15 Secrets We Will Never Reveal To Having Tried

What will you admit to doing and would you admit to doing it publicly? We all have our dirty little secrets and some of us might even think that we are the only ones or one of the few who do these things, but it is time to fess up and just admit it. It doesn't matter if you portray yourself as a well mannered woman or a true girly girl, we have all done at least one of the things on this list of secrets.

But not to worry. You don’t have to come right out and admit below that, yes, you love popping your blackheads or your boyfriend’s blackheads. There is no checklist for the things you do in front of the mirror when you are home alone. All you have to do is give a simple nod and quietly agree with “been there and done that.”

We all love our little secrets and it doesn't matter just how gross or silly they really are.

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15 Peeing in the Shower

Let’s pretend you are in the shower and have to pee. Do you hold it until you are out of the shower or do you cross your fingers and hope no one finds out that you are peeing in the shower? Singer Kelly Clarkson openly admits she has peed in the shower and Madonna openly recommends peeing in the shower to fight off athlete’s foot, so you might as well admit to peeing in the shower at least once or, maybe, twice in your life.

Glamour reports that there is absolutely no harm in peeing in the shower. Besides your friends acting like you are doing something gross (even though they do it, too), there are no hygiene issues to peeing in the shower. Besides, the water from your shower and your toilet all wind up in the same sewer or septic system together.

14 Shoplifting

Winona Ryder got caught doing it. Lindsay Lohan pleaded “no contest” to it. Kim Richards also allegedly did it. What is it that these women did, you may be wondering. Shoplifting.

According to a report by the New York Post, shoplifting incidents are pretty high among the wealthy. Oftentimes, it is the shoppers who visit the store the most that feel entitled to steal a little of this and that because they spend so much at the store already. They view it as “gifting” themselves.

For the rest of us, shoplifting often happens by accident, such as when we get home from the grocery store and realize that a certain item wasn’t rung up on the receipt or we walk out of the store with an unpaid item still in the cart. Do we stop what we’re doing and run the item back to the store to pay for it properly? Probably not. It’s a “freebie” and a “gift” to us for having just spent our entire paycheck there.

13 Nose Picking

Do you dig for gold? What do you do when there is a bat in the cave? Good girls don’t pick their noses (publicly), but all girls know that as soon as the door is shut and no one’s around, the pointer finger is up and ready to do some serious mining up the nose hole.

Of course, if you are royalty or famous, you don’t have to worry about hiding your nose picking. There are numerous photographs of the Queen of England picking her nose in full view of the public. Halle Berry, Leann Rimes, Kate Hudson, and even Jennifer Lopez have also been caught on camera with a finger up their nose. No doubt, if anyone cared to follow any of us around with a camera, we would be added to that collection of “women who pick their noses.”

12 Shaving Our Toes

Are you part hobbit? That’s what my mother asked me one day when I was twelve and walking around barefoot. She was referring to the few scraggly hairs on my big toes. After over 20 years of plucking those babies out, they stopped growing and, if it weren’t for this article, I would never admit that I used to shave and pluck my toe hairs.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), I am not the only woman who has had to go through life checking for toe hairs. They are called androgenic hairs and they start showing up on women around puberty. Men have them, too, but they don’t have to shave theirs. Lucky buggers.

11 Watching Adult Movies

Don’t bother saying you have never watched an adult movie because no one is going to believe you. We have all done it at some point in our lives, whether it was with a boyfriend or while hanging out with friends on a boring afternoon. And everyone, from the X Generation on down to the Z Generation, has “stumbled” across the stuff while cruising the internet. So why shouldn’t we admit to it?

Besides, there is an entire industry geared towards women viewers. They provide women with softer adult movies (the ones have attempt to actually have a plot) and the industry is booming. Just look at how much money the Fifty Shades of Grey movie brought in during opening week - over $100 million in the U.S. alone.

10 Using His Razor on Our Lady Parts

You weren’t planning on spending the night at his place, but it happens. Now he wants to head out with you for a late breakfast and you really need to take a shower. Once you are in his man shower (and you’ve got to admit men’s showers are set up pretty sparse), you realize you don’t even have your razor with you. Do you keep the stubbles and hope he doesn’t notice them or do you reach for his razor? Admit it. Unless his razor is looking incredibly gunky, you are going to shave with you. First your armpits, then your legs, and then, lo and behold, your bikini area. He’ll never know.

WebMD tells us this is a huge no-no. Infections can be passed on by sharing a razor, from jock itch to general warts. There are all sorts of germs hanging out between the blades of a razor. Also, razor blades should be replace after five to ten uses. If he is keeping track of when to change his blade, you could wind up leaving him with a dull blade.

9 Taking Laxatives

Anything related to the bathroom is generally a taboo topic, especially when it comes to taking laxatives. In spite of the looks of distaste some people make when they hear the word, about 47 percent of women have admitted to taking laxatives as part of their diet, according to Daily Mail.

Continuous use of laxatives can cause health problems, but many have tried taking them as a way to kick off a few pounds and eliminate a hefty meal they might have eaten. All laxatives really do for weightless is eliminate water weight which is quickly gained back.

Instead of taking laxatives, do that other taboo thing that no one will admit to and drink a glass of prune juice.

8 Pee Standing Up

Have you ever been on a long road trip and just wished you could pull over to pee like one of the guys? If you are like the rest of us, you have and, though you are unlikely to admit it, you’ve probably looked into or even tried peeing standing up.

Jennifer Lawrence, the actress who played Mystique in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ had to wear a full body suit for the movie. With no way to take off the costume to pee, she started using a Go Girl. The Go Girl is on of several devices on the market that allow women to pee while standing. The device is funnel shaped and you can purchase a reusable or disposable funnels for those times when the only option is to stand and pee. It sure beats getting caught in the squat position beside the road.

7 Teeth Picking With an Earring

You just had lunch at a nice restaurant and you are now in the public bathroom checking out your teeth. There’s a bit of spinach stuck between your front teeth and you can’t use your freshly manicured nails to get it out. What do you do? You reach for the next best thing: your earring. Yeah, it’s kind of gross, but you can’t go around talking to people with green stuff sticking out of your teeth. If you are not wearing earring, then you move on to the next best thing, such as a bobby pin or a hair barrette. If your in your car, you might also reach for that straw sitting in that soda cup from yesterday. Whatever works, right?

6 Shower Head Fun

When it comes time to buying a new shower head, you are front and center in the aisle, checking out the best hand held nozzles with the most spray power selections. Sure, we say it is for our hair and that other setting feels great between the toes, but come on! We all know what’s is driving your choice in shower heads.

Then there are those times when you rent a new apartment and discover that it already has the perfect hand held shower head installed. There’s a leap of excitement in your brain and suddenly you are planning out your free time, alone, in the shower because shaving legs and armpits takes a lot of time and concentration.

5 Digging Out Ingrown Hairs

It is a dirty little secret that most women share: we love finding an ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs represent some strange form of a preening challenge to us and as soon as we spot one, it is time to operate. Out come the tweezers and, if that doesn’t work, a sewing needle. We savor every minute it takes for us to carefully, delicately, work out that ingrown hair. Then we give it a good yank and remove the hair entirely. A sense of victory overwhelms us. We are in control. Oorah!

4 Burping Real Loud

When we are home alone, all bets are off and the good girl manners fly out the window. Belching suddenly becomes an art as you rip out loud burp after burp. You smile to yourself know that if your boyfriend heard you, he’d either pass out from the shock or he’d be jealous knowing you can burp louder than he can.

We ladies don’t like to admit we do these things, but truth be told, when we are lone we do all sorts of things the guys will never know about.

3 Sexy Photoshoot When Alone

This is probably one of the more embarrassing things we do when we have a moment to ourselves. We pose in front of the mirror. We practice our sexy, come hither look and our aloof, I don’t care look. We’ll twiddle with our clothing, seeing how we look with a tank top strap resting casually over a shoulder and, yes, we check out our butts. Still got some perk there!

Fact is, we want to look sexy and we want to look our best, even though most of the poses we make are, in all honestly, kind of funny looking.

2 Fake Phone Conversations

You know that moment when you see someone across the room and you go into an instant panic because you definitely do NOT want to talk to that person. As soon as he makes eye contact with you, you quickly reach for your phone, turn it on, and hold it up to your ear. Even though there is no one at the other end of the line, you begin talking. It’s an important phone call (wink wink) and you have to step outside. As soon as you are out the door, you stop talking and put your phone away. It was the perfect escape as long as no one noticed you were talking to your screensaver.

1 Home Alone and Naked

Work is done for the day and as you walk into your apartment, the clothes start coming off. First, it’s the shoes and then the awful bra. But that’s not enough. The place is yours and no one is there. It’s time for everything to come off.

The guys might be thinking “oh yeah,” but really, we aren’t being sexy at all (which is why we don’t tell the guys about it). We’re just lounging about. Maybe we’ll go into the kitchen and grab some food out of the freezer, zap on the microwave, and lay on the couch to eat in front of the tv. Sometimes we just go right to bed and just sprawl out, enjoying the comfort and freedom being naked gives us. Whatever the reason, we ladies love being home, alone, and naked.

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