20 Rules Taylor Swift's Staff Has To Follow If They Want To Keep Their Jobs

Over the years, Taylor Swift has risen from young country crooner to one of the world's most recognized celebrities. Being one of the most famous faces on the planet has not yet gone entirely to Tay's head, though, and compared to many other young celebrities, she seems to be firmly camped out in Club Reality. Taylor loves her cats, her television shows, and her gal pals.

So good for her! We will see how long that lasts.

While she is down to earth comparatively, Taylor Swift still has some interesting demands of her employees as well as of her inner circle. If you want to work for Taylor or even exist in her presence, then you better take these twenty Taylor-made rules seriously.

Here are twenty rules Taylor Swift's staff has to follow if they want to work for her.

20 Her Starbucks Order Is Taken Very Seriously

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The order is always the same: one grande iced Americano with soy milk & two Sweet'N Low's, one grande iced caramel latte with two Sweet'N Low's, and one slice of pumpkin loaf. When it comes to java, Taylor Swift knows what she likes, and her employees better know it too.

19 Get The Drive Through Order Right

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If you are working as Taylor's assistant, and she sends you out for some greasy snacks, don't mess the order up. She will never pass up a chicken tender or a cheeseburger, and chocolate shakes are her jam, per foodandwine.com. This superstar works out hard to keep her body in shape, but she also likes to indulge.

18 Carry Her Inside...Of A Suitcase

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Yeah, someone is responsible for carrying Swift into places without being seen by prying eyes. Sometimes she is so secretive about her location, that she hides inside a giant trunk that is lifted into a building. Don't drop the superstar writing your paychecks in the suitcase! That could get you fired in a flash.

17 Balance The Caffeine With H20...But It Can Only Be Smartwater

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Whoever is in charge of making sure Tay has her lattes, is also probably in charge of making sure her dressing room is full of Smartwater, per thesmokinggun.com. Taylor likes to have sweets and treats in her dressing rooms, but she also makes sure to stay hydrated with lots of Smartwater.

16 Keep The Sweets Stocked

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Tay's assistants must make sure her tour bus is full of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, sweets, Red Bull, and Mac and Cheese. It sounds like a ten-year-old's paradise. No wonder people are forever trying to travel to Tay's shows with her. Who wouldn't like to hang out and binge after one of her concerts?

15 Must Be A Cat Lover

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No one loves cats like Taylor Swift, so you know people in her employ better love themselves some felines as well. Taylor loves her kitties so much; she flies home to be with them rather than hole up in a hotel whenever possible. For Taylor, nothing comes before her kitties: Meredith, Olivia, and Benjamin.

14 Respect The Squad

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Tay's girl squad is everything to her, so if you want to stay on the payroll, then you have to respect the posse that she chooses. She runs in really popular circles full of the most famous female celebrities on the planet. Employees need to be ready to mingle with the "it" girls at all times.

13 Fitness First

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Taylor loves to work out, so being a couch potato is not going to cut it. Everyone on her performance team had to be in tip-top shape. When preparing for a big show or tour, Taylor and her crew hit the gym religiously. We don't see her keeping company with those who don't value their fitness.

12 Slumber Party Extraordinaire

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Epic sleepovers for Taylor Swift and the gang are just part of the everyday routine for this superstar. Someone is in charge of making sure these hangouts go off without a hitch. Matching nightgowns better get ordered people! We don't want the likes of Gigi Hadid showing up without her own onesie!

11 Clean Image Promotion Only


Tay sticks to clean selfies because she models her style after idols such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Employees should probably stick to the classier side of things if they want to stay on Taylor's good side. She values squeaky clean appearances, not questionable ones that will reflect poorly on her.

10 Club Tay

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When there is exclusive news to be released, Taylor Swift better be the one releasing it. Per youtube, her manager once said, " We have a rule and a saying at the label: The first rule of the Taylor Club is you don't talk about the Taylor Club." It sounds like a very exclusive club, indeed.

9 Music Leaked Is A Fast Ticket To Unemployment

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Taylor is so strict with her music and won't take any chances of having it leaked before she is ready to release it. Everyone working for her must respect this rule of secrecy. She has her backup dancers practice for performances to no music at all. They must rely on their talent and intuition to get through rehearsals.

8 Get Tay's Friends To Come To Her Concerts

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Taylor wants to have at least one best friend at each concert. These pals of hers are not just sitting around waiting for Taylor's calls, though. Her best friends are as famous as she is, so someone better be Johnny on the spot when it comes to making sure Tay's gal pals are available for her shows.

7 Custom Mics

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Whoever is in charge of making sure everything on the tour stages is picture-perfect better do a double take when it comes to the microphone that Taylor will be singing into. All of Tay's microphones are custom made to suit Taylor's particular tour needs. She often has several of them ready, because one bedazzled microphone would never do.

6 Superfans Come First

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There better be a room on tour specifically set up for Taylor's superfans. Taylor adores her fans and treats them really well. We have to assume that anyone working for her will be expected to do the same and show fans the utmost respect. To disrespect a fan would be the equivalent of disrespecting Taylor herself.

5 Make Sure There's A Screen Ready To Be Watched

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While some stars hop off stage and head out to the club, Taylor is all about the television. Someone needs to make sure that she has a screen waiting for her so that she can turn her brain off and watch Friends after a rousing concert. This is how Taylor chooses to take it easy after putting in so much work on stage.

4 Social Media Pre-approval

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This may or may not be accurate, but it is said that Taylor pre-approves everything her pals say about her on social media. Taylor's ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, said she single-handedly controlled all of the media." Nothing better get put up that Ms. Swift has not seen first. Employees are likely expected to follow Taylor's social media expectations also.

3 Coca Cola, Never Pepsi

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Don't let Tay catch your knocking back a Pepsi. This girl is true to her favorite soda beverage, which, of course, is Coca-Cola. She even serves as the beverage's brand ambassador. When Taylor wants to indulge in an adult beverage, Diet Coke gets mixed in with her cocktail of choice.

2 Be Hands-On

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Taylor is all about crafting and baking, and our girl loves the holidays. If you want to be in her inner circle, you might want to learn how to do a few of her favorite hands-on activities. Don't show up to a Taylor Swift function with junky, store-bought cookies. Homemade treats will go much further with the superstar.

1 Get Their Cheer On

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Any Swiftie worth their salt will tell you that Taylor is all about holiday cheer. She loves to get in the spirit, so hiring a Christmas Grinch will not be high up on her priority list. Employees should make sure that they are always ready to ring in the holidays with joy and cheer.

Sources: thesmokinggun.com, youtube.com

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