20 Reasons Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper's Relationship Make Our Hearts Melt

It isn't often that two co-stars bond so harmoniously over the course of the production of a film. Sometimes, co-stars or co-workers fall in love on set. Sometimes, a valuable and unbreakable friendship is formed. We saw it happen with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, which resulted in a lifelong friendship. It was only a matter of time before another platonic couple came along to steal our hearts.

Case in point: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, during the production of the Oscar-nominated Hollywood remake, A Star is Born. This is one of those rare instances in which there was immediate chemistry between the two lead actors. That chemistry has evolved from on the screen to RL, surfacing through a myriad of compliments, mutual adoration and admiration, and an immense amount of positive energy between the two as they pose for pristine picture after picture.

Below, we take a look at 20 times Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's relationship made our hearts melt, from festival junkets and press tours, to concerts and red carpets. Enjoy!

20 They Instantly Bonded Over Pasta Upon Meeting


After hearing Lady Gaga sing "La Vie En Rose" at a cancer benefit event for Sean Parker, Bradley Cooper visited Gaga at her home to discuss potential casting in A Star is Born. To break the ice, Gaga asked Cooper if he was hungry. One thing led to another, and the two artists were eating leftover pasta. In typical Italian tradition, they fully embraced socialisation and pleasure before business.

"We went to the kitchen and she said, 'Look in my fridge,' and she had all this pasta that she had made the night before," Cooper said on Conan, according to CNN. "She heated it up and I was eating it with her. It was insane. She made me feel so comfortable."

19 Bradley Cooper First Heard Lady Gaga Sing Live At A 2016 Charity Event, The Same Song She Sings In A Star Is Born

Gaga Daily

The aforementioned cancer benefit event where Cooper heard Gaga sing "La Vie En Rose" inspired Cooper to recreate the scene in A Star is Born. According to Vanity Fair, Gaga told Cooper that she used to perform in drag bars in Manhattan's Lower East Side. So, as a tribute to Gaga's early days as a struggling artist, Cooper set their first meeting in the movie at a drag bar.

The performance of "La Vie En Rose" in A Star is Born is electrifying, and brings Cooper's Jackson to tears. It was, as they say, love at first sight.

18 Cooper Rallied For Gaga For The Role In A Star Is Born

Warner Bros.

According to the LA Times, an executive at Warner Bros. wasn't entirely convinced Gaga should be cast as Ally in A Star is Born, but it was Cooper who advocated for her. Literally moments after Gaga fed a famished Cooper at her home, the two performed their first duet, a cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival song "Midnight Special."

"The next thing I know after I’m eating pasta, we’re singing in her living room,” Cooper told Conan. “It was crazy, and she said, ‘Has anyone ever heard you sing before?’ I said, ‘No.’ And she said, ‘Well, let’s record it.’ So, I recorded it on my phone, and that was actually one of the first things - when I was trying to pitch this movie to Warner Brothers, I showed them that video.”

Perhaps it was this video that won Warner Bros. over.

17 Cooper Gave Gaga Confidence As An Actor

Warner Bros.

Cooper believed in Gaga from day one on set, the LA Times reports. She had already won a Golden Globe for her performance on Ryan Murphy's hit television show American Horror Story, but A Star is Born marks her first feature film. She was nervous. So, Cooper wiped off her makeup because he wanted to see her "completely open."

"It put me right in the place I needed to be, because when my character talks about how ugly she feels, that was real,” Gaga explained to the LA Times. “I’m so insecure. I like to preach, but I don’t always practice what I preach."

Cooper says that Gaga's learning curve as an actor during production was "insane."

16 Gaga Gave Cooper Confidence As A Singer

Warner Bros.

Just as Cooper gave Gaga confidence as an actor, Gaga gave Cooper confidence as a singer and musician. On top of writing several songs for the A Star is Born soundtrack, Gaga also worked with Cooper in the studio, answering technical musical questions that he had about performing and fame. The first time Gaga heard Cooper sing, she was impressed, to say the least.

"He started to sing.” Gaga told PeopleTV. “I just stopped playing. I looked over at him and said, 'Oh my gosh, Bradley, you have a voice! You can sing!' It comes from his gut. It comes from inside of him. It comes from the nectar of his being. It’s so soulful."

Now, those are some words of encouragement! "She said, 'You’re going to become a musician, and you’re going to make me as comfortable as you can onscreen,'" Cooper told USA Today. "It was a good barter."

15 That Time Cooper Immediately Fell In Love With Gaga’s “Face And Eyes”

Us Weekly

During a screening testing, Cooper told the press that he immediately "fell in love with her face and eyes," when speaking about Gaga, according to Variety. Are you noticing a trend of the two stars gushing over each other in interviews yet? Their mutual public remarks only get sweeter.

"When I started out, I was not the most beautiful girl in the room. [Producers] wanted to take my songs and give [them] to other singers but…I held on to them," Gaga told Variety. "They made suggestions about how I should look. I didn’t want to be viewed like other women, be s*xy like other women. I wanted to have my own vision."

14 That Time Cooper Called Gaga “A Beautiful Human Being”

The Cheat Sheet

Not that Gaga needs the reassurance, but Cooper is always there to compliment her talent and beauty, inside and out. On an episode of Good Morning America, Cooper praised Gaga, after which she teared up, according to People.

"I’m just so glad God gave her the talent that she has and he chose her, because that’s quite a vessel to go through.” Cooper said. “Because it’s really what you do with it, and she’s such a beautiful human being.”

Gaga immediately returned the compliment to Cooper, citing their instant chemistry. The gushing continues.

13 That Time Cooper Called Gaga’s A Star Is Born Performance “A Revelation”

Warner Bros.

According to USA Today, Cooper referred to Gaga's performance in A Star is Born as "kind of a revelation" at the annual CinemaCon Convention. He's proud of his co-star's outstanding, Oscar-nominated performance, as any good friend and colleague rightfully should be. Apparently, Gaga's performance took on a life of its own once it began to coincide with the musical aspects of her role.

"She said, 'What I cannot stand in movies is when it's playback and you can see they’re lip-syncing. We’re going to sing live,'" Cooper told CinemaCon, as WLTX reports. Cooper and Gaga ended up performing as a musical duo at real music festivals such as Stagecoach, Coachella and Glastonbury.

12 That Time Gaga Called Cooper’s Performance “Like Houdini”

Warner Bros.

In typical endearing fashion, Gaga reciprocated Cooper's praise of her acting chops in A Star is Born. She told Vanity Fair, "It was like a magic trick for us...really, he was like Houdini." All accounts allude to the making of A Star is Born being a resoundingly magical experience. Oh, to be a fly on the wall on set during a day of filming of the Oscar-nominated film!

Gaga also mentioned how important it was for her to trust Cooper as both a performer and a director, saying, "We’re having this extremely emotional... conversation with each other and—at the same time—you have to completely trust your director."

11 That Time Gaga Felt “A Kindred Spirit From Him” Upon Meeting Cooper

The Hollywood Reporter

Gaga told Time, “From the moment we met, I felt a kindred spirit in him. And as soon as I heard him sing, I stopped...in my tracks. I knew he could play a rock star. Actually, he’s the only actor on the planet who could play this one.”

Furthermore, according to The Hollywood Reporter, during the 32nd American Cinematheque Award gala, at which Cooper was a nominee, Gaga told the audience and his peers, “And the truth is that I just instantly felt comfortable with him. He just is a kind person. He’s a loving soul, and that is a rarity in this industry.”

In this industry, establishing a connection and comfortable rapport with one’s actors as a director is of the utmost importance. We applaud you, Cooper.

10 That Time Gaga Said She “Never Had An Artistic Experience Like This Before”

Warner Bros.

After Cooper told press at A Star is Born’s TIFF premiere it was “the most artistically fulfilling experience” he’d ever had, The Hollywood Reporter states Gaga quickly followed suit.

“I have to echo Bradley: This was the greatest artistic experience of my career,” she said.

For two artists at the peak of their respective crafts, crossing into each other’s industry with wide acclaim, these are bold statements. Not only will Cooper likely shift some of his artistic focus to a directorial capacity, but he may just be encouraged to pursue something greater with music after the success of A Star is Born. Furthermore, it has certainly reinvigorated Gaga's passion for acting.

9 They Love Each Other Deeply


This one is obvious, evident in the countless times that Gaga and Cooper have complimented each other in the media while promoting A Star is Born. Simply put, they love each other. It may not be a romantic love, but they've been infatuated with each other since the day they first met and bonded over that pasta.

They might just be the cutest A-list besties on the planet right now. During premieres, screenings and ceremonies, they can usually be seen holding hands, causing many people to question whether or not they are romantically involved. However, this couple is purely platonic.

8 They Were Fueled By Each Other’s Artistic Passion During The Production Of A Star Is Born

Warner Bros.

It's already been established that Gaga and Cooper ignited in each other a confidence in pursuing and performing in each other's artistic crafts during the creative process of making A Star is Born. What kept them going, however, is their unrelenting passion for not only their own craft, but each other's. That passion helped fuel each other's performances.

Recounting the first time they sang together, Gaga told Entertainment Tonight, "We all of a sudden started to sing together, harmonizing and laughing, and looking at each other. It was instantaneous, and I knew in [that] moment that I could make this film with him, and I truly believe that there's no other actor or director in the world that could have played this role or made this film."

7 They Set A Positive Example For Platonic Friendships Between Men And Women


Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's relationship is that of a beautiful professional and personal friendship. Both artists clearly have the deepest respect and admiration for each other. There's an attraction, if you will, to each other's inherent and seemingly endless artistic abilities.

In that sense, Gaga and Cooper's friendship sets a very positive standard for platonic friendships, proving that two attractive, smart and talented people can, in fact, be good friends.

6 When Cooper Went On Stage To Perform A Surprise “Shallow” Cover At A Gaga Concert


Lady Gaga kicked off her Las Vegas residency, "Enigma," in style. Within the first month of her two-year residency, which began on December 28, 2018, Gaga earned her second and third Oscar nominations for A Star is Born. One nomination is for Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Song) for the song, "Shallow," shared with Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, and Andrew Wyatt. The other is for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role.

Rolling Stone reports that the BFFs reunited, performing "Shallow" for the first time outside of filming when Cooper attended Gaga's "Enigma" in January 2019 with director Todd Phillips.

Gaga convinced a shy Cooper to join her onstage to perform a live cover of "Shallow" for their 5,000+ fans in attendance.

5 They’re Super Photogenic


I mean, look at literally every single picture of Gaga and Cooper together. In every photograph, even the candids, they look absolutely phenomenal together. Premieres, screenings, galas, concerts, awards ceremonies. They've attended virtually every major high-profile function together since the A Star is Born press tour began, and these two  stars from the East Coast have proven that they can look good wearing virtually anything.

We can't wait to see what they wear to the Oscars, and if they will go full method acting and be in character for their "Shallow" performance.

4 They’re Performing At The Oscars Together


The Oscars may be making some unusual decisions this year, but they're getting at least one thing right in letting Cooper and Gaga perform Gaga's Oscar-nominated song "Shallow" at the ceremony this year for A Star is Born.

The Academy announced the news themselves via Twitter: "Cooper. Gaga. "Shallow." #Oscars." Nothing else needs to be said. The words speak for themselves. If the "Enigma" performance was any indication of what Gaga and Cooper's Oscars performance will be like, audiences are in for a real treat, but something tells us Cooper and Gaga will take things up a notch.

3 Cooper Refers To Gaga By Her Real Name, Stefani


In most interviews and press junkets, Cooper refers to Gaga by her real name, Stefani. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cooper said,

"I wrote the music, Stefani wrote a lot of the music. There’s no singing in playback, which was [scary], but it’s key to the movie. It makes all the difference. Stefani was adamant about that: she said, ‘We have to record everything live,’ and I’m so glad she did."

Cooper also referred to "Shallow" as "a song [Stefani] had written with Mark Ronson.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that one has to be quite close to Lady Gaga to refer to her by her first name.

2 They Acknowledge Each Other In Emotional Award Acceptance Speeches


The awards and nominations have been pouring in for A Star is Born, including a Golden Globe for Best Original Song - Motion Picture; eight Oscar nominations and a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for "Shallow," shared equally between Cooper and Gaga.

Cooper couldn't attend the Grammys, as he was at the BAFTAs, but Gaga made sure to mention him, as she has in all of her acceptance speeches thus far. According to Entertainment Weekly, Gaga said, "I wish Bradley was here right now. I know he wants to be here. Bradley, I loved singing this song with you."

Well, we loved watching you two sing it!

1 Friends For Life: Move Over Kate And Leo

Page Six

As much as we love Kate and Leo, and we love them a lot, we think that Cooper and Gaga's BFF pact might just eclipse what Kate and Leo have. It will be interesting to see how their friendship develops after awards season is over and they no longer have to do press for A Star is Born.

It's likely that Cooper and Gaga will remain friends for as long as they live. Here's to hoping that they work together again soon to create some of that cinematic, musical magic with which we fell in love.

Sources: YouTube, People

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