20 Inappropriate Pregnancy Outfits That Cross The Line

For most pregnant mothers-to-be, dressing their growing baby bump can be a real challenge. It’s not only that the clothes no longer fit the way they used to and the mom may need to purchase some new essentials. Given how uncomfortable pregnancy can be at times, expecting women often want to be as comfy as possible in their outfits. All of these factors can make dressing stylishly during pregnancy a challenge. The pregnant women who made this list all stepped out in looks that had onlookers raising their eyebrows. From ill-fitting crops to maternity shoots gone wrong, it’s surprising what some expecting mamas feel comfortable in.

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20 The Definition Of Tacky


Not many women feel as confident as this mom-to-be while expecting. Although her barely-there shirt may be a bit too skimpy for the average pregnant mama, we applaud her boldness. At the same time, we wonder what sort of event she’s going to that require such an odd ensemble.

19 This Is Something To Hoot About

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This pregnant mother was definitely erring on the casual side in this maternity outfit. Although the jean shorts and flannel really aren’t problematic, it’s the mom-to-be’s cheeky Hooters shirt that might raise eyebrows. Not every expectant mother would want to adorn their bump with merchandise from a restaurant known to capitalize on women’s bodies.

18 The Bride Is Blushing For The Wrong Reasons

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While this pregnant bride and groom look over the moon about their nuptials, we bet they regretted their eyebrow-raising outfits a few years later. Though her dress is ill-fitting, the bride’s gown isn’t’ the worst thing to be seen. In fact, it’s the groom’s look we can’t get over. From the sleeveless tuxedo jacket to his ripped jeans, we can’t believe his bride actually let him walk down the aisle in this get-up.

17 Just Don't Light Up While Expecting

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This pregnant mama and her baby daddy definitely made a statement with their clothing choices. Her leafy tank-top and skull adorned leggings do little to help the style factor of this choice, while his Confederate tattoo and wife-beater shirt only added to the hillbilly vibes we’re getting from these looks.

16 She Clearly Ran Out Of Fabric

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Although dress shopping is definitely difficult with a growing baby bump, this expectant mother’s look made it seem as though she ran out of fabric. Her stomach looked ill-fitted in the white dress, while the lace overlay only added to the tackiness. And no, her odd hair accessory did little to distract from the poor dress choice.

15 The Things You See At The Gas Station

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We get it- most mothers, expecting or not, don’t feel like getting all glammed up to run a few errands. And this pregnant mother definitely didn’t give a car when she stepped out in this ill-fitting outfit. Her high-waisted shorts and tiny crop-top looked snug and uncomfortable, making us think she hasn’t heard of the phrase ‘maternity clothes’ yet.

14 This Look Belongs With The Cows

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During what appears to be a maternity photoshoot, this pregnant woman decided to bare a bit of skin in this white two-piece look. Unfortunately, it missed the mark. The strapless top seemed like it was barely holding up her chest, while the stomach cut-out just seemed unflattering and uncomfortable.

13 It's Time For Maternity Pants


Days after announcing her pregnancy, Courtney Stodden was photographed walking around in this less-than-flattering look. The reality star’s jeans were clearly getting too tight for her growing belly since she opted for this stretchy ensemble.

12 This Dress Wasn't Built For That

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While this pregnant woman seems to have had a blast at her high school’s reunion (or re-enactment of prom night), we doubt it had anything to do with her dress. Her tight, satin gown definitely didn’t seem like it was made to accommodate a baby bump. Rather, it seems like it was about to pop at the seams at any moment.

11 Where's Your Stylist, Britney?

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Even the stars aren’t always stylish! While pregnant, Britney Spears showed off her questionable fashion sense in this look. Her crop top barely covered her cleavage and seemed poorly paired with her tie-dye skirt. Her unkempt hair and cowboy boots only added to the disheveled looks, thus giving the paparazzi something to talk about.

10 Dressing A Bump Is No Joke

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While all pregnant moms want to look cute and stylish during their baby showers, some of them miss the mark- including this mother-to-be. The woman’s colorful dress seemed too busy and distracting, thus doing nothing to flaunt her growing bump. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to patterns and colors.

9 Don't Show This To Her Mom

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We have no idea what this pregnant teenager was trying to accomplish by posing seductively in front of her mirror. Her outfit- complete with knee socks, a crop p top, and a teeny, tiny skirt- seems completely inappropriate for someone of her young age. Hopefully, her mom never laid eyes on this scandalous photo.

8 Stop It With That Selfie

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This pregnant mom was totally feeling her look when she snapped this mirror selfie. Too bad we can’t say we’re as into it. There’s just something a bit tacky about her tight top and super short-shorts. Her unkempt blonde wig, over-the-top lip fillers, and poor makeup application do nothing to save the look, either.

7 When Mom Went Goth

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Being pregnant shouldn’t mean a mom needs to lose her sense of style. And this expecting woman definitely didn’t compromise her controversial outfits over a baby bump. Her revealing crop top, tiny skirt, and furry boots may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but at least she’s rocking her bizarre look with confidence.

6 We Wish We Could Unsee This

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Most of the time, maternity photoshoots are an adorable idea and result in memories to last a lifetime. However, we can’t imagine these parents-to-be wanting to remember much of this gag-worthy shoot. Not only is the pregnant mom dressed in a ridiculous outfit, but even their pose is eyebrow-raising. We can’t imagine showing photos like these to our extended family.

5 Please Don't Rock On

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We wish we knew the backstory behind this odd pregnancy photo. Although this mom-to-be’s tank top looks fine on its own, it’s the disturbing image painted onto her belly that’s left us scratching our heads. We wouldn’t say this is edgy or Instagram-worthy in any sense. Rather, it seems more cringe-worthy than anything.

4 Pineapples Should Never Be A Print

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Don’t get us wrong- we love pineapples. But just because we enjoy eating them doesn’t mean we’d want them on our clothes. This expecting mama went all out when she rocked a pineapple print two-piece, meaning she was covered in head to toe pineapples. Her festival-worthy vest and choker didn’t help the style factor of this look.

3 Girl, You Forgot Your Pants

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This mom-to-be must’ve left the house in a hurry because it totally looks like she forgot her pants! Her brown tunic seems too short to count as a dress, so even if she meant her legs to be on full display, we bet it still left people with questions.

2 Who Let Her Go Ahead With This Idea?

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Here’s another example of a maternity photoshoot gone wrong. This mom-to-be thought a bunny-themed shoot would be cute. But when that means she’s stuck wearing a barely-there bandeau and cringey bunny ears, then it’s all downhill from there. Her partner’s willingness to participate didn’t help it, either.

1 This Might Be A Few Sizes Too Small

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This pregnant mom seems to have left the house without looking in the mirror. Because, assuming that she did, she probably would’ve realized her clothes are way too small. Her yoga pants leave her entire baby belly to hang out, and while a long shirt could’ve fixed the problem, m her tiny tank top leaves nothing to the imagination.

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