20 Selfies Taken By People Who Should've Paid Attention To What Was In The Background

Aren’t selfies just great? You do not have to rely on somebody else's camera skills to get a good picture other than your own and as a plus, they can be taken anywhere. However, not everyone can take a good selfie. Some people are so self-obsessed that when they take a selfie, they forget about everything else in the background.

The worst selfies are the ones that end up having a flaw because of a weird background. What is worse is that most people do not tend to recognize these flaws and end up posting these selfies online for the world to see. Here are 20 selfies that will make you die of laughter or cringe really hard because the owners forgot to pay attention to their backgrounds.

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20 Lady In The Bathroom

Via: steemit.com

When one looks at this selfie posted on dailymail it is almost perfect, it shows a beautiful lady smiling at the camera but when you pay close attention to the background, the lady did not seem to be aware that the mirror reflection behind her revealed that she is sitting down on a toilet.

19 Boy Taking A Shower

Via: steemit.com

This team must have been celebrating a win and when they got to the changing room they decided to take a celebratory selfie without paying attention to the background. Instead, they ended up including a boy taking a shower in their selfie. Oh Boy! he must have been furious when he saw this.

18 Say Cheese

Via: steemit.com

This is probably the best photobomb of all time. As seen on steemit, two ladies were taking a selfie while lying down and little did they know there was a dog behind them trying to pause for the camera. The ladies should have paid more attention to what was in the background.

17 Dad With A Baby

Via: buzzfuse.net

This dad hoped to take an adorable selfie of him and his child, nonetheless he failed to factor in what was in the background; a dog going number two. Dad, however, shared the photo without realizing that his child’s head looked like it was coming out of the dog’s backside as buzzfuse points out.

16 Mirror selfie

Via: boredpanda.com

Every selfie lover should watch out for mirrors in the background. As seen on buzzfuse, Lana here was taking a cute selfie near a mirror and shared it online. Unfortunately, the mirror reflection spelled out an unfortunate word which people found hilarious and could not stop commenting and sharing it.

15 No Pants, Oops!

Via: boredpanda.com

This is another reason why people should look out for mirrors in the background before taking a selfie. As seen on twentytwowords, this guy was trying to act all cool and ended up sharing with the world this selfie. A mirror reflection revealed that he was only wearing a leather jacket with no pants on.

14 Sound Asleep

Via: buzzfuse.net

People are obsessed with making others believe someone else is taking photos of them while they sleep, but in reality, this is not the case. As shared on buzzfuse, this guy shared this selfie of himself sound asleep, the only thing he forgot to check was his background. There was a mirror reflection showing him taking the pic with his legs. At least he has a cool skill.

13 No Photos Please

Via: buzzfuse.net

This dude shared this selfie online and captioned, “My Girlfriend is always trying to sneak pics of me!!!” but forgot to check his background and was caught in a lie. The guy was taking the selfie next to a car which mirrored him taking the photo himself and not his “girlfriend” as purported.

12 Privacy, Please!

Via: twentytwowords.com

Bathroom selfies are trending nowadays hence why these two ladies decided to take a cool selfie and share it with the world, as seen on twentytwowords. Unfortunately, they did not pay close attention to their background and ended up exposing a guy sitting on a toilet. At least he saw them and tried shutting the door but it was too late.

11 Thirsty Much?

Via: twentytwowords.com

This girl took this cute selfie of her back tattoos and shared it online without concentrating on her background. As seen on twentytwowords, there was a mirror reflection showing a dog busy quenching its thirst in the toilet bowl, poor dog, we wish the girl could just pose for a second and attend to the thirsty animal before snapping the pic.

10 Photobombed

Via: popsugar.com

Even celebrities sometimes do not pay close attention to their backgrounds when snapping a pic. Here rapper 50 Cent and Naomi Campbell were taking a selfie when a lurking Leonardo DiCaprio photobombed their photo. According to popsugar, when 50 shared the photo he added a caption, “I get photobombed by the hottest people in the world.”

9 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Via: theclever.com

Another one caught in a lie. This girl pretended that someone else was taking her photo while she was in the bathroom and she was trying to block the view. Looking at it, this could have been a good shot, unfortunately, the mirror behind her told us a different story as seen on theclever.

8 No Treat For You!

Via: boredpanda.com

As seen on boredpanda, this lady was overjoyed with her ice cream treat and forgot to get some for her dog and when she decided to take a selfie, the dog did not share in on her joy. Looks like she is going to have competition for her ice cream cone judging by the dog’s face in the background.

7 Duck Face Pause

Via: brobible.com

Twitter user @_shelbizzle tried to take a cute selfie doing the duck lip in front of a mirror but forgot to pay attention to her filthy room. The selfie was widely shared on Twitter with hilarious comments. According to brobible, people were wondering whether she was using clothes as blinds for the window.

6 Pool Selfie

Via: twentytwowords.com

This girl decided to take a selfie by the pool and forgot to pay attention to what was in the background. She ended up capturing a man who looked like he was flying but in reality, was diving in the pool as seen on twentyteowords. So much for a perfect shot.

5 Looking Dapper

Via: awesomeinventions.com

What’s with animals quenching their thirst in toilet bowls? As seen on awesomeinventions, this guy was looking dapper in a white suit and decided to snap a selfie of himself before he stepped out. He was so self-obsessed and forgot to pay attention to what was happening in the background.

4 Not Cute

Via: smalljoys.me

A girl decided to snap a bathroom selfie not looking at the camera and shared it online. She was not too keen on what her background was and ended up sharing a pic of her undies as seen on smalljoys. We are almost certain if she had seen it before, she would not have shared the pic.

3 A Cold Awakening

Via: cloudfront.net

Nowadays people take selfies almost everywhere and this girl decided to pull a rockstar pose in a grocery store as seen on kiwireport. What she did not see in her background was a child who seemed to be trapped inside a freezer and was trying to get someone’s attention. We just hope he or she got out before freezing to death.

2 Man’s Best Friend

Via: cloudfront.net

Sometimes it is not always the animals that create funny selfie mistakes. As seen on kiwireport this man was trying to take a selfie with his dog and instead ended up capturing a woman trying to make memories of her own. At least the dog did not seem too bothered with the photo bomber.

1 Party Too Much

Via: cloudfront.net

These ladies dressed up and as they were on their way to have some fun decided to snap a selfie. They really should have paid more attention to what was happening in their background. This photo posted on socialgazette, shows a girl behind them facing consequences of maybe parting too hard

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