20 Reddit Guys Confess The Most Inappropriate Things Women Have Done On A Date

There's something just extraordinary that happens when two strangers attempt to get to know one another. Unfortunately, it just so happens that it tends to be extraordinarily awful and downright gross. Yeah, dating can be a disaster of epic proportions and we all know it. Often, it's the men who do things that are just totally inappropriate and unacceptable by any and every social norm. But don't kid yourself, women can be just as bad. We've gathered some of the most outrageous and inappropriate things women have ever done in dating history, with a particular emphasis on the dreaded first date. The men who claim to have had these experiences are all from Reddit and explore these stories at great length. But you're busy, and people drone on, so we'll just sum it up for you. Okay, put your seatbelts on and brace yourselves, because here are 20 Reddit guys who have confessed the most inappropriate things that women have done on a date.

20 Full-On Crazy Isn't Colorful Enough To Describe This One...


Reddit user "Sandalcade" got set up on a blind date with a beautiful girl from Miami.  At first, he couldn't be more thrilled. Oh, how the tides changed once they arrived at a hookah bar. She started off by saying that he wasn't a real man because he had never tried hookah before. Afterward, she caused a scene with a waiter when she couldn't get what she wanted. The guy was clearly put off by her, but things got WAY worse when she started screaming at him for not being into her enough. She then concluded by saying that he wasn't into women at all and teased him for it. This outburst caused him to pretend to go to the bathroom, pay the bill and get the heck out. What else was he supposed to do?

19 So, How Do You Compare To My Ex-Boyfriend's Sizes?


Ouch! Prepare yourselves because this one is rough... One Reddit user went out on a date with a girl he met through mutual friends. Things seemed pretty normal at first. But then she wiped out her phone and started showing him extremely inappropriate photos of her ex-boyfriends without any of their clothes on. This caused her to compare his body to the boys she had previously been with. She berated his standard physique while he was forced to stare at her ex's enormous trouser snakes.

18 The Girl With The Go-Pro Strapped To Her Head... Yeah, Really...

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There's nothing more off-putting than a Tinder date who shows up wearing a Go-Pro strapped to their head. Well, this is precisely what happened to one male Reddit user. He had to ask her why she was recording their entire date with the bulky camera. Hilariously, it was carelessly attached to her body as if it were an accessory. Turns out, her mom made her wear it in order to keep an eye on things. ...The girl was 22.

17 The Girl Who Summed Up The Entire Online Dating Experience In 15 Minutes


Reddit user "OrangeEevee" met a girl online who showed up looking nothing like her profile pictures -- a standard result of matching on Tinder. To make matters worse, she spent most of the night on her phone talking to friends about organizing a night out with other boys right in front of him. He barely got to speak with her before another guy came by and drove her off into the night. Now, if this doesn't sum up the perils of online dating, we don't know what does.

16 Pathologically Lying About Pregnancy Is The New Thing


A girl that one Reddit user dated in high school claimed that she was pregnant with her best friend's child. After he ended things with her, she told him she was actually pregnant with a family member's baby. Thinking that she had decided not to have the babies,  he decided to give her another chance and went out with her again. That is until she claimed to be pregnant once more, this time with a stranger's kid. According to the girl's sister, she had never once been pregnant and just kept saying she was to gain his sympathy.

15 Sorry, Little Kitten, You're About To Be Stolen


"MrShoubic" went on a date with a cute girl who wanted to be taken back to his place to meet his numerous cats. After spending a few hours playing with the cats she decided to leave... Only, she had stashed the youngest kitten under her arm. Luckily, he saw this and stopped her. She claimed that he had let her adopt it even though no such conversation was had. Essentially, she tried to steal the darn cat.

14 That Girl Who Brings All Of Her Friends On The First Date


There's little worse than a Tinder date who brings practically everyone she knows. It's one of the most awkward scenarios, and online dating can be pretty uncomfortable. One Reddit user explained that his date showed up at an ice cream parlor with no less than three of her friends. It got to point where he didn't actually get to talk to the girl he had asked out as she was too busy chatting up her friends. This made him feel like a total waste of time. How unbelievably rude!

13 Going Through The Arc Of The Entire Relationship On The First Date


"Savemoney2121" went through an entire relationship in just one date. As soon as he met his Tinder date, she flipped the crazy switch and spoke about how they'd get an apartment together. She then went on to discuss how many children they'd have and how often they'd see them when they grew up. After the date, he made it clear that he wasn't into her. But she kept messaging him trying to understand why he wouldn't speak to her. She then stated that their entire relationship was "built on lies" and "ended" things... Needless to say, he was relieved.

12 It Isn't A Date Unless There's A Random And Invasive Tooth Inspection

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Dental hygiene check-ups aren't usually the norm on the first date... or any date for that matter. But the girl that "Jackofallwagons" went out with decided that she needed to inspect his mouth mid-way through their date. She could have just had too many drinks, but she also could have been too obsessed with his mouth. Either way, this was more than uncomfortable, inappropriate, and downright weird.

11 When The Date Becomes About Her Online Side-Gig... Yep... That One


One user went on a date with a girl he met online. At first, he was thrilled that she was every bit as attractive as her profile. But once they started talking in person, he quickly learned that she made most of her money cam-ing online. She dragged him back to her place and made him watch an assortment of her videos, talking about the vivid details of each one at length.

10 The Ritual In The Woods


Wiccans! Wiccans, everywhere! Well, at least Reddit user"Jhra's " claimed to be one. He was interested in her, at first, for anecdotal reasons. However, once they actually met, things took a dark turn. Soon after finishing at a cafe, she decided to drag him into the woods and demand that he remove all of his clothing. He asked her why and she said it was for "the ritual". This is when he swiftly bailed as he didn't want to end up like a victim on True Detective.

9 The Face Lies, But The Social Media Tells The Truth


"Cochrane0123" was thrilled to go on a date with such an attractive girl. Even better, the conversation was engaging and the food was superb. It seemed like she was also having a great time. During dessert, she snapped a food photo for her social media and showed it to him before she posted it. The caption on the image read, "when you're on a terrible date but the dessert is fleek". And that, boys and girls, is why Millenials suck.

8 When A Date Becomes A Full-On Sales Pitch... Jordan Belfort Would Be Proud


Some salespeople just don't know when to shut up. This was certainly the case for one Reddit user who was pitched on his date. The girl was adamant that he purchase a very specific car-sharing app because he didn't own a car and relied heavily on public transit. It turns out, she worked for the app and was trying to get him signed up so she could get the commission. Needless to say, he never saw her again. Oh well, at least she would have made The Wolf Of Wallstreet's Jordan Belfort proud.

7 The First Date That Harmed Him For Life


The very first date we go on can often impact us for the rest of our lives, that is if it's as bad as "Lolo_Z Gold's" first date. When he was 14 or 15, he was asked to the park by a girl he really liked. He was just over the moon about it and made sure he looked his best. When he got to the park, she was with an assortment of her friends who all laughed at him for thinking that she would actually ever want to date such a "loser".

6 Witchcraft, A Fake Accent, And A Plan To Introduce Him To Her Parents


Online dating isn't the only place you meet weirdos. One Reddit user went out with a girl from a different high school than the one he attended. On the date, he started noticing that she was using a Texas accent, despite the fact that her parents were from the North East and she'd never even been to Texas. The date became even stranger when she told him that he would have to go to the same college as her so that they could be together. Oh, and the icing on the cake was that she claimed to practice witchcraft in her spare time. Of course, after the date, he never saw or spoke to her again.

5 The Paper-Bag Princess Of The East-Side Bar Bathroom Stall... The Third One From The Left

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Sharing crazy stories isn't always the best way to win over a first encounter. One Reddit user claims that his coffee date shared a story about her friend that really made him uncomfortable. Apparently, the weekend prior, she and her friend went to a bar and both got exceptionally hammered. The girl's friend put a paper bag on her head and went to the washroom after telling every guy in the bar that she'd please them. And that's precisely what happened. With a bag covering her head and her best friend at her side, she "dealt with" about 12 guys in a row. After hearing this story, the Reddit user quickly paid the bill and got the heck out.

4 Netflix And The No-Chill Psycho


"Hunterfam55" went on a first date with a woman he met online. Oddly, he met her at her house, where he sat in silence while she watched Westlife. Every time he would try to speak with her, she would cover his mouth as if to tell him to "be quiet". After the show, she told him about how psycho her ex was and that he still comes over from time to time. She then went on to say that she cut the brakes to another ex's car. It's safe to say that there was no second date.

3 A Nice, Long Lecture On Drinking... One Beer


One male Reddit user said that he took a girl from Bumble out who decided that she'd use their date to lecture him on the dangers of drinking. He hadn't finished one beer before she claimed that he was drinking to mask his deep-seated insecurities... Remember, they had just met and barely spoken before. So, what did the guy do, you ask? Well, he told the bartender to "keep em' coming"!

2 Didn't Get Her Way So She Publically Embarassed Him


Reddit user "Yoyosarefun" went on a date with a bigger woman who had a ton of money. She was used to getting what she wanted from men. They had become friends but he wasn't sure if he was into her romantically. On a date, she started making out with him, even though he had said "no". After noticing how uncomfortable he was, she started yelling at him, claiming that he wanted her to drop a few before he was ready to date her. The reaction of the other patrons was very negative and he was forced to leave.

1 When In Doubt Mack On Your Ex In Front Of Your New Date

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If you don't like your date, don't go and make out with someone else in front of him. That's just no cool. Unfortunately, this is what happened to one Reddit user whose date ran into an old flame of hers while on their date. She excused herself, ran into his arms, and basically ate his face in front of everyone. This was particularly rough for the guy who had just been fired and forced to move back in with his parents. Ouch, how inappropriate is that?

Sources: Reddit

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