20 Reasons Lindsay Lohan Is More Relatable Than Critics Might Think

When the name "Lindsay Lohan" comes up in conversation, many will either roll their eyes or continue to fangirl just as hard as they did when watching the starlet in Freaky Friday.

The actress, singer, and now beach club co-owner, got her start in modeling before being cast in her breakout twin role in The Parent Trap. From that point on, it seemed that Lohan would continue on to do great things, and she did—but not without the occasional trouble to follow.

Now that Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club has premiered on MTV, the world wants an answer to one question: who is Lindsay Lohan, really? On her new show, she appears human, relatable, and compassionate.

Claiming that all she wants to do is maintain her privacy, live as stress-free as possible, and make people happy, she portrays a responsible yet huge-hearted boss on-screen.

Lohan is, contrary to popular belief, far more relatable to the average person than many people think. She enjoys simple things, has certain beliefs, and goes about her business in a human way, which often means making mistakes and learning from them.

To prove that, we've created a pretty convincing list with the most human 'Lindsay' qualities possible... Go ahead and fangirl, we won't tell anyone.

20 Contrary To Her Party Reputation, Lohan Was A Straight-A Student


Funny enough, her character on Mean Girls wasn't too far from the truth as far as her school interests went. She wasn't actually a mean girl, but she was very invested in her studies, unlike many other stars.

The subjects Lohan excelled in were math and science which might not be relatable to some of us (raise your hand if you flunked honors math!) but her desire to learn is common ground. Her report cards always reflected straight A's, in fact, giving way to some serious smarts that many wouldn't realize she's capable of. It's no wonder she enjoyed Mathletes so much.

19 She's A Boss Lady With A Huge Heart, One That Most Of Us Can Appreciate


All any of us ever want is a boss who's both tough enough to motivate us but caring enough to know when we need a shoulder. Lohan is both and it's something that makes her shine on Lindsay Lohan's Beach House.

While many people flock to her because of her fame, they end up walking away with a new appreciation and understanding of who she really is away from the camera and limelight. Her creative partner on the show, Panos Spentzos, has gone as far as outwardly claiming how much he adores Lohan and feels protective of her. It just goes to show how much people can be misunderstood through the rambling of the media.

18 Interestingly Enough, She Turned Down The Role Of Regina George Because It Was 'Too Mean'


According to Factinate, Lohan actually turned down the role of Regina George in Mean Girls. Surprise! She claimed that her younger fan base wouldn't quite appreciate her witchy with a B appearance and attitude, so she stuck with the role of Cady.

This is something that we can totally get behind because her co-star, Rachel McAdams, was absolutely flawless for the part. You have to admit that it was respectable of Lohan to turn down the role in defense of her fans, something many wouldn't think of when being offered a major role in what would soon be a major movie.

17 Celebs Aren't Immune To Health Issues, She Has ADHD


This is a little-known fun fact that some fans might not even be aware of. While it's not totally evident from her on-screen roles or interviews, Lohan does suffer from ADHD, which she takes meds for.

To see a weakness in others is to feel more human ourselves and this is definitely one thing that makes us realize that underneath it all, Lohan is just like anyone else, dealing with the same things. While she has this under control, it's still something that affects her and just serves as a symbol of the fact that she's not perfect just because she's famous.

16 Her Saddest Moment Includes Disappointing Her Mom


If there's anything many of us are all too familiar with, it's the act of disappointing our parents at one point or another. This moment came for Lohan when she turned herself in to the cops before she spent a stint in jail. She admits that it was her saddest day to date and recalls remember the look on her mom's face when she did it.

According to Factinate, she spent four days crying about it, yet another thing many of us can relate to. The feeling of disappointing someone is one of the most human emotions someone can feel and Lohan has definitely experienced her share.

15 She's Too Cool For Gender Roles And Believes Love Is Fluid


Just as Shane said on The L Word, gender is fluid. This is obviously not a belief that everyone shares but for Lohan, she doesn't believe in labels. She believes this so much, in fact, that she refuses to even label herself or provide any preference on who she chooses to date.

The star prefers to go with things as they come and love who she's drawn to, which has been many people over the years, including DJ Samantha Ronson. We're in full support of this view on life and love and applaud Lohan's ability to accept and love everyone regardless of gender.

14 She Simply Enjoys Her Privacy, Which Is Pretty Respectable


Although it contradicts that way that she has portrayed herself in recent years, Lohan does enjoy leading a relatively private, exiled existence. She has taken up residence in Dubai and is the entrepreneur of a beach club in Mykonos, Greece, and doesn't care about much outside of that.

On the show, she speaks of how wonderful it is to be so far from the drama and fame that followed her for so long and really, who can blame her? The woman has been through plenty and there's no denying that she's deserving of her personal space. Just like anyone else, she, too, only wants to lead a semi-normal life.

13 Her Favorite Food Is So Typical: Sushi!


If this isn't human and relatable for almost everyone then we don't know what is. Rather than something fancy and over the top, Lohan admits that her favorite food is actually sushi. We're not exactly sure what type she gravitates toward but come on—is there really any bad sushi roll out there?

The actress loves it so much, in fact, that paparazzi have captured her many a time entering or leaving a sushi restaurant. She doesn't seem to be bothered by the world knowing her foodie obsession and that's definitely something that we can get behind. California roll, anyone?

12 Despite The Rumor Mill, Lohan Does Not Indulge 


It's true that Lohan has had a past, but haven't we all? After running into some legal trouble while indulging in some illegal activity, she served some time behind bars and was put on probation. The star seems to have learned from her mistakes, though, and solely focuses on her role as a partner and entrepreneur in Europe, choosing to stay away from the US.

She also tells an interesting story of how the late Heath Ledger encouraged her to avoid adult bevs for a year and she claims it was easy—and good—for her to do since she doesn't need them to enjoy life.

11 Arrogance Has No Place: She Takes Advice From Other Actresses


Despite her already great acting skills, Lohan is still open to what those who are more experienced have to say. However cold she might seem off-set, she has still been open to the advice of others including that of Meryl Streep as well as Freaky Friday co-star Jamie Lee Curtis.

To this day, Curtis still comments on how much she adores Lohan as the years have passed. Both women passed on fantastic advice to the young star including how to improve on her acting and a bit of personal advice to help her in the future. It's nice when we can all get along and learn from one another.

10 Her Golden Hollywood Icons May Surprise You

Vanity Fair

Surprisingly, Lohan's idols aren't even from a recent decade. Her heart and her acting inspiration take up residence in decades prior, as she looks up to late stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Ann Margaret. These two actresses are her favorite, and the movies Niagara  and Kitten with a Whip are among her top movie faves.

Lohan was even able to arrange a photo shoot with a photographer who worked with Marilyn Monroe to recreate some of her most classic photos. Knowing this, it's easy to see a bit of that Golden Hollywood attitude in her very first major on-screen performance in The Parent Trap. Faaabulous, darling!

9 Educated And Spiritual: She Studies Just Like Anyone Else


Lohan might be a bit quieter nowadays, but she certainly hasn't stopped expanding her mind. She thrives when it comes to educating herself and learning all that the world has to offer, mainly when it comes to Eastern religion. She studies writings out of Islam quite frequently and has also been known to study the Quran.

She's no stranger to the Middle East and claims that she's quite the spiritual person, reaching out to learn whatever she can from various cultures. She also currently lives in Dubai, where she spends much of her time, and has been spotted recently visiting Turkey as well.

8 Far From Perfect: Lohan Is Far From Perfect And No Stranger To The Law


With all of that fame and fortune comes pressure and it's not always a good thing for some people. Lohan definitely engaged in some less than savory activities—more than once—and we can only hope that she's learned her lesson as she seemed to have.

She has been arrested eight times with various issues in between. After all of that trouble, though, she still seems to have a solid head on her shoulders as she takes on a business venture. She's also staying far away from the cameras and media outside of her show, paving the way for the new and improved Lindsay.

7 She Was Close With None Other Than The Late Heath Ledger


It's good to have plenty of friends and Lohan has some pretty unique ones. It was rumored that she and the late Heath Ledger had quite a close bond. Her mother, Dina, actually confirmed that the two were dating and after his passing, Lohan made no qualms about her deep-rooted love for the actor. She claimed that she did love him and wanted nothing more than to be with him once more.

Ledger's name also appeared on a list of people Lohan had been with that, unfortunately, went public, which simply added to the folklore surrounding their supposed love story. Love is the most basic human emotion, though, and we're all guilty of it.

6 Paranoia Isn't Just For The General Public: She Had Her Appendix Removed, Then Took It Home


We never said that Lohan wasn't a bit of a strange one but hey, we can all be oddballs sometimes. In typical paranoid fashion, Lohan decided to take an appendectomy one step further by ensuring that no one would have access to her discarded organs.

Her major fear was that it would somehow end up leaving the hospital in the wrong hands and the last thing she wanted was to see her appendix up for auction on eBay. As crazy as it sounds, people have done crazier things, and we can't really blame her for wanting to keep her appendix somewhere she can keep an eye on it.

5 Sharing Is Caring: She Uses Fame To Speak For Those Who Can't


Aside from the half drama, half scuffle that occurred on her IG story recently, Lohan has spoken out for refugees in Turkey and made headway with human right issues. She was actually invited to speak with the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, which is a massive honor.

If anything, she has found a way for her fame to blaze a path to righteousness as she continues to speak out in defense for those who can't. It's an honorable thing to do and something that isn't normally associated with celebrities and fame. If anything, it's definitely a not-so-subtle way of redeeming herself.

4 Family Life Isn't Perfect, Either: A Hidden Half-Sister


In 2012, Lohan learned that her father had another daughter and boy, is she a strange one. While the news didn't rattle the actress too much, there's no denying that her hidden half-sister had some wild desires.

Whether or not this is true has yet to be seen, but according to Ashley, the media manipulated her statement to make it seem as though she was desperately trying to be her famous half-sister. Regardless of whether or not it's true, we can all have some sympathy for the copy-cat sibling.

3 Contrary To Popular Belief, She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve


Lohan has been involved in some strange things, but that has never kept her from remembering where her heart is. At a young age, she was familiar with the notion of families being torn apart as her issues with her father escalated. She's close to her mother Dina but has plenty of reason to have parental alienation from her father.

This lack of relationship is evident on her music albums, which rocked the world with their brutal honesty. The line, "And I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders / A family in crisis that only grows older" speaks for itself.

2 A Child Of Divorce: Something Many Of Us Resonate With


Lohan's stepmother recently filed for divorce from her biological father in 2018, but that's not the first experience the actress has had with a parental split. Her parents officiated their divorce in 2007 and though Lohan was considered an adult, her father admitted that she was thrown in the middle of a messy battle.

According to Huffington Post, he went as far as to admit that the fault of her legal issues was likely due to the divorce and both he and her mother's behavior, none of which was actually his daughter's fault. Being as the split came at the apex of the actress's acting, it's no wonder that it had such a huge effect on her personal life.

1 Lohan Is Late To Nearly Everything... Not Unlike 90% Of The Population


Lohan has admitted before that she is one of those people who is constantly late to everything. It's a common (bad) habit that many, if not most of us, have, and humanizes the actress even more. Many stars become used to waking up at the crack of dawn to attend rehearsals and filming, but Lohan says that in order to get somewhere on time, she needs complete calm and just feels rushed when someone checks on her.

It's a feeling many of us can relate to because really, who actually enjoys getting a text ten minutes before you're supposed to be somewhere, saying, "are you here yet?" Not us, that's for sure.

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