20 Rules The Olsen Twins Make Their Staff Follow

Those adorable Tanner twins are all grown up and now, and they're pretty strange. The girls who went from being the youngest producers before they even reached their preteens are now the 11th richest female duo in the world.

With that lifestyle, of course, comes responsibility and with responsibility, people to help shoulder it. The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, are no strangers to hiring a full staff to help support the heft of their lofty endeavors.

They own several fashion brands including The Row, Elizabeth and James, and their Mary-Kate and Ashley line. They've set up shop across the country from New York to L.A. and seemingly have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Mary-Kate has tried her hand at the acting scene as an adult as well, adding to their notoriety... But fans won't catch these two on social media in the near future or likely, ever.

While they're still known worldwide, the two value their privacy more than anything, claiming their past has plenty to do with their reasoning. Despite their personal wishes, they still own some fairly major corporations—including Dualstar Entertainment—and, well, people talk. Here are the facts we know about those who are closest to them!

20 Until 2015, Payroll Was Not Allowed To Pay Their Interns


Mary-Kate and Ashley faced some legal troubles when a former intern decided to sue them for being overworked and underpaid... Well, not paid at all. The class-action lawsuit was deemed as ridiculous by the twins as well as the director of The Row.

While the suit favored the intern and the company was instructed to pay her for her time (roughly 50 hours per week), it was not commonplace to do so. Several other interns came forward, stating that the work was really no different than any other fashion internship considering the things that are expected for such a brand.

19 Social Media Is Off The Table, And Fans Have No Access


Time and time again, the twins have made it known that they do not believe in social media for any reason. Unlike their fellow celebs who learn to live in the spotlight, Mary-Kate and Ashley prefer to be as private as possible, and that goes for those who work with them as well.

Their fashion brands have one link to social media, which serves the purpose of further the business only, and the rest is radio silence. Neither of them has or has plans to create any type of personal virtual connection. LinkedIn is about as close as fans will get to their staff as well, who uphold the twins' wishes.

18 Noise Levels Must Be Kept To A Minimum In Offices


During the intern drama, one intern who spoke up claimed that the work environment at The Row, Mary-Kate and Ashley's fashion line, is a bit... military. It's said of the offices that one could "hear a pin drop," it's so silent. While this keeps in-line with their slightly standoff-ish nature, it's certainly not what you'd expect from a fashion office, let alone one based in New York City.

It's safe to say, from the accounts of interns, that this is most definitely a place where work gets done and is done with the utmost focus. At least, if pure and unhindered silence is your thing.

17 Respect Is Earned, Not Given: A Rule The Olsen Twins Stand By


If you're an employee at The Row, it's unlikely that you'll have the chance to befriend Mary-Kate and Ashley. The same intern who went to the law to be compensated for her work stress claims that while they seem nice enough, they're definitely not the chatty type.

The twins are on the creative board for their fashion line (of course), but they're strictly business—attend meetings, network, ensure that things are moving along flawlessly, and then they're off for the weekend. To them, it would seem that staff is staff—there to do a job, do it well, and bring success to all who work for The Row. It's not a bad way of getting things done, really.

16 Their Workplace Is Demanding, According To Designer Steve Madden


Steve Madden was lucky enough to collab with the twins in recent years (or perhaps they were lucky enough to collab with him?) for the Superga sneaker. Upon being asked about their work ethic, Madden responded by saying that they're unbelievably serious about what they do, want things when they want them, and require them to be done exactly how they want them.

While Madden admitted that he, himself, is a bit immature, he claimed the twins are the exact opposite, which creates a successful yet demanding work environment. This would explain their wild success so far. We just hope they've learned how to take vacations since then.

15 Security Is Hired To Keep A Watchful Eye On Their Apartments 24/7


All celebs have security; where there are fame and fortune, there will always be people trying to squirm their way into the spotlight. This is no different for the Olsen twins, who have security parked outside of their living spaces 24/7. This wouldn't be so crazy if it didn't mean that the entire street would be on a 24/7 neighborhood watch.

When compared to other celebs who live in the area, neighbors don't hesitate to make the claim that the Olsen twins are by far the most obtrusive when it comes to their personal security. As you can imagine, this has not led to a happy symbiotic life between neighbor and celebrity.

14 Neighbors Must Not See Them When They Leave The House


It's true—before the twins enter and exit their respective buildings, their personal security has been know to ask neighbors to vacate the premises. Those sitting on front stoops or loitering around the entrance have been asked to make themselves scarce, and the request has a habit of turning once-friendly neighbors into frenemies.

These accounts have been held up by those who live in the same building as well as near the lavish apartments the twins have in either city, and it doesn't look like this is changing anytime soon. Security is hired to do a job, but that doesn't mean they won't be rude about it.

13 Rather Than Talk To Fans, Staff Is Hired To Talk To Fans For Them


It must be draining to be a celebrity, what with all the meet and greets they have to do—oh, wait. The Olsen twins, as stated before, are serious when it comes to their personal lives. Not only do they refuse to talk about their childhood or their personal lives, period, but they also refuse to talk to fans.

At events, coming into contact with them is less of a meet and greet and more of a silent hand-off. Staff is hired to talk to fans and it's made clear that formalities are a must. We'd imagine it's tough for them to segue from their younger acting lifestyle when they're trying to make a name for themselves in the fashion industry, but it doesn't mean fans won't be fans.

12 They Encourage Staff To Wear The Clothes They Design


Despite their relatively cool nature, the twins do encourage the staff to do positive things. Leading a company is about more than encouraging success: it's about making sure that your employees feel that they can be successful, too. One way the twins do this is by encouraging their staff at The Row to actually wear the clothing they're putting out.

It's their belief that the only way you really know if something is good is by giving it a test drive and in this case, that means actually wearing the clothes. This method seems to work considering they haven't had any unsuccessful ventures yet.

11 Melrose Place Staff Must Keep Towels On Hand For Swimming Shoppers


Interestingly enough, the twins have a store in Melrose Place, California. That's not the interesting tidbit, though. The part that gets us is that this store has an actual swimming pool for paying customers, you know, just in case anyone feels the need to take a dip before they dive into a purchase.

While many of the things sold at this store would take up one month's rent for most of us, it's only fitting that shoppers of the Melrose Place location have their own personal pool, lounge area, and, of course, towels available at a moment's notice, according to the staff.

10 Bodyguards Must Follow Them, But At A Distance


It's not surprising that the twins have been known to get a bit out there, with Mary-Kate being the wilder of the two. Just because they have security with them at all times doesn't mean they never let loose and have done so in several nightclubs in their earlier days.

In one instance, Mary-Kate actually requested that her bodyguard remains with her but at a distance, we can only assume so she could free her wild inhibitions as she partied until 3 AM. Whether or not this is a usual occurrence has yet to be confirmed, but clearly, there's no embarrassment here regarding their hard-partying ways.

9 The Twins Are Not Friends With Their Staff And Maintain A Cold Nature


While many have speculated that Mary-Kate and Ashley are a unique type of human being duo, this has not stopped them from being their normal selves... Whatever you can consider to be normal, anyway.

Those who have worked with them have said that yes, they are very serious about their work, but they're also cold and formal. The same can likely be said about work relationships, which they're unlikely to have with employees. If they go to such lengths to keep their personal lives personal (who can fault them, really) then chances are they're not about to make besties at work, either.

8 Despite Their Fashion Line, They Have Very Specific Personal Shoppers


Not everyone has heard of the boutique store Jeffrey, located in Manhattan, but fans of the Olsen twins will be psyched to know that's where the two get some of their styles. Don't be convinced that you'll run into them there, though; the two have a personal shopper who does their shopping for them.

Although they own several fashion lines, it's likely not easy nor is it convenient for the twins to be out in the public eye to shop for their wardrobe. Many celebs have personal shoppers, but we'd imagine this one has some significant standards to live up to.

7 Their Personal Staff Includes Pricey Spa Technicians


In addition to pricey shopping (which they're totally entitled to), Mary-Kate and Ashley also enjoying feeling their best, too. While the duo isn't too keen on tons of makeup and a flawless finish, they are interested in maintaining some level of natural beauty.

Their spa of choice is the one located in the basement of Barney's and the price of an eyebrow plucking alone would likely sway most of us to say "no thanks." For $90 a pop—or a pluck, we should say—their personal spa consultants are paid to keep them looking natural and chic for the runway lines.

6 Security Drives Nothing Other Than (Loud) GMC Denalis


Hilariously enough, even though their work environment is akin to an isolation chamber, the Olsen twins have some pretty noisy security. Neighbors of the twins said on their arrival to New York City (almost a decade ago) that they essentially "change the character of the neighborhood" with their attitudes and security.

Complaints quickly arose from the fact that their security teams were parked outside 24/7, many times with the engines of their Denali trucks idling for hours. We're not sure if the GMC Denali is the specific truck of choice for the girls, but it would seem that it holds a significant purpose if they're parked outside constantly.

5 It's A Routine Job To "Shoo" Neighbors Away So The Girls Can Enter Their Apartments


The Olsen twins enjoy their peace, we get it... But shooing away other tenants and neighbors, really? Mary-Kate and Ashley enjoy living their lives in peace and apparently request that that's upheld by their security team, who—according to one resident of their New York building—has asked people to leave when the twins are entering or leaving.

While the team that represents the two has not confirmed this, it wouldn't really be surprising considering how much they've already disrupted the peace in the neighborhood. You never think of the city as "quiet" but then again, most of us have never lived next to the Olsen twins, either.

4 Their Entire Staff Must Be On-Call, All The Time


Steven Madden himself said that Mary-Kate and Ashley are "difficult" and "exacting," but also "very good" at what they do. Overall, he said they are "awesome" and working with them was a great experience, however, there is a reason why the collab went so smoothly.

Interns who have worked for the fashion company have stated that their superiors would send them emails at late hours of the night and that they witnessed employees staying at the office until all hours, and it's all for one reason: success. Fashion waits for no man or woman and in this field, it's expected that the work is hard and draining. Being on-call all the time can be stressful, but we're sure it's just as rewarding.

3 Their Head Technical Designer Is Incredibly Demanding


The head technical designer of The Row was mentioned specifically by the same intern who attempted to sue the twins for being overworked. Her accounts reference times when the designer would request things far outside the typical workload, such as fetching Advil and denying interns their 15-minute breaks.

Whether or not it's true is all speculation; however, she did say that she was not the only intern tempted to cave under the pressure, and some actually did. Although the designer was described as somewhat of a witch, Mary-Kate and Ashley were described as "nice people" who were basically all "business."

2 The Workplace Has Been Compared To The Devil Wears Prada


Ah, the fashion industry. It's tough, grueling, and demanding, and is far from an easy professional choice. However, this is what both Mary-Kate and Ashley chose as their path after acting and it seems to be paying off. While they seem perfectly content with their business, some of their employees have been less than favorable.

Along with the entire office floor being silenced during work hours, despite being "perfectly professional and polite" according to Mashable, they also demand "fear" and "respect." Some employees have been compared to mindless drones, simply doing their job and getting through the day in an unhappy work environment.

1 The Twins Are Nice Enough, But Staff Must Follow Every Rule To A T


We've heard accounts, repeatedly, of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen being respectful, polite, and serious entrepreneurs. While this can foster a healthy work environment, it also means that the twins have specific demands and standards that must be continuously met. It comes down to the staff to fulfill those requirements and they're well aware of the burden they carry when it comes to The Row and other fashion lines.

While this level of demand is high, it is well-met, at least according to the anonymous employees who have spoken up about the conditions under which they work.

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