20 Rules The Stranger Things Cast Has To Follow To Stay On The Show

Big hair, tight pants, Demogorgons, bikes, The Mind Flayer... I can just go on with the things that got stuck in my mind for being a big fan of Stranger Things.

Since its debut in 2016, no one could get enough of the five adorably courageous kids who are always up for some alien interaction. The Duffer Brothers brought us back to the 80s with their magnum opus. According to Nielsen, in just 4 days, there were 19.7 million viewers for the first episode of the 3rd season of Stranger Things and 824,000 binge-watched the entire season in just one day. And this is just based from TV sets! 20 million viewers watched the show on different platforms like tablets, phones, and computers! This is the kind of massive impact Stranger Things has and we're going to take a look at what rules the cast had to follow to stay on the show.

20 Keep The Plot Under Lock And Key

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After the first and second season of Stranger Things, Netflix has taken precautions to the highest level. To prevent leaks of the plot, the cast members had to be 100% careful of spilling anything during interviews. Actress Francesca Reale who plays a newbie lifeguard told Cinemablend, "Basically they just sent a massive sheet to all of us saying what we can and can't say and what we should refrain from talking about."

19 Don't Show Up On Set Wearing Makeup

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This definitely wouldn't have been a problem for the guys but for the women on set, it posed a much larger issue. According to TheBinger, Millie Bobby Brown was the reason this rule had to be strictly followed after she showed up on set completely covered in glitter. It took an additional 45 minutes to prep her for her character, Eleven, and delayed the day's filming.

18 A Haircut Is Not Allowed

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This rule goes for everyone , but with more emphasis on Joe Kerry who plays Steve Harrington a.k.a "The Hair." According to TheBinger, he said in an interview that his hair was overgrown and gravity-defying even before he was cast on the show. Well, it all turned out for the best! With the 80s theme, his big, beautiful locks must remain this way for as long he plays Steve.

17 They Can't Get Too Muscular

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Since Stranger Things is set during the 80s, Netflix and the Duffer Brothers are very particular with the cast members' physique so they don't want any of them to be hard-bodied. According to TheBinger, Dacre Montgomery who plays Billy Hargrove, was told that his body didn't fit the theme so he changed his diet and added a few pounds, given the fact that he just came from his previous role in Power Rangers as Jason, the Red Ranger.

16 Beware Of Schedule Conflicts

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Given the intense filming schedule of Stranger Things, adjusting to accommodate the schedule of actors just wasn't possible. According to TheBinger, Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike Wheeler almost had to give up on the Netflix series to film for IT. Incidentally, there was a 1-year delay on the production of Stranger Things so Finn was able to do both.

15 Advance Screening Videos Were Password-Protected

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In the filming industry, they have these so-called "screeners" which are advance screenings that are normally sent to critics, voters, or award-giving bodies. According to TheBinger, to make sure no one would accidentally leak anything, it was password-protected and in case a leak happens, Netflix can trace it back to the leaker.

14 Be Mindful Of Social Media Posts

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Social media can be a good platform to share and connect with fans but for the actors, one wrong move can result in losing their job. According to TheBinger, the actors are restricted from posting any pictures from the set as another measure to prevent plots from leaking. With the massive fanbase of the cast, who wouldn't be extremely careful?

13 Mobile Phones Are Not Allowed On Set

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According to TheBinger, the actors were routinely reminded about posting on social media and as an extra precaution, some producers strictly did not allow the actors to use their mobiles on set. Well, the cast was probably too busy to even notice they haven't used their phones the entire day so this must've been less excruciating for them (or maybe not).

12 No Bad Mouthing Co-Stars

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This should be a rule in any professional environment since it wouldn't do any good for anyone to say anything negative about whom they're working with. According to TheBinger, every once in a while, the cast members are reminded to avoid saying bad comments about people they work with.

11 Get Comfortable In 80s Clothes

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It may seem like the 80s is an era of comfortable clothes but the material of jeans during that period of time were anything but comfortable. According to TheBinger, Joe Keery said in an interview that the jeans were super tight but prior to filming, he trained six weeks to look like a swimmer for his character (or so he thought). It turned out that the Duffer Brothers re-wrote his character though Joe Keery didn't regret the training since he could perfectly fit into those tight pants.

10 Be An Alien By Resembling E.T.

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Did you know that Eleven was modeled after E.T.? The Duffer Brothers are big fans of the 1982 movie so they added a touch of that into Stranger Things. Per Mental Floss, Millie Bobby Brown said, "The Duffer Brothers told me that the performance that they wanted me to resemble was E.T. and that relationship between E.T. and the kids...Matt and Ross were like 'Basically you’re going to be an alien.'"

9 Prepare To Keep Losing Your Voice

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I'm always bouncing off the walls whenever a new season is released on Netflix. And I've seen that from season one to three, screaming has always been a part of the hype so I can imagine the cast losing their voice once in a while. Per Grunge, Millie said, "I lost my voice five times, five different times throughout the eight months of filming."

8 Lose The British Accent

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Did you know that Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan Byers, is actually British? The poor boy had to completely hide his accent to be effective in his role! Charlie had a tough time with one scene in particular that he had to say many times and guess what? Her biggest challenge was to say, "Nancy" in American accent. Producer Shawn Levy told Vulture, "He probably screams that name 50 times in the season. So we would occasionally have to re-record Jonathan's dialogue to make his 'Nancy' pronunciations more American."

7 Get Ready To Eat Cold Burger And Fries

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In an interview with Bon Appetit, Brown expressed that the burgers and fries scene was the worst day in the world. She said, "I had to stuff my face with cold fries. They were so greasy. I had like three burgers, and I'd put them in my mouth, and they were cold. I was like, are you kidding me? I had a cup beside me, and I would say 'Eleven,' and then I would spit the burger into the cup and come back up."

6 Get Ready To Be Pranked

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The Duffers and the costume designer received their share of epic pranks pulled off by Millie Brown and Noah Schnapp. After all, they're kids. But then the Duffers themselves also pulled a not so acceptable prank on Noah's mom. Per Entertainment Weekly, they said, "We immediately took Noah's mom aside, told her we had something to show her, and led her into a dark closet where we had propped up this frighteningly realistic corpse of her son."

5 Be Prepared To Film At The Site Of A Real Murder

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The mall where Stranger Things 3 was filmed, was actually the site of a gruesome murder that happened 5 months before the filming. Per Dread Central, a body of a man who had been dead for two weeks was found in a vacant Subway restaurant inside the mall. This must've been the most hair-raising filming experience for the cast!

4 Be Prepared For Unscripted Kiss

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Sadie Sink and Caleb McLaughlin, both had no idea they were going to have an onscreen kiss. Per Indiewire, Ross Duffer was just kidding at first but went ahead and included the kissing scene for real. He said to Sadie, “You reacted so strongly to this — I was just joking — and you were so freaked out that I was like, ‘Well, I gotta make her do it now’… that’s what happened, that’s why I’m saying it’s your fault.”

3 Get Used To The Spotlight

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After Stranger Things debuted in 2016, the five young stars of the show were bombarded with much attention. Teen Vogue asked them about how they felt and Noah Schnapp said, "I went to camp and I came back, and I saw that people from across the world were watching the show, and everyone was interacting with us on social media. I was happy and amazed by how far the show had gone."

2 Read Lines From Stephen King's 'Stand By Me'

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Per Collider, the Duffers auditioned 1000 child actors by reading lines from Stephen King's "Stand by Me." It's about a group of boys who embarked in an adventure to find a dead body in the woods. The fact that the five main cast got their role out of many who auditioned just goes to show how perfect they are for their character!

1 Float In A Pool With Over 1200 Pounds Of Epsom Salt

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There was a very cool but simple effect during season one. In an episode where the group built a sensory deprivation tank to find will in the upside down, Eleven looked cool when she floated. The Duffers told Entertainment Weekly, "We followed Mr. Clarke’s instructions to a tee: Over 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt were dissolved into the kiddie pool."

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