20 Rarest Images Of The Olsen Twins

Many '90s kids wanted to be Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (or picked a favorite of the two) and watched their countless movies, their TV show Two Of A Kind, and generally were big fans of them. While the twins are now adult fashion designers who almost never seem to pop up in photos or make it into the tabloids, we still love them and are curious about their 2019 lives.

Since MK and Ashley aren't photographed as much as their fame would seem to suggest, it's always fun to get a glimpse of them. We've rounded up pictures of the girls from their childhood, a few years ago, and some fairly current snapshots as well. Here are 20 rarest images of the Olsen twins.

20 Ripped Jeans And Mismatched Hair In 2004

via Fame 10

We love seeing this photo of the Olsen twins from 2004. From the ripped jeans to the sandals to the fact that one of them had blonde hair and the other was a brunette, this gives us a lot of feels. (Can you say nostalgia?!)

The twins are definitely into more sleek, black outfits these days, so it's interesting to see this old pic.

19 Here's One Of The Twins Looking Too Cool

via olsensanonymous.blogspot.com

It looks like Mary-Kate Olsen is the one in this photo, but honestly, even though we're huge Olsen fans, sometimes it can hard to tell them apart. As they get older, it feels like they look more and more alike.

This pic has it all: long hair, sunglasses, a designer purse, a long-sleeved dress, and of course, the coffee cup that makes it many of the images taken of these girls.

18 We'll Always Remember MK And Ashley As The Most Adorable Twins

via Glamour

Our hearts just totally melt looking at this photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen when they were children. There is so much here to love: the weird (and probably fake) grass, the blue background, the funny faces they're making. One of them is touching her foot... and we're not super sure why.

This is a great, rare image of the Olsen twins, especially since back in the day when they were child stars, we probably only saw more posed, formal images.

17 Back In 2004, The Twins Went To A Fashion Show

via Fame 10

In another rare picture of the Olsen twins, they went to a fashion show back in 2004. If we see any recent photos of Mary-Kate and Ashley, we'll probably notice one thing: they enjoy wearing long coats.

We can see the beginning of that choice in this picture since they're both wearing long coats. One of them has got on a very cool bright green one, and the other has opted for a sophisticated brown number.

16 Here Ashley Olsen Is, Bundled Up In A Chic Scarf And Long Coat

via Pinterest

Yup, there's the long coat that we were just talking about...

This is a truly cool photo of Ashley Olsen. We would be more than happy to wear this combination of a long coat, high-heeled booties, and scarf when the fall and winter season hits next. So chic. We'll make a note to copy this outfit.

15 The Girls Are Never Without Their Starbucks

via Us Weekly

If we asked ourselves if we've ever seen a photo of the Olsen twins without coffee cups, the answer would most likely be no. Or if we have, it would be maybe one of out every 20 photos.

We know two things: they look so great... and now we want a hot (or iced) cup of coffee.

14 With Shades And Their Trademark Black Clothes, These Twins Are Forever Chic

via Life and Style

By now we could say that when we see photos of the Olsen twins, they have the same things: take-out coffee cups, black clothing, sunglasses, and an overall chic vibe.

It's so rare to see the twins grabbing coffee, doing other errands, and just walking together, so when we do find photos, we're so happy. They just have such an amazing style.

13 And Mary-Kate's Rocking This Look, That's For Sure

via Who What Wear

Long hair, check. Long coat, check. Great accessories and perfectly painted red nails, check.

This photo of Mary-Kate Olsen has truly got it all and once again, we're giving her a major style award. We really love this beautiful blue color that she's wearing. It suits her long blonde hair so well.

12 Ashley Looks Like A Fashionista While Walking Her Little Dog

via Pinterest

When we're walking through our neighborhood to buy a coffee or walking our dog, chances are, we don't really look like what Ashley Olsen looks like in this photo. Sure, we might pull on a cute pair of leggings and a t-shirt... but we're not going to wear a sophisticated skirt and white blouse.

Of course, that's what makes Ash such a fashion icon, and we love this photo so much.

11 And Here She Is Grabbing Flowers Like A Regular Person

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The Olsen twins might have been famous actresses while growing up, and they might have a lot of money (and the best designer clothing that said money can buy). But one thing is for sure: sometimes they look like regular people.

That's the case with this photo of Ashley. We love her simple clothing and the beautiful flowers that she's holding add to the overall good vibes.

10 There's Nothing Like This Black And White Photo Shoot

via Pinterest

When celebrities are photographed for a magazine or publication and it's a black and white shoot, there is something so awesome about it. We adore this photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in t-shirts and jean shorts.

These are the perfect jean shorts that we're probably always searching for. Now we need some just like these.

9 Now The Twins Are Hanging Out In The Most Beautiful Long Coats Ever

via olsensanonymous.blogspot.com

See, those long coats are here again. This time, the girls are wearing contrasting colors since one has a black coat and the other has a light pink one with a pattern.

This is kind of making us wish that summer was over so we could wear long coats. (Okay,  only kind of.)

8 You Can Feel The Sisterly Love

via Fanpop

This is a pretty old photo of the Olsen twins and we're loving it so much.

They may be wearing high heels and other fancy items of clothing and that might be a contrast to the sophisticated way that they dress today... but it's cool to see how their fashion decisions have changed.

7 This Pic Of Ashley Was Snapped At A 2006 Magazine Soiree

via Who What Wear

It's not very often that we see photos of the Olsen twins at events, so we're going to say that we're pretty pleased to see this rare image of Ashley at a magazine soiree.

Wearing a chic white t-shirt with tons of bracelets on one wrist and wearing her hair in a straight blonde bob, she's goals in every way.

6 If Ash Does Yoga, We Totally Should, Too

via YouTube

It's pretty cool when we see pictures of people who we know are so famous but they honestly look so regular. That's the case with this photo of Ashley Olsen wearing casual clothing and holding a yoga mat.

She's apparently a fan of yoga... so what's stopping us from trying it out (if we don't already love it, that is)?!

5 And Here's A More Casual Daytime Look

via Pinterest

Now we know that it's okay to leave the house with wet hair. We might not have been super sure about this... but thanks to this cool image of Ashley Olsen, we know that if it's good enough for her, it's good for us, too.

We just have to remember to add sunglasses. They make everything better.

4 We'd Love Mary-Kate's Pink Pants, Please And Thank You

via Pinterest

This photo of Mary-Kate Olsen wearing pink pants (and such a pretty shade of pink, at that) is so rare and so wonderful. We don't see a ton of photos of the twins these days, so it's always fascinating to see what they've chosen to wear.

If we want to have the courage to grab some pink pants from our favorite store (or order them online), let's think of MK Olsen. She would totally want us to.

3 This Is Definitely A Rare Pic Of MK And Her Hubby

via popsugar.com

We know that Mary-Kate married Olivier Sarkozy in 2015 (and there's a big age difference between the pair) but we don't see a lot of photos of the couple together.

This is a rare image of MK and Oliver, and we love the gorgeous floral background and Mary Kate's long coat and white sneakers. The Olsens are really making us want to buy a ton of long coats.

2 We Wonder What Mary-Kate Is Smiling About

via e-News.US

This is such a sweet photo of the Olsen twin smiling big. We definitely are curious about what happened to make her smile so big. Sadly, we'll never know...

But we do know that this is another rare picture of the child actress turned fashion designer and her hubby, and we really love seeing it.

1 What's Going On Here?!

via Olsens Anonymous

This photo has a very chill vibe to it since it was taken outdoors and the twins are wearing fun outfits. We have a lot of questions about what was going on in this picture... but mostly we really enjoy seeing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen looking so totally and completely happy.

Our '90s kids hearts are happy, too.

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