20 Secrets Eddie Murphy Doesn't Want You To Know About His Many Baby Mamas

Eddie Murphy is known for his comedic brilliance and he has held many memorable roles over the years. But his personal life is perhaps even more fascinating than his day job because he is a father of ten children (with more potentially on the way), who he shares with five baby mamas.

He first became a father in the late ‘80s, and it wasn’t long before he became a father again (his first two children are incredibly close in age, separated by only a few months). Twenty years later, and he’s still raising babies, despite being almost 60. Below are 20 things to know about the women who Eddie Murphy has fathered children with, and while some of them prefer to keep a low-profile, others are incredibly well-known.

20 There Are Five Baby Mamas, And Eddie’s First Child Was Born To Paulette McNeely

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Eddie Murphy is a funny man, but he also loves the ladies because he has ten children, with five different baby mamas. He became a first-time father in the late ‘80s when his son Eric Murphy was born (on July 10, 1989). People notes that Eric’s mother is Paulette McNeely, and despite being the first baby mama, she is arguably the least well-known.

19 Eric Is Eddie’s Oldest Child, But His Mom Is Never Spoken About In The Media And Is A Mystery

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Eric Murphy is Eddie Murphy’s oldest child but little is known about his parents' relationship. The New York Post notes that out of the five women that Eddie shares children with, his first baby mama, Paulette McNeely, is the “shyest,” and little is known about her. Their relationship was also very brief.

18 Nicole Murphy Is Eddie’s Ex-Wife And Mother To Five Of His Children

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Nicole Murphy was Eddie Murphy’s first (and currently only) wife, and the pair married in 1993. But even before their wedding, they had started a family together, with their first child, Bria Murphy, born on Nov. 18, 1989, People reports — Bria’s birth was just months after her half-sibling, Eric.

17 Nicole Is A Model, And She Started On This Path As A Teen

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Nicole Murphy is a model, and Heavy notes that this is something she has been doing since she was 14. She won a modeling competition and was signed to Ford Modeling Agency.

As for her link to Eddie Murphy? According to The Sun, Nicole and Eddie met in 1988 at an NAACP Image Awards show.

16 She Also Has Beautiful Daughters Who She Shares A Close Bond With (They Even Travel Together)

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Nicole Murphy and Eddie Murphy had five children during their relationship (one son, and four daughters), and she appears to be very close to her children. Nicole and her daughters have even gone on holiday together.

She is also famous in her own right and has over 900,000 followers on social media.

15 Baby Mama No. 3 Is Tamara Hood, And She Gave Birth To A Son, Christian, One Year After Nicole Gave Birth To Her First Child

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Although Eddie Murphy later went on to marry Nicole Murphy, in between the birth of their first child and their marriage, he became a father for a third time, this time to a son, Christian Murphy.

Christian was born on Nov. 29, 1990 (roughly a year after Bria was born) to Tamara Hood.

14 Tamara And Christian Are Close, And He Has Celebrated Her For Making Him The Man He Is Today

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Tamara Hood and her son, Christian, have a close bond and he celebrated her on Mother’s Day in 2018, posting a photo of the two of them. In the caption, he thanked his mom for making him the man he is, and told her he loved her “to the moon and back!”

13 And That Man Is Someone Who Has Tried His Luck At Acting, Just Like His Famous Father

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Like his father, Christian Murphy has also expressed an interest in acting, although he is nowhere near as well-known as Eddie, and his IMDB page pales in comparison. According to IMDB, he has appeared in a 2011 film, Cougar’s Inc, alongside Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland, as well as an episode of The Shield.

12 Mel B Has Stated That It Was Love At First Sight For Her And Eddie Murphy

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Mel B is a mama to Angel Murphy, who was conceived during her brief relationship with Eddie Murphy. The former couple was linked in 2006, and despite a bitter split, Mel B later had nothing but nice things to say about her time with Murphy in her memoir (via Daily Mail).

“The moment I laid eyes on him it was as if a 2,000-volt electric current had passed between us,” she wrote of their first meeting.

11 Because Of Her Spice Girl Status, This Has Also Been Eddie’s Most High-Profile Romance

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Mel B is, of course, one part of the five-member band, The Spice Girls, and therefore was Eddie Murphy’s most high-profile relationship. Although the pair were not together for a particularly long time, there was a lot of emotion involved, with Mel B writing in her memoir (via Daily Mail) that she “experienced some cosmic lovestruck moment” with Murphy.

10 But Things Soured Between Them And They Were Involved In A Bitter Paternity Battle For Their Daughter, Angel

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But it wasn’t all rainbows and love ballads for Mel B and Eddie Murphy, and after they split he publicly questioned Angel’s paternity. What followed was a bitter battle between the two, with a DNA test finally proving that he was indeed the girl’s father. They also later made a deal regarding child support, Daily Mail notes.

9 It’s Been Years Since Mel B Was Linked To Eddie, But She’s Recently Referred To Him As Her ‘Soulmate’

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Mel B has also expressed that her relationship with Eddie Murphy was truly something special. In an interview with Piers Morgan’s Life Stories (via Express) she spoke about their relationship and referred to the actor as her “soulmate.” She also stated that she had never felt that way with anybody else.

8 Eddie Murphy’s Most Recent Baby Mama Is Model Paige Butcher And They Have Two Kids


The most recent woman to hold Eddie Murphy’s attention is Paige Butcher, and according to The Sun, the couple has been in a relationship since 2012. They also have two children; their first was a daughter, Izzy Ooan, who was born in 2016, and then in 2018, they welcomed their second child, a son named Max Charles.

7 When The Pair First Got Together, Paige Made It Clear She Was Serious About Eddie, And Deleted All Her Social Media Accounts

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Paige Butcher wants to keep her private life out of the public eye, and she feels it’s important to limit her interaction with the public. When she and Eddie Murphy first got together, she proved how serious she was about him by deleting all of her social media accounts, and according to The Sun, she did this because she wanted to “keep as much private as possible.”

6 Wedding Bells Are In Paige Butcher And Eddie Murphy’s Future Because They Are Currently Engaged

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Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher appear to be very happy together, and they are also considering marriage in the future — this would make her his second wife. In September of 2018, the couple made headlines after it was announced that they got engaged, a rep for the pair confirmed the news to People.

5 Nicole Murphy’s Celebrity Connection Landed Her On The VH1 Show, ‘Hollywood Exes’

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Nicole Murphy’s relationship history has also helped her land a spot on the VH1 show, Hollywood Exes.

Heavy notes that she appeared in three seasons of the series and was also an executive producer. In addition to Eddie Murphy, Nicole also had a relationship with Michael Strahan, and the pair were engaged for five years before calling time on their relationship.

4 And Fans May Recognize Her Daughter, Shayne Audra, Who Also Featured On The Show

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Nicole Murphy is not the only member of the family to appear on Hollywood Exes, because so too has her daughter, Shayne Audra — she is Murphy’s fifth child, and was born in 1994.

According to People, Shayne has appeared on Hollywood Exes with her model mama and older sister, Bria.

3 Little Is Known About Tamara Hood, But She Made Headlines When She Sued A Production Company Over An Idea

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Not much is known about Tamara Hood (baby mama No. 3) but she has made headlines for a lawsuit she filed against a production company for the idea behind the show, Hollywood Exes, which according to the New York Post, she claimed they got from her. Interestingly, this is also the show that Nicole Murphy has featured on.

2 Paige Is Loving Motherhood, But She’s Also Close To Eddie’s Other Children (This Is One Big, Happy Family)

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Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy may be headed down the aisle in the near future, so it’s great to know that she has established a relationship with his other children. An insider told People that the couple is “all about family,” but also commented on how “Paige is very close to Eddie’s kids.”

1 She’s Also 19 Years Eddie Murphy’s Junior (But For Eddie, It Seems Age Is But A Number For Relationships... And Children)

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Eddie Murphy is in a long-term relationship with Paige Butcher, and it seems that age is but a number for the couple because she is 18 years his junior. Although Paige has decided to keep her relationship private, an insider told People that they are “a very special and happy family.”

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