20 Restrictions Josh Duggar Makes His Family Follow (& We're Confused)

For years the Duggar family has captivated audiences with their traditional values and unconventional approach to life.

While most families in Western civilization seem content to close up shop after two kids, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar kept on turning them out. As most parents sent their kids on buses to attend public school and saw no problem with a little bit of screen time, the Duggars showed everyone another approach.

Now those first Duggar kiddos are all grown up and parents themselves. The newest generation of Duggar babies is multiplying at rapid speed, and while each original Duggar has their unique spin on how to run their family, they all seem to be rooted in more traditional ways.

Josh Duggar was the first of the kids to marry and start a family of his own. He and his wife Anna now have five young children and seem to not be in any rush to end the baby making years.

Josh and Anna have certainly had their fair share of trials. Because of these, they have lived under a microscope with the world judging every parenting move. It seems everyone has an opinion when it comes to Josh, Anna, and their kids.

Here are 20 restrictions we found that Josh puts on his family and we have some thoughts...

20 Married Ladies Club Only

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The Duggars have a lot of peculiar regulations for living a righteous life, but one of the more eyebrow-raising rules that the men, Josh included, in the family have for the women is that they are not allowed to get friendly with unmarried women.

Married Duggar women stick to other married women when they are looking to form friendships. Even Anna's sister, Susanna Keller, was not friendship material because she became pregnant without being wed back in 2012. The Duggar dudes don't want the ladies "fraternizing with unmarried mothers," especially in that particular condition.

19 A Woman's Place Is In The Home

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It has been made clear from the get-go that Anna Duggar's place is in the home, tending to all things domestic while raising the family's growing brood of children. Josh is the one who goes out and earns a living while Anna does the cooking, the cleaning, and the homeschooling.

This arrangement is nothing out of the ordinary to Anna, though, because she was raised in a family that had very similar values when it came to male and female roles in a marriage. When would she even have time to get out into the world and explore job opportunities with five young children underfoot?

18 Pants Are For The Men

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By now we all now that the ladies of the Duggar clan are skirt-clad beings. Males can wear pants with no issue, but women are to dress as modestly as possible. Daughter Jinger broke that rule on several occasions and is now a pants-wearing mama to a little girl, but it is unlikely that Anna Duggar will follow in Jinger's footsteps.

Josh is more of a traditionalist than Jinger's hubby Jeremy, and Anna was raised by parents who were even more strict that Michelle and Jim Bob. Anna and Josh's little kids, on the other hand, might get away with occasional pairs of jeans though, as evidenced by recent photos.

17 Choosing To Stay Married Is No Choice At All

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Several years ago Josh and Anna Duggar were rocked by Josh's string of marriage-crushing decisions. After all of the details came out about all that Josh had done, no one would have faulted Anna for hiking up her jean skirts, grabbing her children, and running for the hills. That never happened though.

Instead, the couple sought professional help, worked through their deep issues, and even had a fifth baby! In this family, divorce is not an option, even under the heaviest of circumstances. If Anna Duggar wanted to leave her husband, there would likely be enough influence around her to help solidify her decision to stay.

16 Beaches Are Not For Them

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Josh, Anna, and their kids sometimes take their kids to the beach, as seen here. They have nothing against feeling the warm sand between their toes and the bright sun on their faces, but they won't be slipping into tiny bathing suits and sunning themselves anytime soon. They are following in the footsteps of their parents when it comes to swimwear and banning it from their kids' lives.

So while they can get close to the seaside, they might not frolic about in the surf. We are not sure how Anna would be able to navigate that heavy, cumbersome skirt in the breaking waves anyhow.

15 Halloween Is Also Off Limits

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For many children in our part of the world, celebrating Halloween is one of the most fun parts of childhood. Kids everywhere get to dress up as anyone they want for one evening, stay out late running the neighborhood, and stuff themselves with otherwise off-limits candy. Josh and Anna's kids, however, sit Halloween out.

Because of their beliefs, Duggars view Halloween as something demonic and contradictory to their religious views. They do get into the fall festivities, picking out pumpkins and partaking in corn mazes, but that is about where they draw the line. Because Josh and Anna's kids don't go to public school and don't watch television, they might not even know what they are missing.

14 Anna Duggar's Reading Material Is Monitored

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If Anna Duggar feels the need to curl up with a good book after she tucks her five kids into bed, that book will have to be approved by her husband. Not all reading material passes under Josh's roof. Much like his father Jim Bob, he feels that it is his job to protect the women in his life from all seedy material, whether in print or visually. Pretty ironic considering we know all about Josh's hypocritical past...

We think it's fair to say that you won't find 50 Shades of Grey sitting atop Anna's nightstand anytime soon. All reading material has to be squeaky clean and in line with the family's core beliefs.

13 Public School Is Not In The Cards For Their Five Children

While matriarch Michelle Duggar attended public school, her children and now her grandchildren are all about the homeschooling experience. Josh and Anna have five young children, some of whom are now school aged. Anna is responsible for all of their academic and worldly learning.

While homeschooling is frowned upon by many folks who don't fully understand it, at least Anna has some experience with early childhood development and education. After high school, she enrolled in an online Christian college and focused on early childhood education. Hopefully, this background helps to give her children a leg up in their educational experiences.

12 A Cocktail At The End Of The Night Is Prohibited

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Considering Anna has five young children at home with her 24/7, she probably deserves an adult beverage more than anyone by the end of the day. Even if Anna were craving a bit of vino at the end of the day, she would not get the approval from her husband.

Josh grew up in a family that prohibited drinking alcohol of any kind. As far as we know, all the Duggar offspring who are now adults have continued to refrain from drinking alcohol because it does not align with their religious standards. Anna will have to stick to sipping Chamomile tea at the end of her day to help calm her nerves.

11 No Social Media Free Rein

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Unmarried Duggars are not allowed to engage in the use of social media or technology of any sort. The kids stay pretty sheltered from the outside world in this respect. Once they are married, they are allowed to have social media accounts, and the Duggar ladies have taken full advantage of this.

Anna took a two-year break from social media when all of Josh's problems surfaced under the public eye, but everything on her channels is clean, censored, and almost seems managed. Josh is absent from her social media platforms for obvious reasons, although she does give him love shout-outs on occasion.

10 Dance Parties Are Discouraged, Even On The Big Day

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Best of luck finding a dancing Duggar. Cutting a rug is something that all Duggars refrain from, even on their wedding day. Josh and Anna skipped the ceremonial first dance because they feel that dancing draws in unwanted attention and brings on certain "moods" that they otherwise shun.

So dancing is a big old no-no, but music, in general, is a massive part of the brood's life. The Duggar children play all sorts of instruments, but won't ever do much more than tap their toes in the moving and grooving department. At least Anna won't have to tote her girls around to ballet class for the next eighteen years.

9 Television Does Not Get The Green Light

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Imagine having five kids running circles around you all day long and having no ability to turn cartoons or an iPad on for even a few precious moments of peace. This reality is Anna Duggar's life. Television programs must be highly censored, and the kids only watch shows that their parents approve.

While we can get down with the idea of parents being in the know when it comes to the internet and television, we think there is nothing wrong with a little Bubble Guppies or Sesame Street every now and again. Also, how does she survive her life without a bit of vino and Real Housewives of New Jersey?

8 Not Allowed To Support Alternative Lifestyles

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So what is Anna Duggar ever decides to go all human rights and support alternative lifestyles? Good luck getting any support from your man or his family there, Anna. Michelle Duggar didn't even support her sister very well when she came out. Should Josh and Anna's children ever decide to live a lifestyle that is not the typical Christian way, they might find themselves navigating life without their parents' support.

Alternative lifestyles are nothing Josh wants to be a part of. He is all about the "traditional" way of life where love and marriage occur between a man and woman and the man is forever the head of the household.

7 Preventative Pregnancy Measures Are Not Likely

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Almost all of the now-grown Duggars have quickly courted, married, and started having children. When Jinger and her husband didn't announce a bundle in the oven immediately, the world started legitimately panicking. Heaven forbid the pair take some time just to be married first!

Anna and Josh have been married the longest, and in that time they have had five children, even with their pretty deep relationship roadblocks. So are they done? Anna has hinted at no. Their belief is to add as many babies to the clan as humanly possible. Also, they don't take any precautions in preventing pregnancy.

6 Pants Are Not Okay, But Riding Bikes Helmet-less Is Just Fine

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There never seems to be a second where a Duggar is not under fire for their parenting practices. Whether it is blanket training, keeping the youngsters busy with loads of chores, or courting practices, the Duggars live under a microscope for their choices. Anna and Josh recently caught a lot of flack when they posted images of their son learning to ride his little bike, without a helmet.

Of course, we all know that the recommendation is kids wear helmets when riding bicycles. Josh and Anna must have missed that memo because they found it perfectly acceptable for their tot to try his new wheels out without a protected skull.

5 His Children Will Have Lots Of Rules When They Are Old Enough To Date

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Josh and Anna's five children are still very young, and even though Duggars hit the dating scene early on, they are far from finding a lifemate. When that time comes though, we can be sure that they will have many of the rules that the first Duggar-kid generation has had in this department.

They will likely have to have mom and dad's approval in a partner before actual courting begins. They will have chaperones accompany them on dates, might refrain from hand holding, front hugs and definitely from kissing until the big day. The list seems to go on and in when it comes to Duggar dating rules.

4 Pennies Get Pinched

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Josh seems to enjoy a nice trip to the local Target, but Anna seems more concerned about pinching the family's pennies. Because Josh is the head of the family's financial state, he decides what Anna can and can't spend money on. She lives by a budget, and if she wants to go and spend some cash on something considered frivolous, she has to run it by her husband first.

It's completely understandable that Josh and Anna would keep each other in the know regarding significant purchases, but having to get permission to get a mani or pedicure? No way! Loosen up Josh; Anna doesn't strike us as the type of girl who is going to blow the family's hard-earned moolah!

3 Duty Calls

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Josh's mother Michelle famously advised the youth of today that pretty much anyone can make a lunch, but there are certain deeds only a wife can provide their husband. It's ironic that this was the marital advice given to Anna and Josh when they wed, considering what went down with Josh, but regardless Anna is to stay true to meeting specific needs, no matter what.

Even if she is tired to the bone, her husband comes before all. Putting your spouse first is okay, but shouldn't there be a give and take here? Maybe a better balance of meeting each other's needs? We would hope so.

2 Male Friends Are Forbidden For Anna

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Anna has slim pickings for friends. Outside of the family, her friends better be devout Christian women who are already hitched. Considering they don't all exactly live in a big city full of diverse people, it's probably hard for Anna to develop strong bonds with friends. She would also never be able to be pals with someone of another gender. In this belief system, males stick with males and females stick with females.

Anna is probably okay with this since it is very similar to how she grew up. We still have to wonder if she has ever had a guy friend in her entire life? We are guessing no.

1 Co-ed Games Cannot Happen

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The Duggar family members are all about the games because sitting in front of technological devices and televisions are not permitted. While games are their go-to activity during downtime, co-ed activities are frowned upon. Perhaps this has to do with the Duggar kid first generation and how they grew up?

Because Josh had issues with behavior, there were strict rules in Jim Bob and Michelle's house as to what games could be played and with who. This next generation of super cute Duggar cousins might never have the opportunity to play kick the can, tag, or hide-and-seek in co-ed fashion.

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