20 Recipes That Show Baby Boomers Don’t Have A Thing On Millennials And Their Crockpots

When generations of the past think about millennials, they often have some less than favorable things to say. Often, millennials are assumed, by older generations, to be lazy and unskilled. It's too bad that everyone has to work so often nowadays because it leaves less time for people to be able to spend in the kitchen preparing meals for themselves and their families. (That is, of course, if a person even has a family yet.)

While millennials may not be slaving in a kitchen for hours on end and maybe prefer Netflix over a Betty Crocker cookbook, it doesn't mean that they are missing out on any real, amazing food. In fact, millennials are able to get even more out of meals than might be expected of them!

Consider millennials to be crafty and innovative rather than "lazy" and "unskilled" in the kitchen. There are a variety of recipes that millennials are trying out on their crockpots. Most of these recipes would take hours out of the day when cooked traditionally, but at the end of the day, millennials are multitaskers. If anything, this may even give more time with family instead of less.

Check out below what millennials are cooking up in their crockpots from these time-saving and tasty recipes!

20 Baked Potato Soup Without Standing Over A Hot Stove Is A Win

Via: Serious Eats

When most people think about making soup, they think about standing over a hot stove, reducing some ingredients while they try to multitask to get other ingredients ready.

Millennials have the upper hand in making soups with their crockpots.

In a recipe on Gimme Some Oven, this potato soup only requires ten minutes of preparation and nine ingredients. All of the rest of the work is done by the crockpot. The only other additional step is to take a masher and go through the batch a bit to break up some of the potatoes in the end. With bacon, sour cream, and onion, it is like a loaded baked potato.

19 Classic New Orleans Jambalaya With A Fraction Of The Work

Via: The Kitchen Wife

Gone are the days of traveling in order to get cuisine that is specific to a certain geographic location. Millennials have turned their crockpots into their own personal melting pot for foods from all over.

With this recipe from Crème De La Crumb for jambalaya, there is no need to travel to the Big Easy in order to get this flavorful dish. Despite having three different types of meat and a variety of seasonings, this recipe only takes ten minutes of preparation. After about eight hours, this colorful, spicy dish is ready to serve to a full family plus a guest.

18 Pork Tacos Without A Drive-Thru Or Breaking A Sweat

Via: Creme de la Crumb

Tacos have become a millennial staple food. They're basically a food group in and of themselves! Anywhere we go, there is merchandise with tacos on it or recipes for new ways to make tacos. Baby boomers may take a stop at Taco Bell to get their taco fix, but millennials are turning to their crockpots to prepare their tacos in advance. This Gimme Some Oven recipe for Pork Carnitas sounds delicious.

Who says that tacos necessarily have to contain ground beef or chicken?

This recipe results in super tender and flavorful pork to fill in tacos. After adding all of the ingredients to the slow cooker, give it six hours to prepare the ultimate Mexican fillings. All we have to do is determine how much to fill our tortillas.

17 Easy Risotto That Tastes Amazing, Sans Constant Stirring

Via: Sweet Love And Ginger

Risotto is notably one of the most difficult dishes for non-chefs to prepare. We even see aspiring chefs struggle on television competition shows when making risotto. It is always at risk for being too crunchy or too mushy.

This recipe from Foxes Loves Lemons helps create the perfect consistency for risotto without having to constantly stir the ingredients in a pot. This risotto has both barley and chickpeas in it, adding a modern twist on the standard risotto. This only has to cook for two and a half hours, making it one of the quicker crockpot meals. With so many amazing vegetables in it, this is sure to be filling and healthy.

16 Dessert Or Breakfast — Apple Pie Oatmeal Is Easier Without A Microwave

Via: Pinterest

Oatmeal has always been a hearty, healthy breakfast food. Many people consider it to be incredibly bland. When the microwaveable sugary packets started coming out, people had an easy way out.

Millennials are taking a step away from the microwave for a healthier alternative.

Five Heart Home published a recipe for Apple Pie Steel Cut Oatmeal that could be equally yummy for breakfast or dessert. This recipe is full of amazing, flavorful spices and real ingredients that cook overnight. When we wake up, an amazing serving of oatmeal will be ready for us and will not be burnt despite us not stirring it.

15 Scalloped Potatoes Don’t Have To Come From A Box, Nor Take Hours Of Prep

Via: Well Plated

Scalloped potatoes have been a classic side dish since before our time as millennials. While our great-grandparents may have tried to make it from scratch, many of our parents turned to a boxed mix to make this side an easy side. Millennials are keeping it easy, but are taking some of the processed parts out of this dish.

This cheesy potato dish will be incredibly flavorful and filling after the five hours it will take to prepare, including preparation, according to Delish. All that we have to do is some minor slicing before we are able to serve up to ten people with this classic dish.

14 Meatballs That Even Italian Grandmothers Would Fall In Love With, Without The Extra Work

Via: The Amazing Recipes

Meatballs are an Italian food staple. Meatballs from scratch are one of the easiest but most versatile dishes that our grandmothers will always be critical of, no matter how close to perfect we get them.

For many people, homemade meatballs are the first thing we learn to cook.

Country Living provided millennials with an amazing recipe for meatballs that will be worth the ten-hour wait. This dish is similar to most classic meatball recipes, but they will be even more flavorful after simmering for all of that time. Every clove of garlic and parsley leaf will come through in this dish, making the meatballs perfect for spaghetti or subs.

13 Chicken Parm That The Family Will Still Love Without All Of The Steps

Via: Soulfully Made

Chicken parmesan is another classic Italian dish. It is often seen as a go-to dish for holidays or dinner parties due to how easy it is to make. Millennials have to work and commute longer distances, which means that we have to get things done while we are not even home.

This is where Damn Delicious’ Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan Pasta recipe comes into play. After taking fifteen minutes of time out of our mornings to cut the chicken and combine some of our ingredients, we can let it cook for the next five hours while we are at work. All we will have to do is scoop out the portions when we get home.

12 Fall Off The Bone Ribs That Do Not Need Constant Attention

Via: Five Heart Home

Ribs can be a complicated food to make. Sometimes, they can be too chewy or not flavorful enough. Many people strive for fall-off-the-bone ribs.

This can take a lot of perfecting and trial-and-error when preparing them the standard way.

Delish created a recipe for slow-cooker Louisiana Ribs. These sweet yet spicy barbeque ribs are perfect for summer nights. While these ribs will take eight and a half hours to cook, they will be tender and flavorful enough to impress the entire family. Who needs a grill or an oven when you have a crockpot to cook with?

11 French Onion Soup Says "Fancy" But Does Not Require All The Work

French onion soup is often associated with fancy restaurants and paired wonderfully with baguettes to dip into the flavorful soup. To make this cheesy, aromatic soup, our grandparents would have had to stand over the stove for hours on end, reducing onions and creating their own broth.

Millennials have reinvented how soups are made, as per Crème De La Crumb. In total, this soup takes about four and a half hours to make. The onions get super caramelized, the cheesy gets super melty, and it is a filling, beautifully flavored soup. Another crowd pleaser that we can set and forget while we Instagram.

10 Fresh Bread In A Slow Cooker Finishes Off Every Meal

Via: Kitchn

Bread can be one of the most time-consuming foods to make from scratch. Our parents and grandparents would knead and let the bread rise, then have to repeat the process over and over again until it was ready to cook.

Everything was extremely finicky, and the oven could affect the process due to the temperature and bread's need to rise.

Now, thanks to Kitchn, millennials can make bread in a slow cooker in less than three hours. While the bread dough may need to be prepared in advance, some of the rise and the full baking is a crucial part of making a great loaf of bread.

9 Nachos Are Even Better Out Of A Crockpot

Via: Countryside Cravings

Nachos were not as integrated into the baby boomer’s dinner options as they are for millennials. Nachos are a major food group for millennials today, especially if guacamole is involved. Creating the ultimate nachos is not the easiest task, especially when it involves meat.

My Recipes has a way to get the perfect toppings for nachos prior to combining them with the tortilla chips. By combining the meat with the beans and cheeses in the crockpot, everything cooks evenly, and the flavors get infused all through them. After perfecting this for eight hours, added it to tortillas and quickly pop in the oven to get the nice crisp on the chips and cheese.

8 Chicken Noodle Soup Is A Household Classic, But Now Only Needs 10 Minutes Of Work

Via: Keep Recipes

Chicken noodle soup has been an American classic since before the baby boomers. This has been a go-to food for whenever we were sick or chilly for as long as we can all remember. Often, our parents and grandparents would have to wait until after cooking a whole chicken in order to have the broth for the base of the soup.

Then, after slaving over a chicken for hours, they had to get everything else for the soup prepared.

Now, Delish has a recipe that only requires ten minutes of preparation and six and a half hours of cooking time. This is perfect for chilly nights or for when we feel a cold coming on, especially since it requires minimal effort.

7 Mac N' Cheese Could Not Be Easier Or Require Less Work

Via: Simple Solutions Diva

Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate feel-good food. It can be an entrée or a side dish, depending on our mood for the day. Luckily for millennials, we have now passed the times where we would have to stand over the stove to stir constantly. We're also past the times of microwave macaroni and cheese. Yuck...

Delish boasts a three hour cook time, dump and leave macaroni and cheese recipe that can serve up to ten people. There is even the added kick of spices like garlic powder and paprika to break up some of the cheesy goodness.

6 Gourmet French Toast That Will Give You The Best First Meal Of The Day

Via: The Pastry Chef's Baking

French toast has come a long way over the years. What used to be Wonder Bread dipped in eggs and spices has a number of variations today. We no longer have to cook our French toast in a pan on our gas stoves.

Now, we are cooking it in our crockpots!

Delish has a recipe for super thick, very flavorful French toast using brioche bread. With cinnamon and nutmeg, plus a dash of vanilla, this French toast is super sweet. After a twenty-minute prep time, it cooks for about three hours and can then be served with syrup and confectionary sugar.

5 Vegetable Pot Pie And Biscuits All At Once And Only In One Pan

Via: Pinterest

Varieties of pot pies have been on American tables for decades. These pies used to boast flaky crusts and creamy, fattening centers. As Americans have stepped away from meat, the need for vegetable pot pie has grown.

My Recipes is taking caring of two vegetables with one stone but preparing both vegetable pot pie and biscuits all within the same crockpot. The biscuits act as a type of crust to compliment all of the flavors of the vegetables and spices that make up the body of the dish. Adding in some cheese and butter makes this a bit richer, but not necessarily as fatty as before.

4 Chicken Tikka Masala Is More Accessible With A Crockpot

Via: MyRecipes

Baby boomers were not cooking meals that could be found around the world. Burgers were just coming into play, and classic American dishes were in the spotlight.

Today, millennials have more diverse palates and crave flavors from all around the world.

My Recipes has a super flavorful, easy recipe for chicken tikka masala, which is a classic Indian dish. It is estimated that there are about seventeen minutes of preparation and eight hours of cooking for this spice filled dish. Most of this dish is based around a variety of spices that make the dish warm on a cold night.

3 A Full Roasted Chicken Without Having To Constantly Check It

Via: The Slow Cooking Housewife

A roast chicken is something that we can picture baby boomer women slaving over for a Sunday night meal, inviting the neighbors over after their Sunday family activities. Getting the perfect chicken cooked would be a challenge. Juicy meat and crispy chicken is a lot easier said than done.

My Recipes has a crockpot recipe for a roast chicken with garlic. Taking less than thirty minutes to prepare, millennials just have to throw it in the crockpot for eight hours while they are working or adventuring around on the weekend. They will come back to a full, perfectly cooked, delicious chicken.

2 Chili From Scratch Is Super Easy

Via: Pinterest

Chili is a classic dish that is perfect for fall and winter months to help get the chill out of the air. Baby boomers would make a basic chili, sometimes with minimal spices depending upon where the family lived. My Recipes had a delicious recipe for the crockpot for beef-and-bean chili.

The great thing about this recipe is that if we are vegetarians, we can just create it without the meat.

This stew-like chili has a lot of tomato notes and spices to help warm the body from the inside out. The meat and beans help fill us. Even better, we can throw some avocados on top to make them fit all of our dreams.

1 Hot Chocolate Can Be Café Worthy From A Crockpot

Via: Pinterest

Hot chocolate has always been a feel-good drink aimed towards children, especially after spending time out in the snow. Our parents and grandparents would turn to chocolate syrups or powders to help make us a nice cup of hot chocolate. Now, millennials have found a way to make amazing hot chocolate from home.

Infusing our obsession for coffee in with our love of chocolate, My Recipes has a wonderful crockpot recipe for mocha hot chocolate that heats to perfection after three hours. This is great to set up during the winter or for a holiday party, but can definitely be tossed in the freezer for an icy treat, too. Dipping sugar cookies into this — or a candy cane for that yuletide effect — sounds perfect.

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