20 Rules Mariah Carey's Staff Has To Follow If They Want To Keep Their Job

Fact: Most celebrities eventually exhibit a little bit of diva-like behavior. Living life among the rich and famous will do that to a person. It's hard to stay humble when you spend your days rubbing elbows with the biggest celebs on the planet.

Also a fact: Nobody does diva like Mariah Carey. Go ahead and look the word up in the dictionary. Right next to the word "diva" is a picture of Mimi herself. She has some of the wildest demands around, and her staff is responsible for making her random requests of frivolity her everyday reality. It can not be easy to please Miss Mariah, but if you want to work for her, then you better figure out a way to make the impossible happen.

Here are twenty rules that Mariah Carey has for her staff. They can either do what they are told or find themselves a new job.

20 Some Staff Has To Walk Backward In Front Of Her In Case She Falls

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Rumor has it Ms. Mimi requires some of her loyal staffers to walk backward in front of her as she struts her stuff. The reason? Just in case she accidentally tips over. This queen diva has actual humans serving as possible pillows for potential falls. Geez, talk about walking all over your staff Mariah!

19 She Asked To Be Lowered Onto The Sofa So Her Dress Doesn't Wrinkle

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When Mariah appeared on GMTV, she demanded two staff members gently lower her onto her chair so that her precious gown didn't crease and wrinkle. This woman requires people in her employ to carry her around so that her outfits stay perfect at all times. Heaven forbid her satin and sequins show signs of wear.

18 She Needs At Least 15 Humidifiers Running At All Times

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Mariah must have at least fifteen humidifiers running in her sleeping chambers at all times. We wonder who has the esteemed job of filling and cleaning the humidifiers around the clock? Someone gets paid to do this for a living, you guys. Ms. Carey takes the care of her vocal cords very seriously.

17 Her Dogs Have Their Own Chauffeurs

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Miss Mariah's dogs are like children to her, so of course, she has staff present to attend to the canines' every need. Per thedailymail.co.uk, the dogs have chauffeurs who make sure they travel in style at all times. When the pups cannot board a plane or fit in Mariah's car, they get their own transportation, and it is someone's job to cart the dogs around.

16 Staff Is Not Allowed To Date Anyone During Their First Year Of Employment

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Per hollywoodlife.com, Mariah asks that her assistants cease to date anyone for at least the first year of being in her employ. Clearly, she needs all of their attention twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. For one entire year, all of the assistants' time and energy goes to Mariah and no one else.

15 No One Is Allowed To Cry In Her Personal Office

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She also has a steadfast rule regarding the waterworks. Assistants and employees are forbidden from crying in Mariah's personal office, per hollywood.com. We are not sure why this rule exists, people have emotions after all, but Mariah does not want to be bothered with any blubbering.

14 She Must Be Pushed Around In A Wheelchair When Wearing Uncomfortable Heels

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Mariah has no apparent injuries that would prevent her from walking around, but she still pays someone to push her about in a wheelchair! TMZ even claimed that the diva was planning on having a bedazzled wheelchair constructed so that she never had to prance about in her uncomfortable shoes again.

13 Nannies Must Live And Breathe The Role... Just Don't Be Loved Too Much By The Kids

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Of course, Mariah has to have nannies on staff to help her with her twins. One nanny, who Mariah did let go of, claimed that she worked nearly one hundred hours per week to tend to the tiny twins' needs, but was fired when Mariah felt that the nanny was more loved than she was.

12 Dressing Room Requirements: Specific Temperature, Furniture, Lighting, And More

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Ms. Carey has to have her dressing room just so, and if things are forgotten or done improperly, then the staff member responsible for those tasks just might find themselves applying for unemployment. She must have soft lighting and a 75-degree temperature setting along with specific furniture designs in her spaces.

11 She Hires Staff For The Sole Purpose Of Taking And Throwing Away Her Gum

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While in her dressing rooms, she also has a staff member present specifically to take Mariah's gum and toss it in the trash for her. For real, how do you even explain what you do for a living when you are that person? Is it really that hard to walk three feet over to a trash bin, Mariah? Apparently so.

10 She Won't Speak The Whole Day Before A Performance, So Staff Must Understand Her Needs

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Just because you work for Mimi and spend every waking moment in her presence does not mean you two can chat it up. Mariah's employees are not to speak to her before she performs. She goes mute the whole day before a performance, so employees have to be able to meet her needs without Mariah verbalizing what she wants.

9 Backup Singers Can't Sing Louder Than Her

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If you are hired to be one of Mariah's back up singers, you better make sure you are not belting tunes out louder than she is. Per graziadaily.com, Mariah once stopped a television performance to tell her backups to "stop singing her part." So uncomfortable! Outperforming the head diva is forbidden.

8 She Needs A Red Carpet Before Exiting Her Limo

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Even If Mariah is getting out of a vehicle to walk into a hotel, she might require a red carpet to get rolled out. Per graziadaily.com, the diva once visited the Baglioni Hotel in London and refused to exit her limo without a candle-lined red carpet. Someone probably got in big trouble for missing this important task.

7 Don't You Dare Try To Put Mascara On Her

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A surefire way to lose your job when working for Mariah is to try and put mascara on the superstar. Per graziadaily.om, she detests the stuff and has been known to throw quite a fit over staff attempting to swipe some on. We shudder when we think of all the poor makeup artists who didn't get this memo.

6 She Won't Agree To Photographs Unless The Lighting Is Just Right

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If there is fluorescent light surrounding the diva, someone better have her glasses in hand. She won't be photographed without them if improper lighting is present. No one wants to be the person who forgot the shades in Mariah's time of need. We don't see Mariah Carey being all that forgiving towards the person responsible for her being photographed poorly.

5 She Only Agrees To Being Photographed Or Filmed From Her Good Side

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Camera people trying to capture this icon on film better stick to Mariah's rule of only filming her from her good side; otherwise, they might be looking through next weekend's want ads. Mariah has a preferred side, and she does not budge when it comes to capturing her best angle on film. In this regard, it's her way or no way.

4 If She Doesn't Think You're On Team Mariah, You're Out

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If Mariah ever feels like you don't have her interests at the top of your list, then you are toast. She cleaned house for this very reason back in 2016 per TMZ.com, and we do not doubt she would do it again if the need arose. You are on Team Mariah, or you might be perceived as being against her. Does anyone want to take this diva on? We didn't think so.

3 She Has Assistants To Help Put On Her Shoes

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Mariah's shoes are something to behold. She only rocks painfully perfect stilettos and can not get them on alone. Of course, she pays people to help her slip into her designer footwear. We hope these staff members treat Mimi like Cinderella. Mariah doesn't strike us as someone who tolerates manhandling.

2 If She Drinks, She Has A Team To Help Her Get Dressed

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Per eternallifestyle.com, Mariah Carey has been known to knock a few adult beverages back. When she does, she needs people there to help her undress and redress. Per radaronline.com, Mariah even has a glam squad come in and do her up after she hits her pillow after a couple of glasses.

1 She Needs A Suite For Her Luggage

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Mariah sometimes needs a suite for her, and a suite for her luggage. You don't want to be the staff member that accidentally only books a single room for Mariahs AND her suitcases. How dare anyone suggests Mimi sleeps alongside her Louis Vuitton luggage! We doubt she would let an error like that slide. Buh-bye.

Sources: dailymail.co.uk, hollywood.com, graziadaily.com

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