20 Gross Photos Customers Posted Of Sephora Products

Anyone who loves makeup knows Sephora is the place to go to fulfill all of one’s beauty needs. Many shoppers prefer purchasing through the retail giant online since it can be less tempting than going in store and being overwhelmed by all the products to swatch. Plus, there’s hardly a better feeling than receiving a package in the mail. However, these shoppers will probably never order from Sephora’s online shop again after the messes they found themselves in- literally. Evidently, makeup can break easily when sent in the mail, no matter how well packaged it is. Keep reading to see twenty sad examples of Sephora orders that went wrong.

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20 A Toddler Did All This

via goodhousekeeping

Clearly, a mom was too busy swatching makeup judging by the mess her toddler got into. According to Good Housekeeping, the little girl managed to destroy $1,300 worth of makeup, including an entire row of Makeup For Ever Eyeshadow as well as multiple tubes of lipstick. That’s one hefty bill!

19 That Ain't Going On My Eyes

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After ordering this pretty eyeshadow palette from Sephora online, the angry customer took to their beauty community page to report she’d received the package damaged. “Does anyone know if Sephora will replace or refund a broken product? /where I should go to get that done? Thanks for any help!” RileyClopine wrote, to which a Sephora representative said she could return it in-store for a full refund.

18 She Didn’t Even Get A Full Refund

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In another sad turn of events, this shopper received their package, but literally, everything was dirty or unusable thanks to a broken blush compact. “Everything was dirty with this broken blush. Got points but would of preferred the product,” SMRS wrote, explaining she wasn’t even offered a monetary refund for the disaster.

17 The $800 New Year’s Fail

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Community user Shelleyqiqi went online to rant about the fact that she’d spent $800 on a Sephora order only to have multiple products spill on their way to her. “I am so upset about it. New Year surprise from Sephora!” she wrote in dismay, adding that many of the products were supposed to be gifts for family members, too.

16 Her Heart Broke Over This

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After making a $200 order on Sephora, community user RiniVe was not impressed when her Huda Beauty lipstick arrived completely broken. “I wasn't holding it upside down nor did I twist the bottom. My other 2 Huda lipsticks are fine from this order,” she explained, while asking how it was possible to get a refund for the damaged good.

15 Beware Of Broken Glass

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Many people on this list simply had to deal with crumbling makeup and hoards of powder. But this shopper had to be extra careful because her package arrived with broken glass inside after her perfume shattered en route. “I got my first box in July and was very disappointed since the perfume they sent me was smashed,” Jennijewfro wrote on the Sephora community page.

14 Is This Peanut Butter Or Makeup?

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Just going off the picture, it’s hard to tell if this used to be a foundation stick or is actually just peanut butter. Sephora community user Plantel was clearly upset when her product arrived broken and melted. “I’m not sure what I'm able to do about this because it was just a free sample,” she wrote on the thread. “But not gonna lie I was looking forward to getting this.”

13 We're Still Grieving Over This

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It was a sad day in the life of community user Kimm1996 when she had to post online that her Huda Beauty palette was completely unusable after arriving shattered in the mail. Although the colors of the palette were stunning, the shopper definitely wouldn’t be able to get a brush in there without making a huge mess.

12 It Got All Over The Carpet

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Sephora community user Nana919 couldn’t help but complain about the stains that resulted on her carpet after her highlighter exploded after opening the package. Yikes! “So my May box came and received a Becca highlighter, I was super excited. I then opened it and everything was cracked inside and fell all over my cream carpet,” she explained, adding an angry emoji to vent her frustration even more.

11 A Hard Life For A Highlighter

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Becca highlighters are known to be one of the best highlighters on the market- that is, if yours doesn’t break in the mail. Gagaarmovi was not impressed while writing their review on Sephora’s community page. She even added that the broken highlighter caused a huge mess on her furniture that she later had to clean up.

10 Everything Was Broken In This Order

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Sephora community user Ginnyflo was understandably outraged after her packaged arrived with three damaged products, including a broken blush, broken lipstick, and a spilled briogeo spray. “I'm not amused. I was so excited for these products. I only got 3/6 of the products intact. I want a refund of my money,” she angrily wrote online.

9 This Is Becoming A Problem

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In a thread on the Sephora community page in which shoppers were discussing their bad experiences with blushes, Charlie5loves shared that, like many, her blush had also been d delivered broken. “Such a disappointment! I was really looking forward to the blush. they should have bubble wrapped them,” the anonymous user posted.

8 The Blush That Exploded

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This shopper must’ve been pretty unhappy when they realized the blush they ordered exploded all over their other products. “Came broken, just got my box and found a blush was broken and got everywhere! Nooo Didn’t get to even try,” ClemDarling wrote on Sephora’s community page, lamenting that she hadn’t even tried the products yet.

7 Two Palettes Were Goners

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Community user CoeyHung was understandably upset when two of the three eyeshadow palettes she ordered came crumbled. “I have ordered 3 eyeshadow palettes in my order, but I received 2 broken eyeshadow palettes,” she wrote, sharing pictures of the broken Tarte and Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes.

6 A Sad Day For Moschino

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Sephora beauty user Catmomma666 would’ve been so excited to receive the limited-edition palette from the Moschino x Sephora collection. But clearly, her happy moment was dimmed by the fact that the palette was completely ruined. “It is completely broken and unsalvageable,” she wrote, adding that the palette wasn’t even being sold in stores anymore.

5 It Arrived Completely Empty

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This shopper must’ve been in shock when their hair product arrived, yet was totally empty. Evidently, the package had exploded while in the mail, leaving everything a sticky mess- literally! “Received my box in the mail and the Vernon Francois CURL moisture spray had exploded and was completely empty,” Karlie1988 shared.

4 She Had Just Hit Pan, Too

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After hitting pan on her favorite blush, community user Dawnmarc said she immediately ordered it again on Sephora. So, imagine her sadness when the new blush arrived yet was damaged beyond repair. “Every time I open this one it crumbles more and there's really no point in holding onto it, but I can't make myself throw it away,” she added.

3 One Was Supposed To Be A Replacement

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If you order multiple products from Sephora, it’s not unheard of that one of the products may arrive damaged. But it’s unlikely that multiples will be ruined. However, Mochapj was not a happy customer after two of her Nars highlighters arrived broken. In fact, one was supposed to be a replacement for the originally damaged one, except it clearly didn’t work out well.

2 Well, That Sure Cracked

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This community user probably thought all was fine and well with their order. Well, until they went to open up one of their liquid products only to find that it was already half-empty. From the look of the rest of their package, it does seem like gunk got on to the other products. We’d sure be mad about this, wouldn’t you?

1  Say Bye-Bye To The Blush

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This Sephora community user was likely thrilled to get their monthly box from the makeup retailer… only to find that most of the products had been stained thanks to a broken blush. It’s unclear if the shopper was able to salvage the other products or if they’d been too tainted. But hopefully, she was able to get some sort of refund for this tragedy.

Sources: Sephora Beauty Community, Good Housekeeping

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