20 Rules Shaquille O'Neal's Staff Has To Follow If They Want To Keep Their Job

Basketball great Shaquille O'Neal is an absolute legend of a man. He remains one of the greatest ballers that the game has ever known. The sportster not only ruled the basketball courts, though, but he also crossed over into Hollywood and made a name for himself there too.

Yep. This guy managed to pack a whole lot into life during his golden years. Because of his incredible fame status, working around or with Shaq is going to come with some steadfast rules. He runs a tight ship, and people in his employ can get down with Shaq's rules, or they can exit the court.

Here are 20 Rules Shaquille O'Neal's Staff Has To Follow If They Want To Keep Their Job.

20 Make Sure His Favorite Cheat Foods Don't Run Out

When Shaq is dieting, he stays pretty straight and narrow, but even on his most disciplined days, he has to have his favorite cheat foods around, and someone is responsible for making that happen. Staff needs to make sure that there is a combination of York Peppermint Patties and 3 Musketeers at his disposal.

19 Find Sheets To Fit The Biggest Bed In The World

Shaq has one of the most enormous beds in the entire world, and someone gets paid to make sure this monster of a thing has sheets and a bedspread on it. The bedding must be custom made because no way do they sell sheets for this thing on Amazon. This bed is a whopping fifteen feet by thirty feet. That is enormous.

18 Have His Extra Large Luggage Ready

O'Neal has spent most of his life traveling around playing ball, so having good luggage on hand is incredibly important to this guy. Not only does the luggage have to be of high quality, but it also has to be large enough to store his super-sized clothing. Regular sized luggage won't fit but two pairs of his huge shoes inside, so Shaq has to have Tumi luggage.

17 Make Sure He Has His Netflix

Shaq loves to wind down after a busy day by watching a little bit of Netflix, so his staff has to make sure that his favorite shows are ready to go when the big guy is gearing up to settle in for the evening. AHS, Taken, and Person of Interest are a few of his go-to series'. We bet those shows are amazing in Shaq's private theater room.

16 Keep Shaq-apulco Looking Fly

You might think you are looking at a five-star tropical resort here, but you would be wrong. This is Shaq's former backyard, the one he called Shaq-apulco. The over-the-top space took a lot of money and effort to maintain, and we know Shaq wasn't out there doing it, which means someone else had to keep this area pristine.

15 Shine The Full Court Or Find A New Job

Shaq's sprawling Florida estate was 76,000 square feet in size. 20,000 of those feet were devoted to a full basketball court. See how shiny those floors are? They aren't sparkling because of Shaq and a mop. Staff maintained this area just in case O'Neal and his friends wanted to play hoops. This portion of the house also included locker rooms, showers, and a workout room.

14 Stock His Fridge

The person in charge of fueling O'Neal's extra-large body has to make sure to have Entenmann's Cheese Danish Twists on hand for the superstar. This is one of the basketball great's favorite foods, and he even has dreams to own the Entenmann's company someday. Whatever the week's grocery list says, this treat is probably always on it.

13 Don't Go Over Your Pretzel Allotment

Shaq is so much more than a former basketball player. He also owns 17 Auntie Annie's Pretzels restaurant chains all across the United States. If employees want to work for this chain, they have to follow the company rules, like eating no more than two pretzels during their shift. Stealing pretzels could get them booted.

12 His Aunt Annie's Staff Must Always Wear Their Aprons

For those who find themselves working at a Shaquille O'Neal run, Aunt Annie's Pretzel establishment, dress code rules are a must. Employees have to wear the Aunt Annie's apron while they are on the floor, with no exceptions. Shaw might have broken baskets on the basketball court, but he doesn't break the rules when it comes to his franchises.

11 Freeze Nothing At Five Guys

O"Neal, along with a partner, also own 155 Five Guys Burgers restaurants all across the U.S. That's right, Shaw is quite the entrepreneur these days. If prospective employees want to work at this establishment, then they have to make sure to freeze nothing. This chain only uses coolers, not freezers.

10 Five Guys Employees Have Strict Kitchen Rules

For employees working in the Five Guys kitchen, they have to follow strict orders regarding the french fries. There are no timers handy, so kitchen chefs have to be watching their work at all times. They also must shake the french fries out exactly fifteen times before serving each batch to customers.

9 Tend To His Tigers

Shaquille O'Neal has a passion for basketball and a passion for tigers. He owns two white tigers, and he loves them dearly. The tigers don't live with him at his home, but they reside close by, and Shaq visits them frequently. The tiger keeper better tend to Shaq's beloved animals' needs if he wants to get paid.

8 Cook For His Girlfriend

Shaq has a thing about his woman being in the kitchen, but it isn't what you might think. He sees himself as a King and his lady like a Queen, so he thinks neither of them should be cooking after a long day. They have staff that make it their life's work to provide meals for O'Neal and whomever he is with.

7 Let Him Eat Cake

Shaq has a personal, live-in chef that meets his diet needs every day. This person makes sure that Shaquille has an individual cake to eat every single day because apparently cake makes the world go round. We aren't sure how the daily cake fits into the diet that Shaq is always talking about.

6 Customize His Cars

Like his bed, Shaq's cars also have to be constructed specially to meet his super-sized needs. The guy simply won't fit in most cars on the market. He hires people to take his vehicles and make them work for him. Check this jeep out. It is just about as tall as he is, and that is really saying something.

5 Keep His Super Sized Bicycle In Tip Top Shape

If O'Neal hopped on a standard bicycle, he would look like an adult trying to ride a tricycle! Shaq needs specially made bikes to tool around town on. Each part has to be custom made to accommodate Shaq's height as well as his weight. The wheels are even supersized at thirty-six inches, not the standard twenty-four!

4 Someone Must Always Be On Fish Duty

Shaq has two tigers and a horse, which he keeps at a location near his home, but he also keeps pets inside his crib. Shaq has a thing for little fishies. He loves them. He even tried to put fish tanks in his car speakers. The fellows from Animal Planet's Tanked constructed a thirty thousand dollar fish tank just for the basketball great.

3 Help Him Throw Incredible Parties

Shaq and his ex-wife sure do go all out to throw their kids' lavish birthday parties. Their son had a famous rapper perform at his bash and received a blue Lamborghini and “a tricked out Jeep” as gifts. Their daughter had the entire rooftop of the W Hotel in Hollywood all to herself and her guests. Whoever is in charge of party planning better, make sure everything is perfect.

2 Make Sure His Children Keep Us With Their Studies

Shaq is worth a ton of money, and someday that money will probably go to his children IF they do the one thing that he asks of them. O'Neal requires his children to go on and get a higher education, not just hang around and live off of his money. They must earn a bachelor's degree and a master's degree to receive their inheritance.

1 Make Sure His Favorite Deodorant Is Nearby When He Plays Ball

Athletes are known to work up a good sweat, and Shaq can pour buckets when he is out on the court, so his people must make sure that he has a good deodorant available on those days where he decides to play some ball. He swears by Ban Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant in Powder Fresh.

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