hard work are now playing into the selfie game. The result, though, is that celebs are coming back down to Earth when their decision-making is clearly revealed to be just as bad, if not worse, than the rest of humanity—all because they post themselves in photos of their own creation.

Keep scrolling for 20 selfies these huge celebs definitely regret.

20 The Nicest Guy In Hollywood

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Tom Hanks recently took Hollywood on another emotional journey with his portrayal of Fred Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, proving yet again that he's the nicest guy in Hollywood. But in all seriousness, Hanks is way too cemented into his respectability and should definitely keep from taking selfies.

19 Michael Myers Says Hi

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In case anyone out there realized at the last minute that they'd forgotten to put together a Halloween costume, here is some inspiration in the form of reality star Vicky Pattison's face mask. Just put on a mask like this and go out in a mechanic's monkey suit: voila, Michael Myers working on his skincare routine!

18 Stefani, Is That You?

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Lady Gaga rarely gets caught out in the world without at least a quarter-inch of makeup on every visible square inch of skin. Under the effect, though, is a New Yorker named Stefani Germanotta who parlayed her incredible singing voice, artistic talents, and penchant for earned media coverage into a showstopping act that the world didn't even know it needed.

17 Selfies Suck

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"Kids these days," grandparents everywhere say, "Are all just taking selfies for Instagram or whatever all the time" as they scroll Facebook clicking on fake political ads targeting them from foreign nations. But even grown men clearly can't help but take a selfie every now and then, even if the results are as embarrassing as David Beckham immortalizing himself slurping on a smoothie.

16 Makeup-Free

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A recent trend that hit social media like a barn fire involved celebrities taking photos of themselves without makeup, presumably to reveal how much they still believe in their true appearances. Of course, the trend was a sham and plenty of celebs probably regret posting these pics, most of which were about as awkward as Kylie's above, attempting to hide obvious facial augmentations.

15 A Time And A Place

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Few haters would argue that Scarlett Johansson isn't one of the most desirable people on the planet, with the acting talent to match even shining through in the occasional role, as well. She seems to pick great movies to appear in, though her decision-making when taking this bathroom selfie definitely leaves a lot to be desired.

14 Is That Your Face?

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In all fairness, it takes a lot of guts to wear a t-shirt that's got a giant picture of your own face on it. And hey, Kylie Jenner probably does have actual guts beneath the synthetic exterior layer that at least a few doctors might still call "skin." But this selfie still goes a bit over-the-top, without a doubt.

13 Looking Like ET

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After a bit of a career slowdown, Drew Barrymore returned to the public eye in the screwball horror-comedy show Santa Clarita Diet, playing opposite Timothy Olyphant. On the show, her character discovers a way to stay looking and feeling great, though the actress herself certainly doesn't look so wonderful in this unfortunate selfie.

12 Put On Sunscreen

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Kim Kardashian might have led the world into today's era of rampant selfies and self-absorbed social media posting, but below that well-hewn exterior, she's just a person like anyone else. She even gets terrible sunburns like everyone else, as shown in this terrifying selfie she shared with the whole world.

11 Ugh Franco

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No one really likes James Franco, especially now that some pretty gnarly allegations have surfaced during the #MeToo movement. But even before it became clear that he's a creep, most people thought he was way too overindulgent in his surface-level intellectualism—as proven by this selfie, where he's clearly trying to keep his face looking like it did when he was, say, 17 or so.

10 Perfect Hair

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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous humans on the planet thanks to his skill on the soccer field, though he might also be one of the most divisive humans on the planet. Plenty of fans love his speed, ball handling, and goal-scoring prowess, while detractors say he's a self-absorbed primadonna who would rather fix his hair than play a second of defense to help his team win.

9 Afterglow

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Some celebs share selfies almost every hour of the day, whether it's a good idea or not. But the scattershot method typically results in at least a few dubious pics hitting the web, like this selfie of Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich where both look perfectly glowy—almost too glowy, in fact.

8 Traditional Royal Selfie

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The world stood still in May of 2018 when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married in St George's Chapel in the UK. Or, at least, anyone who actually cared about an outdated monarchical relic's social lives, that is. But the marriage was actually rather groundbreaking for multiple reasons that have since become a bit controversial, plus this silly royal selfie that's about as traditional as Bluetooth connectivity at a symphony.

7 Painted On

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It's impossible to put together a list of celebrity selfies without the Kardashians and Jenners popping up, especially Kim. But this selfie is probably one she looks back on with a bit of regret—her more recent aesthetic trends towards a bit more smoothness that (at least a tiny bit) points to natural skin when compared to the blatantly caked-on makeup job.

6 Kanye Loves Selfies

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might be perfect for each other (and not just because Kanye continues on the entire Kardashian clan's alliterative first-letter trend). But as much as Kim loves taking selfies and sharing them online, Kanye is just about the exact opposite and is often caught blatantly hating the fact that his picture is being taken.

5 Responsible Adults

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This selfie of Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore might have reunited the Charlie's Angels costars on screens the world over, but it's also a classic example of when not to take a picture. These two are in a car, yet still snapping a quick pic while closed-mouth grinning like Lucy Liu might be about to pop out at any moment.

4 High Rollers

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This selfie taken by Justin Timberlake definitely includes some musical royalty, with Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift all looking like they're having a good time. But JT might regret taking this pic because of the look on Queen B's face. Is that just awkward timing or is Beyonce feeling a little awkward during a night out?

3 For The Fans

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Justin Bieber's fanbase pretty much epitomizes the simplistic world of selfies, which makes all too much sense given the simplistic nature of his musical creations, which might be called "songs" when they include more than seven words. But given Bieber's recent marriage, he might regret snapping so many pics with young girls these days.

2 Smizing


One of the worst ways that selfies reveal just how twisted popular culture's expectations for beauty and appearances have become is that celebs like Ariana Grande are willing to share selfies like this. Is she purposefully "smizing" in a manner that would make Tyra Banks proud? Or is she actually smiling on the inside but her skin doesn't move enough to show it?

1 Role Models

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Whether they like it or not, celebrities have become role models for the world even more these days, thanks to the rise of social media. Some embrace their ability to affect people for good, while some seem unaware that they might be perpetuating seriously delusional aspects of cultural mores. Others, like Rihanna, clearly don't care at all, as evidenced by this highly dubious and regrettable selfie.

Sources: E! Online, Wikipedia, and IMDb.

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