20 Real Hairstylists Reveal On Reddit Their Most Hilarious Client Stories

Being a hairdresser isn’t always the glamorous profession it’s made out to be in movies. It’s not all about spritzing hairspray, fun color dyes, and chattering away with clients. Surprisingly, though, hairdressing is considered to be a job that doesn’t contain much stress. A study by CareerCast.com found that hairdressing was the least stressful job in 2015. What? Many hairdressers would definitely disagree with that stat! Just look at what they have to deal with: long hours on their feet and dealing with difficult clients, for instance, both of which can be stress triggers of note.

But, sometimes the crazy things that happen with clients can also make for great post-work stories, so at least there’s that. And there are many crazy stories that happen behind those salon doors. Although we often hear about clients’ horror stories at the hairdresser as well as the difficulty in finding the right stylist, there’s a lot of drama that poor hairdressers have to deal with on a regular basis which we might not realize. So, let’s spare a thought for them by checking out the following 20 funny stories that real hairdressers have experienced. It’s all thanks to their whacky, wild, and wonderful clients who always keep things, shall we say, interesting.

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20 Clients Who Flirt With Their Hairdressers

"One time I was getting my hair cut and the dude in the next chair was constantly hitting on his hairdresser in about the most awkward way possible. She was shutting him down, and he just couldn't take a hint. The whole time my hairdresser and I were dead silent watching this go down out of the corner of our eyes. It was amazing." - Snicklesack

Although this story wasn’t reported by the hairdresser being flirted with, clearly it made a huge impression on everyone else in the salon. It’s one thing for hairdressers to have to listen to TMI from their clients, but quite another when clients are flirting with them and not taking a hint that the hairdresser isn’t interested. Give the hairdresser a break – she has work to do and would prefer to do it in peace! The fact that this was happening in a salon where other people could hear the man’s insistent flirting makes it even more awkward and embarrassing!

There is a time and a place for flirting, and a busy salon isn’t one of them.

It’s also good to remember that flirting when someone keeps rejecting your advances is never pretty and just makes the flirter look bad.

19 Clients Who Do Shady Business

"Last week I had a guy in my chair. He kept getting on the phone and wanting me to stop and let him go outside because he was trying to give directions to someone to meet his cousin in the car outside. I joked that whoever he kept answering the phone to could come into the shop unless they're selling you something. And he just casually nodded 'oh no yeah it’s that type of deal'. And I retracted my invitation to his lovely acquaintance." – OneBlueberry

Oh no! Sometimes hairdressers can try to make conversation with their clients so that there’s no awkward silence during their appointment, but this hairdresser clearly got more than the light chatter he/she was expecting. Maybe the hairdresser was getting a bit annoyed by how the client kept jumping around and using their phone – those behaviors are rude when you’re in the hairdresser’s chair, after all - but without realizing that something really dodgy was going on. The question is: why would anyone resort to doing such shady business in a hair salon, and even worse, during their hair appointment? It’s so inappropriate since the hairdresser is trying to be a professional and do their job, and let’s not forget it’s a place that children often frequent!

18 Clients Who Correct Their Hairdressers

"One time someone told me that I could have said 'while' after I had just used 'whilst'. I used to think saying "whilst" made me sound smart until I cut this person’s hair." – claymer

People who go around correcting others’ grammar and spelling can really be annoying. Doing so in a hair salon can feel especially rude, especially because it’s not the client’s place to turn the hair appointment into a grammar lesson.

It just goes to show how clients sometimes tend to feel more comfortable with their hairdressers than they would, with say, their doctors or dentists.

But, just because they’re doing people’s hair and might be in a more casual setting, it doesn’t mean that hairdressers should be treated with anything other than the utmost respect by their clients.

Going to a hairdresser is often more than a once-off visit, after all. People tend to stick to the same hairdresser, with a study by Pivot Point finding that 81 percent of people say the relationship they have with their stylist is an important reason why they choose that specific salon. But people who are rude, such as the client who corrects his/her hairstylist’s grammar, risk being dropped by their hairdressers ASAP!

17 Clients Who Have A “Helmet Of Hairspray”

"Older ladies that came in for a wash and a dry that had a "helmet of hairspray" of 4 weeks old was pretty normal." - Tackbracka

It’s scary to think that clients who have hairspray in their hair for four weeks is considered something that’s a regular occurrence in a salon! One can just imagine how hard that “hair helmet” must’ve been, as well as how difficult it was for the hairstylist to have to wash out all that hairspray. When going to a hairdresser, it’s always a good idea to boost one’s personal hair hygiene. Having clean hair is always a must so that the hairdresser can do their work properly and give you the kind of hairstyle that you want. When there are obstacles in the way, such as hair that hasn’t been washed or has excessive amounts of product in it, this can result in a longer appointment and more stress for the hairdresser.

Sometimes getting your hair washed before a hair appointment is even more important. In an article about salon etiquette on News.com.au, clients are advised to wash their hair before making appointments when getting their hair dyed. This is because some hair products won’t absorb into dirty hair, which means if your hair’s not clean you won’t get the color results you want. But don’t blame your hairdresser – blame your hairspray!

16 Clients Who Confess They Were Sneaking Around On Their Partners

"A lady was telling her stylist that she was sneaking around on her husband with a busboy at a local restaurant and she was getting her hair done because they had a meeting in his van." – autumn

For some reason, people who go to hairdressers often find that they want to confess all their deepest, darkest secrets to them.

But sometimes this goes too far, becoming complete TMI that’s better saved for a best friend or a psychologist.

So, why do people want to ‘fess up to hairstylists anyway? According to Psychology Today, it’s partly because the client is looking into the mirror – literally – and can see the reflection of the hairdresser, and it’s less threatening to talk to the hairdresser in this way when compared to sitting directly opposite a therapist and staring into their eyes. As the article explains, the “mirror creates the illusion of distance which makes the client feel more comfortable as he or she shares deeply personal details.” Interesting, but in the case of such personal details, it’s still a wiser decision not to be so open about them. After all, the hairdresser probably feels really awkward and doesn’t know what to say!

15 Clients Who Love Their Ear Hair

"After a tornado had [come] through my area an older gentleman probably 50-65, who was working for FEMA, came in for a haircut. During the consultation, he told me, "whatever you do, don't shave the hair off of my ears, my last girlfriend thought it was attractive". So I didn't shave the hair off his ears!" - Jblondchickah2003

Hairdressers sometimes get really weird requests, like this one about leaving ear hair intact. Gross! It’s funny, though, because the gentleman obviously thought that since one woman was attracted to his ear hair, it was a must for him to keep it intact because other women would also like it. Although some women might find it a turn-off, ear hair is completely normal. As explained on Bustle, most men have hair in their ears and some women also find hair growing in that area of the body. But, the article goes on to explain that excessive ear hair can be embarrassing, so tweezing or shaving it is often a good way to make a positive impression on new dates and avoid feeling embarrassed. Unless you’re that guy who refused. In which case, to each their own. The cool thing about that guy is that he’s confident about his ear hair, which is refreshing!

14 Clients Who Throw Insults

"One [client] had me in tears because she said she could, 'smell my lack of confidence.'" - ddawn215

Being insulting to your hairdresser is never a good idea – you don’t want to upset the person who’s holding scissors and can completely change your hairstyle for the worst. But seriously, rudeness in customers is never acceptable, and it’s unfair for hairdressers to have to deal with such attitudes in their place of work. Even if the hairdresser didn’t have confidence, pointing it out in such a direct, critical way can just make her feel worse. Imagine how hard it would be to carry on working knowing that the person thinks so little of you!

What many clients don’t realize is that some hairdressers actually keep files of difficult clients – and remember, they can toss out clients they don’t like.

If the client is very difficult, then that’s probably the best thing for both her and the hairdresser. It might sound dramatic, but as mentioned on The Cut, “the client-hairdresser relationship engenders a unique form of intimacy. You sit in a chair for hours, making small talk while a virtual stranger waves sharp objects near your face in an attempt to bring out your best self.” Sometimes it’s not your best self that comes out, but instead of criticising your hairdresser find one who suits your needs. No need to be mean.

13 Clients Who Want Their Scalps Scratched

"A lot of people come into the spa and ask specifically to have their head massaged/scratched as a part of the massage. 'Do you do the scalp? I LOVE having my head massaged!'" - frothulu

It might sound funny, but many people love the part of their hair appointment when they have their scalp massaged, which usually happens during the hair-washing process. But why is it so nice to have your scalp massaged, tickled, or scratched? It’s about Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), according to an article in The Vice. Apparently, the sensation creates tingles in your brain and head that travel down your neck and spine. For some people, this feeling is almost like meditation because it makes them feel so calm and blissed out. ASMR can be triggered by various things, such as getting a haircut, a massage, and even a manicure. Luckily, it doesn’t have to feel awkward or strange to ask your hairdresser to give you a scalp massage during your appointment. The Reddit hairdresser of this post says it’s actually not creepy to do so, adding that it’s something hairdressers are trained for. So make the most of your appointment and enjoy the massage!

12 Clients Who Are Always Right

"Most of the annoying people either want to talk about stuff that's too personal, only themselves and how they were right in a situation when they were clearly wrong, or it's just nonsense." - TwilightBeastLink

This is another type of TMI that is inappropriate for the hair salon: talking to your hairdresser about previous situations in which you believe you were right. Why the need to get this stuff of one’s chest? It becomes extra uncomfortable if the hairdresser has to nod and smile, pretending that the client is right even if the hairdresser thinks that the client is wrong. But, as TwilightBeastLink adds in the post, clients are how hairdressers make their living so they have to avoid conflict. One could suggest that hairdressers avoid talking, but this is often difficult.

There’s a lot of debate about whether salon small talk should or shouldn’t happen. UK Color director, Michael Kelly, tells Vogue, "I think the new age salon client has progressed beyond the old school 'salon banter' where it was all about discussing personal lives, parties on the weekends, salon gossip etc. From a stylist /colorist perspective, the first steps should be to engage with the client in the most professional way, be warm, inviting and friendly, but not too casual. Basically, I stay away from personal lives unless the client initiates the conversation. Keep in mind, we are not therapists, so if the conversation is getting heavy, I come back to talking about the hair.” That seems like the safest bet – let’s keep it professional!

11 Clients Who Are Less Than Truthful

"My mom was a hairdresser for 20 some odd years and the worst story I ever heard was about a woman and a perm. This woman lied to my mom and told her she had never had her hair processed - colored, lightened, nothing - so my mom went ahead with the perm. Rods in, perm solution done, she's at the bowl and starts rinsing her hair, and the perm rods just start falling out with the hair still on them. She left the salon nearly bald people! Turns out she had, indeed, used box color. The moral of the story is don't lie to your stylist! No matter how embarrassed you are about using box color." – saltmother

It’s important to be open and honest with hairdressers so that they can keep your hair healthy and avoid potential dangers, such as hair falling out during a perm. The reason why perms can be so tricky is that having previously colored your hair makes it more brittle. When hair has already been dyed, it makes it less strong than it should be. As explained on the Live About website, anytime your hair has been previously chemically treated, a perm may cause unwanted damage.

It’s therefore important for people to trust their hairdressers and be honest with them – they know more than we do about keeping hair healthy!

10 Clients Who Get Cranky About Chemicals

"I don't want you to use chemicals on my hair. But I want to go from box black to platinum blonde. Oh, and I only have an hour." - alwaystacobell

Those are often words that hairstylists dread hearing from clients! When it comes to dying hair, there’s been an increase in the availability of natural and ammonia-free hair dye, thanks to greater awareness of toxins that are commonly found in chemical dyes. But it’s totally unrealistic to expect that you can achieve an extreme hair color without the use of chemicals. For example, if your hair’s naturally dark, you’ll need to use chemicals such as bleach on it so that you can gain a much lighter shade. “The darker your natural hair color is, the more pigment you'll need to remove to get to a platinum level, which is a harsher process," a hairstylist called Kristin Ess tells Marie Claire. “Additionally, it's harder to remove pigment from coarse strands than fine strands, so know that there's only so much you can do to prevent some level damage if you have dark, coarse hair."

9 Clients Who Have Crazy Demands

"So this girl’s hair wasn't particularly messy, but she has this knot in the back of her head. Kind of like she had a skinny braid back there and let it get out of control. It was knotted up, but nothing I couldn't comb out, I've seen way worse. Anyway, she wanted a full head of highlights but wanted me to 'work around' the knot. She wouldn't let me even attempt to comb it out… She got an attitude with me when I told her I couldn't do my job properly if she wouldn't let me get the knot out first. Finally, she realized I wasn't going to budge and said something along the lines of, 'so I guess you won't do my hair till the knot is gone...' and gets up and leaves." - killingALLTHETIME

Sometimes people can really put excessive demands on their hairdressers, such as this woman who wanted her stylist to work around the knot but still apply highlights all over her head. Say what? That would be like going to a doctor for an earache but then not letting him see inside your ear! Hairdressers want to be able to do their jobs properly, but they can’t if clients are putting up unreasonable obstacles in their path like untouchable tangled knots. So crazy.

8 Clients Who Ask For The Hairdresser’s Opinions, Then Challenge Them

"'I'm bored with my hair!' Then they ask me for 'a change', and then shoot down every suggestion and photo I present. Repeat. Also, wanting funky colours, styles, or colour corrections expecting them to be easy to take care of or cheap. I can't count the number of clients who walked out after I explain, IN GREAT DETAIL, how much time and money is needed for a certain result." – JennyTwenty

It’s frustrating for hairdressers to have to deal with clients who don’t know what they want or ask for their hairdressers’ opinions but then don’t want to follow them. What gives? If you’re not going to be open to trying what your hairdresser suggests, then why are you even at the salon? Doing this is just a waste of everyone’s time, and it becomes even worse if you want to do something fun with your hair but not pay for it or sit in the chair for a certain amount of time. Hello? Hairdressers aren’t magical creatures with wands! They can’t make your hair go from average to amazing in under five seconds. Getting a gorgeous new hairstyle takes time and effort, so if you’re not going to commit to that, then maybe it’s best not to book an appointment.

7  Clients Who Break The Rules

"I once had to turn a lady away after she booked in for hair extension removal. The micro-bonded type your stylist should tell you last three months max. Nobody told this lady. They had been in for seven months! My boss booked her in with me (the extensions weren't done in my salon). I took one look at it and told her I couldn't help. There was a chunk of hair about six inches wide that was matted with bits of hair glue (not what we use) poking out." – hinky28

Some clients don’t realize how important it is to listen to their hairdressers. Hair extensions that have been bonded to the hair are especially important to take care of as they can completely damage one’s hair if not looked after and removed after a specific time. But what makes this story especially funny is that the client went one step further – not only did she ignore what her hairdresser told her, but she went ahead and used her own hair glue on her hair to try to fix her hair extensions to make them last longer! The best advice for clients is to trust their haircare professionals instead of taking matters into their own hands. That’s just playing with fire.

6 Clients Who Want To Take Over

"[The client] brought in her own paintbrush to use instead of an actual color brush. And top of everything else she insisted upon blow-drying her own hair." - Sassafrassuchaheifer

Boy, oh boy… Maybe the client wasn’t sure she could trust the hairdresser, perhaps because she didn’t know her, or she’s a bit of a control freak. But really, going to the hairdresser and then undermining their skills or the hair tools they use in the salon is a bit much. The hairdresser is just there to do his/her job and shouldn’t be made to feel like their clients are telling them how to work or what tools to use. That’s actually quite insulting because hairdressers have completed education and training to enter the profession, unlike their clients who therefore might not realize how much hard work has gone into their careers.

Luckily for hairdressers, it’s good to know that they’re often trusted by their clients. A study that was conducted by Ipsos MORI looked at the most trusted professions and discovered that hairdressers came in at number three on the list of professions that people trust the most, with 69 percent of people trusting their hairdressers to be the real deal. At least those clients make up for the difficult ones!

5 Clients Who Stalk Their Stylists

"I got this story from my old hairdresser, 'Sue'. She was doing my hair when her coworker came by and murmured 'By the way, Jim is here. He's waiting for you to be available.' Sue rolled her eyes and said 'Oh, great.' 'What's wrong?' I asked. She said 'Jim is basically stalking me. He comes here every two weeks and refuses to let anyone else do his hair. He's asked me out, even though he knows I'm married. One time he waited for me in the parking lot.' I was horrified and asked if she'd reported him to the cops. 'Nah. He's harmless.' Uh, I hope she was right!" – Shalamarr

Clients who don’t respect hairdresser boundaries can really be difficult to deal with, such as those who want to do the hairdresser’s work for them. But stalking your hairdresser is on another level! Maybe the stalker guy in this story was attracted to his hairdresser or he loved the feeling he got from having his hair done by her. There’s no doubt that a hairdresser can make you feel on top of the world when he/she gives you a stunning new hairstyle or color, but that’s never a good reason to stalk them. It’s important to have some boundaries!

4 Clients Who Lose Their Cool

"At a mall salon and in charge while the boss was on lunch, a guy came in who was tall and cute. The other stylist thought he was cute and he asked for a blonde Mohawk. Off they go; he pays and leaves happy. Everything is awesome. Half an hour later his mother rolls in shrieking.

There is obviously a cultural difference because she screeches that I have defiled him like myself (I'm moderately tattooed and at the time had a few facial piercings - and wasn't the stylist who touched her son's head) and that he's 15, and school pictures are next week. No amount of offers of rinses and buzz cuts was going to calm this woman down. She started knocking the product everywhere and basically howling." - [username unknown]

It’s easy to blame hairdressers when things go wrong, such as with the case of this son who wanted a Mohawk that his mother clearly didn’t appreciate. But taking it out on his hairdresser is really going too far, especially when the mother was being so dramatic and throwing things around the salon. It’s totally unprofessional and yet people can become quite crazy about their hair, or that of their kids. From a young age, we’re taught that our hair is special and linked to our overall attractiveness, which is why we feel terrible when we get a hairstyle we don’t like. We invest a lot of care into our hair and it takes a long time to grow back once it’s been cut. They don’t call it a “crowning glory” for nothing! But honestly, this mom and son duo need to sort out their own issues without getting innocent hairdressers involved.

3 Clients Who Use Kool-Aid In Their Hair

"When I was in beauty school, I got a client who wanted a caramel blonde ombre. She had dark hair, and I could see some red at the ends. I asked her if she had colored it herself, and she said it was just manic panic, which usually lifts right out. I should have done a test strand, but this was before I knew better. She had lied to me. It was kool-aid. It turned pink. Kool-aid is the devil's stain. Once you put it in your hair, there is no getting it out completely. I spent hours trying to correct it, but the color just wouldn't budge. We were able to do a really subtle mahogany colored ombre, but she was upset. I learned a lot from that experience though." – cat-92

People sometimes use weird things on their hair, such as eggs, vinegar, and mayonnaise – or Kool-Aid! It’s sometimes tried by people who want to dye their hair because it’s nontoxic and free of chemicals. But clearly you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, as this hairstylist calls Kool-Aid “the devil’s stain.” If you’re interested in having a new hair color, better leave it to the professionals. It’ll save you time, money, and stress.

2 Clients Who Have Hair Regret

"This woman with hair down nearly to her thighs says she wants a pixie cut and is donating everything else. After checking multiple times to see that she was positive she wanted a pixie, and not a short bob or anything, the stylist starts cutting. The woman sobbed the entire time." - PoopsieDoodles

Entering the hair salon without a clear idea for what you want the hairdresser to do can be a recipe for disaster! Although it’s good to get some feedback and opinions from your stylist pro when it comes to making a change to your hair, the important thing is to be sure that you’re comfortable with your hair decision in order to avoid later disappointment. This is especially the case if you’re doing something drastic to your hair, such as going from Rapunzel hair to a pixie cut. According to a survey conducted by hair salon chain Toni & Guy that was mentioned on the Daily Mail website, one in five American women have been so disappointed with their new hair that they didn’t tip their stylist, while half of the 1,000 women who participated in the survey claimed to have regretted their hairstyle at least once in their life. Avoid that by doing some real soul-searching before you head to the hairdresser.

1 Clients Who Want To Look Like Celebrities

"I can't tell you how many girls have brought in pictures of Taylor Swift and expected me to give them a perm that will come out like her natural curls or her iron curls." – soulmate786

Just because your hairdresser’s a pro, it doesn’t mean he or she can create miracles. There are many things that come into play when changing your hairstyle or getting a new hair color, such as your hair type that could be different from the celebrity you’re hoping to emulate. Celebrity hair stylist Tyler Colton tells Allure that it’s frustrating when a client brings in a picture of a celebrity’s hair and wants those results even though their own hair isn’t anything close to what the celebrity’s looks like. For example, it might be thin and short where the celebrity’s hair is thick and long, or a completely different color to their style icon! Your best bet, according to Colton: “Bring cuts and hair-color images to the stylist that resemble your type of hair color and texture.” This is more doable and will enable you and your hairdresser to find the best cut and colour to make you look your best. It’s really about becoming your own style icon, after all.

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