20 Red Flags Showing He Doesn't Want Anything Serious (+ 5 Showing He Wants A LTR)

Reading guys can be tough. With women, we tend to be more expressive with our emotions and unafraid to let our partners know how we feel, good or bad. But men are often more reserved and thus hard to read. It’s especially difficult when a couple first begins dating and is only starting to get to know each other. It can be tough to understand what the other partner wants out of the relationship, like if they want to keeps things casual or committed.

Luckily, there are various signs to look out for that can reveal a guy’s intentions going into a relationship. There are some not-so-obvious things he’s doing that might signal he’s not looking for anything serious. Maybe his body language is different with his love interest in public, he’s avoiding having certain conversations, or his SO has found something on his phone. While signs like these may mean nothing individually, when they all begin to add up it can be a sign he’s not on the same page about things.

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25 Wants Casual: He Doesn’t Delete His Dating Apps

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Run for the hills if your man still has Tinder and Bumble on his phone! Sure, maybe he claims he just hasn’t gotten around to deleting them. But considering how much time millennials spend staring at their phones every day, he likely knows the apps are still on his phone.

24 Wants Causal: He Parties Without Inviting Her

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It’s obviously normal to still go out with your friends even when you’re in a relationship. But if your man isn’t being transparent about his partying habits, it could mean he has something to hide. Perhaps he’s constantly making plans with his friends on the weekend yet he doesn’t mention it’s a house party - somewhere you totally could’ve gone as his date.

23 Wants Causal: His Friends Tell Her Things

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The friends of your love interest should be doing all they can to paint him in a good light. After all, he’s their friend, so why wouldn’t they want to help him? Thus, you should take it as a huge red flag if his friends have said some questionable things to you.

22 Wants Commitment: He Reaches Out To Hang Out With Her First

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A good measure of how invested a guy is in the relationship is how excited he is to hang out with you. If he’s constantly reaching out and trying to make plans, then he definitely wants to take things to the next level. He’s not just texting you when it’s convenient or he has nothing else to do.

21 Wants Causal: He Always Asks If She's Seeing Other People

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It’s likely you guys haven’t had the exclusivity talk if this sign applies to you. If your man is constantly asking if you’re seeing other people, don’t automatically assume it’s because it’s making him jealous.

Rather, he might secretly be hoping your answer is ‘yes’ because he’s doing the same.

20 Wants Casual: He Dislikes Taking Photos Together

Considering millennials are the selfie-taking generation, it’s normal to expect your significant other to want to take photos with you. So, if you feel weird that your guy gets uncomfortable when you whip out your camera phone, then it could be an iffy sign.

19 Wants Casual: All Of His Friends Are Players

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They say that we surround ourselves with people we’re like or who we want to be like. So, it’s not always a positive sign if your man’s friends are players. Watch out for how they all interact with each other when you’re around.

If his friends are constantly bragging about the girls they’ve dated, then they’re probably playing the field.

18 Wants Casual: He Never Posts About Her Online

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Another clear giveaway that your man wants to keep things casual versus committed is if he refrains from mentioning you online. This means that not only has he resisted posting photos, but he doesn’t tag you in memes or comment on your photos.

Granted, everyone’s social media habits are different and he might just not be an active user, so go with your gut.

17 Wants Commitment: He Shows Her Things He’s Passionate About

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Not only will a guy who’s there for the long run want to get to know you on a deeper level, he’ll also want you to know him in the same way.

From the get go, he’ll tell you about and introduce you to things he’s passionate about. Maybe he’ll take you hiking or volunteering at his favourite animal shelter. Or maybe you’ll listen to him talk about politics for hours or binge-watch his favourite cheesy horror movies.

16 Wants Casual: He Only Compliments Her Looks

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Most girls think if a guy is constantly complimenting them, then it’s definitely a sign he wants to see them for the long-term. But it’s important to pay attention to what types of compliments he’s giving you.

Someone who’s truly interested in you will be able to think of genuine compliments since they actually like getting to know you.

15 Wants Casual: He Doesn’t Follow Through With Promises

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A man who is playing the field is going to do anything to impress you. Since he knows he’s not going to be around long, he’s not concerned about the repercussions of hurting or disappointing you. That’s why this sort of guy is known for doing a lot of talking, but not putting those words into action.

14 Wants Casual: He Doesn’t Spend Money On Her

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Sure, you two might hang out a lot. But when you do, you’re always going over to his place or to yours. You rarely go out to a restaurant or do an activity that might require a little bit of money. Granted, it might be the case that his or both of your budgets are tight, and you’ve mutually agreed to spend as little cash as possible.

13 Wants Casual: He’s Always Adding New Girls Online

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Your man’s social media habits can tell you a lot about him. If he’s constantly sending friend requests to new girls or following their accounts, it could be a sign that he’s not ready for commitment. He has other people on his mind and is likely keeping his options open.

12 Wants Commitment: He’s Always Making Future Plans

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A guy who’s just in it casually will have a bad habit of flaking on you and being resistant to making future plans. But it’s the exact opposite for the guy who’s in it for the long haul. He can’t wait for the next time he’s going to see you.

A committed guy isn’t afraid to talk about the next date or what you two might be doing in a year from now.

11 Wants Casual: He Avoids Talking About Feelings

Being in a committed relationship takes a certain level of maturity. Your SO needs to be able to support and listen to you when you’re down, and also needs to be able to express his own feelings back to you. But if you feel that your love interest starts tensing up whenever you mention something about feelings, it’s not a good sign.

10 Wants Casual: He Keeps Mentioning The Ex He’s Not Over

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Obviously, it’s a pretty big red flag if the guy you’re into keeps bringing up another woman. Perhaps he’s just gotten out of a difficult relationship, and if he’s been open with you that his heart is still on the mend, then that’s fair. But if he keeps talking about how much she hurt him, then it likely means he’s not ready for another serious relationship, even if he says otherwise.

9 Wants Casual: He’s Never Been In A Serious Relationship

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Okay, maybe there’s no past relationship that your man keeps bringing up. In fact, maybe there are no past relationships at all. If your SO hasn’t been in a serious relationship before, then it could be a sign he likes keeping things casual and simple.

8 Wants Casual: He Has A Habit Of Bailing

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A guy who’s really into you wants to spend every waking moment with you. So, you can be confident that he’s not invested in the relationship if he’s constantly bailing on your plans. It means he’s not making you a priority or respecting your time and feelings. Even more, it could be a sign that he’s seeing other people, and only hits you up when it’s convenient.

7 Wants Commitment: He Has No Problem With PDA

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When you’re in a new relationship, you can expect PDA to be at its highest. If your man isn’t afraid to hold your hand and peck your cheek in public, then it’s because he wants the whole world to know what a great gal he’s got in his life. This is a sure-fire sign he’s not afraid of commitment.

6 Wants Casual: He Only Refers To Her As A ‘Friend’

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While guys are different from girls, they get just excited about being in a new relationship. They want to brag to all their friends that they have a beautiful new girlfriend. So, observing how your man refers to you can reveal a lot about his true intentions.

Unfortunately, a guy who refers to you as a ‘friend’ definitely isn’t thinking long-term, especially if you’ve done more than what friends do.

5 Wants Casual: He Ignores Her For Weeks At A Time

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If a guy is really into you, he’s going to want to spend as much time as possible with you. That’s why they call it the ‘honeymoon stage’ when you first get into a new relationship. So, it’s normal to be questioning your love interest’s intentions if he’s ignoring you for weeks at a time.

4 Wants Casual: He Has An Excuse For Everything

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You’ll likely begin to get turned off your man as you start questioning how committed he really is. Maybe you’ll start asking him who he’s always texting or why there are no photos of you two on social media. You’ll feel really insecure about things - that is, until he gives you the perfect answer.

3 Wants Causal: He Doesn’t Feel Comfortable Together

If it constantly feels like there’s an elephant in the room, then it probably means there is. The more you get to know someone, the more comfortable you should become.

Solid relationships are built on trust and comfortability. So, if things aren’t becoming more comfortable, then it could be a sign from your gut that something is wrong.

2 Wants Causal: He Doesn’t Reply To All Of Her Messages

If your guy is really looking for something with no strings attached, then he’s not going to assume there any expectations in your relationship. To him, it’s not a big deal if he doesn’t reply to all of your messages.

In fact, he likely only messages you when it’s convenient or he’s looking to hang out at the last minute.

1 Wants Commitment: He Checks With Her Before Making Big Plans

When you’re in a committed relationship, your life is intertwined with the other person. They naturally become a deciding factor when you’re making big decisions or future plans. So, if your man is already checking with you before committing to anything, then he’s definitely in it for the long run.

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